25 Şubat 2021

A Hook-up Years in the Making Pt. 01

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This is a slightly modified version of something that happened a few years ago. I’m not trying to be a great writer, just want to share my stories with people. I hope you enjoy as I have many good stories involving myself and these girls.


I had known Cat (Catherine) my whole life. We fooled around a bit in high school but not much past “3rd base”. Cat was attractive but didn’t sleep around or really date, she was way too involved with getting a scholarship and then in college with her studies. Teri was the same way but was much more attractive and maybe a bit more on the shy side.

When Cat was 21 and I was 20, I took her virginity upon her request. Her younger sister Teri was the one who set the whole thing up. She approached me in conversation at a party and spent 20 minutes convincing me she was serious and how Cat always wanted it to be me. When everyone had left Cat and Teri’s home I was approached by Cat and asked me what I thought about the proposal her sister made. I said “if you’re serious then of course!” We had wonderful sex in her living room while her sister was “asleep”. It was a very special moment I shared with my good friend that I cherish to this day even though she has since married and started a family.

What I never told Cat was that I had noticed her sister watching through the mirror in the hallway. She became visable some minutes after I had stopped giving Cat head and was trying to slide inside of her tight juicy mound. I couldn’t see if Teri was fingering herself but I did notice she was rubbing her left breast. At about this moment I turned my full attention to Cat as I my throbbing hard dick sort of got suctioned down to the base by her amazingly perfect slit.

Fast forward a few years and I had moved out of state. I had some vacation days saved up so I chose to spend them on a week long trip home were I would do nothing but day drink and be lazy. Summer had started and all the college kids had either gone home or were spending their days poolside. Teri found out I was in town and invited me over to hang out with a couple of her friends by the sweet pool at her place. Cat had moved into her own place with her soon to be baby daddy.

Teri had filled out over the last few years. She was wearing some cut off jean shorts with the top button undone and the wait folded over a couple times to reveal her red bikini bottoms. She was wearing a matching top that could barley contain her what I assumed to be D cups. She covered herself with a see-thru half shirt that had ¾ sleeves. I definitely got caught staring as she walked up to hug me, she jokingly sai “you perv” as she gave me tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her scent was intoxicating. Combined with her body pressed against me I got enough of a bulge going that I walked slowly behind her trying to let it calm before going to the pool area.

There were two other girls there canlı bahis I cant recall their names but they were decent looking and most definitely lesbians. They were kissing as I walked toward the pool.

After some drinks, a splash in the pool and a couple of rounds of truth or dare that led to everyone making out with each other at least once. The couple left Teri and I alone as they ducked into the guest house. Teri and I started bringing up old stories. She confessed that if it hadn’t been for the thing me and her sister had going that she would have tried to lose her virginity to me as well. But that honor went to the boyfriend she had recently broke up with. She admitted to fooling around with a couple guys and girls but never anything serious.

I’m not sure why I told her, but I brought up what I saw her doing that night in the living room with her sister. She laughed and said she suspected it but didn’t care. She always wanted someone to hold her close and look her in the eye the way I did her sister. And how that sequence was the highlight of most of her fantasies until she started dating her ex. I laughed and said “well, who knows, maybe we should both be so lucky some day”. She looked up and smiled with a sort of hesitant sigh, as if to say “yeah but…my sister…” She changed the subject and grabbed my hand to lead me inside. Walking past the guest house I heard a faint yet consistent moaning. My imagination ran wild.

Teri offered me a towel and said I can shower if I want to. I jokingly suggested we should double up to save water. She threw the towel at me and laughed as she said “you wish, but I shower first!” She left the door open just enough that I could see her moving behind the door. Not sure if she wanted me to join her or she always leave it open, I didn’t want to chance it and be wrong. She came out to find me sitting on her bed patiently waiting for my shower time.

She said “wow, what a gentleman you didn’t even try to peak” with a wink and a smile. I got up and hit the shower as I noticed her towel come off when I passed through the door.

I left the door cracked just in case as I contemplated a quick jerk-off session to ease my growing lust. As I was about to get started Teri walked in the bathroom and started getting something from under the sink. I pulled to curtain to see her holding up a bottle, she was wearing a white bath robe that was open and revealed her matching pink bra and panties.

She looked at me and said “I need you to rub some of this on my back when you get out” holding up the bottle of Aloe Vera.

“Also you can get dressed in my room” she added. The moment she walked out I began stroking myself but then the hot water started to run out and really ruined the moment. I got out and went to her empty room to change.

No sooner had I got dressed into some jeans and a t-shirt, she pushed open the door and handed me a drink. “Where is yours?” I asked. She bahis siteleri pointed at the mirrored dresser, as I turned to look I can see in the mirror that she dropped her robe to reveal her perfectly shaped ass. The bulge in my jeans was starting to hurt.

