16 Ocak 2021

A Mother’s Promise Ch. 06

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Authors Note: I apologize that this chapter is so wordy. It’s simply unavoidable now that I have a clear view of the follow-on chapters. There’s some ‘Housekeeping’ and ‘Set Up’ I need to do and get out of the way so I don’t have to do it later. Since it seems like there’s some level of interest for me to continue the story, I thought it would be better to get all of this out of the way now. Please understand that I think in the long run, it will be better this way. Enjoy this chapter, and thanks for the encouraging emails to continue.


I was gasping for breath. My cock, still in my hand, was quivering, pulsing and dribbling the remnants of my orgasm onto my stomach creating an overflowing pool around my belly button. It was such a huge explosion of sperm…… I couldn’t believe the amount of cum that came out of me….. and judging from Mom’s reaction, she couldn’t either. The way she brought me right up to the point of climax and then stopped me, I’m sure, added to the volume of cum that was waiting to finally get out.

As I lay there trying to catch my breath, she was still being a mother. She was stroking my face and hair, lightly patting me on the chest and saying “Relax now, Bobby.”

It’s hard to relate the plethora of feelings I had at that exact minute. The words ‘remorse’, ‘excitement’, ‘love’, ‘trust’, ‘dishonor’ and ‘indebtedness’ came to mind….. but there was no way I ‘regretted’ any of this.

To an outside observer, it might seem that I was using my mother to play out a list of fantasies. Or perhaps she was using me to play out her list of fantasies, but no, there’s no way she was using me for her own fun. Without even having to think it over, I knew that she’s done all of this for me.

Now, I’m not stupid enough to have missed the fact that she’s been turned on, too. But, she told me in no uncertain terms that there would be no intercourse, so she did draw a definite line. Plus, given the strength and sheer number of cums I’d had since the laundry room incident yesterday, there was no doubt that I was getting the better end of the deal. That’s where the ‘indebtedness’ comes in.

I felt seriously indebted to her now. She had completely understood and allowed my desire to enjoy hers, and Linda’s worn panties. Not to mention her acceptance of my newly acquired desire to wear them, too. And, of course… my desires to be naked, and to expose myself, and to masturbate…. all of that she accepted with no condemnation.

The way I looked at it….. I owed her. I owed her big time. So, I made the decision right then and there, as my breathing caught up to me, that I was going to do everything necessary to pay her back. But, just as I was about to make a bold move to rise up and throw myself between her legs to lick and kiss her pussy to orgasm, she beat me to it.

She carefully lifted the pillow on her lap where my head rested. Holding it up, she scooted out from under it and laid it back down on the bed. Naked, she scampered around me and came to rest on her hands and knees next to my body. She looked at me with a playful look on her face, her hair hanging down, slightly hiding her breasts as they hung down beneath her.

I watched as she bent down toward my cock. Looking up at me, she took my softening rod into her mouth and gently sucked it. “I’m just going to clean you up a little.” She stopped sucking long enough to say. “This is going to be fun…. well, it will be for me at least. I’ve always loved doing this.”

She sucked my cock back into her mouth only for a brief instant and then used her tongue to lick my shaft as she held it with her hands. Next, she lowered her mouth to my balls and began to suck them one at a time. I flinched for a second as she sucked one of my nuts into her mouth, but she immediately stopped when I jumped, asking me “Baby, did I hurt you?”

“It was just sensitive for a second. It’s okay now.” I answered.

“I’m sorry…. I’ll be careful.” She said, cradling both my nuts in the palm of her hand. “I know these can be sensitive, especially with the amount of action you’ve had lately. I might be a little out of practice with a young man’s testicles, but, I promise to be careful with them.”

I continued to watch her lick and suck my nuts as she held my now soft cock. I couldn’t imagine why it was soft… here was a beautiful and sexy woman licking my crotch…. one would think I would be hard again. All in all, though, I felt my softness was for the better since I knew if it got hard that would just get us both going again, and all I really wanted to do right now was to make her feel good and let her have a good cum. I just needed to wait until she was done cleaning me up and then I would go to town on her nipples and her pussy…. both areas where I had been successful in pleasuring her earlier.

