16 Ocak 2021

Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 18

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Hi reader, this is Neolime talking. Turns out past me didn’t know Literotica’s rules and wrote a chapter that really breaks the rules of the site. This is an edited version.


‘Did I lock the door?’ Nadia thought to herself as her car stormed down the highway, ‘it doesn’t matter, I have to get to…’ her thought abruptly ended as she noticed an incoming car and turned the wheel at the last moment.

“Stay focused Nadia, Alene’s counting on you,” she ordered. After everything Alene told her happened, she couldn’t stop thinking: ‘Who is this Paula? What does she want with us? Who is this Angie and what’s her plan?’

“Take the next left,” her GPS declared and she did as she was instructed. She was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by miles and miles of fields, she came upon a house. “you have reached your destination,” she parked next to a car she knew was Alene’s and switched off the car.

The house was smaller than her home, I had one floor with an ugly brown roof, “I hope Alene doesn’t decide to move us here,” she mumbled to herself, grabbed the book and walked to the front door.

Before she had a chance to knock, Alene opened the door and hugged her, “OMG! I’m so glad you’re here, I need you so much right now.” Nadia hug her back and gave her a loving kiss, “It’s OK love, I’m here for you, always.”

Angie came up to the door and the first thing Naida noticed were her huge natural breasts, she couldn’t help but stare at them. “yes, I Know, they’re huge,” Angie snapped Nadia from her thoughts.

The girls took Nadia into the house. “So, are we moving here Alene?” she wondered.

“No, this is Paula’s summer getaway, and this, is Paula.” Alene introduced Nadia, “She is under my spell and will do as we say, but we have to act fast, she won’t be like this forever.”

“so? What are we going to do?” Nadia asked.

“I’ll explain my plan while we eat our dinner,” Angie declared, “Paula?”

“Yes mistress,” she answered in a robotic voice.

“We need to eat, make up dinner ASAP,” she ordered, “Paula can cook like a pro, I can’t wait for her food.”

“Right away mistress,” Paula said and stormed to the kitchen. 30 minutes later they were sitting around the big table and having a feast.

“so, here is the plan,” Angie said, “we deleted everything Paula had on her victims, made a video where she incriminates herself, confessing everything she did. We also made her call her victims and apologize as well as transfer money to them as compensation.”

“well done,” Nadia hailed.

“Now, for the last part, the revenge. Alene, I want you to have sex with Paula.”

“With pleasure,” Alene said joyfully.

“I remember what you did to me and I think it’s safe to assume she won’t be able to move after you are done, when that happens I want you to let me talk to her.” Angie finished her plan.

Alene took the book from Nadia and flipped through it. “Paula come here,” she ordered and Paula came.

“Paula hac ex fore incolumes sexus.” Alene cast the spell, “OK girls, we can start, I’m very full so please be patient with me.”

“Don’t worry Alene,” Angie calmed her, “being Paula’s secretary I can assure you we have all the time in the world to care for this little bitch, I have cleared our calendars.”

“Nice,” Alene said as she walked into the leaving room hall. It was a large room filled with what looked like expensive furniture.

“This is Paula’s favorite room,” Angie explained, she pointed as the couch, “this is where we used to have sex.”

Alene walked towards the couch and took off her shirt and skirt, revealing her magnificent body, “My girlfriend is a goddess,” Nadia marveled. “Yes… she is.” Angie fully agreed.

Alene took a deep breath, “OK, as promised, you can have your fun now,” she talked to no one. Suddenly her balls started to expend. When they reached her knees, Alene directed them towards the couch. They grew and grew until they came to rest on the couch. She was so full of cum the couch made güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cracking sounds as her balls stopped growing.

“Wow, Alene what did Paula did to you? Why are your balls so big?” Nadia wondered but Angie barged in, “This isn’t normal for her?”

“Shhhhh…” Alene said and took another deep breath, letting her cock grow. The 15-inch pole started to rise from between her legs and stood in level with her big boobs. “this is the cock I know and love. Such a perfect th…” Nadia started to say but froze when she realized it was still growing.

With each pulse her cock became bigger and bigger. First it came up to her neck where Angie corrected Nadia, “isn’t this her size?” but both girls where in for a surprise as the beast kept on flexing and growing.

“OMG!” Both girls said in shock as Alene’s cock leveled with her eyes.

“We have to move on with our plan,” Alene instructed as she opened her eyes.

“Do you want us to go down on you and Paula so you can start?” Angie asked.

“No need, thank you.” Alene said and used both hands to make her cock horizontal. “Paula, come over here and undress,” she commended.

“Yes mistress,” Paula said and came. In front of the girls she took off her dress, out of the four girls she had the smallest cup size by far.

“Surgit,” Alene cast the spell and Paula regained control of her body, she remembered everything that happened and realized her jig was up.

