3 Mart 2021

A Short Story

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Pete pulled into his driveway and saw Peggy from next door sitting on his doorstep. He got out of the car and heard her crying.

“Hey, Peg, what’s up?” he asked.

“John left me,” she sobbed tears streaming down her face.

“What? No way. Come on inside and tell me what happened.”

He lived alone but had always kept up good relations with all his neighbors especially Peggy. It was cool in the house and she sat on the sofa while Pete fixed them drinks. He handed her one and sat at the other end of the large sofa. Peggy took a large gulp, coughed because it was so strong then sipped before talking. She told Pete how John and she had fought it ending up with him packing his clothes and leaving.

“Pete, he called me fat and ugly. I’m not am I?”

They both knew she would never win a beauty contest with looks or her body, but she was very attractive. The rest of her was a bit on the chunky side but still nice to see, he thought.

“I’m sure he was talking from anger. Lots of times John told me how good you had always looked to him and he said it with pride. I fully agree with him, Peg. You are very attractive. You’re always the life of any party and everybody loves you.”

He saw her glass was empty and went to the bar. Fresh drinks in hand he turned and she was sitting more on the edge of the sofa. She took the glass and this time sipped it more slowly.

“I thank you for your kind words, but look at me, Pete. Am I really fat?”

For a moment he was startled. It was like she had casino siteleri caught him doing what he always did when around her, trying to look down the front of her blouse. Peggy was wearing what had become known as her uniform. A loose skirt and open in the front blouse. It seemed most of the men in the neighborhood had eyes doing the same thing. Probably because being just a little bit bigger than most of their wives she had also developed a rather large chest.

“Good heavens no. You’re definitely not fat, just nicely put together in a bigger way than most.” Pete was grasping for the right words, but what he said was true. He had never thought of her as being fat or to big. “To really be completely honest I’ve always liked the way you are. Women with large, uh………”

“Breasts?” she completed the sentence for him.

“Well, yeah, now that you mention it. I like a woman with big tits.”

“You really mean that? John constantly complained they were to big. I mean look at me. You don’t think their over sized?”

“Now that you mention it, it’s kind of hard to tell for sure,” Pete said setting his glass down. He leaned towards her his fingers hesitating as they slowly began to unbutton her blouse. “Only seeing them without being covered can I give you a truly honest answer, if you don’t mind.”

It only took a few seconds before he had her blouse unbuttoned. He slipped it from her shoulders and gazed down at her massive cleavage held by the huge cups of her bra. He found the snap in front canlı casino and opened it pulling the cups aside. His fingers brushed lightly over her huge fleshy breasts then he boldly cupped them. They were very heavy and soft, hanging down on her chest when he released them only because of their weight. Peggy was looking at his face as her hand touched and started rubbing the front of his pants. Pete was quickly growing an erection and she could feel him becoming hard.

“Your tits are even better looking than I had imagined,” he said feeling his arousal growing more into lust.

“It makes me feel real good to hear that,” Peggy replied as she started working on opening his pants. She found his organ and gripped it tightly. “My God, Pete. I had no idea you would be this thick and big. It sure makes John’s pecker tiny in comparison.

“Most women find me much to large. If you are like them I wouldn’t blame you for running out screaming, but I would like to do one thing before you leave.”

“I don’t think you’re going to get rid of me quite that fast, but what is it you want?”

“I’d love to fuck your tits, feel you huge boobs tightly pressed around my cock while I fuck them.”

Peggy moved back on the sofa and reclined. She held her massive tits apart making a spot for his throbbing cock. Pete knelt on the cushions and lowered his huge hunk of meat between her tits. Peggy mashed her flesh around his shaft and he started pumping. So much of his cock was sticking above her tits that she opened her kaçak casino mouth and let three inches of it slide in and out. She clamped her lips tightly around his cockhead and shaft while pinching and rolling her overly thick nipples.

“My cunt’s on fire,” she finally said lifting her head. “Ram your huge cock in my cunt and really fuck me. I want to feel you splitting me apart and pounding your cock in me.”

Quickly they moved and Pete rubbed his thick cockhead over her slick cunt lips. He slowly pressed it inside watching her pussy become wider. More and more of his thick shaft disappeared in her. When he had half of his shaft in her he pulled back and saw it was shiny and slick. He pushed back down and gave her more. Peggy grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled hard trying to force him fully inside. Pete suddenly lunged and buried the rest of his cock in her. Peggy screamed and groaned.

“Fucking shit, but you’re big. Yeah, now start fucking me,” she panted having already climaxed.

Pete started slowly, then began moving faster. They found themselves moving together and soon he was pumping hard with his cock pounding her body. He watched her huge and massive tits bouncing on her chest and that made him want more. Finally Peggy screamed she was cumming and Pete’s cock swelled even thicker. What seemed like gallons of his cum filled her box until his balls were drained.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Peggy panted as the pulled apart. She leaned over and sucked his shrinking cock until it was clean.

“The next time it’s your time of the month you have to promise to let me really fuck your tits and cum all over them.”

Peggy nodded her yes. It stood to reason they spent the rest of the night together, but in Pete’s huge bed.

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