7 Mayıs 2021

A Doe Alone

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This may turn into a short series, may not. Who the fuck knows.

This is a work of fiction, no characters or situations are real. All characters are 18+

This is my second story on here. Enjoy xx


My red curls bounced as Colin pumped in and in and in, my back thudding against the wall with every thrust of his dick. Borning pictures of pleasant flowers in neutral vases tried to leap from the nails securing them to the wall. Even they were distraught by the lackluster performance of one of my regulars.

“Oh yeah, uh huh,” I moaned with a roll of my eyes, his thin lips kissing sloppily at my neck, my collarbones. “I’m about to cum, baby.” As if. I was lightyears away from feeling any pleasure, but this dumb fuck needed his ego stroked to stay hard.

I felt him come undone, his back muscles spasming as he pressed the full weight of himself on me, catching his breath. “Estelle, you are exquisite,” he said in that reedy voice of his. He kissed my cheek before sliding out of me, shucking off his condom and leaving it on the floor while he cleaned up.

I didn’t bother dressing before I reached for my phone and sauntered over to the solitary bed, perching on the side of it as I scrolled through my messages from Donna, my scheduler, to see if I had any more appointments for the night.

“Same time next week?” Colin asked, stooping down to plant a kiss on top of my head.

“Only if you throw away your garbage, Colly,” I said, waving him off. He bent and picked it up with a grin. I blew him a kiss and wiggled my fingers at him. “I can’t wait for you to rock my world again.”

He gave me the sort of smile that a balding, unkempt man who spent 98% of his time in the glowing light of his computer screen would think is charming before slipping out of the room, leaving me to flop on the bed.

Being a sex worker wasn’t always glamorous. It wasn’t sexy CEOs or Attorneys coming to blow off some steam and make it rain cash around me. Sure, I did occasionally get a mind blowing orgasm from a man on occasion, but most often he was sad and lonely in need of someone who wasn’t his wife rejecting sex for the tenth time that month. Sometimes they just needed someone to cuddle and tell them they’re strong and important.

Good thing lying was my specialty.

I sat up, bummed that Donna hadn’t messaged me yet with a last minute client, and trudged to the bathroom to shower Colin’s filth from me. Flipping on the light of the bathroom, I turned to assess myself in the mirror.

Big, green eyes thickened by eyelash extensions stared back, a constellation of freckles smattered across my cheekbones. God graced me with incredible skin, so that coupled with my wide, innocent eyes, I looked no older than eighteen though I was nearing twenty-eight. Natural red curls were damp with the sweat of sex, hanging just below my collarbones. My teardrop breasts were perky, my pink nipples hard and long, aching for someone to suck them into their mouth and roll them between their teeth. Colin wasn’t a boob man and rarely paid them any mind, but I could cum from nipple play alone.

I ran my hands over my breasts, my fingers playing idly with my pink nipples while my eyes roved over my flat stomach and to my hairless pussy that had truly made one man black out in pleasure. It was quite frightening for me, having this sixty-year-old man collapse on me, pinning me under his girth, the moment after penetration. Donna had tears rolling down her merry cheeks when she helped haul him off me once she realized he still had a pulse.

I smiled at the memory as I turned on the shower, the heat near scalding, before climbing in and washing myself off. It was tempting when my body was soapy and sensitive from the heat to take care of my needs, to slide two fingers into my folds and tease and taunt myself until my knees quaked and I cried out my own name. But I wanted to hold out for the hope that I’d have one last good ride tonight and that he, perhaps, would be a considerate lover.

I had no sooner stepped out of the shower, towel wrapped around my petite frame, that my phone buzzed from the other room. I scrambled, feet slipping on the white tile on the floor of the bathroom before stepping on the elegant carpet every room in the Pussy Palace had. My eyes lit up when I grabbed my phone and saw a message from Donna.

“Hell yes,” I said, eyes reading her message quickly, a grin blooming on my face.

//Estelle, we have a newbie here. I checked her license, and she’s indeed eighteen–had her birthday yesterday and everything. She’s shy and nervous but determined. You’re the only gal I trust with her. Be nice.

I immediately came to three conclusions:

1) she was a girl

2) she was likely a virgin

3) she was in for one hell of a night

//I’ll be ready in ten. Just need to blow dry my hair.

Donna responded almost immediately.

//Colin leave you in a puddle of his sweat?

