5 Mart 2021

A Christmas Carole

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Note: I hope you like this little story and I’m sure I’ll get some emails saying it was not believable. Like many of these stories are believable? Anyway. Please enjoy. Make sure you are at least 18. Happy Holidays…Slickman.

A Christmas Carole

Tony Roseman sat at his huge wooden desk thinking about the upcoming Holiday season. Thanksgiving was next week and he knew all hell would break loose with the holiday shopping season which had already started. This was the first year he had played Christmas music in the store before Thanksgiving. He tried to resist but the Super Mart down the street had holiday decorations up the day after Halloween.

The Hellman Department Store is an old family business passed down through four generations. Tony was somewhat an outcast of the family because he had married Helen Hellman who was the only child of Phil and Arlene Hellman. Phil Hellman retired two years ago and passed the family business along to Helen. Tony gladly took the Store Manager position because Helen preferred to play tennis with her Country Club friends.

Tony and his wife Helen were both in their late forties and had suddenly found themselves alone in their big house. Their daughter, Mira, left in the summer for college and would not be home until the Christmas break.

The store had placed an ad in the local paper for some holiday help. Connie, his admin assistant, had set up three interviews for the temporary sales positions. He liked to interview all candidates because in the small town he could not take any chances on hiring someone who would give the store a bad name.

“Your 10 AM appointment is here.” Connie announced on the intercom. Tony had over 50 applicants for the three temporary jobs. The economy in the town had fallen sharply because of the tire company shutdown a few months ago. Many families picked up and moved to the larger cities. The ones who stayed were desperate to find work. Tony had already hired many of the laid-off workers and was only paying them minimum wages. The more money he saved on salaries the higher the bonus he received at the end of the year. He actually cut out all the Christmas bonuses and even the turkey which only cost a few dollars.

“Send her in.” Tony said as he pushed the send button. Tony adjusted his tie and watched the door as it opened. A nice looking woman walked in ahead of Connie. Connie placed her resume on Tony’s desk and introduced her. “This is Carole Mathews.”

Tony stood and moved over to the sitting area next to his desk. He did not like to interview people with his desk between them. He had read somewhere where a desk prevented open conversations.

“Hello Carole. Please sit over here with me.” Tony said as he shook her hand and guided her to sit down across from him in a soft chair. Connie excused herself and walked out of the room.

Tony put down the resume and smiled. “I’ve read all the wonderful things about you. You were tops in your college class and graduated with the highest honors. But, I don’t see any work experience after college.”

Carole was nervous sitting across from this older man. She was thirty years old and had two small children. Her husband, John, lost his job at the tire plant and they were desperate for some money to get them through the holidays. John had tried to find work but all skilled labor jobs were taken. He had some good leads but they would not work out until January.

“I….” She coughed. “Excuse me. I’m nervous.”

“Oh please. Don’t be nervous.” Tony smiled. “I won’t bite.” She smiled back at him.

“I decided not to enter the work environment after college because my husband and I wanted a family. I’ve had a full time job at home with my two small children.” She said squeezing her hands tightly together. “But, I do have a degree in marketing and have tried to stay up on all the new marketing breakthroughs. I’ve taken some classes on designing web pages.”

“Well, I don’t need a webpage designer right now.” Tony said trying not to be negative. He could see how bad she wanted the job. “But, I do need someone to work in the ladies clothing department.”

“I’m sure I’m the person you need.” Carole said while moving forward in her chair. She purposely wore her shortest skirt to show off one of her greatest assets, her legs. She noticed Tony’s eyes moved down to her legs as her skirt slid back a few inches. She smiled.

“Err. How about working some longer hours? Would that be a problem?” Tony said looking down at her resume. Her exposed thighs were causing some discomfort in his pants.

“Not a problem at all.” She quickly said. “My husband will be Mr. Mom.” She laughed and combed her long blonde hair with her hand while pushing it back from her face.

“I don’t know. Experience is very important.” Tony said. He wanted to let the woman down softly. He knew the next two candidates had lots of experience but did not have any college.

