22 Nisan 2021

All a Daddy’s Girl Needs Ch. 01

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It all started with such a small thing. Just a single phrase — if I had ignored it maybe it would have ended there. But I didn’t and the course of our relationship was never the same afterward.

I had only been dating Erica for about 6 months before she moved in with me. We were definitely still in that new-relationship bloom when something like moving in together would have seemed like a good idea even if it wasn’t. Her lease was up and it just made sense. She worked as a first grade teacher at a small private school and her apartment was 40 minutes away on the train. I worked as an architect and had a nice apartment in a high-rise downtown. I could walk to work, and my apartment was only a ten-minute ride from her school, so it was a win-win for both of us. Plus having her living with me meant we got to see a lot more of each other.

Erica was younger than me at 26, compared to my 34. She had long dark hair that reached about halfway down her back, with curls that gave her some nice volume when she pulled it back into a ponytail — her favorite look for teaching. She had big brown eyes and a cute face with pale skin and a few freckles — more of a pretty, girl-next-door look rather than sultry sexpot. She was about 5’4″ and petite, with a slim waist, a flat tummy, and cute little B-cup tits. But I was always partial to her ass. It was the ideal heart-shaped ass, perfectly filing out her round hips and emphasizing the thigh gap between her legs. She did yoga regularly and that was one place it definitely showed. I kept offering to show her around a weight room, but she always turned me down claiming she didn’t want to get bulky. I could never convice her that wasn’t likely to happen, but she did keep herself nicely toned from the yoga. All the handstands and static holds are no joke! Erica usually dressed pretty simply in jeans or slacks with plain v-neck shirts or sweaters. When she wasn’t wearing workout clothes with tight yoga pants, her outfits only hinted at how good her body really looked.

Having a woman’s presence was definitely a welcome change around my apartment. She insisted on keeping everything cleaned up, and even started cooking for me most evenings since she was usually home first. I was never the type to enforce traditional gender roles, but we fell into them fairly quickly nevertheless. Of course, I had handled all the cleaning and little chores just fine before she moved in, but it’s like she felt the need to deal with those things sooner than I would, so she would end up taking on the chores herself. Whereas I would have been fine with leaving the bed unmade, or leaving dishes in the sink for a day, she would immediately make the bed each morning and clean everything up right after dinner. It didn’t matter if I told her she didn’t have to do everything — any time I tried she would just make a point of cheerfully ignoring me. Fine, I thought, maybe that’s just how she was raised. She wore down my objections pretty quickly, and I decided I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. My apartment looked better than ever, after all.

Predictably, we fucked like rabbits the first week after she moved in. After that, we settled down into a nice routine of having sex three or four times a week before bed. It was pretty vanilla, really. We were both satisfied, but it wasn’t like we were having mind-blowing sex every time. We’d make out for a while with our hands roaming over each other’s bodies until the dam broke and we’d each rip off our clothes and she’d lay back for some missionary. Early on we had mixed in oral sex as we were first exploring each other’s bodies, but at this point it really only ever happened if I insisted on going down on her before we had sex.

I don’t mean to imply the sex was bad. It just tended toward the “making love” end of the spectrum, and missionary is actually great for that feeling of closeness and intimacy. Her body was always amazing, of course. But the best part for me was that Erica was very vocal. I love it when a woman is clearly enjoying herself, and her soft moans and verbal encouragement went a long way toward keeping me satisfied. Even just the basics can really transform a vanilla session into something more: “you feel so good,” “yes, right there,” “just like that,” “I’m close, keep going,” “I’m cumming.” I would try to keep up with some grunts, mmms, yeses, telling her how I loved the way she felt, or encouraging her, but I wasn’t particularly explicit.

I also loved watching the reactions on her face — she was never reserved about showing her pleasure. And once she had her orgasm she would encourage mine: “come on Dave, cum for me, I want you to cum for me,” while looking deep in my eyes. I never lasted long after that. She was on the pill, but after we had decided early on that we didn’t want to use condoms I would always pull out and cum on her stomach, stroking myself through my orgasm, shooting rope after rope on her body as she sighed in delight, streaks of cum stretching from her cute little tits down to her trimmed dark şirinevler escort patch of pubic hair, always marked by the last few white drops.

