16 Haziran 2021

A Little Bit of Faith

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It’s Monday morning and I’m surfing the web for porn. Just using that term gives you a heads up as to my age. I’ve been retired a few years now and while I’m happy, with all the leisure time I regularly fall victim to temptation. I won’t be surprised if the day I die I’m found struck down mid wank.

Today I’m jaded. The porn seems to be getting too hard to fathom. I’ve found a feed that’s vintage styled, closer to cheesecake really, that I keep returning to. My screen saver is a slide shown of vintage black and white pictures of girls in see through baby-doll pajamas. A small pleasure after years of having to use politically correct, Corporate approved, desktops.

While cleaning out my bookmarks folder, I notice a link to a Classifieds site I used some years ago. I remember there was also a Personals section there that had provided some entertaining reading at the time. I clicked the link and the site still exists. I landed on the top level Casual Encounters page.

I begin reading down the advertisements from all over the country:

Dirty Fuckers come on and fuck me 69 style(Husband low sex) (F4MM)

Let me show oldu how to treat real me. (F4M)

Hot(Divorced)wife Need powerful fucker*Need A Big Cock (F4M)

Eating pussy for hours gets me off. (M4F)

I want to lick your buttplug. (M4M)

and so on….

There are some imaginative titles in there as well as some interesting takes on spelling and grammar. I can’t quite envision what the “fuck me 69 style” position is, but it would probably be fun attempting. I felt sorry for the charming young thing who had never experienced ‘real intermittency’, I could probably help out there to. That last gay one makes me shudder. I read a few more and wonder how much is real and how much is imagination and over sexed young wankers sitting at a keyboard. Did I say young?

Impulsively I compose my own ad. What could possibly go wrong?

Casual Encounters > Men Looking for Women.

Member: Mature1953

Title: Any ladies who enjoy erotic role play?

Description: Mature guy would like to correspond with and possibly meet lady who enjoys role play and/or exchanging erotic emails.

Communication contact is via sort of private chat rooms on the website. Notice of new messages is sent once a day to the registered email account.

That night I get an email saying you have 2 new responses to your ad.

I log on and find two messages offering me what I would call retail therapy for Girl Friend Experience services together with a smorgasbord menu of options. There seems to have been quite a bit of price inflation since the days they used to advertise similar services in the local paper.

I hit delete.

The next day there is a message from “Be Naughty With Me”.

“Me 37 what is it u would want me to do honey”

Umm. That stumped me. I never really thought that one through.

“Nothing much. Talk dirty? Perhaps start by exchanging erotic stories by email?”

No response.

The next day there is a message from 37 year old Faith:

I :heart emoji: Role Play

Day 3 9:30 AM Me

(Thinks. Interesting coincidence on the ages.)

Hi Faith,

That sounds promising. Amateur or commercial? Erotic email or in person?

2:18 PM Faith

Lol sexually .. role play .. fairly amiture .. lol

& ..hopefully..in person lol

4:15 PM Me

(Thinks – What exactly does ‘fairly’ amateur imply?)

What sort of role play interests you? I’m new at this and thought it might be an idea to correspond for a bit to get to know a little about each other first. To make it clear I am male 64yo, retired, married, sexually frustrated. I’m still reasonably fit and I like looking at girls. 🙂

Not sure where to start, don’t want to just dump a whole lot of crude ideas on you. One idea I came up with today watching a bit of the Open Tennis on the Sports Channel is that it is a wonderful excuse to look up girls skirts, but a pity they all tend to wear bike shorts these days rather than panties. LOL. One scenario could be something like you come in hot and bothered from a tennis game, sit back in your chair and I come in, pull your panties down, put my head under your skirt and lick your pussy.


4:43 PM Faith

Mmmm that just made my pussy tingle reading that.

I have a bit of a family taboo thing at the moment.. Maybe we could pretend I was your daughter or grand daughter and you could explore me even though you know I might tell. You would have to convince me not too.

Very naughty daddy.

Teach me how to suck ur big dick and how to slide it up inside my tight warm pussy



I’m really turned on.

Wish you were here.

Day 4 8:15 AM Me

There are 3 new messages from very young looking Asian girls, 2 Korean and one Japanese. They all happen to be here as students and are seeking some money to help them study English. They offer a surprisingly similar experience sheet to select from, in fact the Japanese girl and one of the Korean girls have the same mobile cell phone number. Curious. I wonder canlı bahis what the off the menu 6 hand massage might cost. Would it be worth it?