“I’m a fast learner.” She quickly answered. She could feel the interview turning negative. Her husband told her to do whatever was canlı bahis necessary to get this job. He laughed when he said it to her but, they both knew he meant it. He even told her to wear her shortest skirt. Carole gathered up the nerve and slowly opened her thighs about two inches. She was wearing her new white lace panties in case she had to get to this point.

Tony was ready to call the interview finished when he noticed some movement of her legs. He glanced over the top of the resume to see her creamy white thighs leading up under her short red skirt. He gulped and continued the interview.

“One of the things we do for our best customers is to give them a private fashion show. I can’t afford professional models so I normally ask the staff to model the outfits.” Her legs were now opened almost three inches and Tom could now see a small patch of white peeking out at him. His pants were throbbing and starting to project outward. He quickly covered his excitement with the resume.

“Some of the clothing the store models wear is quite revealing. Would that be a problem?” Tony asked. It was decision time for Carole. Both of them knew where Tom was heading. How bad did she want this job?

Her mind told her to get up now and leave. She looked at his bulging pants and felt a sexual rush between her thighs. Since the arrival of the children her sex live had dwindled to maybe once per month. She thought Tony was a handsome man even if he was about 15 years older than her.

“That wouldn’t be a problem.” She heard her mouth say. Yes, she wanted the job badly but now she also wanted to follow the desire building up in her lower stomach.

“Well. You must have a nice body to be able to model the bikinis and some of the nightgowns.” He paused and waited to see if she would proceed.

“I work out three days per week and keep myself in great shape.” She said while guessing he wanted more. Her legs were now open four inches. He could see the lace design in her white undies.

Tom didn’t say anything while he waited to see what she would do. She knew he wanted to see her body but, he knew he could not ask her to show it. Neither of them said a word. Carole was hoping a peek at her panties would be enough but, he wasn’t biting. She knew she had to show him more. How much she didn’t know.

Carole slowly stood up in front of him and did a slow turn. She knew her ass was her best feature and froze to allow him a good look. She turned her shoulders and gave him a smile. “What do you think?” She asked.

“Not bad.” Tony said trying to hold back his excitement. “Most of our store employees look pretty good.”

Carole knew she had to remove some clothing. “I guess I could show you how I look in my underwear. It would be almost the same as a bathing suit.” She said out loud. She was looking away from the embarrassment she felt as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“You know this is not mandatory.” Tony said as he watched her pull her white blouse off her shoulders. Her white lace bra straps cut across her back and shoulders.

“Sure.” She laughed.

Her body was changing from nervousness to excitement. She looked down to see her hard nipples pushing out the sheer material of her bra cups. Her hands trembled as her hand released and unzipped her skirt. She remained facing away from him as she slid her skirt over her round white ass. Her white lace panties moved down with her skirt. Tony watched as the thin line of her tight cheeks moved out from under the sheer material. Her skirt moved over her and down her long muscular legs. She took her time pulling up her panties and pulled them up enough to wedge in her firm ass cheeks. She knew it was time to turn and show him the front.

“God.” Tony said as she slowly turned to face him. His eyes moved quickly from her face to her full breasts, down her stomach to the white triangle of her bikini panties. Her light blonde pubic mound could be seen through the sheer material.

Carole stood smiling as he took in her treasures. She felt excitement that she had forgotten existed. “I really want this job.” She said softly and with a sexy voice.

The resume on Tony’s lap feel to the floor and his hard-on pressed upward showing her his passion. “I think you might have it if….” He stopped hoping she would know to remove the final two articles keeping her naked body from his eyes.

“Oh God. I’m not sure if I can.” She said out loud. “No other man except my husband has seen me totally…” She stopped.

“If I do it will I get the job?” She asked. She was not to be scammed to show him all her secrets without getting what she came for.

Tony shook his head yes and smiled.

“I take that for a yes.” She smiled back.

She again turned facing away from him and reached back to release her bra. She took her time building up suspense. This was getting to be fun she thought as she pulled the silky covering from her naked mounds. Her nipples were standing at attention. She closed her eyes and turned.

She heard Tony’s gasp and peeked bahis siteleri to see his eyes wide open and glaring at her naked breasts. She knew they were nicer than a lot of the models she had seen in her magazines. The births of her children had caused them to be a lot fuller than they used to be and her nipples had become a lot more sensitive. “You like?” She teased.

