17 Ocak 2021

A Long-Distance Relationship Ch. 02

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[This is the second chapter in the series A Long Distance Relationship. It would be best if you could read the first Chapter so you can gain the benefit of knowing the backstory of Chapter 2. As always, please feel free to offer any feedback you want. And an author always values feedback from his readers.]


As I said, it was a GREAT ride from the airport, southeast of Orlando, to my house, northwest of Orlando. What should have taken about an hour seemed to last only minutes before the driver called out to me, indicating that we were nearing the house. Of course, what we accomplished during those “minutes” must have taken the full hour.

Joy and Lynda made almost constant noises as they enjoyed their 69 position on the long side seat of the limo. They got so active and noisy that they worked themselves onto the floor of the passenger section without me ever noticing them. Of course, I was otherwise occupied and barely noticed.

This wonderful woman, this sexy woman, this Melany, just melted in my arms. I held her so tightly, and she felt like she belonged there. Even though we had chatted over the Internet for hundreds of hours spanning more than six months, we still had never physically met. So I did not yet have the benefit of knowing what she liked and how she liked it. Because of this, I had to start slow and learn from her. But I knew for certain that this process of learning was going to be so enjoyable that I did not want to rush things. I had an entire week to discover what she liked and how she liked it. And I looked forward to doing so.

As much as I was really turned on, there was still a part of me that was in love. And no matter what men may say to women, love really can be patient; it is lust that is impatient.

So, after Melany had her huge orgasm, she and I enjoyed expressing our love by kissing. Of course, no one said you can’t touch and caress while kissing, and we enjoyed that, too. Having never actually met, I was enjoying touching her for the first time. Melany’s job at the website was behind the camera; she ran the cam and the keyboard for Joy and Lynda. Yet every once in a while Joy or Lynda “called in sick” and Melany played substitute. So I had watched her on cam more than once and I knew how hot she was. In fact, you could say that I knew every inch of her body. But still I had never touched her.

So Melany and I kissed, and while we kissed we touched each other. That sounds simple and not very time-consuming, but somehow we made it last for the entire hour-long drive. Yes, you can make out for an hour without taking your clothes off and having sex!

We kissed softly; we kissed hungrily; we kissed passionately. We kissed without any tongue; we kissed with tongues gently exploring; we kissed with tongues almost doing battle. We gently caressed each other; we grabbed and groped each other; we merely touched. I quietly slid my hands between her legs again; I gently rubbed her soft parts; I passionately stimulated her. She held my cock; she squeezed my cock; she pumped my cock. Well, you get the idea…

Melany and I were in a world of our own, not noticing the girls and not paying attention to the trip. But they apparently didn’t mind being ignored because they entertained each other very noisily. I was certain that they came at least twice each, based on the noises they were making, although I was so occupied that I couldn’t swear to it.

And suddenly the driver was calling to me, letting me know we were about ten minutes from home. As Melany and I pulled apart, I noticed Lynda and Joy getting off the floor and onto the seat, quickly pulling on their clothes and adjusting them. Their faces were wet and shiny, but they seemed to not notice.

We pulled into my driveway, and the automatic garage opener raised the garage door. We unloaded the luggage and entered the house though the door into the utility room and kitchen. The driver tried to say goodbye but was first smothered in kisses by all three girls. His response was just what you would expect from a man made so horny by watching 60 minutes of what would pass for pornography. I never asked if he liked the lesbian show more than the heterosexual show, and it really didn’t matter. If he was like most men, he would have liked them both!

So the girls were kissing him and he was definitely kissing them back. I watched in silence as his hand slid down to cover a shapely ass. One of the girls had let the other two stroke his chest and abs and kiss his lips, and she had lowered her hands to his crotch. It was a gentle exploratory caress, but it ended up lasting for at least a couple of minutes. It was difficult to tell who was kissing whom, with all the lips and tongues in use. And as I stood there trying to be patient, I realized it really didn’t matter who was kissing whom, as long as they were enjoying themselves. I decided I could be patient right now because I had anticipated giving him a tip of at least $100, and I thought that maybe after this “thank you” bahis firmaları he wouldn’t need a tip. And then I decided that was just too cheap – I would give him the $100 and the girls would give him anything they wanted.