I delete their messages, and delete my ad.

I wonder, rather uncharitably, how much it will cost to convince Faith not to tell.

8:21 AM, I reply to Faith

Bad girl. I think you should go to your room now and work on your spelling. And I don’t want to check in later and find you humping your pillow.

No need to be sorry. I’m not sure about the family thing myself, but satisfactory role play has to run both ways. I must admit to a little dribble myself. :-[

3:27 PM Faith

I think it’s prob the first thing that came to mind – due to – there’s an age gap right with us? Or..?

What’s your current favorite then??

7:11 PM Me


Have we just ratcheted up a notch on relationship?

7:32 PM Me Again

(I’ve been having distracting thoughts.)

I very nearly sent you a picture of the precum wet spot in my jocks. I’ve never sexted in my life! I’m not even sure how to spell it.

I’m in a very long term relationship that has aged well but I still get randy sometimes. I’m not looking to jeopardize that. We’ve been married 38 years. I guess that also makes your scenario plausible. I however don’t like gratuitous violence and the only time I ever did something non-consensual was trying to grab a feel in a crowd crush in a department store in 1975.

That doesn’t mean I’ve never liked hard sex. Perhaps I could be your dirty old Uncle Arthur. You’ve been telling me about learning how to do Brazilian wax jobs at community college and I end up pounding your now smooth pussy. Scenarios of spanking you for being the slutty little brat you are could also work quite well. 🙂

A bit of voyeurism rates high on my fetish list. I’m partial to vintage. Stockings really turn me on.

11:44 PM Faith


Love your message, left me smiling ..

I’d love to meet you

Please don’t over think my sinario it’s merely the first thing that came to mind

I should probably offer something else, a little variety. LOL

You seem uncomfortable slightly with my initial choice which is cute and understandable lol

OK let me think

maybe a public place

Maybe the cinema

You could come in

Sit next to me and we could touch without speaking

Interesting first meet lol

Day 5 8:20 AM Me

Good idea! Let’s not over think reality and move on to some fantasy!

8:22 AM Faith (You’re online!)

Yes agreed

8:22 AM Me

I’ve got no idea where you are, but seeing as I’m in the tropics I’ll assume you are to. In that case, given this current weather, I don’t suppose you’d be wearing pantyhose and suspenders with stockings are probably not on the agenda either. So I’ll start along the idea of a visit to a cinema in a mall here.

So I’m walking around this two story mall and I happen to look up and see a girl walking near the glass balustrade on the level above. She has a short skirt on. You are walking so close to the edge I can almost see your panties with each step you take, but not quite, it’s quite frustrating! I want to see if I can get lucky for a peek so I start to follow you at a discreet distance.

I can’t tell if you are with a girlfriend or on your own.

8:33 AM Faith

mmm love it .. continue

Oh, I’m local & I’m a fan of stockings, suspenders, and heels :high heel shoe emoji:

9:15 AM I continue.

Damn! She’s left the side railings, but the escalator is just ahead. I quicken my pace and take the moving steps in stride to reach the top just as I see you walk into a makeup shop and yes it appears you are with a friend.

Now that’s a problem, old guys don’t generally cruise makeup shops.

Slowing down my step I take a position near the doorway where I can check you out a bit more. Cute! Perhaps younger than I expected, but still very cute. Sorority sisters on the prowl. You and your girlfriend are looking through the nail polishes. The low shelf seems to be attracting your attention. Your skirt is a denim mini and the stiffness of the material sort of lifts it at the hem as you squat down. Perhaps if I was on the other side of the store I could peek those panties that have now become a mission.

Just as I’m taking a tentative step toward the store door you turn quickly to your friend, pointing in my direction and tugging on her arm. My heart skips a beat, I’ve been sprung! I’m a bit worried as the two of you rush the door, but I’m frozen in place.

No, that’s not it. Relief! The two of you brush past me and walk briskly down the mall in the direction of the cinemas.

4:21 PM Me

LOL. This could take some time to get your pants down! :-$

5:49 PM Faith

I hope not. LOL

7:35 PM Me

OK, I was going to try and keep it to one message a day, but the other half is watching the Ladies Tennis on TV and I can only take so much tennis in one day. I must admit my interest was piqued earlier today by an Italian girl playing in a rather fetching pink number. Flip skirt bahis siteleri with ruffles and matching briefs, no boy shorts.

