2 Mart 2021

A Little Morning Seduction , Loving

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The shower was so warm and inviting on my over sensitized skin, I allowed the spray to wash over me, invigorating and making me feel so alive. I could feel the excitement in my body build as I used my sponge to lather the delicious scented soap over all my curves. My hands massaged my breasts and felt my nipples tingle from my touch as the water cascading over them. I felt so erotic and allowed the water to hit that certain spot on my clit that almost caused an instant orgasm. I gasped as the pressure almost consumed me and I stood there lost in my sexuality as it caressed me like a man’s finger tips. Oh I enjoyed the sensation and wanted to allow it to carry me away at that exact moment and time.

I had other plans and I could feel the smile light up my face as I held it up to be rinsed by the warm spray. I pivoted slowly to ensure the soap was off my skin and then turned the cold water on to take away that heat that enveloped my whole body and deep down inside my wet honey pot. It definitely succeeded as my only thought was to turn the cold water off and get out to dry off as I was almost shivering uncontrollably. I stepped out of the cubicle and saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My nipples were so very hard and looked almost like dark brown pebbles in their rigidity. My face held that sensuality that never ceased to amaze me. I had a look of a woman that was about to venture off into a world of passionate intrigue, with hidden mysterious and amazing intense erotic delight.

The towel felt soft on my cool skin and I dried off quickly and massaged that exotic coconut floral vanilla cream into my skin. I inhale the scent and it takes me to a faraway place where the flowers grow in abundance and the air permeates with the rich lush aroma of all that is exotic and beautiful. My skin glows with good health and it’s softness will be appealing to the man that lies sleeping in the other room. I am feeling so naughty and sexy right now. My mind full of sensual thought and I cannot imagine the pleasure that he would sustain by just knowing what I am thinking right now at this exact moment. The one thing he adored about me other than my face and body was my very sensual imagination.

I knew he liked to watch me stand naked and parade back and forth in front of him, it turned me on knowing that it didn’t take much to make his cock hard and throb to my every move. I was going to put a very sexy piece of lingerie canlı bahis on and go and crawl into bed with him. I had the knowledge inside that it wouldn’t remain on my body anymore than mere minutes after he had awakened. Today was just a touch different, I put on those thigh high sexy boots and nothing else, brushed my blonde hair until it shone like gold, Lush lips brushed with coral and gold lip gloss. My face was flushed with my sensual mood and my vivid blue eyes were sparkling. My body spritzer was a match for the cream I had applied, incredibly exotic, rather dangerous and I sprayed it liberally on all my pulse spots and those places I knew he would inhale as he kissed my abdomen and inner thighs and those devilishly ticklish spots inside my knees.

My breasts were so very sensitive today, nipples hardened by the mere thought of him touching them. I felt that longing between my legs, the feeling of dampness that came over me just merely thinking of what he was about to do to me and my body. Anticipation is so pure and sweet, somewhat like my honeyed nectar that he gloried in as he took me to that place in the clouds of pure erotic bliss. I wanted to just go and jump in that bed and tell him to ride me like I was the sexiest little cowgirl in the world and he my sexy rodeo stud. He made me think of scenarios that were so damn sexy and hot. I always delighted in knowing that whatever the occasion he was excited and thrilled beyond belief.

He was in bed and the sheets were thrown off of his sexy masculine body, he lay there resplendent his legs and arms outstretched. His eyes were closed and he was breathing with a very easy steady tempo. I knew by the way his body would twitch every now and again he was dreaming and I smiled rather naughtily thinking that I could make those dreams all that much more sexy. I looked at my reflection at the very naughty look on my face. The smile that was reflected was one of mystery and intrigue. I looked like a woman that knew what she wanted and I definitely was in the mood for some fun and a perhaps a little kinky morning sex.

I walked towards the bed and stood there shaking my hair in wild disarray, the music in the background a sensual beat that was in line with my thoughts. I stood right at the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss those masculine lips. I traced my tongue tip over his mouth and down over his neck, I knew that he was awake as my soft hair was probably bahis siteleri tickling his naked skin, as were my nipples trailing a path downwards. I heard his groan as my tongue tip moved over his tense abdomen and his cock was very hard and throbbing. I was feeling somewhat greedy and more than a little hungry, wanting to taste the smooth texture of it.

