26 Ocak 2022

A Dream in the Moonlight Ch. 04

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I felt like I was falling through a gauzy mist. I thought I heard soft, sensuous music, but my descent was more like drifting than falling. I felt moist, cool liquid dripping down the small of my back which woke me from my drowse with a start. I found myself lying on my stomach, feeling her knee close to my testicles. Her soft butt rested on the back of my thigh, and my skin detected the wetness of her labia. She seemed to be washing the back of my leg with it in a very small circular area. Straddling me, she dripped something on my back, first cool, then warming, then tingling.

“I hoped I would awaken you Teddy” she said “You drifted off, and I so enjoyed looking at you. You had such a contented, peaceful look on your face. I started caressing you, then dripping lotion on your back. Giving you a sensual massage makes me so hot.”

I felt the moistness of her sliding vulva increase. “I hope you like it” she said.

I sighed, relaxed and waited for the pleasure to enfold me. Lynn’s fingers began sliding through, and spreading the lotion down my back. Then the heels of her hands began rubbing the lotion in, her fingers touching my ribs, causing goose bumps. “Found something, huh?” she said, and I replied “hmmmmmmmmm”

Stopping momentarily she sat up erect. I looked back and saw Lynn squeezing lotion onto her breasts, allowing it to sag down on her nipples. “Ya like lotion on your nipples, huh?” I asked.

She smiled and said “I love the feel of lotion on my breasts. I love to be massaged.”

I made a mental note of that.

“But turn around little boy” she said with a cute giggle “right now I am going to massage you with my breasts.”

She changed position and leaned over me. I felt the lotion dripping warmly from Lynn’s nipples. Then she bent forward and I felt her warm, wet nipples touch me, and begin moving through the emollient on my back.

As her nipples moved, her breasts swung back and forth and I felt a teasing tickle on my flesh, which sent a chill down my spine. My butt tightened in response as a small “sssss” escaped her lips. Obviously, she was feeling sensations as well.

She leaned further forward and I felt her breasts flatten on my back, her compressed softness sliding through the slippery lotion. I had never received such a sensuous massage before and was drifting into a protected haven.

I felt Lynn’s body sit up, her bottom pressing on the back of my leg. She started undulating, circling, as her pressing vulva slid, making wet noises against my hairy leg. I felt her body tense, ease, then tense again– silence—then “ooh, ooh, ooh, OOH, OOH, OOH, OH, OH, OH– MY GOD!” I had no idea that she could experience an orgasm in this manner. It excited me, and I thought I was going to cum.

All of a sudden Lynn’s hand flopped, palm down, on either side of my head. I felt her hair brushing my shoulders and her hot gasping breath warming the small of my back. “What now?” I asked.

“Just wait and see”, she replied in breath punctuated words. She moved her knees back from my crotch. I no longer felt her bottom on the back of my leg.

“Ouch!” I exploded, startled by a sharp nip on my right buttock as she teased me with her teeth. halkalı escort

“Sorry”, she giggled, not sorry at all, and she continued nipping me, but more gently. I felt her finger touch me at the confluence of my buttocks, move between them, and probe my anus. She put the tip of her finger on my soft ring and pushed in slightly. Her palms pressed on my cheeks spreading them. “Ooooooh!” When I felt the tip of Lynn’s tongue touch my anus chills raced through my body, “Sssssssss.” My heart raced as I felt her tongue circling. I breathed deeply as it probed and opened the seal. Just to have a woman doing such things sent me into orbit. Then I felt lotion being squeezed inside.

Her finger was soon deeply inside me, sliding in and out, slowly at first, then faster. “BABY!” I exclaimed hoarsely “I’m gonna come!”

“That’s just what I expect” she chuckled in a knowingly wicked way, continuing to work her finger in and out.

“But Baby” I said “I don’t want to waste it on the bed.”

“Ok, surprise me then” she said.

I worked my legs out from under her body, slid to the floor and stood up. Reaching for Lynn’s hands I turned her. She was still on her knees, facing me. My erect penis was facing her neck. She placed her hands on her thighs and looked up expectantly, smiling, awaiting my pleasure.

I began to masturbate rapidly, still feeling the sensation of her finger in my anus. I was ready to explode, amazed at what seemed to be building up in my scrotum, considering all the activity I had put those little devils through that night. As the pressure was near explosion I directed my penis to Lynn’s left breast “OOOOOOH!”

My knees almost buckled when the long white stream shot out and laid itself diagonally on her breast, forming a line across her nipple. She watched it land and looked into my eyes. The next wave came while I was on the down stroke. I flexed my buttocks and another stream crossed her right breast. She looked up and smiled. Still stroking wildly, little specks of semen spattered Lynn’s chest, and she leaned forward. With a little peck she kissed the head of my cock, drawing back, smiling, causing a tiny string to stretch between her lips and my head.

“Feel better now?” She asked.

“Almost”, I returned.

“Only almost?” she countered.

Silently, I climbed back on the bed and kneeled, turned her body toward me. I began massaging her breasts with the “lotion” of my body. She smiled and said “You don’t miss much, do you?”

I gently massaged my semen into her flesh, feeling her soft skin relax as the wetness began to disappear. I held her face between my two hands. Our eyes searched, trying to understand what this wonderful evening meant. We both knew that it was being bestowed upon us as a gift from loving gods.

On our knees we kissed tenderly. Our bodies melted into one another as we embraced, and she laid her head on my shoulder. As I sniffed the aroma of her hair I wondered just how much more I could expect from this wonderful adventure. We lay there, warmly smiling at each other, speaking only through the tunnels of our eyes.