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is not Mature1953 it is actually Hugh. Is your name really Faith?

7:54 PM Faith

No not really.

7:55 PM Me

As I follow your progress down the arcade my vision widens somewhat, I start to drop the preoccupation with your panties as I notice your blouse. Well I guess you call it that. It is one of those Peasant tops, ruffled arms and a ruffled elasticized neckline that hugs above the bosom. I’ve seen girls wearing these with bras and it just looks skank. Whenever did obvious bra straps become a mainstream fashion statement?

In your case however I start to take notice. No bra straps. And although the cheesecloth material is heavily embroidered around the neckline it is overall rather quite floaty, I’m sure I notice an attractive jiggle of unrestrained boobs underneath. I’m entranced.

I follow you down the mall to the Cinemas, but you walk straight past the ticket box! You’ve already purchased and you were just killing time out in the shops. You realized in Sephora’s that your movie was about to start and that’s why you headed off in such a hurry.

I look to see which cinema you enter. It’s near the front. Cinema 2. I head back to the ticket box and see what’s playing to purchase a ticket.

7:55 PM Faith

LOL. What’s playing?

7:55 PM Me

I hope you’re not really a guy. You never know on the internet, but I’d be REALLY disappointed.

7:57 PM Faith


I love your story it’s amazing

You’re a writer?

7:58 PM Me

No. A retired engineer. English was never on my top subject list at school.

8:04 PM Faith

Well you have me tantalized.

Is my friend going to know?

Will she watch .. jealously?

8:23 PM Faith

I have to know.

Maybe u will both find my wet pussy together …

And both slide a finger inside me at the same time.

10:38 PM Me

WTF? You and your friend are watching the Lego Movie? Surely that’s a kids movie. It’s the middle of the day and it’s not school holidays, I’m surprised it’s even showing now, definitely not girlie stuff.

Anyway I go ahead and buy a ticket and go back to the cinema entrance. As I walk in it’s clear there are only a couple of people in the place, in fact there are only two sitting up near the back.

I climb the stairs and take a seat in the row behind you. Your girlfriend gives me one of those withering bitch looks. You start to laugh. Anyway we all sit for a while pretending to watch the movie, but I notice you two are holding hands. I get it now, you’re not at all interested in the movie, it’s just a good place for a little private time, it’s hot outside. I smile to myself, things are getting interesting. It might get hot inside. 🙂

Soon for some reason you spread your arms wide and place them along the seat back. I see your girlfriend has bent over and dropped her head into you lap. Your skirt hem has ridden up and I can see her mouth nuzzled into your pantied crotch inhaling your sweet perfume.

I slide down over the seats and slip in next to you, your arms are still outstretched and you place your hand gently on my shoulder and stroke my neck. I’m close to that blouse now and I can see the sharp outline of your stiff nipples pushing through the fabric. The peasant top is floating out and I slide my hand under, molding it round one pert breast. Your hard nipple squeezed between my fingers as I massage gently.

I can’t resist. I take my hand away and bob down myself, not to push your friend away, rather I attach my lips to your nipple, gently suckling and running my tongue around the outline of the areola. I’m in bliss.

Day 6 3:49 AM Faith

(The chat room supports images! A grainy image from a phone has been uploaded)

These nipples ..?

6:05 AM Me

(Thinks – That was a very early post!)


(I notice the date on the picture is 10 months old. I also wonder if Faith had a late night or is just a restless sleeper.)

6:07 AM Me

Sorry, I got a bit carried away last night, but I still haven’t got your pants down yet!

We must continue!

While I’d be happy to spend the rest of the movie where I am, your girlfriend begins to stir below. She lifts her head away from your crotch and we lock eyes. Her mouth is open and wet from breathing heavily into your panties. We kiss. Deeply. We are both leaning across you, each with a hand on one of your thighs, pressing down. Together we tug at your panties and begin to slip a finger each into your now hot and steamy cunt……

6:11 AM Me



Are you awake?

Sir, are you ready? I come back to my senses. I’m still standing in line at the ticket office. I’ve been in a daydream! I’ve obviously been watching too much online porn! Oh god what a tool!

Can I have a ticket to the Lego Movie in cinema 2 please?

I’m sorry sir The Lego Movie has been moved to cinema 4 in 1/2 an hour. Cinema 2 is showing a bahis şirketleri pre release of a very girlie bodice ripper!

