26 Şubat 2021

A Mexican Holiday Ch. 01

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Dan hated to travel alone and even more he hated to go on vacation alone, but here he was winging his way to sunny Mexico on a seven days, all expenses paid holiday… alone. They told him that he could just take anyone he wanted at no extra cost but there was no one, male or female that that was available so here he was 52 years old and going on a vacation all by himself.

Maybe, he thought, there will be a lonely woman on vacation by herself and they would meet and spend their time together. Well, at least there would be lots of sunshine, surf and time to just decompress but what did he have to decompress from? He was a retired widower there was not much stress in that. Maybe he could try his hand at marlin fishing?

His daydream ended as the plane landed; he grabbed his carryon bag and caught the shuttle bus to a hotel that was quite nice. It was in a group of hotels that were only a half block from the water, the room was comfortable with a lanai that looked over the pool and it had a king sized bed.

Dan changed into his new swim trunks, sandals, and a flowered shirt before he made for the pool. Once there he got a tall, cool drink, found a lounge chair that had some shade and set up camp. Looking around he quickly ascertained that there were no damsels in distress there only a few overweight couples watching their kids splash in the water; nursing his drink he snoozed in the hot afternoon sun.

After a light dinner he changed clothes and decided to check out the night life; he left his hotel on foot determined to at least get some exercise. From all he read he knew that he would be safe if he stayed near the water and on well lit streets so he turned north on a broad boulevard that seemed to have a lot of traffic.

There were lots of cantinas and many had loud music booming from their doors. He stopped in to check out a couple but nothing grabbed him so on he walked, enjoying the soft evening air. He was almost at the point where he would turn around when the strains of Spanish Flamingo caught his ear; the music was coming from the open door of a small place; Dan just had to investigate.

Once inside he saw the guitarist seated on a small stage with a dancer whirling around him; her castanets and flashing heals added a bright staccato to the music. Dan found a seat, ordered a drink and stayed for the whole performance.

It was early in the morning when Dan and the rest of the crowd made their way out onto the street, everyone was happy and upbeat; Dan turned and started for home.

He had gone less than a block when the screech of tires, an explosion of curses, and the slamming of a car door made him stop and stare. The cursing was coming from a diminutive young lady and was directed at the occupants of the car who added some of their own choice words before the car bolted up the street.

The girl was maybe 5′ 4″, had a very shapely body, and long flowing auburn hair. She wore a tight, short dress that showed all her curves and small shoes that had three inch heels. She stomped over to the curb near Dan and stopped to get her bearings.

Dan thanked the powers that be for dropping this damsel into his lap; he asked her if he could help only to receive a cold stare from her emerald green eyes. After offering a second time she had calmed down enough to accept his assistance and ask if he knew where her hotel might be, Dan assured her that it must be near his and he offered his arm if she wished to accompany him in that direction.

She walked on her own for a short distance but soon took Dan’s arm as they began to chat. Her name was Ginger, she was on vacation with a couple of friends who, it turned out, met a couple of guys and left her at the bar to make her own way home. She caught a ride with the gringos in the car but she had to make them let her out when it was plain that they wanted her to be their whore in return for the ride.

Ginger’s feet began to bother her after a couple blocks so Dan suggested that she remove her shoes; she wouldn’t hear of it, besides the pavement would chew up her hose. Dan knew just the thing for tired feet and he led Ginger down a short lane to the sea shore.

There in the moonlight they stopped at a point where the lane passed thru the seawall and the sand started. The moon was three quarters full and was dipping toward the sea, there was a slight breeze that animated Gingers hair and the moonlight made her eyes sparkle.

Dan picked Ginger up by her waist depositing her on the top of the concrete bulkhead; he then proceeded to remove her shoes and started massaging her feet. She protested only until his thumbs dug gently into the bottoms of her feet and then she sighed in relief and leaned back shaking her head slightly to let the breeze blow thru her hair.