“God yes.” He answered.

“I can tell.” Carole giggled as she looked down at his lap.

“Do you want me to take these off?” She said as she twisted the sides of her panties in her fingers. Teasing was getting to be a big turn on.

“If you don’t I’m going to jump out that window.” Tony laughed.

“We don’t want that to happen do we?” She joked.

Carole against turned and took a big breath of air. “Geronimo.” She whispered as she pushed her last covering down her hips. She felt the material moved out of her ass cheeks and off her damp lips. As she bent to push them down her legs her thighs opened to show him her shaved pussy lips. She kicked them aside and stood naked in front of her future boss. “Ready?” She asked.

“Shit yes.” Tony said impatient for her to turn around.

Carole had shivers of pleasure running up her body as she turned and stood showing him her naked breasts and pubic mound. She was glad she had trimmed her pubic hair this morning into a thin line above her slit. She kept her legs tightly closed to prevent him from seeing her pink secrets.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She said as she watched his eyes move up and down her body.

She smiled and reached down to pull her panties up her legs

“Wait.” Tony said. He had to see how far she would go.

“I haven’t seen everything.” He said softly.

She laughed thinking he was joking. She looked up and down her naked flesh thinking what he has not seen. Suddenly, she realized what he wanted.

“No. I can’t do that.” She said while biting her lower lip. “Isn’t this enough?”

Tony just sat there still sweeping his eyes up and down her naked body.

“God. I have to have this job.” She said trying to convince herself of what she had to do. She had never even showed her husband her opened pussy. Now, a man who she had only met 30 minutes ago wanted her to show him her deepest secrets.

Carole stood still hoping for him to change his mind. Her knees were shaking. She could feel her pussy dripping already. If she did this he would know how excited she really was. She wasn’t sure if she could stop him if he wanted to go further. She had to have this job.

Tony saw her turn and figured she was not going to do what he wanted. He opened his mouth to tell her she had the job anyway when she spoke. “OK I’ll do it.” She moved to sit back down in the chair across from him. She closed her eyes to prevent seeing him looking at her. She pretended she was alone sitting in her bedroom as she slowly opened her thighs.

Tony sat forward and leaned towards her to see more detail as her legs opened. He watched her blonde flower open its pedals and show her pink lips. Her hard clit poked out through the glistening slit followed by her smooth and deeper pink inner lips. Her legs were open about a foot when she stopped her legs from opening.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she peeked out to see Tony’s hard-on at its maximum peak. God. It looked huge. Her husband was small compared to his man’s equipment. Her eyes opened and she looked into his. “More?” She asked. Tony shook his head yes.

Carole figured she went this far she might as well go all the way. She forced her legs as wide as she could get them. Her thigh muscles were straining as she forced her thighs almost into a straight line. She looked down to see her clit sticking outward like a small penis under her thin yellow bush.

Tony was almost out of his seat as he stared at the site in front of him. He suddenly realized the power he had interviewing job candidates in a weak economy. He lifted up off the seat and started to move forward to touch her opened pussy when his intercom sounded. “Mr. Roseman? Sorry to interrupt but your 11:00AM candidate is here.”

Tony turned quickly. “Please have her wait.” He wanted to touch Carole so bad. He turned to look at her and saw her pulling up her white panties. “We can have more time.” He pleaded trying to get her to stop.

“I think we went too far already.” Carole smiled as she hooked the sheer bra over her pointy nipples. “I do get the job right? You promised.” She turned to pick up her skirt and bent to show him her ass and the strip of white panties curving underneath.

“Oh definitely.” Tony said. “And, I think a webpage design job might be in your future as well.”

Carole was ready to step into her skirt when she heard what he had said. “Really?”

Tony shook his head yes and smiled. Carole was overcome with glee as she ran across the room and grabbed him by the neck. Her lips came up and kissed him on his cheek. “You don’t know how happy that makes me.”

Tony’s hands moved around her nearly bahis şirketleri naked back and pulled her hot body to his. Her nipples pressed into his chest and her stomach crushed against his hard-on. “I think we both know how happy this makes me.” He chuckled as his prick pressed harder against her.