“OK, you win girls, I understand the error in my way and won’t do it again.” Paula said.

“So, you’re not looking to kill us?” Angie wondered.

“Not at all, I just want to go back to my life, but I can’t, not before I get some of Alene’s love, can we fuck Alene?” Paula amazed the girls.

“Take my cock as deep as you can into your pussy,” Alene instructed.

Nadia and Angie gasped, taking something this size with no foreplay was unfathomable for the girls but Paula didn’t even think twice. “yes, mistress.” She said as she used both hands to aim the cock head between her legs to her soft tiny pussy.

Inch by inch Paula backed into Alene’s cock until a foot of her cock was inside her. She showed no sign of pain, only pure pleasure.

“This is the best I could do, mistress,” Paula proclaimed.

“No, you will take more.” Alene demanded.

Paula started to move towards Alene, pushing more of her monster into her womb. Paula’s pussy no longer looked like its former self. Her lips stretched so wide in was just a ring of flash tightly stretched around Alene’s cock with no sight of her clit. Along her belly the outline of Alene’s cock could be seen clearly, the tip reached her breasts.

The room was silent for a moment before Angie and Nadia started talking, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing. How is she even Alive?” Nadia asked.

“Alene cast a spell to help her deal with it,” Angie muttered half to herself and half to the room.

“OK girls, now the fun starts,” Alene talked, “this might take some time, but trust me, I know what I’m doing, please be patient.” Both girls nodded yes.

Paula looked at her pussy to see what Alene’s cock did to it and noticed its outline on her belly and chest. She moaned and groaned with pleasure. She turned her head to Alene, “OMG, you’re amazing, this feels so good,” she complimented Alene. “Aaaahhh” Alene sighed as her cock flexed from the stimulation inside Paula’s pussy, making Paula yelp and quiver in pleasure.

“Stop moving Paula, I’m really close to coming,” Alene warned her, Paula tried to pull herself off Alene’s cock.

The girls jumped as a huge cracking noise was heard. The couch holding Alene’s balls gave under their weight and cracked. Next Alene yelled and closed her eyes.

“My god,” both girls said as they understood what’s going to happen next.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” Paula yelled as she understood what she did. Alene’s cock thickened, filling any empty bit in Paula’s pussy.

Whoooosh, whoooosh, came the sound of her balls pumping, the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri progress her cum made could clearly be seen on Alene’s cock. From the base of her cock the cum vain inflated towards Paula’s pussy and when it reached her, Paula could do nothing to fight the orgasm that overtook her body and mind, her legs gave and only Alene’s cock held her.

When the cum reached the tip of the cock both Paula and Alene where no longer there. The first blast of cum inflated Paula’s belly, and each preceding shoot made her grow and grow until the outline of Alene’s cock was no longer visible in the ocean of cum she deposited into Paula’s womb. After About 5 minutes Both girls came down from heaven and Paula’s legs supported her again, noticing the add weight Alene placed in her womb.

Paula moaned as she came to grasp what Alene did, “my pussy, my beautiful pussy, it feels so good,” she said.

“Enjoy love,” Alene answered in a calm voice, as if trying to relax herself.

Upon hearing Alene’s declaration Paula started moving again, trying to get the oversized cock to unload.

“You better stop unless you want me to come,” Alene warned Paula, but the woman didn’t listen. After a minute Alene moaned and her balls declared the oncoming ejaculation with a loud pumping noise. Soon, Paula stopped struggling and started coming herself, her legs gave and only Alene’s cock held her in place again. this orgasm made her previous one look like a drop in the true ocean. Paula’s belly exploded in size with every flex of Alene’s cock, growing from a mere full-term with triplets to an unimaginable size. Nadia and Angie looked in awe at the sexual display before them, both girls couldn’t resist becoming aroused considering the sexual display.

Suddenly Paula started screaming. Paula wasn’t a “quiet sex” girl, she yelled and moaned throughout her orgasms, enjoying every electrical jolt that shocked her body. It was clear to Nadia and Angie why, her belly was huge with cum.

“So, this is why Alene told her to stop moving?” Nadia wondered, “I think her belly just started growing…” Angie realized.

Paula’s cum filled belly came to rest on the floor, big enough to fill a bathtub. This time, when she came back from her orgasm she felt no need to support her weight with her legs, her belly was so big it held her weight.

“MY GOD ALENE,” Nadia yelped, “look at your balls!” the girls all saw that even after pumping so much into Paula Alene’s balls did not reduce in size.

Alene took a deep breath, “I know, I can feel them you know, I never felt so full before,” Alene gave a smile, “and it’s all going into this cum dumpster,” she tapped Paula’s ass.

“You can come closer now girls, Paula won’t hurt you,” Alene instructed.

Angie and Nadia walked up to Paula. “So,” Angie asked first “how does it feel?”

Paula moaned and shook.