They stayed there in the moonlight until Dan mentioned that they should walk on down the beach to their hotels. He helped Ginger down and suggested that she take her hose off so that the sand didn’t casino siteleri ruin them; he was just starting to turn around when she just hiked up her skirt and rolled the stockings down her shapely legs.

In the moonlight he could not make out what type of panties she wore but in his mind he saw a little black thong before she smoothed her dress back down into place. She immediately dashed past Dan and headed for the water; Dan picked up her things following as quickly as he could.

Ginger ran splashing into the surf stopping to turn around as the water came just above her knees; Dan hesitated at the water’s edge then plunged ahead soaking his new deck shoes. She splashed him as he charged at her and laughed when he took her by her waist and spun her around soaking the both of them.

As he set her back into the water she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Dan wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back enjoying her enthusiasm as she entangled her tongue with his.

They finally continued their walk down the beach slowly, chatting, hugged and kissing frequently until at last Dan recognized his hotel and they ascended the beach to find that their hotels were right next to one another. With one last hug and kiss Dan released her after getting her room number and leaving her with his. He knew that he wanted to see her again.

Dan woke up late the next morning with his cock hard and a need to pee. He got up and went to the bathroom and both problems were gone; after a shower and shave he called Ginger’s room, receiving no answer her made his way down to the coffee shop for something to eat then over to the other hotel to find her.

It was at the pool that he spotted her, she was with her two friends and apparently the two guys the girls picked up the night before were there too. The guys were spreading suntan lotion on the two blonds ignoring Ginger who seemed to be the fifth wheel in the group.

Dan knew just what to do; hurrying to the poolside bar he ordered six margaritas and for a small remittance he obtained the use of a large sombrero, a tray and a bar towel. Pulling the sombrero well down over his eyes he made his way over to the group of young people and using his very best Spanish accent he said “complements of the house” as he set the tray on a table near the group.

Everyone grabbed for the free drinks without a thought for how they got there they went right on with their conversation…except Ginger who looked up at the waiter and offered a soft “gracious senior”.

She had to cock her head to see Dan’s eyes under his hat but as soon as she saw his baby blues she jumped up and threw her arms around him knocking both of them into the pool. Dan came up coughing and flailing his arms trying to stay afloat as Ginger kept her death grip on him dragging both of them down once again.

It was only when they were in danger of going down for a third time that she released him allowing both of them to reach safety at the side of the pool. With the help of many hands the two drowned rats were hauled out of the water and offered towels to dry themselves; Ginger introduced Dan to the group explaining how they met but leaving out all the good parts.

The guys were not at all pleased that there was now an older man in their group so they ignored him the best they could by concentrating on the two blond girls. Alice and Bee looked like two bimbos to Dan all big boobs, fake tans and giggles; he preferred Ginger who, in the daylight looked like a fresh faced farm girl from the Midwest.

Her face was open and her eyes sparkled in the sunlight; her attitude was happy and welcoming, a real treat for Dan. The two young guys were trying to convince the girls to head for a clothing optional beach they knew of; Alice and Bee giggled but offered no real objection to the idea.

Ginger was far more reluctant because of her lack of a protective tan and a companion. The guys said that they would find someone for her if she wanted to go. Dan jumped in and offered to take Ginger shopping if the others wanted to go to the beach. Everyone agreed that that would be best, everyone except Ginger of course.

Having everything decided the four young people disappeared to gather the supplies for their day leaving Dan and Ginger alone by the pool.

Dan scooted his chair over next to Ginger, draped his arm around her shoulder, leaned in and whispered “I thought that they would never leave”.

He then ask her what she really wanted to do and only received a shrug and a shake of her head before she explained that this trip was at the last minute for her because Alice and Bee had only asked her along after another friend backed out just the day before the plane took off. She didn’t know anything about where she was or what there was to do for fun.