“Your penis is so cute when it’s soft, Bobby.” She said, speaking directly at my cock. As she spoke to it, she squeezed it just a little and then bahis firmaları ran her fingers through my thick bush of brown hair surrounding my genitals. “You might do with a bit of a trim down here, though.” Grabbing a handful of my thick hair and shaking her hand back and forth, she looked up at me and said “All this is going to try to poke out of your cute panties, my dear.”

Honestly, I’d never thought about it. I was definitely in favor of women being shaved, and I knew that most females were hairless these days, but I hadn’t heard of any men shaving. Maybe a trim for me wasn’t totally out of the question, though, especially if I could talk her into completely shaving herself in return. I admitted to myself that I would very much enjoy seeing a live pussy completely shaved right in front of me.

Thinking about her having a hairless pussy caused my cock to react and she felt it start to grow in her hand. “Hmm,” she said, “You’re starting to expand again, big boy…… want to tell me what started that?” “Well,” I said, “I was just thinking that I’ve never seen a woman clean shaven before, and….. I thought…. uh, I mean, I was thinking….. uh…”

“Hmm, let me guess…. that you’d like to see me like that?” She asked.

“Yeah, kind of.” I answered.

“I swear,” she said, “I’m not sure I understand what it is with you guys about seeing a female with no pubic hair. Your Dad is the same way. Is it some little girl fantasy you all share?”

“Mom, I was just thinking it might be nice to see all of you… you know… without any hair to hide anything or cover anything up, I know a lot of girls do it….. I’ve uh…. well, I’ve seen pictures on the internet, you know.”

“Yes, Baby, I can imagine you have,” she replied, “and I know a lot of females shave them selves on a regular basis….. even your sister shaves herself during the summer. Come to think of it, you just might get your chance soon because it’s about time for me to shave myself again for your father. He doesn’t like a lot of hair down there and it’s been several weeks, so maybe I’ll do that soon….. I bet both of your would be happy about that.”

“Well, if you do,” I asked, “do I get to see?”

“You just can’t help wanting to look right in there, can you?” She smiled as if she already knew what I wanted. “I know, I know…. you would want me to lie down and spread my legs so you can see everything close up and personal, right? Want me to spread my self open for you, too, so you can get a real good look me?”

“Mom, I was just asking if I could see…” I embarrassingly replied.

“Baby, I’m just kidding you. Don’t go getting all serious on me” She said. “Yes, you can see…. I’ll let you see everything down there…. I’m kind of used to it. When ever I shave your Dad wants me to lie down so he can inspect every inch of me and get him self off. Seriously, I don’t mind that at all….. it’s actually kind of flattering to know someone is getting all worked up and excited just by looking at me!”

She smiled that all knowing smile again and moved up my body. Her head titled down over a pool of cum on my stomach and licked it up. Looking back up at me, she paused for a moment and said “Now, let me finish what I started here, would you? You’re covered with all this cum and I’m dying to enjoy myself with it, so why don’t you just lay back and let me have my fun.”

My cock was at full mast again, big surprise on that, huh?

I adjusted my head so I could watch her lick my cum up. Her movements were sensual and dedicated as her tongue snaked out of her mouth to lick up a patch of my sperm, then she would pull it back into her mouth and I could see her exaggerated movements as she tasted and swallowed. I’m sure she knew I was watching her and she rose to occasion by putting on one hell of a sexy show for me.

She eventually came to the large pool of cum enveloping my belly button like a small lake. In one motion, she looked up at me with a smile and then sunk her entire mouth down on it and sucked it in. Her tongue darted in to my belly button and it tickled a little bit, causing me to squirm and laugh. Looking back up at me, she opened her mouth a bit to show me the cum on her lips and tongue and then closed her mouth again. Stepping over me so that she could straddle my body, she moved up toward my head and before I knew it, she kissed me. As I had done numerous times before, I opened my mouth so our tongues could meet. A second later, it hit me that her mouth was still full of my cum, and I tried to turn my head away and break our kiss. She pulled off of me and said “Oh no you don’t, Mister….. if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you. Now, open up.”

