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A Cumly Wench

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by Julius
Copyright March 2010

Roy was more than pleased with his new, big, flat screen. The picture was incredible, money well spent he decided. The movie, an old favourite, began. Roy loved porn movies. With his shorts at mid-thigh and a bottle of lube to hand he was all set for a delightful afternoon.

Outside, it was a warm, almost hot, spring day. His garden beckoned, but he was horny and there was only one cure for that. Roy tried to be good at whatever he did and he reckoned he was a very good masturbator.

He figured the ideal self-pleasuring session should last for two, full-length movies. He seldom made it last that long of course, his movie collection was too good for that. Women always claimed it was the foreplay that counted. If his climax lasted only seconds Roy thought his foreplay should be as long and as pleasurable as possible.

With the new screen Roy realised that his solo sex would be about as good as it gets.

The girl on the screen began her little dance. She was one of his favourites and he loved black lingerie. He squirted lube into his left palm and brought his half erection to full flower. Levering his recliner a little further back he began the slow and steady stroking. On screen the first heavy breast slipped out of the inadequate bra, its nipple pointed straight at Roy. God! The new screen was incredible. Roy’s cock was rigid.

“Roy! Roy, are you home?”

Fuck! He’d not bolted the back door. It was Monica, one of his neighbours.

“Roy, it’s me, Monica.”

Roy got the recliner upright and managed to mute the TV. “Hello Monica, I’ll be right there.”

He struggled to get up but a lube-slick hand slipped on the recliner’s leather arm.

“Roy, I, oh my god!” Monica’s voice exclaimed from much nearer.

He looked round and there she was, staring at the big screen.

“You should knock,” Roy said, anger and embarrassment vying with each other. His shorts were still down, and if she took another step …

Monica stepped into the room and her gaze went from the movie to Roy’s face, then down to his hand which was over his groin. He erection was gone, banished by his embarrassment.

“I’m sorry,” she said and turned to flee.

Roy managed to stand and pulled up his shorts.

“If you’d knocked,” Roy said defensively.

She paused in mid stride and, with her back still towards him, replied, “Well, you were hardly dressed to answer the door, were you?”

She turned to face him. “Is that really one of those porno movies?” She looked past him at the screen.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” He looked for the remote but it had disappeared.

“Don’t apologise Roy, I’ve always wondered what they were like.”

On the screen the big blonde had lifted a breast and was licking its nipple.

Roy’s embarrassment went up another notch and he looked behind the chair, found the remote and picked it up.

“No, don’t turn it off. Could we maybe watch it a while?”

“I guess,” he said but wanted to say no. Wanted her gone, perhaps wanted the earth to open up.

“Brian and I just had an awful row. I just slammed out of the house. I don’t know where to go, I’ve no shoes on. Thought I’d come and have a coffee with my old gardening buddy. Perhaps I should go.” It all came out in a rush.

Roy didn’t know what to do. “Let me make us some coffee,” he offered.

“I’d like that.” She crossed to the sofa and sat down, staring at the movie. “I wish I had breasts like those.”

Roy stood in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil, and thinking. Monica, and Brian of course, had been his neighbours for forever. She loved gardening, as did Roy. She was attractive enough but he always seemed to see her dressed in her gardening stuff, devoid of makeup and with her hair up. She hadn’t registered on Roy’s lust scale, not until now anyway.

The few times he’d seen her dressed up, she been a different woman, going out with her husband. Monica was Monica, the woman next door who gave him cuttings and seedlings and happily accepted the vegetables he always grew too many of.

Today she was different, rather excitingly different. Wearing a cute yellow summer dress and barefooted and her long hair in a ponytail she looked delightful, beyond pretty, almost beautiful. Not only that but she was sat in his living room watching one of his porno movies.

He carried two mugs of coffee into the living room. Monica sat staring at the TV, her left hand pressing her skirt between her legs. When she saw him she moved her hand quickly away and smiled up at him. It was a strange little smile and she was blushing.

“God! What must you think of me?” she said.

“I don’t know. What did you think of me when you walked in just now?”

She smiled. “You looked so embarrassed and guilty somehow. I thought you looked cute and very sexy.”

“There you are then,” he said, “I think you look very cute and extremely sexy.”

She patted the seat beside her. “Let’s kocaeli escort watch together.”

