28 Ocak 2021

A Visit to the Spa 02 – Nick Pt. 03

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Nick was having a quick lunch with a couple of the other massage therapists at the spa, talking about the treatments they had given so far that day, and exchanging a few tips. He was still the newest member of the team, but he was definitely starting to fit in and enjoyed hanging out with the others.

Ryan came over to them. The older man was the head of security at the spa. He smiled when he spotted Nick. “Ah, Nick, good. I was hoping I would find you here.”

“Oh?” he asked, wondering why Ryan had been looking for him.

“Yes. I’ve checked with the other guards, and it seems there’s still one thing we need to do to complete your introduction.” Ryan’s smile turned a little cruel.

Nick knew exactly what Ryan meant, and he let out a groan. “The blue smoothie, right?” He had been dreading this one, and the other guys at the table gave him pitying looks. The blue smoothie that stopped men from coming for at least six hours was the last of the spa’s special smoothies he hadn’t tried yet. Management insisted that every massage therapist try all the smoothies, because it was important that they could advise clients on them and explain the effects.

The one that had increased the effects of any treatment had been his first smoothie, and it had made him more obedient. That one, and the one that had made him incredibly horny, had been Nick’s favourites. The energy drink smoothie had been useful more than anything while he worked, although it had been more difficult to keep his calm, soothing demeanour as he massaged a client. The one that had made him more aggressive and dominant had been okay, but not really one Nick wanted to try again.

There was only one smoothie left to try.

“Sucks to be you, man,” one of Nick’s colleagues said, slapping him on the shoulder. “I hope it doesn’t last much longer than the six hours.”

“The previous smoothies all stopped working after like six and a half, seven hours,” Nick told him, and shrugged.

“You’ll have to stay at the spa until it has stopped working,” Ryan told him. “For your own good, just in case something goes wrong.”

And because Ryan wanted to make good use of those six hours, Nick suspected. He took a deep breath. There was no use delaying the inevitable, if he didn’t drink it today, he’d have to do it some other time. “All right, let’s do this.”

It was one o’clock by the time Nick got his smoothie. The young man behind the smoothie counter wished him luck as he handed it over, knowing why Nick had to get it.

Ryan watched him finish it up. “It’s not a punishment,” he said. “We can’t expect you to give good advice if you haven’t got first-hand experience with it. Besides, you really enjoyed some of our smoothies, didn’t you?”

He swallowed the last sip, and nodded. “Yeah, I know.” The other smoothies had all started working pretty fast. “So, uh, I can just carry on with my work, right? I’ve got two more massages scheduled for the afternoon, and a mud wrap.”

“Of course,” Ryan told him, and led him back to the beauty centre where Nick did most of his work. Nick went into his usual room to make sure everything was ready for the next client, and Ryan followed him in. “I’ll check in on you again later.” He rested his hand on Nick’s upper back. “Sometimes, this smoothie has an adverse effect on people. Nothing major, but it gives them a headache.” He let his hand slide down Nick’s back, until it rested on his ass.

Nick let Ryan fondle him, smiling as the older man squeezed his ass through his white jeans. Getting touched and fondled like this was definitely one of the perks of his job. Ryan wasn’t the only one, and he liked the attention from the other security guards and some of their guests. It was nice to be appreciated by men like that.

Ryan moved closer until his broad chest was pressed against Nick’s back and he wrapped one arm around Nick’s waist so he could pull Nick flush against him.

Nick leaned his head back against Ryan’s chest. “I’m feeling fine so far,” he replied.

“That’s good.” Ryan lowered his hand until he pressed it against Nick’s groin, palming his dick through his trousers.

Nick moaned at that, bucking his hips as his dick grew harder. “Ryan!” He had to get his client in ten minutes and he still wanted to double-check if he had enough clean towels.

Ryan wrapped his other arm around Nick while he kept palming his groin. “I wonder if the smoothie is starting to work,” he said, his mouth close to Nick’s ear. “What do you think? Are you feeling anything yet?”

Nick’s hips were thrusting into Ryan’s grip automatically. “I – I don’t know,” he replied, panting. He didn’t feel any different. His cock was getting hard, as it usually did when Ryan touched him like this.

Ryan stopped stroking his cock through his jeans so he could open Nick’s belt and undo the buttons of his jeans. “Let’s see. It’s important that we check if the smoothie is working as it should be.”

Nick watched as Ryan’s large hands pushed his jeans and boxers down so his hard cock sprang canlı bahis şirketleri out. His own arms hung by his side. He could feel Ryan’s own erection against his lower back, and he moaned as Ryan wrapped one hand around his cock. “Ryan…” He began to thrust into Ryan’s grip again.