I laughed, thumbs flying. maltepe escort

//Do you even have to ask?

I tossed my phone on my bed, dropping my towel into the laundry bin before going to the bathroom to diffuse my mane. I put a smattering of oils and serums in it, hoping to keep the frizz at bay while I tried to make quick work of drying it. But even after seven minutes, it was still damp. Shit. Oh well.

I shut the bathroom door, thankful that Colin decided to fuck me against the wall instead of on the bed so I didn’t have to change the sheets. I turned on my oil diffuser, the sweet smell of jasmine filling the room and destroying any lingering evidence that Colin was once here.

“An eighteen year-old virgin,” I mused out loud. “And a girl!” It had been too long since I felt the pleasure of another woman’s touch, as I kept my physical relationships to a minimum outside these four walls. Between grad school and this, I didn’t have time for it. I slipped into a sheer lavender robe that barely kissed my thighs, my pert nipples visible through the fabric. I had just finished securing the tie when a tentative knock sounded at my door, quickly followed by three more knocks.

I was opening the door on a young woman when she was poised to knock again. She jumped back, clutching at the strap on her bag as she took me in.

“A-are you Estelle?” she asked, her voice quivering.

I gave her a warm smile. “That’s me. Would you like to come–“

She walked passed me and straight into the room, dark ponytail whipping behind her. I raised my brows, but said nothing and closed the door, turning to find her standing prostrate at the end of the bed, looking down at it.

A doe alone in a meadow for the first time. That’s what she was. Her black framed glasses slid to the end of her nose, her pink lips parting as she looked at the bed. I only saw her profile, but she was stunning. Pert nose slightly turned up with delicate bone structure. Her hair was thick and silky, a chocolate brown that made my fingers twitch with the desire to run my hands through it and feel it on my skin as I pushed her mouth closer to my clit, begging her to lick it.

My lips curved. Soon.

“My name is Rose…Rosie. Short for Roseanne,” she said, not looking at me. I saw her cheeks flushing as I neared her. She was two inches taller than me, her waist thin and breasts small, just enough for a handful. But that’s all I would need. But her ass…fuck, her ass had me salivating in those yoga pants she wore.

“You don’t need to say or explain anything to me,” I said, moving under I was standing within an inch of her, facing the bed. “It’s a nice bed, isn’t it?”

“Have you had sex on here yet tonight?”

I lifted one shoulder. “Not tonight. I started out in another room and was just fucked against the wall right there,” I said, throwing a thumb over my shoulder.

Her eyes widened as she turned on me. Perfect cupid’s bow lips were parted, begging for me to suck them, bite them. But I held myself in check. It had been a while since a customer made me crave sex, but I could tell things would be different with her.

“I’m really eighteen, you know,” she said, slowly discarding her purse and turning to face me, arms folding right under her breasts. I reached up slowly, tentatively, to brush a lock of hair from her face. She shuddered under my touch. “I’ve never been with anyone.”

“Are you scared?” I asked, lifting a single finger to drag down her arm.

Her pupils dilated. “A little.”

I paused, my finger stilling near her elbow. “What do you want to do with me tonight? We can talk, we can cuddle, we can–“

“I want you to fuck me. Hard, I think.”

It was all I could do to not choke and die at her words. “Specific instructions,” I mused.

She sighed, reaching back to take the hair tie from her ponytail, the scent of her shampoo washing over me. “My parents were really protective and sent me to an all girls private school. Yeah, some girls screwed around, but not me. I was too scared, too shy. But I leave for college in a few months and…” her voice trailed off. “And I want to know what good sex is like so I don’t settle for the first penis that gets hard at the sight of me naked.”

I laughed, continuing my easy stroke up and down her arm, watching her shoulders slowly fall into a more relaxed position. “So you’re not a lesbian?”

She shrugged, her blue eyes eying me. “You’re very attractive. I think I’m excited at the idea of you kissing me and…” her cheeks colored. “Doing other things.”

“And are you excited to do things to me?” I asked. It wasn’t a requirement that customers returned any sexual favors, but I had to ask.

She pursed her lips. “A good lover knows what it feels like and how to reciprocate. I think I’m excited at the idea of kissing you.” Her throat bobbed as she looked at my breasts through my robe. “And touching you.”

“My nipples are hot as hell,” I said with a smile, earning one escort maltepe from her.