Carole realized she was standing almost nude with her body pressed against a man other than her husband. She fought off her primal urges to let him touch her and pushed back. “Maybe some other time.” She heard come out of her mouth.

“Deal.” Tony quickly said. “I said maybe.” Carole giggled as she moved back to the chair and pulled up her skirt. She was buttoning her blouse when Tony pressed the intercom send button. “Please show the next candidate in.”

“Thank you Mrs. Mathews.” Tony said politely. “Connie will be contacting you.” Tony looked at Connie who was giving him a suspicious look. She knew these types of interviews do not take an hour to conduct. Carole shook his hand and walked out of the office smiling.

“This is Jenna Davis.” Connie said as she put the next resume on his desk.

Tony looked and suddenly recognized her. “You’re Jenna. Mira’s best friend.”

“Yes sir.” The young girl said as she stood before him. She was nervous being on her first job interview. Her knees were shaking under her pleated skirt. With the white blouse she looked like a Catholic schoolgirl.

“Please sit in the chair over there.” Tony said.

“Will that be all?” Connie asked with a sly grin.

“Why yes Connie. Thank you.” Tony said looking at the girl’s resume.

“You know you have to be at least 18 for this job.” Tony said not finding her birthday anywhere. He also wanted to make sure she was at least 18 in case she modeled for him like Carole had just done.

“I’m 18 and two months.” Jenna said proudly.

“Great.” Tony exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell us directly you were looking for a job?”

“I haven’t seen Mira in quite a while and didn’t think you would remember me.” The shy girl said.

Tony peeked over the resume to see her legs tightly together. She was a very petite girl who probably only weighed a hundred pounds in wet clothes.

“It says here you worked at the Super Mart?” Tony said.

“Yes. I worked after school and on Saturdays.” Jenna answered.

“Why didn’t you go work for them? I understand they pay more.” Tony asked.

“I want to learn more about the retail business. At Super Mart I would be stuck doing bagging. Your ad said the job involved a variety of tasks.” She said smiling. He noticed her teeth still had braces.

“Well, you have great experience but, some of the other tasks might involve some modeling.” Tony said wondering what her reaction might be.

It took a few seconds to realize what he was saying. “Modeling? Like wearing new clothes and stuff like that?” She asked surprised.

“Well, yes. We do a fashion show for our best customers and ask our sales associates to do the modeling.” Tony answered. He watched as she nervously squirmed in her chair. Her plaid skirt moved slightly above her knees and she quickly pulled it down.

“I don’t know if I can do that.” She said softly not looking at him.

“I understand. Some people are scared to stand up in front of others.” Tony said trying to help this young friend of his daughters.

“It’s not that.” She said looking down at her feet. “I don’t think I’m pretty enough to be a model.”

“You’re kidding right?” Tony chuckled. Although she was petite her shape was quite nice.

“I don’t have the shape to model.” She said softly.

“Not all models are built the same way.” Tony said trying to get her to see her own beauty.

“You’re just saying that because I’m Mira’s friend.” Jenna said.

“I’ll make a deal with you.” Tony said. “I have some Santa’s helper costumes in the closet over there that you can try on. There’s a full length mirror on the closet door. Try one on that fits you and we will both decide how you look in it.”

“And, you won’t laugh?” Jenna said with a smile.

“No way.” Tony answered.

“OK. Deal.” She said. She looked around to see where she could change.

“You can change in here. I have to rearrange the closet anyway. I’ll be facing away from you.” Tony said. He wondered if she would go for it.

“I guess that will be OK.” She said nervously. Tony walked to the closet and pulled out the box containing the Christmas costumes. There were a variety of different types but, the one he wanted was the one with the skimpy red top with spaghetti straps and a short skirt. This costume was used during the fashion show. The costume also involved wearing red stockings with a garter belt. He figured she did not know how to put them on which would give him a chance to help her.

“I have a small and an extra small.” He said while turning to look at her. She was standing only a few feet behind him.

“Probably an extra small.” She said with a shaky voice. She fought off her fear of undressing in the same room as a man. Her sexual experience only involved some foreplay at her 18th birthday party. Since she was so small many of the other boys were not that interested in her. Her 32B breasts didn’t draw much attention.

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