“Mmm, always so eager,” Ryan told him. “Doesn’t take much to get you hard, does it?”

Nick felt his face flush. “Says you,” he countered, pressing back against Ryan.

Ryan laughed as he kept jerking Nick off. “True, you and those other pretty twinks around here definitely get me hard too. Maybe once I’m done here I’ll take a break to jerk off while thinking about fucking you. Or maybe I’ll see if one of your colleagues is free to give me a nice blowjob.”

Nick moaned at the mental images. Ryan jerking off over him, or getting his cock sucked… he imagined himself doing that, on his knees before the older man as he took Ryan’s big dick deeper and deeper.

“You like that?” Ryan murmured into his ear. “Thinking about me fucking you? Shame we don’t have more time, or I could fuck you over your own massage table right now.”

He shuddered in Ryan’s arms, whimpering with pleasure as Ryan’s grip on his dick tightened. “Yeah,” he moaned. Yes, Ryan should definitely fuck him over his massage table. It’d give Nick something nice to think about during one of the more boring massages.

“Maybe I’ll come back and do that today,” Ryan continued. “After all, you can’t come today so you won’t make as much of a mess.”

Nick groaned. Right, the smoothie. “Not today.” He still didn’t feel any different. Ryan jerking him off felt awesome, and he could feel his orgasm approaching. It wouldn’t take much more to make him come. He’d only finished the smoothie ten minutes ago, it wouldn’t work that fast, would it?

“I’ll have a look at your schedule,” Ryan told him. “If you have a twenty-minute window, I’ll come back and fuck you nice and hard, just the way you like it. If it’s less than that… well, I can still have some fun with you.”

Nick was breathing hard, thrusting faster into Ryan’s grip. He was definitely gonna come soon. “Uh huh.”

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Ryan asked.

Nick nodded, and he heard Ryan laugh.

“Mm, good. Let’s see if the smoothie is working.” He increased the speed of his wrist, and Nick moaned louder, writhing in Ryan’s arms.

He was so close to coming. Any minute now. He was definitely gonna come after the next stroke. Or the next one. Or the next time Ryan rubbed his fingers across the tip of Nick’s dick. He whimpered. “Come on!”

“Having some trouble?” Ryan asked, sounding amused. He used his other hand to start fondling Nick’s balls. “You always like this.”

He did, he really did. He fucking loved it when Ryan fondled his balls while stroking his dick. It should’ve had him coming, but no matter how close he was, nothing happened. He let out another moan, starting to get frustrated. “It feels so good,” he managed.

“But you can’t come, can you?” Ryan nipped at his ear. “So close to the edge, but you can’t come.”

Oh fuck, the smoothie had definitely started to work. “I want to.” He started thrusting his hips faster. Maybe that would work.

Ryan let go of his balls, and went back to slowly stroking Nick’s cock. “I wish I had the time to do this all day,” he said. “Feeling you squirm like that against me…”

Nick was still whimpering. The smoothie was really working. He knew it would, of course, but there was a difference between knowing and experiencing it. It felt strange, to be so close to orgasm. “I have – I have a client.” He had to get himself and his dick under control. He couldn’t give a massage with an erection. Well, some of their clients wouldn’t mind, but he couldn’t start giving a massage while hard.

“I know.” Ryan let go of Nick’s cock, and stepped back. “I’ll leave you alone now. This was fun. I’ll let the others know that you’ve taken the blue smoothie.”

Nick turned to look at him. “So they’ll go easy on me?” he asked, but he knew it was pointless.

Ryan’s grin was very smug. “Oh Nick, you’ve known us long enough now. We definitely won’t go easy on you this afternoon. Any minute you’re not with a client, someone’ll check in on you. All to make sure you’re all right, of course.”

Nick just nodded. “Of course.”

He did not look forward to the next six hours.


He got his erection under control in time to pick up his next client. It was a young man who had been gifted a massage by his older partner, and it was a fairly simple, relaxing massage with some treatment to make the young man’s skin smoother.

After that, he had a ten-minute break to get himself some tea and to get some more massage oil. He was in his room, sipping his tea as he checked the cabinets to check if he had enough incense for the next treatment. It was aromatherapy to make his next client more obedient, and Nick had to make sure he had some incense that counteracted that for himself to use afterwards. canlı kaçak iddaa He couldn’t go around the spa being more obedient than usual. Especially not today.

There was a knock on the door, and Nick turned his head. He had left the door open. “Yes?”

