27 Ocak 2021

A Weekend at My Best Friends

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Chapter 1 Planning the fishing trip.

I told my wife I wanted to plan a fishing trip with my best friend from High school. We were still best friends, but now that we were both married with children and lived 5 * hours from each other, we just didn’t see each other but twice a year (and even then, surrounded by family).

It would be nice to spend some time with him without our families smothering us. Just like in high school. Then we could catch up on old times. We could tell each other some of the funniest moments we’ve had in our new lives and also some of our most dramatic moments. We’ve both had some of those. One of his children was born deaf, requiring many surgeries, my child fell into a camp fire and suffered second and third degree burns, from which he fully recovered. It’s just that moments like those you really want to share with your best friend. We hadn’t done that in a while.

I called Steve and he was of like mind. We set a date. Since he lived in prime fly fishing land, we decided to visit a place 2 * hours South East of his home. I would pick him up on the way down. It was a month and a half away.

Chapter 2 The drive.

“Aren’t you taking your phone?” my wife asked.

“No, there will be no contact with the outside world for the next 4 days” I replied. Over the course of time from the first call, we had decided to make it a 4 day weekend. We had had one homosexual experience before when we were in high school. I can’t explain it I was definitely not gay. I had a girl friend and guys did not turn me on at all. Still don’t. But for some reason, when were really drunk I started it.

It was about 2:30 in the morning on a Friday night. We were both Seniors in high school. We had just left the party at our buddy’s house. We were walking up the hill to alley. Our friends live on the last house where the attic just stops without going through. This meant there was never any traffic this far in the alley unless they were about to visit our friend. It was virtually a parking lot. We were real drunk leaning against two cars facing each other He lit up a joint. It was almost done for. That must have been why he didn’t pull it out to share with all our friends. There was only enough for one person, maybe two.

After about five minutes we were really stoned. We talked for a few minutes about nothing of consequence. With out any premeditation or prompting I just dropped to my knees and ripped open his 501 jeans and whipped out his cock. I began to stroke it. Steve had just realized what I intended to do and his dick was swelling quickly. By my second stoke he was well on his way to being fully hard. I etched forward in a deliberately slow motion. I exhaled my hot moist breath with a hollow hiss, signaling that I had my throat wide open. I completely inclosed about 3 inches before I let my lips envelope his shaft with as much squeeze as I could apply to my lips. I was over come by the heat and vibrations flowing through his penis as it gave a sharp jolt skyward and collided with the roof of my mouth. My breath was coming in spirts. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had never thought about doing this with a guy. His cock was so hot. I was clearly enjoying this. We heard a door slam and the moment was gone forever. We both recomposed our selves quickly. No one saw us but it was enough of a scar that we didn’t try again.

Over the course of the next 6 years we had managed to repeat that act at various different cities and places about 4 times. We had both sucked each other off and clearly we enjoyed it. We just never desired to repeat those acts. It has been 4 years since our last such get together. We have seen each other with more frequency in that time. Perhaps seeing each other five times each year. Our elders have started passing on and we have crossed each others paths while showing proper respect to our loved ones. We had not displayed any interest to repeat those acts in all that time.

I have to admit I had occasionally fantasized about those events, but no desire to repeat them. For some reason during the drive these memories began to overflow in my mind. I was getting turned on. I had to stop for a piss two hours in my drive. I brushed past a burly man at the bathroom of the truck stop. I started to piss when canlı bahis I noticed graffiti on the wall right in front of me. It said, “for a good blow job meet me in park behind the dumpsters at 9:PM. I looked at my watch and it said 8:45 PM. That’s ironic! Who knows how long that has been there. However in my present aroused state I couldn’t help but to re-kennel my erection. I decided to grab a microwave burrito, gas , and .. Beer! I want beer? Yeah! I could drink while I drive. I’ll just drink very slowly and I will only buy a six pack. Not that I would drink more than two. Or so I thought. I sat in the car and ate my burrito and opened a beer. As I was driving from the rest stop I remembered that stupid graffiti. Just as I passed the trash ben I noticed that same burly guy I passed in the bathroom. My God! It was him! It wasn’t a message from a couple of months ago. It was a message for tonight. This is bizarre.

I slammed the first beer and immediately opened another. My mind is reeling. What is wrong with me? I fantasized about what would have happened if I had stopped by the dumpster in the aroused state I was in. By the fourth hour of my trip I was ready to blow my wad. I pulled off the highway, down a lonely side road and off on gravel access road. I got out near a tree and whacked off. I hadn’t done that since my sophomore year at college.

I returned to the highway and drank three more beers before I reached Steve’s town. I ate a tone of life savers as I pulled in his drive way and was greeted by his son and wife. We quickly packed his things and he kissed all his kids and wife good-buy. They waved to us from the drive way as we pulled out of site.