“I think I may have to agree.” She bit her full bottom lip. “So maybe I’m bisexual. But seeing as I’ve yet to be with a man or a woman, it’s hard to tell. Scientifically speaking, of course.”

“Of course,” I echoed. I moved to sit on the edge of the bed, patting the spot next to me. “Care to sit?”

Her eyes grew wide. “Are you going to kiss me now?”

I grinned. “Sex is much better if you start with kissing.”

She eyed the spot next to me, a single dark brow arching. “How do you kiss well sitting next to someone. I want to be amazing at it. Should we stand first? Or should I sit in your lap?”

My chest exploded at her gentle eagerness. I stood, gesturing to the bed. “You sit and I’ll sit in your lap. I’ll show you how to move your body to get a man excited.”

“Perfect,” she said, kicking off her sandals and sitting down eagerly. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she peered up at me through those glasses that made her every human being’s fantasy of the sexy nerd.

“Move to the headboard,” I instructed, flicking my fingers at her to move back. She scrambled there eagerly, sitting on that fine ass. “Perfect,” I whispered before crawling onto the bed. I moved up towards her on all fours, my breasts hanging. I knew she could see them by the fire that lit in her eyes, by the way she sucked in her bottom lip and bit down. I felt my core heat at that look before crawling into her lap, straddling her. I put my hands on her shoulders, my fingers going up her neck and into the strands of hair at her nape.

“Some people like when you command them,” I said, fisting her hair and pulling her head slightly back. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to move her. I slowly closed the space between us, my mouth slanting over hers for the first time.

She froze under my touch, her lips pillow soft and tasting like vanilla. I kissed her gently, my hand releasing her hair and kneading her neck while my other arm wrapped around her, pulling her into me. She gasped, and I took the opportunity to slide my tongue into her open mouth, the heat of her mouth making my nipples hard. Gently at first, then with more urgency, she kissed me back, her tongue darting experimentally.

I pulled back a moment, cradling her face. “Your tongue needs to be used in gentle sweeping motions. It isn’t a spear.”

“Right, of course,” she said before eagerly meeting my mouth again. This time when our tongues met, she was sweet and gentle, her tongue flicking my teeth, the roof of my mouth. I moved my hips against hers, pulling her bottom lip between my teeth and biting down.

“Shit,” she said when I released it, taking her glasses from her face and tossing them to the nearby table. “Do that again.” She hesitated, giving me a shy smile. “Please.”

“Since you asked politely,” I said before capturing her mouth in mine again, biting down on her lip. She moaned, rocking her hips against mine, though her hands remained idly at her sides. That simply would not do.

“Rosie, baby, you can touch me,” I said, pulling back again. “I’m rubbing your neck, playing with your hair. Soon I’ll take off your shirt and your bra–“

She wiggled, and in a blink, her shirt was gone. My mouth went dry as I saw she wore no bra, her delicious nipples hard in her small breasts. “What is it you’re doing with your hips? I feel it and it’s great.”

I smiled, rocking against her again. “This will drive a man wild,” I said, bowing my back and lifting my ass while I ground into her pubic bone. “If you arch your back like this, the sight of your hard nipples will make him want to bend forward and suck them raw. And his dick will be granite beneath you.”

“Can I try?”

“Try what, exactly?” I asked.

“Try to suck your nipples raw while you do that thing with your hips. I want to know what it feels like for a man, too.

I bit my lip to keep from shouting in assent and nodded as I shouldered off my robe, revealing my pert breasts. I proceeded to grind into her again, bracing a hand against her shoulder as my hips writhed.

Tentatively, she leaned forward, her eyes flicking to me. I nodded encouragingly before the heat of her mouth hovered over my breast. She took me in, suckling and licking, her tongue whirling around my long nipple before her teeth bit down. Hard.

“Fuck,” I moaned, fingers lacing in her hair and securing her mouth to my breast. “Use your other hand too. Play with me.”

She obliged, though her fingers fumbled at first. I felt the heat rising in my core, feeling myself on the edge of orgasm as she indeed sucked my nipple raw. “Switch,” I breathed, gently pulling her mouth from one nipple and urging her to the other. I bit my lip, grinding against her hard while her dainty fingers pinched my saliva soaked nipple.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, shuddering in orgasm against her, pulling her mouth from my breast and locking my lips on hers. I kissed maltepe escort bayan her rough, my own hands sliding down to cup her breasts. Just as I suspected–just enough for a single handful. Her nipples stood at attention under my ministrations while I rolled them between my fingers. I pulled my swollen lips from hers, kissing her chin, her neck, dragging my tongue on the edge of her collarbone.