By this time one of the girls had her top off and he was sucking hard on a very erect nipple. At the same time, one of the girls had unzipped his fly and pulled out his erection, and she was sucking hard on it. As I watched, I saw the driver with his right hand down Joy’s pants with his hand motion indicating she was receiving quite some pleasure. His left hand was inside Melany’s blouse while he was apparently twisting her nipple. And Lynda’s head was bobbing up and down on his hard cock like she was really enjoying it. Naturally, there were all sorts and variations of noises ranging from gentle moans to loud squeals.

Suddenly, the driver shouted something and then began to jerk his hips. Lynda squealed as she tried to catch his release in her mouth. But she was bumped aside by Joy as she dropped to her knees and tried to catch the remaining cum in her mouth. I watched as three long ropes of cum streaked across several inches into her mouth before Lynda grabbed his dick and pointed it back at her mouth. The last few dribbles made it between her lips, and then she took his cock into her mouth to make sure she had everything he had to give. Then Joy and Lynda took turns licking him to clean him up.

Then all three girls took turns, several turns, kissing him and thanking him. After quite some minutes of this, he left with a smile and another hard-on.

Then we went into the kitchen and the girls started to look around.

“Ooh, this is beautiful,” Melany breathed with excitement. Lynda and Joy agreed.

“Shall we take a tour of the house before we move the luggage to your rooms?” I asked. They all nodded yes while still lookiing around.

I showed them the house with no small amount of pride. The floor plan was fairly simple, and all my design. It was setup in a large U-shape, with a screened pool and patio in the center section surrounded by the legs of the U.

We were in the kitchen, which was the base of the U and was large and open, with an island in the middle offering casual breakfast seating around an expansive countertop with storage underneath. The island also had a double sink and a dish washer. Standing at the sink and looking out at the pool, the refrigerator, stove and double ovens were behind me, along with plenty of counter space. And there was a combination storage rack and wine cooler. The large cooler, which was actually a double refrigerator, had two sections. The top one kept two dozen bottles of white and blush wines at the proper temperature, and the bottom section of the cooler held a couple dozen bottles of various red wines. I had read in a wine connoisseur magazine once that white wines should be stored 10 degrees warmer than the standard refrigerator temperature, and red wines should be stored 10 degrees cooler than room temperature. So that was how I had my wine refrigerator setup. And at the moment, both sections were full of unopened bottles in preparation for the girls arriving and enjoying some wine; actually a lot of wine.

Still standing at the double sinks in the center island, I was facing the main room, which had a wall of glass that allowed a great view of the screened porch, with the pool and hot tub. The right leg of the U-shape had the dining room, which was just off the kitchen, and the rest of the right leg contained the large living room. The left leg of the U had a utility room, where we entered from the garage, and the Master Bedroom Suite with a very large bath.

I was proud of my Master Bedroom. The king-sized bed with its spread, sheets, and pillows added shades of green and pale yellow to the room, while the dark walnut headboard and matching dresser and chest of drawers added a richness of fine wood. I showed them the large walk-in closet and Lynda noted that there was plenty of room for more clothes and shoes, looking pointedly at Melany and then me. There was a quiet conversation in their native Hungarian language, and I noticed that Melany blushed and turned away. To cover the moment, I took the girls into the Master Bath. It had a large Jacuzzi tub and a separate but huge double shower stall. There was a long counter along one wall, with a double sink and a large make-up counter. Melany pushed open the clear glass sliding doors to the shower and stepped inside. “This looks like fun,” she said quietly, with no hint of expression. She exited the double shower stall, and I gently slapped her ass as she walked by me.

And that was just the bottom floor.

The stairs led up to a large loft, which was directly above the kitchen. I had set up the loft as a small sitting area with two chairs, a loveseat and a desk. On the desk was a computer for guests to use. The loft was open like the kitchen, and overlooked the main room and the pool area.