Chapter 3 Setting up tent.

I was horny all the way to camp. I couldn’t decide whether I should share my experience down here, and if I should tell him it was him I was thinking about the whole way. What was wrong with me? I had no interest being with a man in the past six years.

Stephen had only a small one person tent. It looked as if it was going to rain so I told him we should just share mine. That way we could play cards at the table. While it rained and we couldn’t be outside.

I told him of the guy at the rest stop. Stephen seemed intrigued by the story. He then told me he had sometimes got so horny while driving alone that he had to stop off at rest areas and just beat off. Lately he had been getting a bit more daring and would wank off into the urinal. I asked him jokingly if he would have ever taken the guy up on his offer. He said, “I don’t know! The reason I was in there in the first place was because I was thinking about what happened between you and I ten years ago.”

You could have heard a pen drop. I finally broke the silence by telling him how turned on I got driving down to pick him up. At this point we both started slamming our beers. We talked openly about this and then gradually moved to other subjects just like best friends do. Despite drinking just a little faster I don’t think we were planning to commit a sexual act. As the night moved on I produced a joint. Stephen’s wife was very strict. Stephen had to quite smoking and drinking. Both he use to do like breathing. There was a small group of us who got stoned together on rare occasions. I thought he might like to do it again. He was ecstatic. We went outside and stood in the rain. The bills of our hat kept the joint dry. It was hot. We were right by the river and, being a week day, there were no other campers around. It had been a long time since I had pot. I was really getting messed up. We laughed and we joked. We ran around the camp ground playing cobs and robbers, reviving our child hood. At one point Stephen tripped and fell into the river. We got him out and realized it was getting late and we had better retire for the evening. Right there Stephen started undressing, in the middle of this disserted camp ground. He said he needed to get out of those wet clothes. I looked down as he kicked off his pants. He hadn’t been wearing any underwear. The moon was lighting up is semi-limp penis, and the hair on his balls was glowing like glitter. I snapped. I wanted him in my mouth. I was trying to look perfectly normal. Hoping the moment would pass. But I was aching for it. I had no idea if Stephen wanted it too.

He bahis siteleri looked up at me and then wrapped his hands around his huge member and began stroking it. I let out a sigh of excitement. It was not lost on him. He slowly raised his other hand. It was like slow motion. His hand came up just behind my head and gently brushed my hair. I could feel his hand motioning my head forward in an ever most gentle way. I did not disappoint him. I slowly dropped to my knees. My heart was racing. My breath felt so hot as I exhaled with excitement that it felt like I was burning my lips and nose. My knees collided with the smooth stony bank of the river in the moonlight. I was now 3″ away from his cock. It was not quite hard, yet it was pointing out at me but it aimed down. I just remembered this at that moment. Stephen’s cock aims down when fully erect while most guys like myself aim up. Stephen’s fingers started stroking all the way around the head of his dick. I again felt the persistence of his hand behind my head. Again I did as he wanted of me. I moved my head even closer to him. When I got about an inch away he jerked back as the breath from my nostrils scolded his sensitive head. He recovered quickly and moved his dick back only this time he moved too close and his dick collided with my over heated lips. I had completely forgot to open my mouth I was so stoned. I felt his wet cock head hit my lips, forge there way through and bounce off my closed teeth. I felt the slimy substance smearing across my lips and his cock head. And then that wonderful salty taste hit my tongue as his cock emitted even more pre-cum that oozed through my gritted teeth. As stoned as I was that the most wonderful thing I had ever tasted in my life and I only wanted more, lots more.