Afterward she would just beam in the afterglow, blissed out and smiling at me with heavy-lidded eyes. She might kiss me tenderly, or nuzzle my shoulder, or whisper about how good it had been. My favorite was when she would absentmindedly rub my cum into her skin, though she never talked about it specifically. After a few minutes of recovery she would get up to shower, braid her hair, and change into pajamas — usually loose cotton pants but occasionally cute little shorts — before going to bed. I would often have to do a little more work in the evenings, finally slipping into my side of the bed after she was already asleep.

One Friday we had a big date night planned. I had just finished up a big project at work that had required a lot of late nights, and she was wrapping up a summer certificate program before her new school year started. We got dressed up — me in a suit and she had on a nice blue dress with some low heels. The top was sleeveless and fitted, with the waist near her natural waistline, not far below the bust. The skirt of the dress was a little looser, but the thin fabric would cling and offer tantalizing little hints of her form underneath — I spent the whole evening distracted by the way it teased the shape of her hips and round ass.

We went to dinner at a nice restaurant not far from my apartment, then to a theater for a play. We each had a few cocktails with dinner, and glasses of wine before the show and during intermission, keeping a nice low buzz through the evening. She was flirty and we would find opportunities for a little physical contact — her touching my arm at dinner, my hand on the small of her back as we made our way through the crowd in the theater lobby, holding hands or my arm around her shoulders during the show. All in all, just a fun night together, with some of the excitement of an early date with a new partner even though we already lived together.

By the time we walked home we weren’t ready to end the night yet. I popped open a bottle a bottle a prosecco and poured us each a full glass. “To a clean slate and the start of new year,” I toasted. Not literally a new year of course, but I was expecting to get bumped up another year in seniority at my office soon, and she would be welcoming a new class at school the following week. We kept drinking and talking until the bottle ran out. I was sitting at one end of the couch angled toward her, and she was leaning back against the opposite armrest with her feet in my lap, her heels long since kicked off. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I felt like she was making eyes at me so I set down my empty glass and moved over to her, sliding my hand up the side of her neck to the back of her head as I kissed her deeply.

This wasn’t our usual lovemaking. This was needy, almost desperate. She started unbuttoning my shirt almost immediately. I slid one hand up her thigh to press against her panties, her pussy already radiating heat as I rubbed it through the fabric. She tugged my shirt out of my pants and pushed it back off my shoulders, rubbing my chest and tracing along my stomach with her fingers. Our mouths never separated as our hands were all over each other.

I don’t like to use alcohol as an excuse for anything — I tend to think it only releases whatever impulses were already there that we might be to scared or reserved or inhibited to act on. But I doubt this night would have gone the same way if we hadn’t both been pleasantly drunk. My fingers pulled her panties to the side and quickly found her pussy. I ran two fingers up and down her wet slit before easily sliding them inside. She bit my lip lightly and pulled back before releasing her teeth. “Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Oh fuck yes, I’ve been so horny all night.”

“Mmm, tell me what you want, baby. You look so good in this dress you’ve got me so hard for you.” I moved my hips and pressed my bulge against her thigh to make it obvious.

“Ohhhh,” she shuddered. “I need you. I need to feel your dick inside me.” She pawed at my bulge through my pants, grabbing and rubbing the shaft of my cock hungrily.

I looked straight into her eyes. She seemed dazed, almost overwhelmed by her desire. “Take off your panties”, I told her. I pulled my hand back so I could undo my belt and slide down my own pants as she pulled her thighs together and shimmied her panties down her legs before kicking them off her ankle. I spread her legs, holding her thighs in my hands, pressing them wide open as I lined up my cock and sank into her.

“Ohhhh, fuck yes,” she hissed. “God, I love the way your cock feels in my pussy.” This was much more explicit than usual for her — and I loved it. Her eyes flashed at me, as I took a couple deep strokes, grinding my hips against her as I felt the head of my cock bottom out inside of her.

“Mmm, you’re so fucking wet for me,” I şişli escort said, surprising myself. She was definitely ready. I started to thrust my cock into her in a nice rhythm. We both needed something quick, animalistic. I lifted her legs back into the air, tilting her pussy up to a better angle.