Dan then made her an offer; they could stay by the pool and just chill out enjoying the sun or she could let him make all the arrangements for a fun filled canlı casino day on or near the water. Ginger took a deep breath and accepted the second choice. Dan told her to go gather her things and be prepared for a full day of fun, meeting him back here in forty-five minutes; Ginger took off like a flash for her room and Dan just as quickly departed for his hotel and its reservations desk.

When they met Ginger had changed out of her wet things and had added a large shoulder bag and straw hat to her attire. Dan offered his arm and they were off; a waiting taxi took them down to the water’s edge where a large boat was boarding passengers. The boat was nearly full of passengers and gear…scuba gear.

They found their seats under a large canopy and enjoyed the ride as they were whisked out of the harbor and up the coast. Once anchored just off shore the crew began their lecture on diving safety. The equipment was demonstrated and they began to outfit all the passengers with tanks, weights and fins.

To put on the gear Ginger had to remove her shorts and shirt revealing that she wore a bikini. It was small but adequately covered all the necessary parts. It was made of some sort of shimmering silver material and all the straps connecting the triangles were substantial as if the suit was made to be used in the water. The bottom was not a thong but the design did expose much of her firm buttocks.

Once everyone was geared up they were led into the warm waters and given more instructions before they were finally turned loose. Ginger’s face showed some concern but also her conviction that she was going to do this; Dan tried to exude confidence as they submerged for the first time.

Ginger took to the water quickly and swam confidently beside Dan as they explored the new realm. The reef was only a few feet below the boat, the water was crystal clear and teaming with life; Ginger was soon darting about like one of the fish pointing at this or that and pulling on Dan’s arm to show him another colorful fish or coral head.

Dan finally managed to get her to stand still with him on a small patch of coral sand while the watery world swirled around them. He turned to face her and held her by her waist while he looked up and down her graceful form; he then held her chin with both hands trying to memorize her beauty; the shimmering light making her more beautiful than ever.

Ginger seemed to laugh as she broke for the surface and swam for the boat like a silver fish flashing thru the water.

The crew helped them remove the tanks and weights, finding their towels they helped each other dry off for the trip back. Once underway there were treats for all, fresh fruit and cold water helped everyone refresh themselves and once back on the dock Dan kissed Ginger enjoying her mango flavored lips.

They cuddled together on the trip back to their hotels until they had to get out of the cab and make their way into Ginger’s lobby out of the bright sunshine. Dan informed Ginger that the next part of their day would be a dinner and then dancing, she had until 7 PM to prepare then they would meet back here in the lobby.

Ginger made her way back up to her room and finding it empty she took her time getting out of her clothes making sure to hang up her wet swimsuit and putting away all the stuff from her bag before she grabbed a fresh towel and started her shower.

Under the cascade of hot water she began scrubbing away the salt and sweat of the day; her breasts tingled and down lower she had a warm tightness that had her slightly on edge. Her mind drifted back thru the day’s events and she found herself smiling every time she thought of Dan; the look of surprise when she knocked him in the pool, the feel of his touch as they stood together on the reef, the taste of his lips and the feel of the tip of his tongue as he kissed her back on the dock.

She found she was caressing her breasts making her nipples hard as she dreamed of the possibilities. What would it be like to have a man such as Dan make love to her? Would he like her tits? Were they big enough for him? What would he do to her pussy? What if he was too big for her?

She had seen the bulge in his pants and felt his thing as it got hard when they kissed but that was with all his clothes on; what was it really like? He was so mature and sophisticated; would he want her to do bazaar things like putting his thing up her ass? A finger strayed down to her pussy where it encountered the liquids that were leaking from within as well as the water flowing over her.

Her musings were interrupted when her two roommates entered the room loudly demanding that she end her shower because they had to get ready to go out and they were in a hurry. When she left the bathroom wrapped in a towel to join Alice and Bee they were scurrying about completely naked, and covered with oil.

Alice began telling the tail of their afternoon with Bee interjecting a juicy tidbit every now and kaçak casino then. It seems that even before they arrived at the beach the guys had played with the girls’ tits and the girls in turn had started giving them hand jobs; on the beach the guys had started to rub oil all over the girls and had brought the both of them to organism very quickly.

