18 Nisan 2021

All for Art

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I couldn’t believe that I was looking at the inside of a jail cell. It all seemed so, well blasé, foreign to me. I had been one of the premiere thieves of my time.

Yet, I ‘d made one of the biggest mistakes in the business. I had gone and fallen in love. Don’t ask me how or why I did such a thing, I don’t really know. It just happened that way. That was all that there was too it.

He was beautiful, fully sculpted. Tight pectorals and abdomen, a bright smile that would win over any girl, however the only problem was that he was covered from head to toes in a blue suit and a cap…. The worst thing of all had happened, I had fallen in love with a Bobby…

I sit here writing in my prison assigned Notebook, staring out through barred in windows, and every one in a while looking back over through the sheets of paper that are laid out before me.

I was young when I first started on the job. Being eighteen and fresh out of high school with no money to carry me off to my intercollegiate dreams didn’t help much either. My folks had been too poor to lift me through the way that most parents are supposed to do, so my brothers and I never really got the idea of going to college, or having very much money.

The problem with never having that much money is that you always seem to want kadıköy escort more of it.

It didn’t start as a career move for me, the first thing that I actually did was to go into my high school and manage to jimmy open the locks so that I could get in… I needed to change some of my grades, so perhaps there was a chance in hell that I’d be able to I used a paper clip.

It was surprising the first time that I heard the turning of the tumblers and could hear as each one clicked into place and let me gain access.

I clicked on my penlight as the door slid open and carefully walked my way into the office. The light was blindingly bright in that little office and I supposed that perhaps there might have been a way that I could of advertised where I was and what I was trying to do, just a little better, I don’t know.

Yet as I started to rifle through the file folders that held my material as well as several other students, I was perturbed to realize that a light was going to come on and that someone was going to see me.

“Hold it right there! Don’t move or I will shoot you…”

I smiled as I remembered the voice, part of me wanted to strike up a conversation with Bobby Manning, jock on the football team and, apparently, a part-time security kartal escort guard at the school.

“Turn around slowly. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

I held my hands as he’d asked, and turned until I was facing him. “Hey Bernard, how’s it going?”

His face dropped as he looked at me and realized exactly who I was.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” He’d asked me suspiciously.

I smiled as sweetly as I possible could. “Well you know I kind of forgot my books and I was trying to see if I could come back in and get them.”

There was a slight smile on his face as he considered my words, but then his eyes fell onto the opened filing cabinet and all of the animosity that had been there, returned. “You move a muscle and I’ll shoot you…” He told me, malice in his voice.

Part of me wanted to see if he was joking or not, so I carefully placed my hand at my top and slowly, ever so slowly as to not arouse suspicion, I began to unzip my pullover and drop it down to the floor.

“What are you doing?” He asked me suspiciously as I began to start to undress myself in front of him.

“I want you to know that I don’t have any weaponry on me.” My shirt dropped to the floor and I started to work on my bra next, undoing maltepe escort the clasp in matter of seconds, and letting it fall to the floor as well.

“What are you doing?” His voice was wavering, unsure.

“Why I’m giving you a strip search, isn’t that what you asked for?” I smiled at him as my fingers unfastened the clasp of my jeans and I let them drop to the floor. My white panties were soaked and I was positive that he could probably smell me all the way from there. I dropped these as well and then started to play with myself, at that time ,my guard became rather disinterested in me, and he too began to fumble for his pants.

They came down with a “foop” and in moments, I could see his straining member, as he tried to undo his underwear for me. .

I bent down and crawled towards him in that submissive way that most men like, my pants riding even lower and threatening to come off. In moments I kicked them off, and stood bottomless for him. “Take me if you want.”

He smiled at me, unsure if I was really going to let him, I could feel his cock questioningly probing me as he suddenly slid into m, and we made love.

It really wasn’t all that great for me, he was far too small, and in the next moment, before I could even, really get into it, he came. I felt him as he pulled out of me, and I pulled my pants up smugly, while I watched him try to pull his back up as well.

“You do realize that you’re still under arrest, you know?” He jerked his pants up, and I looked at him startled as he placed a pair of handcuffs on me.

Love was not to be.

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