Kevin, one of the other members of the security team sauntered in. “Blue smoothie, huh?”


Kevin was as tall as Ryan, and nearly as broad, with a well-trimmed dark beard. His eyes went down to Nick’s groin. “Ryan asked us to make sure you were fine.”

“Well, no headaches here,” Nick replied, giving him a cheerful smile. “So if that’s all, I should see if my next client’s waiting.” He went to walk out the door, but Kevin was faster.

Before Nick knew it, he was pinned against the wall next to the door, with Kevin holding one wrist over his head and using his bigger body to keep Nick in place. Kevin’s other hand was already on his groin.

“We still have about five minutes,” Kevin told him, stroking his cock through his jeans.

Nick groaned. He felt his cock respond. He liked being pinned against the wall like this, and Kevin knew it. He had done it plenty of times before, sometimes grinding against Nick, sometimes using his thigh to pry Nick’s legs apart until Nick was humping his thigh eagerly, sometimes turning Nick around first so he was facing the wall and Kevin could easily keep him in place while fucking him.

“Let’s see how much fun we can have in five minutes,” Kevin said, keeping a tight grip on Nick’s wrist. “Besides, you always love it when I do this.”

Nick was panting hard already and Kevin had only just started working his cock, still through his jeans. He was squirming desperately, trying to get free and get more friction. It felt so good.

“See?” Kevin pressed his hand against Nick’s crotch firmly. “You’re hard already.”

He groaned, rocking his hips against Kevin’s hand. “I’m fine!”

“Mmm, yes, you are.” Kevin smiled down at him. “Can’t wait until the spa closes for the day so I can have some more fun with you.”

Nick whimpered when Kevin let go of him and stepped back as if nothing had happened. His dick was still achingly hard, confined by his tight jeans. Of course Ryan had asked him to stick around for some afterwork fun. If it had been any other day, Nick would’ve looked forward to it. But with the blue smoothie… “Fun for you two, sure.”

Kevin laughed at Nick’s pout. “Aw, you weren’t complaining when you had that smoothie that made you extra horny! Would you like one of those today?”

He immediately shook his head. “No way!”

“Don’t worry,” Kevin replied. “But I’ll keep it in mind in case we ever need to punish you.”

Nick vowed to never require punishment. “I’ll behave.”

Kevin reached out to pat his shoulder. “Yeah, you will. Now, no more complaining about us having fun with you and about the blue smoothie. You knew you had to drink it in order to complete your introduction.”

He nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Kevin smiled down at him. “Good boy. I look forward to make you squirm some more tonight. We’re going to enjoy having you hard and desperate.”

His cock jerked at that, and he clenched his fists until the nails were digging into his skin. He did not need this right now. “I’ll have to finish work first.”

And get his cock to calm down again.


His next client was very happy with the aromatherapy and massage, and afterwards, Nick opened the windows and lit some other incense so he wouldn’t be feeling the effects of it anymore.

He wondered what it would be like to be extra obedient and unable to come. Would he be even more desperate? Or would obeying and the resulting pleasure be a welcome distraction from not being able to come?

He walked around the beauty centre to get a snack and some water. That always helped to clear his head. The mud wrap was next, and those could be tricky. Fortunately, he had half an hour to get everything in order and then his shift was over.

He would still have to stick around until the smoothie had finished working. Looking at the clock in the little staff kitchen, he bit his lip. It was three o’clock now, which meant he would have four more hours to go. Maybe more.

He went to the room where he’d be doing the mud wrap and found Ryan waiting for him. He gulped, remembering Ryan’s promise from earlier that day. “You, er, came to check in?” he asked innocently.

Ryan smiled at him, walking over to close the door behind Nick. He locked it, then reached out to run his hand down Nick’s chest. “I saw you had some time in your schedule.” He hook one thumb around a belt loop, then tugged Nick closer.

Nick’s cock was already half-hard, and Ryan had barely even touched him. “Yes. You know how it is with those mud wraps. Gotta make sure everything is in order.”

“But we have enough time for a nice fuck.” Ryan pushed him over to the massage table. “How have you been enjoying the day so far, Nick?”

He backed up against the table. “How about you just canlı kaçak bahis fuck me tonight?”

“I’m gonna fuck you now and tonight, Nick.” Ryan walked over to him, towering over him and resting his hands on the massage table behind Nick.

Nick gulped, trapped between Ryan and the massage table. Oh God, he was so turned on right now, his cock pressing against his boxers. He loved it when Ryan got all forceful and dominant. “Or, uhm, you fuck me twice tonight? Once the smoothie has stopped working?”