The right leg of the second floor kaçak iddaa of the U-shaped house had two large bedrooms with a shared bathroom separating them. The left wing had my library, and a third guest room with bath filling the entire end atop the Master Bedroom suite.

I loved my house and had furnished and decorated it myself. But I was most proud of the library. All my life I had wanted a formal library with floor-to-ceiling shelves all around. In the center of the room I had placed a love seat and a couple of comfortable chairs across from it, separated by a coffee table. There was a built-in sideboard with a coffee maker and mugs against one of the walls, in place of the lower three shelves. There were floor-standing lights on both sides of the love seat, and one each for the chairs, offering plenty of direct light for reading. That was the only furniture in the room. And there were custom bookshelves all around the room. Eight feet tall and four feet wide, made of dark and polished walnut; there were eight of them around the walls. And they were mostly filled with books, separated into topics, with still room for more books as I added to my library in the future. I had custom-built ventilation built into the room so I could smoke my pipes and the smoke would be sucked out of the room by the ventilation system. In addition, I had purchased a large, floor-standing ionic air filter that was designed to turn the air in the room three times an hour. I had wanted to be able to smoke in my library, but I also wanted non-smokers to be comfortable in the room if they wanted to do some reading. Between the air filtration and the forced ventilation, the room maintained fresh air. And I was quite pleased that the girls were impressed by my library and all its books.

Then I took them to the other side of the U, to the other two guest bedrooms. Each one had a queen bed with a night stand on either side, with either a wide dresser or a tall chest of drawers. And each bedroom had its own large closet.

“Which one do you want, Melany?” I asked. She paused and looked at me for a full five seconds. Then she pointed across the house to the bedroom above the Master Suite, which had a bedspread and pillows of several shades of rich blue. “I think we should put my suitcases in that one,” was her reply.

“And that means you two can decide which guest room you want on this side of the house,” I said, turning to them. The two girls looked at each other in such a way that I doubted both guest rooms would get used.

Last, I took them downstairs and outside into my huge screened porch. A large pool glistened wetly in the middle, with a small area near the glass doors of the family room for my gas grill and a small table and four chairs for outside dining. Further away, at the other end of the pool, was my large hot tub. It could easily seat eight people, and the water was steaming even in the warm spring evening. We all walked over to it and Lynda and Joy put their hands in the water.

“Perfect temperature,” Lynda murmured.

“After spending almost all day in a small seat on the jet, would you ladies like to spend and hour or so in the hot tub before you went to bed?”

“Would you be joining us?” Melany asked.

“I was hoping you would ask,” I responded, putting my arms around her and pulling her into a kiss. This was our first kiss since arriving home, and it was a long and gentle and wonderful kiss. We spent at least a minute sharing our lips, tongues exploring each other again, my hands stroking her back, and then she broke away from my embrace.

“I really want to enjoy that hot tub, if you don’t mind.” Melany smiled into my eyes, then turned and we all followed her back to the kitchen where we had left their bags when we toured the house. We lugged their bags up the stairs to their respective rooms, and Lynda and Joy placed their suitcases on the bed in the first guest room. I then walked Melany over to her bedroom, and hoisted her huge suitcase onto her bed. We faced each other for a few seconds. I slowly reached over and pulled her to me, sliding the hemline of her dress up over her tight ass. I gently stroked what might have been the most perfect ass in Central Florida, as my lips caressed hers. Then I said that I would get some wine and meet them in the tub, and walked out of the bedroom.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out my ice bucket and stand, filled it with crushed ice, and poured some water in the bottom. Then I grabbed a bottle of my favorite champagne, Crystal, from the wine refrigerator and uncorked it. I reached into a cabinet and took four champagne flutes and placed them on a silver serving tray. I took everything out to the hot tub, and set it all on the table in easy reach. Then I walked though the nearby door that connected the Master Suite to the porch, and changed out of my clothes and into a comfortable terry cloth robe.

I took a moment to brush my teeth, and then walked out to the hot tub. The girls were not there yet, so I dropped kaçak bahis my robe, throwing it over a nearby chair, and stepped into the hot tub naked, turning on the water jets as I settled in. I poured four glasses with champagne and set them on the edge of the hot tub, then sat down in the hot water and waited for the girls.