The moon shadows had grown very long. Neither of us knew just how şişli escort much of this wonderful night would be left to us. The moon seemed to be slipping away. As the light began to recede into darkness I felt an overwhelming warmth within me. This night was a special gift to hearts that had met somewhere in time, had joined and experienced the joy of true love-making. Momentarily I felt joy washing my allness, with sadness creeping behind it. Suddenly I became aware of a drop of moisture running across the bridge of my nose. Tears had formed in my eyes. Just then, a receding shaft of moonlight crossed Lynn’s face. I saw the gleam of moisture welling in her eyes as well.

Heaving a sigh I started to speak, but Lynn held her finger to my lips. Her lips opened and a soft, barely audible “shh” slipped between them. Then, she held my face between her hands and tenderly kissed my lips. I responded with profound softness. The working togetherness of our lips was warmth and softness that could only have been imagined in a most sensual dream. We lingered in this kiss in what seemed a loving eternity.

The sound of a mockingbird outside the window singing in varied bird melodies told us that our time together was ending. The ambience of dawn began to brighten the room.

Our lips kneaded hungrily, as if these would be the last kissess of our lives. Our arms clutched, spreading our total energy, and our caresses were long and sensual.

I began to rise in excitement again, and eagerly reached down between Lynn’s legs again, humid warmth surrounding my hand. I felt her body push forward at the hips, and heard the parting of her moist labia. My hand opened and spread over her softly haired mound, feeling the short curls tickling my palm. Once again my middle finger found her heavenly groove; her clitoris had grown to huge proportions, and was awash with her feminine aloe.

She pushed from deep within her body and the end of her node approached the tip of my finger. As the two came together a long sigh of rewarded anticipation escaped through Lynn’s lips, which emanated a low pitched whistle.

As I caressed her clitoris she breathed in a long “ssssssss,” threw her leg over mine, which opened her moist pinkness, covering my hand with her glorious warmth. I began circling her clitoris, my finger gliding as she pushed toward me undulating her hips.

Three of my fingers came together, my middle finger on the top of her button, the other two pressing her lips. My thumb entered her welcoming pouch and began pressing gently yet firmly on her thickened gspot. She wiggled wildly as I manipulated her love nest, then let out a sharp gasp followed by a gush of wetness which washed over my thumb and wrist.

Her body went limp, but she took my hand in hers and began kissing the wetness. Hungrily she kissed my lips, spreading her female essence upon them. “I need you inside me–now!!” she hissed urgently.

I rose to my knees, looked at her staring at my swollen and reddened maleness, poised to bury itself inside her depths. Holding my erect organ with my left hand I guided it to its welcoming destination. As the head of my swollen cock parted sarıyer escort her lips she pushed back, the warmth of her inner body sliding over my sensitive skin.

Her mouth opened in a sensual oval, duplicating what I imagined the oval of her vagina to be. She sucked in as I slid deeply inside her, and her eyelids parted, showing the wide whiteness around her Iris’s.

Her legs embraced me possessively; holding my body in bondage, as she slowly rotated her hips. She pressed the palms of her hands flat against the mattress, arching her back, smiling like the owner of a new toy, then she began rocking me back and forth, a doll in her cradle. I was a prisoner of her sex. She held me tightly, rocking me back and forth, with her legs crossed behind my back. At the same time she squeezed my pubic bone against her clitoris, continuing her undulations. Our bodies pressed together. Each time she tightened her legs I felt warmth rush through her soft, warm body, pressing itself into my skin.

The darkness had receded. Although the sun had not yet risen I could tell that dawn was just beyond the horizon. The mockingbird ceased it’s singing and its lone voice was replaced with the chirping of many birds.

She released me from her scissors grip and cried out urgently “Take me now, Teddy, fuck me!”

I placed my hands flat on the mattress, arched my back and I started pumping. My hardness glistened as it pistoned in and out of her lubricious sheath. Each stroke produced a “yes” softly at first, then increasing with each thrust.

Her legs, spread widely, now flexed. As I pumped harder with more deliberate thrusts, our pubic bones slamming, my swollen balls slapping on her warm bottom. With each thrust she sucked in a “shsss” through partially clenched lips. My body was hot. Beads of perspiration formed on my forehead. Lynn’s legs straightened, her feet pointed upward, toes stabbing wildly in the air.

On the verge of exploding into my lover’s depths I held myself back. Already releasing her orgasm with loud “OH,oooh,Oh!” she drilled my eyes with hers and beckoned me to let go. I moaned volubly as I felt my spasm deep within me, sending semen and wriggling sperm flowing through my shaft.

“Oh God, Ted!”

“Lynn, Lynn!”

My eyes opened with a start. The familiar surroundings of my room splashed into my eyes, small birds welcoming me to the brightly lit dawn. Drowsily the woman beside me said, “Bad dream, huh?”

“Yes, it was quite a dream” I replied with a thick tongue “I don’t think I can even explain it.”

“Don’t try to Sweetie, that’s the nature of dreams.”

I smiled at her words and moved my legs. I couldn’t remember when my balls had hurt so much. Beneath the covers I wiped my wet hand on the sheet. Then, in a reflex action I brought my hand to my mouth.

My smile widened as I sniffed the aroma of a very aroused woman, an aroma that was slightly different than what I was accustomed to. No, I don’t think I will ever be able to explain this dream.

I smiled to myself, my thoughts drifting. Somewhere in Missouri, a lovely woman was already up. Perhaps her pussy lips were red with use, and the substance between her legs was slightly different to her experience as well. I closed my eyes, held the taste and aroma of my luscious dream to my lips and thought nope, I don’t think I’ll say much about this dream.

As I swung my legs off the bed I stretched and thought, maybe there is more to this life than is apparent. Who knows?”

end story

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