“Can you feel this?” Nadia asked Paula as she poked her cum filled belly.

“I can tell you it feels great!” Alene answered her and flexed her cock, causing ripples along Paula’s overstretched belly, “this is going to take some time girls, please be patient, we won’t be leaving here soon.”

“It’s OK Alene, take your time,” Nadia assured her, “I’m so horny watching you love.”

“Thank you,” Alene winked but suddenly moaned as another orgasm took her and Paula.

“Well, Nadia,” Angie said as she walked towards the dinner table and sat on it, “watching Alene, I must say, I’ve never been as horny as I am now,” she spread her legs wide open revealing a huge wet spot on her jeans.

Nadia’s eyes gleamed with joy, “so, are you game?”

“only if you are as well,” Angie said and took off her clothe, revealing her monster breasts.

“How can you even walk with these beauties? How big are they?” Nadia wondered as she approached.

“I’m a 32J, and you?” Angie said as she cupped her breasts with her hands.

“I was a 36D before Alene gave me those,” Nadia took off her cloth, ” now I’m A 36H”.

As güvenilir bahis şirketleri Angie and Nadia talked, Alene kept releasing cum into an ever-growing Paula.

“I’m so hot, I had enough of this foreplay,” Nadia declared and before Angie could answer she was upon her, kissing, squeezing her breasts, making sweet love to her as Alene pumped more and more cum into Paula.


“What time is it?” Nadia asked.

“4:30, you were amazing, how are you feeling?” Angie answered.

“Great, you were no less amazing,” Nadia said as she rubbed her eyes, “Alene and Paula are still at it?”

“Almost done,” Alene yelled. She was still inside Paula.

“Take your time,” Angie shot back at her, “I woke up about an hour ago and she was still at it,” she whispered to Nadia.

“Amazing,” Nadia said, her hand went to her pussy and she started to play with herself.

“Wasn’t I enough for you Nadia?” Angie asked.

“Please don’t be offended, I need something a little bigger,” she gestured to Alene.

“It’s OK, I’m no different” Angie said and revealed her own hand playing with her pussy.

As Alene kept coming, her balls where back to the size Nadia knew. “So… magic…” Angie wondered.

“Yes, magic… really pulls the carpet from under you,” Nadia answered.

“Nadia, Angie, come over here and please bring the book with you,” Alene requested and the girls did as told.

Alene flipped through the book and called out loud, “Ceruicem sana eam,” and started backing out of Paula. With a loud pop her cock was free from the stretched pussy and it shrank back to the familiar 15-inch length. Even though Angie and Nadia waited for the cum to escape Paula, nothing came out.

“I healed her cervix before I left her,” Alene announced as she walked around the huge blob that was Paula’s womb and stopped in front of her face. Paula didn’t speak, her voice gave long ago. Angie came next to Alene, looking up to catch Paula’s face as her belly lifted her 8 feet off the ground.

“Are you ok?” Angie said to a silently weeping Paula, “your body will absorb the cum, it will take a while but you will be free. You don’t need to eat or drink with all this cum in your womb.”

“We’ll be outside Angie,” Alene said as she and Nadia dressed and left the house.

“Be right out,” Angie said and lowered her voice, “I’ll take care of OUR company, when you can walk again report to my office and we’ll see what we can do with you.”

With that Angie close the door and went to the car, “so? Breakfast?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Alene shouted, “I’m starving!”

“Breakfast it is,” Nadia said and started the car.


“Linn,” Angie said as she slurped down another pancake.

“Angie Linn,” Alene reverberated the name, “I never knew that.”

Alene whispered something into Nadia’s ear that made her smile.

“Angie Linn, after everything we’ve been through,” Nadia started, “Alene and I would love it if you’d move in with us?”

“We can give you your own suite, you can live with us, it will be fun! What do you say?” Alene barged in with enthusiasm.

Angie was confused, “mmmm, thank you girls, you’re amazing, thank you.”

“So, it’s a yes?” Alene wondered.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m grateful but this day was so strange,” Angie started explaining, “24 hours ago I was Paula’s bitch, my life was a wreck. And now I’m in a different place, things changed… there’s fucking magic in the world!”

“It’s a lot to take in, I know” Nadia said as she hugged Angie, Alene came and hugged her too.

“we’ll drop you at your house,” Alene said, “if you want to move in with us just give me a call, the offer will always be on the table.”

“Thank you, girls,” Angie said with tears of joy in her eyes.

After dropping Angie off at her apartment, the girls parked the car. Hand in hand they walked to the door of their home.

“What’s this?” Nadia noticed a note on the door.

“A gift from an old friend -J” Alene read it.

The door was unlocked, they pushed it open.

Inside, the room was a mess, cum was everywhere and in the center laid a girl covered in cum. The only things Alene and Nadia could tell was that she once had long blond hair and that her belly looked extremely pregnant.

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