She lowered her lips back down to mine and I hesitantly opened my mouth to her probing tongue. Without being overly gentle, she thrust her tongue into my mouth and I started to suck on it. Despite my desire not to do this, I found it completely harmless. Maybe it was because it was mixed with her kaçak iddaa saliva, but, it wasn’t horrible or bad at all. It had an unusual tangy taste and felt a little ‘sticky’ in my mouth, but, it didn’t taste horrible and it didn’t make me gag. After a minute or so, she pulled up from the kiss and said “Baby, most men are deathly afraid to do what you just did… they think their world will end or they will turn gay, or something stupid like that if they taste their own cum. I can’t tell you how proud I am that you were open to it. Besides, think about it this way…. you put your face down in my pussy and I kissed you after that without any hesitation, right?”

“Uh, yeah… that’s right.” I answered.

“And, obviously, if I can eat your sperm it’s not harmful, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I said.

“So as long as you don’t develop some kind of weird fobia about it, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Plus, take it from me, baby….. and you’re going to find out this is true…. once you get a girlfriend or get married, that girl will really appreciate you not pulling away from her after she sucks you.”

She shifted her weight and sat up on top of me, straddling my body between her legs and settling her pussy down directly on my pancaked erection. Her eyes got big and she said “Oooh, that feels really nice!”

She started to move a little, rubbing her pussy against the length of my hard cock pinned between her pussy and my stomach. “Don’t you dare move, baby….. let me rub on you for a minute.”

She seemed to go into a trance as she moved very slowly, forcing herself down on me. Back and forth, back and forth…. she rubbed on me in a deliberate fashion. Then, reaching for my hands, she pulled them up to her breasts, saying “Play with my nipples, would you?”

At first, I held her breasts so I could look at them and then brought my thumb and first finger down to her nipples and touched them lightly. She let out a gasp and then leaned forward to a point where I could bring one breast to my mouth and suck her nipple while I used my fingers on the other one. This quickened her pace and her movements became erratic and sharp. At one point, she moved up on me so far that I knew my cock had to be right at the entrance to her pussy opening. She immediately stopped moving and looked down at me. “Don’t move,” she said, “you’re right there. One false move and you’ll be inside me.”

She pushed down on me a little and I felt a warm wetness envelope my cock. “Oh, shit!” I thought. “Did I just slip inside her?”

All of a sudden, she started to move in very short strokes and the pressure on my cock seemed to vanish. Was I inside her? I couldn’t tell, but it didn’t matter because in just another second, she tensed up and started to moan.

“Oh, Bobby… I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna cum now…. Oh yes, oh yes….”

I was rapt with awe as she groaned and ground herself down on me. I couldn’t feel the pressure on top of my cock anymore and I was sure I was either already inside her pussy or sitting right at her pussy entrance. I reached my hands up to pinch both of her nipples and that made her moan “Oh, yes…. yes… pinch my nipples, baby… harder….. oh yeah….. that’s it…. here it comes…… aaahhhhhh….”

Her head was bobbing up and down…. and she was shaking wildly, bucking on top of me and biting her lower lip until she froze for a minute and then shivered for a few seconds. After that, she settled down and carefully lowered herself down to my chest and lay there to catch her breath. As she lay on top of me, the angle of her pussy must have changed and it felt like my cock was poking into something…. maybe I was only nudged up against the entrance of her vagina, but, somehow I knew we were instantly in a dangerous and forbidden place.

I didn’t move. I didn’t dare move a muscle. After a minute, though, I couldn’t be still anymore and my cock flexed. Her eyes bolted open and she looked at me.

“Oh, gawd, baby…..” she said, “I just want to slide right down on top of you and feel you all the way inside of me.”

“It’s okay, Mom,” I said, “Go ahead. No one will know….”

“No, Baby, we can’t….” She said as she climbed off of me. “I know you want to, and I want to, but, I promised your father I wouldn’t. We have to stop.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said. “What did you just say? You promised Dad what?”

She curled her legs up under her and sat on the bed beside me. “Look,” she said, “Don’t worry. I was going to talk to you about this later before they came home…. so you would understand.”

“Oh, fuck, Mom…. Did you talk to Dad?” I was suddenly crushed with the knowledge that she told him everything and that Dad knew about the panties and everything else. “I thought you said all this was just between us? You said it was private between you and me. What did you do?”