She asked me to undue her bra, as I did she cupped her round and firm breasts to keep them from being reveal while simultaneously moving her way to the floor and laid down. She pointed at the Aloe and said start rubbing please. As I knelt down next to her I could not keep my eyes off of her ass. A pink pair of bikini cut panties with lacy edges and soft cotton. They were just tight enough that a created a small “V” right where her cheeks met the gap between her thighs. I can clearly see her mound pushing through between her thighs and can make out some tiny light brown hairs sticking out of the side.

As I rubbed in the Aloe I said to her “you used to be really shy, it’s a shock that you would be this open with me.”

She looked back and said “I have matured a bit since we last hung out, besides its just you.”

While saying that she reached back to smack my thigh accidentally revealing her perfect right breast and puffy pink nipple. She missed! Her hand slid right in between my legs and onto my full erect cock. She stopped and looked at me in shock but her expression quickly turned to a playful kind of glance.

“Are you hard?!” She asked.

“No! Okay maybe a little” I replied as I wasn’t sure if she was mad or not.

“Can I be honest?” She said as she sat up, to face me, still holding her bra in place. The shy girl I remembered growing up came out of her as she ran her fingers down my arm and looked down. At least the look of the shy girl I remembered anyway. Her next words changed all of that.

“I want to just rip your clothes off and think of this as a fantasy finally come true, but I’m afraid of what my sister will think.” She paused and took a deep breath. “You promise not to tell?” She whispered every so gently as she let loose her bra and finally gave me a full reveal of her perfect chest.

“I will never tell a soul” I said as I held my hand up as if swearing before a judge. Suddenly she stood up and pulled me to my feet. We shared a deep and passionate kiss as our hands wildly explored each others body.

I reached down and palmed her firm ass through her panties that now seemed to be fully consumed by her cheeks squeezing together as I griped them.

She took off my shirts and slide her finger tips down my chest as she kissed my neck and shoulders. She got my pants unbuttoned and zipper down in one smooth motion. She reached into my boxer that were beginning to stick because of all the pre-cum.

“I bet this thing is just aching to be released isn’t it?” She smiled as she pushed me back onto her bed.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed you were hard most of the day.” She said to me as I shrugged my shoulders and bahis şirketleri gave her an “oh well” look.

Pulling my pants down my cock flipped up once the boxers past it. She smiled and said “I have been wondering what this would taste like for a loooong time.”

“I feel like you need this more than I want it right now so why don’t you just lay back and relax.” She pushed back on my chest with one hand as she griped my aching cock with the other and gave it a nice loud spit.

“I like this side of you” I told her as I gently pulled her chin up to look me in the eye. I sat up and she leaned in and gave me a long, wet, passionate kiss while stroking me with her hand.

She whispered to me “I haven’t even started showing you how much I’ve changed.” Just then she stopped, stood up and went to her nightstand. She grabbed a hair tie and put her hair up in an always sexy ponytail. The universal sign for “You’re about to get some serious head”.

The first thing I felt was her warm tongue work its way from the base of my shaft all the way to the top. Then she licked around the head and finally place those soft lips around the head and created a seal of warmth and moisture as her tongue swirled around the head. Next she took me all the way down until she gagged a little. She repeated this about five or six more times before I started to moan and twitch.

“Oh shit” I said as I griped the base of her pony tail. “You better stop now unless you want me to cum before we go any further.”

She looked up and me and gave me a look that hinted to the fact that she was counting on that happening. She then worked my shaft with her hand and sucked on the head, Alternating speeds, stopping, spitting and gasping for air in between taking me all the way to the back of her throat. I started to shake and I gripped her hair so tight it must have hurt but she was loving it.

“I’m about to cum.” I warned as a courtesy.

She stared me in the eye as she locked her lips around my head and rapidly stroked the shaft. I felt the bursts shoot into her mouth as she never missed a beat and swallowed every drop. With each burst I felt euphoria up and down my body like waves. The sweet release had finally come and I was in heaven.

She licked up any and all leftovers for about a minute as I lay the twitching and speechless. She then laid on the bed next to me and rested her head on my chest.

“See” she giggled. “I told you a had changed, I bet you didn’t expect that. I watch a lot of porn and take notes.” She motioned to her phone as she told me that with a smile.

The whole thing lasted between five to ten minutes. I started to feel a bit embarrassed and said “I guess I should return the favor, but I’ll need a few minutes.”

“Of course, but you know there is really one thing that I have been wanting you to do to me for a while” She said as she stood up and started playing with the visibly wet spot on her panties.

“I think I know” I told her as I scooted towards her at the edge of the bed and started stroking myself.

“I think I know” One more time with confidence as I reached out towards her.

To be continued…

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