22 Ocak 2021

Alix the Unexpected Guest

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First, I’ll introduce of myself; mid 40s married bisexual, I am able to work remotely so I stay in Mexico during the winters while renting an apartment on a small island and travel back to the USA for meetings every 4-6 weeks.

What I am sharing with you is a true encounter. This is the follow up from being seduced by the young Mexican elementary teacher.

About a week, after being seduced by the young Mexican elementary teacher, I heard someone knocking lightly on my apartment door around 7pm. I had just got out of the shower, getting ready to head to dinner. I walked to the door with a towel wrapped around me and peered out the window. Standing outside the window was a 5’2″ 115lb man around 25 years old, dressed nicely with highlighted long hair pulled over to one side. Not being shy with the local Latinos, I opened the door in just my towel.

The young man was taken back how the opened the door and choked out “Papi?” in a broken English feminine voice.

“Yes”, I said.

“May I come and speak to you?” he asked.

“Come on in…” I said.

“Alix” he interrupted.

I opened the door more so he could come on in. He quickly sat down in the chair closet to the door at the 3-place table.

“Pablo said he met you up-town last week, after I commented that I saw you leave your casa this morning.” he described.

“What did you have to say about me?” I asked.

“I said how nice it would be, to be your wife,” he stated.

“Really?” I asked.

“Si. Pablo said it felt good, the most amazing experience he ever has had,” he said.

“And you stopped by to see if Pablo spoke the truth?” I asked.

“Si. Pablo does not know I am here. I told him I had to stay late to finish papers, so I waited an hour after kids left to make sure students, parents or Pablo did not see me walk in here.” he explained.

“Well canlı bahis şirketleri your secret stopping by to say ‘hola’ will be safe with me.” I assured him. [put single quotes inside double quotes]

“There is more than just an ‘hola’ that I want” he admitted.

“Oh yeah?” I questioned.

“Si. I want you to fuck me like you did Pablo and make me ejaculate without using my hands” he explained.

“Let’s move into the next room” I offered.

He followed me as we moved into the next room that doubled as my bedroom and living room of my small apartment. I went to climb on to the bed as he reached for my towel from behind, ripping it off me. I laid down propped up against the headboard while he quickly got down between my legs gently taking my penis in his soft girl like fingers and hand massaging it. He dove down with his head while replacing his hand with mouth as I started to pull his shirt off. As I was pulling off his shirt off I noticed a black frilly laced waste band between his skin and slacks. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of panties this hot feminine Latino was wearing.

I didn’t have to wait long as he was making love to my cock with his mouth, he quickly slipped off his slacks while leaving on his black lace bikinis, while my dick grew larger seeing my little femboy in them. While his was working his mouth hard on my cock he lifted my legs up and took aim on my love hole. Licking and nibbling like someone who hasn’t ate for days. This was my second-best rimming I had next to the first time ever. My little femboy lover pulled me down flat on my back and spun into a 69 position. He took his free hand to wrestle his rock hard 5 in. penis out of the side of his lace bikini. I quickly scooped it up in my mouth and went to work on his uncut penis, pulling the foreskin back. We sucked each other like we both canlı kaçak iddaa wanted a mouthful of “leche”.

As I could tell he was about to explode, I quickly moved my efforts to getting his manpussy ready for me to make man-love to. Moving his lace panties to the side, I quickly licked his sweet tasting hole, getting it lubed up for me to use a few fingers on. I found the weak point of this boys body. He was moaning so loud as if I was already fucking him. I slowly inserted one finger, working it slowly as I felt his hole give in. I inserted another finger working it slowly in and out every time I moved it in he would bury his nose in my balls with dick in his mouth and gasp. With my free hand I handed him the condom with lube. He placed the condom on and lubed my cock. He moved his ass away from his fingers down to my pelvic while raising his cute pantied ass up. Moving those fingers to lube his manpussy before slowly lowered it down on my hard throbbing cock.

“Mmm papi” he lightly said. “Muy Caliente” he moaned while slowly beginning to work his nice ass up to fuck me mode.

This unexpected femboy guest was getting what he showed up for, a nice hard very willing dick fucking his hungry panty covered ass. He continued fucking my dick “reverse cowboy” I could tell he was loving it with the several “Mmm papi”s , “Caliente”s and “Muy bueno”s muttered.

I grabbed him, moving him off me so I could mount his frilly covered ass doggystyle. I got him on all fours and moved his panties back to the side so I could slide my cock back in. I started working his little ass like a slut, making him bury his face into the pillow as he pulled his little ass cheeks apart. He moved his hands working his dick through his panties. If I really wanted him to get what he came for I was going to have him climb back on top me where I could control his hands. canlı kaçak bahis

I lifted him up and I climbed back on the bed laying down on my back. He climbed on facing me taking my dick back in where it belonged. Working his ass up and down on my throbbing hard on that was ready to burst anytime. He was rubbing his dick again through his panties. I reached up and moved it out to the side, he quickly put it back in. I grabbed his hands and he said “No, No, let me cum in my panties.”

“Ok, let me hold your hands so you will cum handsfree” I told him.

“Mmm papi, I’m ready to now!” he moaned as he continued pumping up and down on me.

“Hold it as long as you can, I want to cum with you” I said.

“Mmmmm muy bien” he moaned more.

Pump 1, pump 2, pump 3 … “mmmmmmm” he moaned more as thick cum oozed through the front his frilly bikinis and out the sides onto my crotch. I filled my condom up, just as he relaxed, as his ass lowing down onto my crotch.

He laid down on my chest and kissed me while taking breaks to say “Te amo Papi” as my dick was still buried in his ass.

He rolled off me and laid on his back caressing his chest. I asked him if he wanted to go shower and he said no. I went in to dispose of my condom and to clean up. Walked back out with a washcloth for him. He took off his panties to clean up, I asked if he wanted me to wash them out for him. He said he would like to walk home in them as they were to feel like the slut he was tonight. I asked about the lace panties he had on. He explained that it made him feel discretely who he was supposed be and in the evenings he would change into the clothes that should be wearing 24/7. I told him I would love to see him dressed like that sometime. He said that he would love to have that experience since he could not act on it due to his job, in the small community. He would love for me to come to his house the next evening where he could be more ready for me. He then asked if he could stay with me tonight. I agreed and we had fun a couple more times that night.

Thank You Shelly_K18 for helping edit this story.

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