He handed her a mug and sat down.

Roy was acutely aware of his slick cock and his lack of underwear beneath his shorts. He thought about the movie and realised it still had better than an hour to run. Then he thought about some of the scenes still to come. No! He couldn’t imagine her sitting there, next to him, through those.


“Yes Roy?”

“I’m not sure this,” he paused and gestured at the screen, “that this is suitable for,” his voice trailed off.

“Suitable for a lady,” she said. Her voice had deepened somehow.

She pressed her hand back between her legs and added, “Perhaps I’m not feeling ladylike today.”

On the screen one scene had ended. Now a woman in a bikini was asleep in a garden.

“An hour ago I came on to Brian. I’d got myself all prettied up. He wasn’t interested; I could see that. Before I knew it we were yelling at each other. He said I was always horny. I said he never was. We both got very angry, very quickly and here I am.”

She looked at him. Her eyes looked huge and they glistened. She didn’t cry, just sat holding her coffee.

Roy swallowed, loudly. “Let’s watch the movie.”

The woman in the movie slid her left hand slowly under her bikini’s panties. Roy watched the outlines of her fingers moving between her legs.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” announced Monica.

Roy chuckled. “Neither am I.”

“I know,” she said and giggled.

Roy’s cock stirred and he lowered his coffee to try and conceal the restless thing.

On screen the hand was hard at work between the legs and Roy could smell Monica’s perfume. His cock grew and was caught in his shorts and it hurt.

She put her coffee on the small table beside her, got up and went to his recliner. She picked up the bottle of lubricant from the floor and came back and sat down again. She handed him the bottle.

“Go on Roy.”

Roy froze. He couldn’t do it. Not in front of her. He couldn’t.

She took the hem of her dress and slid it slowly up her thighs. Roy watched. Up higher, until she was bare to the waist. A tuft of brown curls peeped out from between her closed thighs.

“Now then, where were you before I interrupted?”

He stared at her nakedness, and then looked up. She was smiling at him, her hand still holding out the bottle.

“I’ve showed you mine,” she said.

He took the bottle. His erection had disappeared yet again. On screen the woman was writhing silently.

His shorts had an elastic waistband, no fly. He was going to have to push them down again. He glanced at her knees, her bare thighs, the delightful glimpse of her curls. He didn’t have a choice did he?

His cock was a little thing now. His crop of pubic hair made it look pathetically small.

Monica got up again. To Roy’s dismay the hem of her dress dropped and covered her.

“I’ll go lock the back door shall I? You never know, somebody might barge in.”

Roy liked the implications of her locking the door. The dress clung to her hips and ass as she headed into the kitchen. This couldn’t be the next-door Monica, could it?

She came back, picked up the remote from the arm of the recliner and sat down again beside him.

On the screen a bronzed young man knelt between the woman’s legs.

Monica said, “I’m sorry, I forgot.” She pulled up her skirt again. The sound came on as she pressed the mute button.

Roy just sat. The situation was quite unbelievable. Monica leaned against him and put her head against his shoulder.

“How long is the movie?”

“At least another hour.”

“Can we watch it all?”

“Why not?” Roy liked that idea although he seldom made it to half way through.

“Can I watch you too?” she asked putting her hand on his bare thigh.

Surely she didn’t expect him to jerk off in front of her? The young man had his face between the woman’s thighs, apparently pleasuring her through the bikini.

“I wish I could persuade Brian to do that,” said Monica, gently stroking Roy’s thigh.

Roy thought he’d be happy to oblige. His cock was stirring again. He watched it swell and lengthen.

She was looking too. Her hand want back between her legs again. “Let’s both do it while we watch the movie.”

Seeing her touch herself, watching the screen action and his near erect cock were making it difficult to just sit there. She moved her hand off his thigh and took his hand and moved it towards his cock.

“I want to watch you,” she said in a husky voice. “You have a lovely cock.”

He wrapped his hand round it and squeezed. He was very aroused. He wished she’d do it for him.

Monica picked up the lube and squeezed some, too much, over the head of his cock. It trickled down over his knuckles. Roy slid his fist down his erection. He groaned; it felt good. Monica’s hand went back between her thighs.

“There.” she said softly, kocaeli escort bayan “now let’s watch the movie together.”