9:48 AM Faith



2:26 PM Me

It’s your fault. You thought up the setting. I don’t really know what’s happening next until I start typing. I don’t know where this story is coming from, obviously too many years of pent up sexual frustration! I’m surprised your slutty girlfriend got the first kiss though, you’re clearly much more my type. LOL.

Yesterday I was walking around with an incipient erection for much of the time, thinking of you and how to fit you into the story. Thinking of you really makes me horny.

Yesterday was a story line premature ejaculation. Happens on first dates sometime, all that edgy anticipation. I can’t keep up that pace though, it will have to revert to a slow burn. Deep slow strokes are much more fun anyway!

Anyway thank you for letting me play with your mind. If that really is your bod I’m also ummm, never mind, ummm, but unfortunately the reality of sex with Uncle Arthur would have to be more about teaching you your first suggestion rather than me giving you a satisfying reaming.

So how about we continue to add a bit to the story just once a day? Would you prefer morning or afternoon?

2:33 PM Faith

Either really.

I’d love to meet you – somewhere public maybe?


Would u like?

Did u like the naughty one??

Do u want to put your hands on me .. I want to feel them on me so badly..

2:36 PM Me

I tell the ticket girl that its 32C (90F) outside and 85% humidity, I just want to sit in a theater. I hand over my money and get a ticket.

Off to cinema 2 with a light step. I walk in and the seats are about half full and I see the two of you in about the perfect center row in the middle. I’m glad there a so many people, it won’t look creepy if I choose to sit in your row. I make my way up the steps, there are two spare seats on each side of you. I make my way to your side, you have parcels on the seat next to you, but without really looking at me, you glance past me to the next seat occupied by a somewhat larger lady and you politely shift your bags to the other side with your friends.

2:38 PM Me

(I notice the last messages you sent while I was typing)

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. 🙂

3.20 PM Faith

Really? That’s great. I want you to want it… so much.

3:21 PM Faith

A selfie appears, neck down. Hot body in a tiny bikini wearing a Playgirl singlet.

3:21 PM Faith


3:21 PM Me

Tease! I nearly got sprung here! :'(

Logistics is going to be difficult.

5:16 PM Me

(I’ve scanned an old picture of me laying provocatively on the sand in my Speedos. I have a rather obvious package ready to deliver.)

….. 30 years ago.

5:27 PM Faith



U promised remember

And wow to the pic

Big time

Look what u have in your pants


6:32 PM Me

Hold on. Calm down! HAD girl, HAD. That was 30 years ago. There’s been a lot of collateral damage since then. I’m not joking about not being able to work up a satisfactory performance these days.

8:10 PM Faith

It’s honestly not what it’s about.

Please promise me you won’t do this.

I just want to meet you.

Let’s start there – yes?

8:22 PM Me

(I’m a bit confused about what was meant there. Perhaps “won’t” was another typo and supposed to be “want to”.)

I send a kiss blowing emoji.

Day 7 5:50 AM Me

(No new messages, Faith must have been busy last night. I continue.)

The cinema is still quite bright, the main attraction hasn’t started yet, they’re working through all those interminably loud ads and trailers. This is the first time I’ve really had the chance to look at you up close and yes I’m right you are very cute.

As you reach across the other girl with your bags, the hem of your peasant top billows out. You are unselfconsciously aware of the chance of a wardrobe malfunction and by instinct lift your other hand to press the floating material back to your skin. I hadn’t really noticed as I was taking in a more general view of you, but your current modesty move pulled the fabric tight over your pert breasts and it was now clearly obvious that you are indeed bra less.

We all get settled again and the lights start to go down. The opening credits start to roll………

8:23 PM Me

(I can see my last messages have been read, but there is no reply.)

I’ve lost you? Too slow? Too boring?

(I read back through the messages trying to figure out if I said something wrong.)

That was blowing a kiss, not a kiss goodbye.

I know. People who blow kisses are hopelessly lazy. :-*

9:45 PM Me

(I was expecting some sort of reply by now, but I write again impulsively.)

Truth time. I impulsively put my ad up here last week. I got a number of replies before I took it down, most were offering GFE services for sale of one kind or another. That’s not what I was looking for, I’ve been in the wrong place, I should be on randyolderoticpenpals.com or something similar. Maybe I should just start trying to write complete erotic short stories, there are web sites to share those as well.

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