I immediately opened my jaw to seek more pre-cum. The smooth, soft spongy head of his cock just made itself at home in my mouth. His cock was like a hot poker. It was scalding hot wherever it touched me and the rest of it turned my saliva in to steam as it radiated out from his cock. My tongue shot up the underside of his cock as he shoved all the way in my mouth until he hit the back of my throat and I started to gag. I opened my eyes to note there was still an inch to go. I then pulled back until the edge of his Helmut was resting on the tip of my tongue. I let the head of his cock rest on my entire tongue for a long time. I would flex my entire tongue muscle to wrap around the bottom of his cock head. More pre-cum burst from his cock and rested on my tongue. I nearly came right there with out even touching my cock. Finally I closed my lips to perfectly seal the shaft of his cock from the outside world. Determined not to let it leave until it fed me the delicious cock cream. His cock was a prisoner in my mouth. As if to let him know this I spread my lips thickly across his cock and began to squeeze them together with a semi-light pressure. Stephen moaned. My hands went around his ass cheeks and my fingers met where they pressed into the crack of his ass. I applied a light pressure and sucked him into my mouth as I pulled him toward me. My tongue felt the veins and texture of his penis. The back of my throat tickled as his smooth head would hit the top of my mouth and gradually be coursed into taking a detour down my throat. My nostrils were filled of the smell of his crotch. No women smelt like that; only a man could. He began to pump into my face. I started making the sloppy wet sounds from my mouth. What a turn on. With the shape his penis his cock head eventually made its way deep down my throat and Stephen’s pelvis began to crash into my nose until my lips were wetting the base of his scrotum. I sucked in earnest as he fucked my face. It took forever for him to cum. My jaw was getting sore, but I couldn’t get enough of the wet feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my lips. His fingers interlaced behind my head and as he caressed my hair he pulled me onto him. His moans were coming quickly, the smell of his crotch was changing. It seemed a sweeter smell. It only served to fuel my hunger. I allowed my teeth to lightly graze his cock occasionally. This sent him over the edge. He Practically pulled my ears off as he thrust into me and pulled me in the same thrust I felt wet heat on the back of my throat. I felt like I was bahis şirketleri going to drowned I pulled back when I felt an actual spurt this time spray like a shower head against the roof of my mouth and drip back down on the back of my tongue. I came in my pants and felt the hot wetness smearing across the waist line of my underwear. I swirled each succeeding burst on my tongue over my teeth between my teeth and gums.. in every part of my mouth. I was getting his cock incredibly slippery with his own jizz. As he would pull back, my lips would get coated by his cum, and run down my chin.

I lowered my body and tilted my head up for him to see as I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop. I let him see deep in my mouth so he could see all the cum I had not yet swallowed. His cock was still connected to my mouth by then lines. He began to shove his cock back into my mouth but crashed into my nose instead covering my top lip with sticky jizz. I took him back into my mouth and began to swallow and clean him off. I even licked and sucked his balls clean. They were slightly razor burned from slapping against my chin. My stomach felt as if I just ate a hot bowl of chili. I pressed against it and I could feel some of the warmth climbing up my esophagus.

He grabbed his wet close and we headed back to the tent. While I put things back in the car so they would be safe until morning, Stephen had put our twin mattress’ together and covering them with a thick plastic drop cloth. When I asked what he was doing he said, “I brought this stuff along just in case anything like this would happen. I never though I would get to use it though.”

He had me lay down on my back after I undressed. He took a plastic squeeze tube and dispensed a huge amount of hot liquid all over my crotch area. As he began to rub the thick syrup over my scrotum I could smell coconut. He coated my cock. It was incredibly slippery and wet. His index finger coated the crack of my ass. He coated my but cheeks as well as he began to take me into his mouth. This was to be the third head job I had had in 11 years. He mimicked my earlier performance. I came with such in buckets. I heard him swallow 12 times. When he was done he plopped beside me. We fell asleep before separating the beds.

When I awoke around 10:00 I was in a pool of my own sweat and the syrup Stephen used on me. I smelled of salt and coconuts. I had a woke to the sound of a lid snapping shut. I was trying to discern what had made the noise when I felt his wet hand paste more syrup against the center of my ass. I felt Stephens fingers snaking down to my ass hole and circling around it. One of his fingers was persistently pressing against the opening. He would not let up and then I felt the opening relax a little bit, allowing him to dilate my anus. He began to work it back and forth. I just laid there, not knowing if he knew I was awake. His finger finally pushed up to the second knuckle. With a little more persistence he was in all the way. It felt slightly uncomfortable. I felt full and it gave me the sensation I need to piss really bad. Even though he was in to the hilt he kept pressing it in to me, like he was reaching for something. I would feel his finger as he bent it while it was inside of me. He then twisted his finger around and around. He felt my anus loosen up a bit and began to pull back. He thrust into me several more times before pulling out to get more liquid. He again inserted one finger with ease. After a couple of strokes he placed another finger at the opening of my ass. The pressure at my anus was minimal and he slipped right in. The fullness felt good. I could feel my self being stretched as I totally relaxed. There was no burning, just pleasure now. The friction was being replaced by the slick lubrication.

He then pulled his fingers free. I felt syrip being poured in a heavy flow all over my crack. I felt both of his hands smear with in the syrip and slowly coat my ass as he spread my cheeks. His hands made the slow but urgent progression around my his and then pulled me up so My ass was high in the air but my chest was laying on the ground. While I was still shocked about the force he had used with me, I barely registered that he was getting off his knees and preparing to mount me. I began to focus on his movements. He began to pour the syrup over him in hughe globs. I heard the excess that poured from his cock as it splattered like thick rain on the tent floor below me. Then I felt his cock head against my ass.

Cuming soon.

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