Closer and closer I moved with tantalizing slowness my fingers getting in on the action and softly touching his balls and scrotum. His moans were very audible as I massaged them and kissed the very tip of his cock. I loved to trace it in swirls with my tongue tip and it jumped and he groaned even louder now. Moving my tongue up and down each side of the soft skin was delightful and I felt my juices flowing. My excitement was building and I allowed my mouth to rich the tip again and I sucked on it slowly while I massaged his cock up and down allowing my fingers to move down along the crease towards his anus and how much he loved me doing that to him.

Dipping a little bit further down as I engulfed him with my hot moist mouth. He called out “OMG, oh honey that feels so damn good, HELL YES”. His hands had found my breasts and he was pinching my nipples and making them very hard. My mouth moved faster now, I wanted to devour his rigidity, I could feel him pulsate and throb even more, his hands moved to my head and he pushed me further down on his cock then. It was my cue to suck him faster and harder, I complied readily.. I was incredibly excited by his growls and cries and I sucked up and down with that rhythm a tempo that made him arch his back.

I heard his intake of breath and he pushed even deeper into my mouth, I knew he was almost there, I wanted to tease him more right at this exact moment. Prolong his ecstasy but I didn’t want to make him beg. Massaging his balls again, I moaned in the back of my throat and it was almost like a purr as I sucked him harder yet still. His loud yell and how my name lingered in the air made my pussy juices flow. I felt him shake and grab my hair in his passion and his cock pulsate again as he growled and shot his hot load into the back o”f my throat. His yells in the air were loud and deeply husky, “OH YES, YES, YES, OH YES. He held my head so tightly as he cried out and tensed, his sperm continuing to flow into my mouth.

I felt his last twitch and he relaxed, I swallowed and moved up over his body, his hands bahis şirketleri all over my luscious curves and he was grabbing my ass cheeks hard as I moved towards his mouth to kiss him thoroughly with my passion raging like a waterfall of emotion I wanted to devour him and do it all over again. Our tongues met and he could taste the remainder of his seed inside of my mouth. He rolled me over on the bed and he sucked my bottom lip erotically and I enjoy the sensation so damn much. His mouth moved down over my neck as he nuzzled and bit my sensitized skin. He whispered that I was so delicious and sexy that my scent drove him wild.

When his mouth touched my nipples I felt the tenseness invade my body again, he put both breasts together and sucked my nipples so erotically that I cried out and ran my fingers through his hair over and over again. I could feel his hardness against my pelvis waiting to enter that tight hot sheath of mine. He whispered into my ear that he was going to take me and fuck me like I had never been fucked before. I felt wild and free, like a mare in heat that was awaiting her stallion to take her and ride her hard, burying himself deeply inside of her. He kissed and nibbled my ear lobe again and said all the things that he was going to do to me, making me squirm and almost swoon as I lay under him.

I knew he had various fantasies that he wanted to fulfill with my me and my body. Today I was going to hit the lucky jackpot as was he. It appeared that the morning was going to be one of amazing and hot sex. He said it’s your turn my sweet sexy blonde goddess and he proceeded to move down over my body, grazing my soft skin with his lips, tongue and morning growth of chin stubble. I could feel his soft mustache on my stomach and I tensed and awaited the sensation of it as he licked and kissed my labia and wet pearl.

I cried out his name as he touched my wet clit and rotated his tongue around and around his hands coming under my ass cheeks as he lifted me towards his mouth to lick me over and over again. I felt his fingers touch around my crinkle and move around it with gentle delicacy. I knew my body was going to go over the precipice of sexual delight very soon. I loved how he knew exactly what I liked and how to give me so much pleasure, I could feel that heat enter me once again, as I screamed out his name and grabbed his hair tightly in my hands, as I proceeded to climax again and again. My body shuddering as he moved his fingers in and out of my honey pot and his mouth tasting the sweetness of my juices. I smiled as I gave myself up to his beautiful and experience mouth, Oh what a beautiful morning it truly was.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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