They played all sorts of games that involved touching or drinking until the girls had to drag the guys out into the surf trying to cool them off but that didn’t work very well as they soon found themselves wrapped around the guys being fucked as they bounced in the surf. The day soon slowed down and they spent several hours under the shade of a large parasol, the guys playing with every inch of their bodies.

Alice and Bee went on to start their showers as Ginger did her hair up and applied her makeup; once out of the shower the two chose their clothing for the evening, tube tops, miniskirts with g-strings and flat sandals for dancing. They told Ginger that they wanted stuff that was easy off and cheep to replace when it was lost or damaged.

Their hair was left down and they were ready to go. Ginger put on a black bra and panty set under her short black dress, she also wore her heals and big dangling earrings; the three girls could not have been dressed more differently, the two blonds looked like hookers on the prowl and Ginger was elegantly prepared for an evening out.

The two girls got their call and they rushed out of the room telling Ginger to not wait up for them as they would be very late; leaving Ginger alone looking in the mirror and smiling to herself as she made final adjustments to her hair and makeup.

Dan was in the lobby of Ginger’s hotel waiting when she arrived, he couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across his face as she approached because she seemed lovelier than ever; he felt like Carry Grant in one of those old movies with Mae West and he would not have been surprised if she called him her “Big Boy”. He offered his arm to his “Little Chickadee” and they were off.

The cab dropped them off at a small restaurant where they were shown to their table by a short stuffy man in a tux and slicked back black hair; pulling out the table he allowing them to set close together in the small booth and waited for them to order the wine. Dan tried to order in Spanish and the waiter snickered; Ginger corrected the order in perfect Spanish and the waiter smiled, bowed and departed.

The small room was crowded with many such tables about half of which were occupied; there was even a violinist wandering about the room playing softly. The wine arrived and Dan ordered, in English, the dinner for the both of them; during the meal they shared their thoughts about the day, Dan taking every opportunity to lean in close to Ginger’s ear and nibble. Ginger liked to make her point by resting her hand on top of Dan’s and squeezing it gently.

Afterward they sat together their hips and thighs touching one another, a small glass of wine in their hand; Ginger finally dropped her left hand on Dan’s knee lightly scratching her way up his leg until she was on top of his hard cock. Once there she grabbed hold of his manhood and fondled him from root to the tip, she even dipped her hand down between his legs to cradle his balls; for Dan’s part he just spread his legs and let her have her way while he worried that the waiter would return to soon and embarrass him with his all knowing smile.

Once Ginger had taken the measure of her man they left and got another cab that drove them to the Cantina where Dan had spent the previous night.

When Dan was paying the cab fare he suggested that they might need a ride home at the end of the evening giving the cabby an extra large tip and a wink; turning from the cab he took Ginger’s arm and led her into the noisy Cantina.

They were immediately overwhelmed by the band’s mariachi music which was loud and happy; finding an empty table in the center of the crowd they ordered their drinks and settled in to enjoy the evening. There was a small dance floor off to the side where Dan and Ginger joined a few others to put their bodies in motion to the music.

Dan managed to hold his own during most of the songs but Ginger was poetry in motion; she moved with the music and it seemed that she became the music; soon becoming the center of everyone’s attention.

As the music allowed Dan held her or touched her as much as he could but it was trying to hold lightning in a bottle. When they returned to their table she would snuggle up close and allow him to fondle her lightly as she rested her head on his shoulder or chest.

Dan thought that the evening was going well, he was happy and Ginger seemed to really be enjoying herself, but it was just a little after midnight that she asked him if they could leave because she wanted to get some fresh air.

Dan led the way and soon they were walking down the street with his arm around her shoulders and hers around his waist. He ask her if there was anything wrong, she giggled and said no, she just wanted to be more alone with him in the moonlight, with that they turned down their lane that led to the sea.

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