“Baby, I told you not to worry, and no, I didn’t say anything to him. But, I can see you’re going to have kaçak bahis a melt down if we don’t talk this through right now.” She replied.

“Come on, settle down. You’re getting yourself all worked up for no reason at all. Let me explain and you’ll see.” She urged. By now my cock had transitioned into an unmistakable soft-on and I was imagining the worst possible situation.

She took my hand in hers and she began to explain. “Bobby, I knew we were going to have to have this conversation, and I want you to listen to what I have to say and I don’t want you to jump to any conclusions or rush to make any judgments about me, or your father or anybody else. You have to listen to what I have to say and you have to promise to be considerate of everyone’s feelings. Alright?”

“So, did you say anything to him about what we did?” I asked.

“Heavens, no, baby.” She answered. “Please, just hear me out, would you?”

“You swear to me you didn’t say one word to Dad about yesterday?” I pleaded.

“You have my word on that. Now, can you please give me a chance to explain everything?” She asked. “Bobby, I would never hurt you or go back on a promise I made. You must believe me on that. Please! Can’t you trust me for a few more minutes?”

Now, I felt bad. I could see the hurt in her eyes I caused by accusing her of breaking her promise of silence. I’m sure I gave the impression that I didn’t trust her or that she ratted me out to my Dad. I instantly felt like a complete ass. I should have given her the chance to explain instead of just assuming the worst. “I’m sorry, Mom. I was just panicking. I’ll listen, go ahead.”

She picked up my hand and held it to her lips and kissed it. “Okay,” she began, “some of this is hard to say, so I’m counting on you to hear me out — all the way. Then I’ll answer every one of your questions, so, please just let me get through this.” She said. “First of all, right up front, I’ll tell you that both your father and I had sexual relationships with family members before we got married. Neither of us was ever forced into anything, and for both of us it was something we enjoyed. For me, it was my brother…. your Uncle Mike. You probably already guessed that. For your father, it was his mother. Now, before you go getting a lot of ideas in your head, I want to explain some things.”

“Both of us, I mean your father and I,” she continued, “have always been open and honest with you and your sister about sex. A long time ago, we decided that when and if the time came, and, when and if you guys were old enough to understand, we would be up front about the human body and the things people do together… you know… sexually. We figured that if you didn’t hear or see the truth from us you might be tempted to listen to your friends or experiment on you own. Of course, with all the things you can catch these days, we didn’t want that. So we decided we wouldn’t be bashful about our bodies around the two of you and we wouldn’t avoid any discussions about sex.”

“We both knew there would come a time when one of you might catch us making love or having oral sex…. or doing something we might have to explain.” She said. “And, we knew that would bring up some emotions and questions and cause a lot of curiosity. We definitely didn’t want you guys to grow up thinking sex was dirty or bad so we had to make some decisions so you would have a healthy attitude about sex. With me so far?”

“Yes.” I said.

“I told your father all about me and your Uncle Mike before we got married. In return, your father told me all about the things he did with his mother. It turns out both of us learned a lot in those relationships. Not only about sex, but we also learned about emotions, love, respect, tenderness, privacy, caring and responsibility. So, we decided that once you guys got old enough, if you showed an interest, we would…. well… how should I put this….. we would make ourselves available to you hoping that you and your sister would benefit the same way we did.”

I’m sure she saw the look of complete lack of comprehension in my eyes. What the hell did all of that mean! Did it mean that Dad was doing my sister, Linda? Were they doing the same things we were doing?

“What does that mean, Mom, to ‘make your selves available’?”

“Bobby, we made some ground rules and agreed to follow them, no matter what. I have followed them, and as far as I know, your father has, too.” She replied. “They were simple and have worked pretty darn well so far.”

“Like what kind of ground rules are we talking about here?” I asked.

“Well, for starters, we agreed that neither one of us would be shocked with something sexual that you or your sister said or did — an example being your interest in our panties. We would be accepting of your sexual preference, and we would be open about our own sexuality if either of you ever asked. I’ve been pretty open with you, haven’t I? We acknowledged that little boys seem to develop an interest in their mommies and little girls develop an interest in their daddies. Also, we agreed that once you got to be adults, if the need was there, we would each take responsibility to be available to the two of you within certain boundaries.”

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