Ryan laughed, and began to open Nick’s belt. “I’ll fuck you twice tonight,” he said, “while the smoothie is still working.”

He moaned as Ryan began to rub his hard dick, then whimpered as Ryan tugged his trousers and boxers down his thighs. “This is unfair.”

“Turn around and bend over like a good boy,” Ryan told him and walked over to the cabinets to get some lube. “Spread your ass for me so I can prepare you.”

Nick did as he was told, resting his chest on the table and using his hands to spread his ass cheeks. It was a humiliating position, and his face was red when Ryan looked at him for a few long seconds before coming over.

“Look at how hard you are,” Ryan said, his fingers brushing against Nick’s cock. “I think you’re enjoying this more than you’re telling me.”

He closed his eyes when he felt Ryan’s slick hands rub across his asshole. He arched his back, tilting his hips.

“I knew it,” Ryan told him. “You do want to be fucked.”

He did. “I want to come,” Nick replied.

Ryan laughed. “You don’t usually get to come during work hours,” he said. “There have been days where you didn’t have sex at work.”

That was true. He moaned when Ryan slid one thick finger inside of him. “That’s different! I didn’t – didn’t get teased like this!”

“You should still be able to go a day without wanting to come,” Ryan told him. “If you’re this desperate already, I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

Nick whimpered when Ryan added another finger. “Please, there’s an antidote for the blue smoothie, right?” There was for everything else.

“That’s for emergencies only, and you being desperate is not an emergency.” Ryan pulled his fingers out and Nick listened to him unzip his pants. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” he replied. He didn’t need that much preparing anymore to be fucked, even if Ryan did have a thick cock. He groaned as it pushed inside, filling him up. It felt so good, and he found himself pushing back for more.

“So eager to get fucked,” Ryan said, and slid his dick in deeper.

He could only moan as he let go of his ass so he could rest on his elbows. Breathing was easier this way. “I just – I just – oooh!”

“What do you want, Nick?”

“I want to come!” His legs were trembling once Ryan was in completely.

Ryan began to fuck him slowly. “You’ll have to be patient.”

He didn’t want to be patient. He was getting fucked and he was hard and he wanted to come. After what Kevin had done earlier and Ryan jerking him off Nick was close to coming after only a few thrusts from Ryan. He whimpered. “Please, I’m so hard.” He gasped when he felt Ryan’s hand wrap around his cock.

“I can feel that. So hard, boy. Are you close already?”

“Yes!” He found himself pushing back as Ryan thrust in, and Ryan sped up his thrusts. He moaned as Ryan began to jerk him off. Fuck, it felt so good! He was so close! “Please!”

“That’s it,” Ryan told him, his balls slapping against Nick’s ass. “Yeah, that’s what I wanna hear, boy. Beg.”

He hung his head, breathing hard. “Please,” he managed. “Please, Ryan, let me come, I wanna come, fuck, your dick feels so fucking good.”

“Your ass feels pretty fucking good too,” Ryan grunted. He was still jerking Nick off, and was thrusting deeper now. “I bet you would’ve come by now otherwise.”

He definitely would’ve. “Yes, please, let me!”

Ryan ignored him, only thrusting in and out of his ass. “Still so hot and tight,” he grunted. “Gonna enjoy filling you up, boy.”

The thought of Ryan coming made him whimper. Why couldn’t he come? “Let me come,” he moaned. He felt so hot. His cock was starting to hurt. “Please, Ryan!”

“Gonna fuck you again tonight,” Ryan told him, fucking him hard and deep. “Gonna make you beg some more, boy.”

He whimpered. There was no point to begging, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe if he begged long enough, Ryan would take pity on him and give him the antidote. “Please, I wanna – I wanna – fuck!”

Ryan had thrust in deep, pounding away and grunting deep. He was close, Nick just knew it, and he was eagerly listening to Ryan’s grunts. When he felt Ryan’s dick jerk inside of him as Ryan came, Nick felt jealous. He heard Ryan’s groans, felt his come inside of him, and still his own cock was hard and unable to come. He was so close!

Ryan gave his ass a hard slap and pulled out. “Mmm, fucking you over the massage table was exactly as much fun as I thought it would be.”

Nick’s thighs were still trembling, but he pushed himself up. He looked down. His cock was hard and red, and starting to ache. “My dick hurts.”

Ryan grabbed his shoulder to turn him around. “Let me see.” He leaned down, just looking at Nick’s cock. “You’re just hard. You’ll be fine once you calm down.”

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