Poor Roy, he had to divide his attention. Monica’s legs had parted and she seemed to be sliding two fingers up and down her pussy. She obviously didn’t need any lubricant. On screen, the bikini panties were gone and a shaved pussy was being enthusiastically devoured. Roy slowly stroked his cock. It was fully erect now, hot and rigid. He wondered how long he could keep control. How long before he spurted and was spent? He didn’t want that to happen, not yet. He wanted to watch Monica.

Then, in a flash, he realised he wanted Monica, wanted her very badly.

“I’ve always wanted to be shaved like that,” Monica said, “with just a little strip, pointing at my belly button.”

Roy pictured his electric shaver. Pictured mowing Monica’s little front lawn. He stroked nearly once too often and froze. He stared down at himself.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I almost came,” he said.

“I’d love to see that. I want to see you come. I’ve never actually seen Brian come.”

“If I do, I’m pretty much done for the day.” He was shocked at how easy it had become to say a thing like that. He’d gone from nearly paralysed with embarrassment to almost at ease with her.

“Well, we’d not want you finished for the day, would we? Leave it be for a while and we’ll just watch the film.”

He took his hand away. His cock looked huge and it glistened with the lube.

Monica took her hand from between her legs and picked up her coffee. On the screen the woman was stroking the man’s cock and telling him to come. Her stroking was slow and gentle. Seemingly, just slow enough and just gentle enough that he didn’t come. She was doing a wonderful job of keeping him on the brink while begging him to come. Maybe it was all just acting but it was incredible erotic nonetheless

Monica was motionless, staring, her lips parted. She looked down at Roy’s cock then at him. She licked her lips. Her hand had gone back to her pussy. “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

“Maybe the same as me.”

“I want to touch it,” she said looking down at his cock again. His erection had softened a little and now lay to one side on his thigh.

“OK,” he said and gasped as she reached out and took it in her hand.

“It’s so hot!” she said and squeezed him gently. A pearl of precum oozed from the end. She brought her other hand from her groin and, with a fingertip, spread the precum over the head of his cock. She milked another drop from him and repeated the smearing. His cock stiffened yet again.

She stroked him gently and he closed his eyes and told her it felt wonderful. It did too, having a hand other than his own doing it. How long since?

She picked up the remote and pressed “pause”. She got to her feet and stood in front of him and began to slowly unbutton the dress. She shrugged it off her shoulders. She was naked underneath, no bra, nothing, just Monica.

“You’re lovely,” he said and sincerely meant it. She had small breasts with big, protruding nipples that were surrounded by big pink aerolae. She pirouetted slowly showing him the cutest of asses. The urge to grab her was all but overwhelming. She turned to face him again.

He chuckled. “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

“I think so, but we’ve a movie to watch.”

“I’m so glad you came to visit.”

She sat down again, closer this time. He looked down at her incredible nipples.

“Big, ugly things aren’t they?” She asked him touching a finger to a nipple.

“Ugly! No! They’re beautiful,” he said and, without thinking, added, “just made for suckling.”

She pressed the “play” button and Roy resigned himself to watching.

They watched the movie for a while. Roy gently stroked his cock from time to time, careful not to come too close to coming. It wasn’t easy. Monica’s nipples seemed to be sticking out more than when she’d first shown them to him. Her hand moved almost constantly, doing things to her pussy, things that made her squirm.

She divided her attention between screen and cock.

The movie was approaching the point where Roy usually lost control. On-screen, the woman was kneeling between the seated guy’s feet and was pumping his cock slowly. The look on her face was one of pure anticipation. She was doing it so slowly, so carefully that he was obviously very, very close.

Monica said, “Oh my,” and sat still, staring.

The hand stroked, slowly. The muscles in the guy’s legs tensed and Monica said, “Yes, yes, yes,” very softly.

The movie went to slow motion at that moment and the first jet of cum slid out of the cock and soared, in a long wiggly string, up onto the guy’s chest. The woman moved her hand and the second spurt splattered on the bridge of her nose and across her face.

Monica giggled.

Successive, smaller jets went here and there, on his belly over her hand. kocaeli escort Monica’s hand left Roy’s cock and went between her thighs again. Her other hand went over her mouth but she managed to say, “Wasn’t that incredible?”