“Rosie, you made me cum with your mouth on my breasts alone,” I said, kissing sliding back until I sat on her thighs, bending forward to trail kisses around one of her nipples. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never,” she breathed, her fingers pressing into my naked shoulders, her back arching to me.

“Has anyone kissed your breasts before?” I asked, flicking my tongue over her nipple, then blowing air gently on it.


I smiled. She was mine. I took her into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her areola, wrapping my lips around her nipple and sucking it until it elongated under my ministerings. Her fingers buried in my hair, securing me just as I had done to her.

“Can you do that harder?” she asked.

Fuck. Yes. It would be my pleasure.

I sucked her in hard, my teeth biting against her in a way that I knew would bruise into a hickey. It was sexy as hell to leave a hickey on a breast, marking my territory. She cried out, but kept her hand secured to my head, keeping me in place while my other hand flicked and pinched her nipple hard.

I pulled back, looking at my work and grinned, pouncing on her lips and biting down before sucking them in my mouth, kissing her hard, my fingers still pinching her breasts.

“Holy shit,” she said. “Is this lesbian sex?”

I knew the smile on my face was too big. “This isn’t even the start of it.”

“I want your mouth everywhere,” she said, wriggling her hips as she attempted to tug her leggings off. I tossed away my robe before bending to help her tear the leggings from her body, revealing a landing strip above a hairless pussy. I could have cum at the sight of that alone.

“First, I have to see your ass,” I said, twisting a finger in the air.

She laughed, the nerves she first wore dissolved into nothing. “What do you mean?”

“I want to smack your ass, before you sit on my face.”

“That sounds dangerous,” she mused before crawling up on all fours, moving so that her ass was facing me. She glanced over her shoulder at me, her shining curtain of dark hair kissing the mattress.

There it was in all it’s plump glory. I dug my nails in, leaving pleasantly pink trails as I spread her cheeks and saw her ass hole. I wanted to lick it, to see if it would make her squirm with pleasure, but it was too much too soon. For her first time, she just needed my mouth on her pussy.

I planted a kiss on one cheek, than the other, swearing to them that I would one day see them again before flipping on my back and sliding beneath her. “This isn’t normally something I do for first timers,” I said, propping myself up on my knees so I could kiss her navel, her pubic bone, the inside of her thighs. “But you are special and deserve my best. Remember, you are in control here. You get to decide how hard you feel me. You can rock your hips against my face, adjust your hips for a better angle–do what’s best for you. It’s a great way for you to figure out how much pressure you like and where.

She nodded, pushing herself up so that her knees alone rested on the bed on either side of my head. I gazed up at her, making eye contact, knowing that it was the intimacy of eye contact that could drive someone over the edge.

With the first swipe of my tongue, she quivered. The second, she moaned, rocking her hips involuntarily against my face. I smiled knowingly, wrapping my arms around her thighs to keep her secure to me before diving in. I licked her wet slit, my tongue sliding into her tight, virginal pussy before swirling around her clit. She bent forward, hands braced on the bed as she neared the edge. So soon, too soon. But it was her first time, and I had to be gentle.

I continued my ministrations, licking and sucking and biting until she came, her stomach muscles clenching and quivering as I licked her through the release. She toppled over to the other side of the bed, a sheen of sweat coating her body as she caught her breath.

“That’s what I’ve been missing,” she said, hands resting on her stomach as she gazed at the ceiling.

“Well, I am a professional,” I reminded her, drawing lazy, soothing circles on her body, lingering over the blooming bruise on her breast. “Not all sex is created equal.”

She tossed me a lazy grin. “So when do I get to do that to you?”

“So eager,” I said, flicking her nose and kissing her shoulder. “But you already got me off. Should you care to come here again, I’ll allow you to go down on me. But be forewarned–once you go down on me, all future vaginas will pale in comparison, should you discover that you’re lesbian.”

Rosie laughed, curling on her side, as if shy again. “I may just have to come for a visit once a week until I leave for college,” she said, tentatively giving me a peck on the lips.

My heart squeezed, but danger lurked.

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