“So wet for you,” she repeated. She grabbed her tits through her dress and rubbed them with her mouth hanging open. “So wet for your big cock. Fuck me, Dave. Fuck my little pussy. I’m so wet for you, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

God, where was this coming from? If I hadn’t so much to drink I probably would have cum right away. I grabbed at the straps of her dress and pulled them off her shoulders, then down to expose her tits. “Keep playing with your tits. I want to watch them bounce as I fuck you.” Her dress was bunched up around her waist, legs in the air as I plowed into her pussy.

“Oh, god yes,” she moaned. “Use me, fill me up. I’m yours, tell me I’m yours.” She closed her eyes in concentration. “Just—oh, please just fuck me.”

“You’re all mine, baby,” I grunted as I kept pumping my hips. “I love your hot little body.” I looked down to where my cock was working back and forth in her pussy. I could see her lips pull outward with each stroke, gripping my shaft each time I withdrew. “Mm, your pussy is so tight, baby. You make my cock feel so good.”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she moaned in time with my strokes. Her eyes were still closed as she focused on her building orgasm. I could see her lips moving as she was mumbling something to herself. Then something I could understand: “Yes yes yes, use my tight little pussy. Use your baby’s pussy. It’s all yours. All yours. All yours.” She shook her head to herself. “Just—just let me cum on that big cock. Let me cum for you… Make me cum… oh. Oh. Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!”

I concentrated so I could ride out her orgasm as I thrust hard with each stroke, fucking her deep. She crested the peak of her orgasm then took a deep breath and opened her eyes, looking at me in wild disbelief. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me close for a deep kiss as my hips kept moving. Her tongue was searching, almost frenzied as she kissed me. When I was sure I wasn’t about to cum myself, I pulled back and lifted my body above hers.

“Roll over,” I commanded as I finally withdrew my cock. She did, placing her knees on the couch and leaning over the armrest.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, biting her lip. “Please?” she asked, as if I could resist. Her back was arched as she presented herself to me — her perfect round ass framing her pussy, slick with her juices.

I lined up my cock and pushed in again. Heaven. I held to her hips and started to thrust. “Fuck, baby, I couldn’t take my eyes off your ass all night. You look so good like this.”

“Mmmm,” she sighed, dreamily, as she lowered her head again. Finally turned to face forward again, lowering herself to her arms, face buried in the armrest, as she wiggled her hips from side to side. “You like seeing how you stretch out my little pussy?” she teased.

“You know I love it, baby.” I dug my fingers into her ass, squeezing tightly as I fucked her from behind.

“Then take it, Daddy. Fuck your babygirl’s tight little pussy.”

This was new. I was suddenly alert like I was assessing a threat. Was she testing to see how I would respond? To be honest, I had never understood the appeal of being called “daddy.” The idea had never done anything for me before, but I’m game to try out pretty much anything. If this was something Erica wanted, I was willing to give it a go, if only for her sake.

I grunted once to acknowledge her as I kept pumping while I thought of how to respond. Maybe it had just been some slip — but I decided it must be her lowered inhibitions letting out her true desires. This was all new to me, but she had clearly thought about it before. I would follow her lead to figure out exactly what she was looking for.

“You like feeling Daddy’s big cock in your little pussy?” I asked. I held my breath as I kept fucking her, waiting for her response. It felt like an eternity, but couldn’t have more than a few seconds.

“Ohhhhhhh, my god yes.” She shivered a little, sighing as she wiggled her ass back against me.

“Tell me what you want,” I said, fishing for a clue that I could latch onto.

“I want,” she said, then paused. I felt one of her hands between her legs, fingers brushing against my cock as she started to rub her clit while I fucked her. “I just want to be a good girl for you, Daddy. I want to take care of you. Make you happy. Give you anything you want. Just please let me cum on your big cock. Daddy’s cock.”

Now we were getting somewhere. Apparently Erica was more submissive than I had realized. And hearing her call me Daddy was actually starting to turn me on. This could be an opportunity to try out so many new things, but I didn’t want to push her too far too fast. “Mm, baby, you suadiye escort want me to make you cum on my cock?”

“Please, I need it,” she gasped. “Need Daddy’s cock.” Her fingers were moving faster on her clit now.

“And you’ll be my good girl? Take care of Daddy’s cock whenever I need it?”

“Yes! I want to take care of _you_, Daddy. Make _you_ happy. You and your hard cock. Just let me. Let me. Let me cum, Daddy!”