It was only a couple of minutes before they came down, each one wearing a white terry cloth robe identical to mine, which I had left hanging in their respective bathrooms.

“Welcome,” I exclaimed expansively. “I already have your glasses of wine over here. Well, actually, it is not wine. I hope champagne is acceptable.”

Melany walked over and picked the bottle out of the ice bucket, looking at the label. She squeeled!

“Wow! Crystal! What are we celebrating?” she exclaimed with excitement.

“You,” I replied with a smile.

She returned my smile, and then spotted my robe on the chair.

“I seem to remember that you had a rule about the hot tub?” She appeared to be asking casually, but I noticed she was looking directly into my eyes.

“Yes, around the house and the pool and the hot tub, clothing is always optional. But in the hot tub, clothing is discouraged.” I tried to hide the tension as I spoke, my hopes running high.

“I thought I remembered something like that.” And, still looking in my eyes, she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and draped it on the chair next to mine. She looked at the other girls, and then climbed into the hot tub wearing only her impish smile. She paused before sitting down, obviously to give me a chance to look at her. It was late evening, and the moon was almost full, giving me a wonderful view of her incredible body before she settled down next to me. As she slumped into the pre-formed seat, I made sure my arm was around her before she could get fully situated. We sat there, snuggling into each other, for several minutes before we said anything.

I barely noticed Lynda and Joy dropping their robes and climbing into the hot tub across from us. I said barely, because it was impossible to NOT notice the two young beautiful women getting naked and slipping into the water across from me.

“Where was that champagne?” Joy asked quietly. I reached for her glass and handed it to her, and then passed one over to the other two girls. Lastly, I took my own glass. “To us, and to an awesome week!” I said, and gently clinked my glass with theirs, being careful to not break the thin and expensive glasses.

We sipped our champagne without further words, just relaxing and enjoying the evening, sunk into the hot water up to our shoulders. Melany leaned back, her head on my shoulder and my arm around her.

After several minutes, I broke the silence with a quiet, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

“Well, I think it can get just a little better,” Melany responded with that smirking smile of hers, and turned her body into mine. We gently kissed. I could feel her left breast pressing into my ribs, and then she gently placed her left hand on my right thigh. Her forearm brushed across the head of my erect penis, but did not linger. She brought her right arm across and placed her hand on my left cheek, turning my head further toward her, then kissing me passionately.

With my right hand already on her right shoulder, I placed my left hand on her left shoulder and turned her body so I could pull her across my lap. Now she was reclining across my body, her body mostly under water but with her breasts just breaking the surface. Her nipples were already erect, as if reaching up to me. I held her in my arms as we kissed. And then I placed my hand on her naked right breast. I marveled at her soft skin and her hard nipple, and I gently squeezed her breast. I held my hand there and she made no attempt to remove it. Finally, I caressed and rubbed her breast, feeling her nipple harden even more under my palm. I moved my hand until her nipple was caught between my first two fingers, and I softly pinched it as I kneaded her breast. She moaned softly into my mouth as we continued kissing. She brought her left hand up and placed it behind my neck, and pulled my head forward, kissing me more urgently. Now I moaned, and it wasn’t very softly.

I could hear Lynda and Joy entertaining themselves across from us, less than 3 feet away, but I didn’t even look up to watch.

I could feel my hard cock pressing into Melany’s side as she reclined across my lap, and she moved her arm until it squeezed my penis against her side. It felt simply incredible. We sat that way, my hand playing with her breasts and her arm squeezing my hard dick, for quite some minutes. Then she broke the silence with a question.

“Could you massage my neck and shoulders a little? They are so tight from the long flight.”

“I would love to,” I quickly replied.

I looked over at the other two girls to make sure they were okay. After all, I was the host and I didn’t want to ignore them. But they seemed to be just fine by themselves, passionately kissing each other, with their hands busy under the water. So I repositioned Melany between my knees, with her facing away from me, and started to work on her shoulders and neck.

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