The scene again then, at normal speed, and still Monica stared. She fumbled for the remote and paused the movie yet again.

She slid off the sofa and there she was, on her knees in front of him.

“Can I?” she asked, “Please?”

Not waiting for an answer she grabbed his cock and began to stroke. “Tell me when to slow down,” she said, glancing up at him.

Her hand felt different and much better than his own. It was smaller, making him look bigger. She was gentle and moved slowly. She seemed fascinated by his cock and stared, wide eyed, at it as she worked.

Slow and gentle maybe, but soon enough the familiar boiling sensation began behind his balls.

“Slow,” he murmured, wanting to come, but not yet. This was the way he pleasured himself, holding off, prolonging the pleasure, delaying the inevitable.

Monica learned quickly and in no time was bringing him close, then slowing or stopping. He looked at her face and she glanced up from her work and smiled a wicked smile.

Next time she didn’t stop or slow, just slid her slick little fist up and down, squeezing the head of his cock almost to the point of pain.

Roy knew he’d come. The point of no return and that incredible gathering sensation began.

“Oh no!” he exclaimed, then, “Oh yes!”

The first rush through his cock, the sudden clench that gathered every nerve and muscle behind his ball sac. The first geyser burst past the grip she had on his cock-head and shot straight up, level with her startled eyes only to fall back over her wrist and knuckles.

Her startled, delighted, “Oh!” of wonder was followed by his next spurt that hit her chin and lips.

She laughed and pumped at his cock, milking him in decreasing spurts until he was spent. She carried on stroking his straining erection until he was begging her to stop.

There seemed to be an aching void in the pit of his stomach, as if he’d emptied his whole being out through his cock. He slumped back, chest heaving, heart hammering. His eyes closed.

She still held his fast-deflating cock and stared in girlish wonder at his come that covered her curled fingers.

Monica got to her feet, turned and dropped onto the sofa beside him, laughing.

His voice was full of wonder as he said, “That was incredible, I thought I was going to pass out or maybe die. Oh wow!”

She spread her legs wide and reached down and pulled herself open.

“My turn now Roy, my turn.”

The only response she got was a gentle snore.

Monica sat very still as her emotions rose and fell. Anger, frustration and lastly, amusement came in waves. How typically male she thought. Give him what he wants and needs; offer him more and he falls asleep. She look down at her gaping nakedness and sighed. Another gentle snore came from beside her. She dipped a finger into her wetness. She was close to tears. Her frustration surfaced again.

God but she was horny! Could a pussy ache with need? Hers did she knew. She looked sideways at the shrivelled little cock nestling in the shock of Roy’s pubic hair and sighed again.

Monica got up and slipped the dress over her head. She peeped out through the curtains. Brian had gone, the driveway was empty She thought she’d heard a car door slam earlier.

Monica walked through to the kitchen and let herself out of the back door.

She came back a while later with a plastic shopping bag in one hand and a pair of black heels in the other.

On the sofa Roy still slept. Monica looked down at him. Her anger was gone; after all, he was just a man. A man, she suddenly realised, that would be very easy to love.

On screen the jerker and jerkee were frozen, both staring at the last white drooling.

Monica went behind the sofa and slipped out of the dress again, praying Roy would sleep until she was ready. She drew the little red panties up her thighs. Crotchless, they barely covered her ass and her pussy, not at all.

The corset was still laced from its first, futile and only wearing. It was a brilliant, shimmery red and trimmed in black lace. She loved it. Hooking it up the front was a challenge.

The last three hooks were nigh impossible as she and the corset captured and restrained her breasts. The little, lace-edged cut-outs made her big nipples jut almost obscenely. With fingers and thumbs she pinched and pulled at them, feeling the jolts in her pussy that made her whole body spasm. She’d been horny since dawn.

Monica stepped into the heels and wished there was a mirror. She moved around the sofa and picked up the remote. She clicked ‘play’ and brought up the sound.

Roy never stirred. She lifted her foot and pressed the sole of her shoe against his cock; the spiked heel threatened between his balls.

His face lit up and she heard his intake of breath. His eyes flickered back and forth between nipples and pussy. “Oh dear God!” he murmured.

“Like I said Roy, my turn.” She dropped a hand and combed her fingers through her bush and added, “Now!”

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