“And I can have this tight pussy whenever I want?” I asked, pushing my luck.

“Daddy!” she whined, desperate now — her breath was ragged. “Yes, my pussy is yours, Daddy. It was made for you. For Daddy cock. Just—please!” she begged me.

“Cum. Cum for me, babygirl.” I started pumping into her as fast as I could go. “Cum on this thick Daddy cock and let Daddy give you what you need.” I don’t know what possessed me, but I slapped her ass hard as I fucked her and the reaction was immediate: she shrieked and I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock as her orgasm hit. We would definitely have to try spanking again. She made a series of unintelligible sounds as her whole body shook, her hand still rubbing her clit as I kept thrusting. Finally she pulled away, falling flat on the couch with her legs still trembling.

“Turn over,” I said. I knew I was close too. She rolled over in a daze and pulled her dress up to expose her tummy to me. “No.” I didn’t want to miss this opportunity in case everything was back to normal after this night. “You’ve been such a good girl I’m going to mark you as mine,” I said. I pulled her dress back down and straddled her with my knees on each side of her body, my hard cock swinging in front of her face.

Her eyes went wide, but all she said was was “Yes, Daddy.” She was transfixed as I started to stroke my cock. Feeling emboldened, I leaned forward and tapped my cock gently against her cheek, letting her feel its weight.

“Do you feel how hard you make me, babygirl?” I pressed the length of my shaft against her face, then traced along her jawline with the head of my cock. She turned her head to expose the sensitive skin of her neck to me. Her breathing was ragged and I think she was rubbing herself again. “Is this what you need? This Daddy cock?” I tapped my cock against her lips, but pulled away as she open her mouth for me.

“Mmm,” she whimpered. She looked up at me, her eyes searching back and forth on mine, maybe deciding one last time if she wanted to open up to me like this. She bit her lower lip briefly before nodding. “Yes. Oh my god, yes, Dave,” she said, using my name. “I do need it.” She lowered her eyes, then looked back up at me. “Let me be a good girl for you. Mark me as yours. Claim me with that big Daddy cock.”

Her words pushed me over the edge and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as I felt my balls tighten. “Oh fuck, babygirl, I’m cumming!” She held my gaze as I kept stroking until finally the first load of cum shot out and splashed on her cheek. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned as my cock kept pulsing, crossing her face and lips with strings of thick cum. I groaned myself as the last few shots fell short, landing on her tits. Her body shuddered as she worked herself to her own orgasm before opening her eyes and beaming at me — the same look of love she would give after an intimate missionary fuck. Only now her pretty face was plastered in my cum. “God, you look beautiful like that, baby.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said softly, lowering her eyes again. I smiled at her and sat down on the edge of the couch next to her.

“That was amazing, baby,” I said, lazily tracing the small curve of her breasts with the back of my fingernail. “But we’ll have to talk about this.” I stood up. “Let me get you some water.” I went to the kitchen and filled two glasses, then got a cloth wet with warm water and walked back to her with my half-hard dick swinging from side to side. She leaned over and gave it a little kiss before taking one of the glasses.

She finished the water quickly, then sat up. “Is that for me?” she asked about the cloth? “I love you.” She wiped her face and tits then stood up and hugged me. “You’re right, we do need to talk. But I just want to go to bed and cuddle right now, okay?” I nodded. She pulled me close and whispered up into my ear, “Thank you, Daddy.” She fiddled with the back of her dress to loosen it, then let it drop to the floor. She turned and walked toward the bedroom, giving me a smile over her shoulder.

I was dumbfounded, standing there naked for a few moments, wondering what had just happened. Finally I drank my own water and followed her. The water was already running for the shower so I quickly got ready for bed and climbed in, still naked. I preferred to shower in the mornings after a run.

After a few minutes, Erica came back in to the bedroom, braiding her wet hair behind her back. When she opened up her dresser to pull out some pajamas, I just told her, “No. I want you to stay like that.” She gave me a little smirk, but she got into the bed naked and turned her back toward me so I could spoon in close behind her. My cock nestled nicely against her ass, and when I wrapped my top arm around her she held it close against her chest with a sigh. “Good night, baby,” I said. “We’ll talk tomorrow. Just let me hold you close.”

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