22 Nisan 2021

An Adult Lust

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It was her eyes which first attracted me to Wendy. They were light blue, the colour of a radiant sky. When she looked at you with them you could not refuse her her bidding. It was in this powerless situation which I found myself when I went for a night on the town all by myself.

My friends, Adrian and David, cried off sick, so what had started out as an evening out with the lads quickly became a solo project. I was still determined to have a good time, but come the end of the night, in a local disco, it looked as though solace was to bring me no joy.

It was then I bumped into Wendy. Although she was three years younger than me, at 19, I knew her quite well through her friendship with my sister, who was the same age. As a kid she had been gawky, but she still had those blue pools for eyes. When her body filled out, not even her pert figure could draw attention away from those mesmerising eyes.

Now, in the flush of adolescence and at her physical prime she looked more radiant than ever. Her strict training regime – which she described as gym three times a week, no junk food and plenty of sex – had kept her in superb shape.

Her tight white top accentuated the smooth curves of her chest and waist, and as was the style her top left a narrow strip of tanned stomach exposed before the rest of her body disappeared beneath a pair of tight black hipsters which done their job of highlighting her tight firm bottom and of course those oh-so-sexy knicker lines.

As I started talking to her I felt like the snowball taking a chance in hell, but as our conversation continued I began to wonder whether she wanted to play ball with me instead. When her petite hands began to stroke my knee I decided to throw caution to the wind and use every ounce of my charm to get this young woman into bed.

With the end of the music quickly approaching I suggested to Wendy that we leave early to avoid the crowds. She agreed and went on to ask a question which I never thought such a ‘sweet’ girl would have spoken. “Where do you want to fuck. My place or yours?”

I stood agog for a moment before spluttering out the only line I could think of – “How about yours?” Wendy could detect my astonishment at her vulgarity and she laughed as I responded to her question.

Her job as a beautician gave the young lady plenty of disposable income and she had managed to find herself a flat only ten minutes from the nightclub, which was untroubled by noisy or drunken passers-by.

She entered the flat first and quickly pulled me in from the corridor to deliver a full mouthed French kiss. We stood holding each other for a few seconds, me running my hands over her back and hips. When she broke off the kiss there occurred a strange and awkward silence in which Wendy looked forlornly around the room before pointing to the couch and telling me to sit down.

I thought we were in for a bit of heavy petting, but Wendy had moved past that stage. She abandoned me momentarily and went into the bedroom. She emerged a minute later clutching something behind her back. She came over to the couch, sat down beside me and spoke.

“I’m afraid I have a confession to make, Alan. I’ve fancied you like mad ever since I found out what ikitelli escort sex was. Whenever I used to call over to your sisters house I used to hope that you were there. Does that sound strange?” She didn’t give me time to reply. “Well what if I was to tell you that I have not had a boyfriend now for four months, and that sometimes I fantasise about what it would be like for you to fuck me.”

“The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve brought you this far for a purpose. I want to have sex with you. I want to feel what I’ve been dreaming about, and I want you to love it too.”

The thought of having to live up to one of her dreams was daunting admittedly, but I felt excited and hugely aroused by the challenge. I took her brief pause to interject. “How do you want to start.” She continued. “Like I said I haven’t had a boyfriend in four months, so I’ve had to use a substitute. I’ve imagined what it would have felt like with your shaft inside me, or your hand holding onto my toy at least. Will you help me?” With that she exposed what had been hiding behind her back, a soft latex vibrator, about seven inches in length and fairly slender.

She handed me her love toy and whispered softly “Be gentle.” She stood off and peeled away her top, in the excitement of the occasion I had not noticed that she had removed her bra while in the bedroom. Her firm tits sprang out at me menacingly.

Casting her top aside she moved down to her hipsters, removing them and her high heeled slingbacks simultaneously, but gracefully. She now stood before me in only her red silk panties. She slid her hand down from her navel to her own soft spot and, for no more than a minute, stood there stroking her quim, eyes closed, in a dream world.

She slowly slid her panties over her hips and let them fall to the ground. She stepped out of them and directed her gaze at me, nodding her head only once. A little hesitantly I moved the vibrator to between her legs, which she had spread slightly apart. My hand nuzzled against her pussy for a moment as I found her entrance.

The narrow tip of the vibrator slid easily in and slowly I began to feed half of its length into her dripping vagina. She was breathing in and out through quivering lips, her eyes closed, again off in her fantasy world. When almost four inches of the toy was inside her I switched the machine on to maximum power and revelled in her sudden squeal of delight.

Slowly I began to draw the vibrator out of her pussy. I used the tip of the shaft to tickle her outer lips before pressing the vibrating head against her most sensitive area. She drew in a gasp of air before breathing out a quiet yes. She began to sway with the ripples of pleasure slowly spreading all over her body. She placed her hand on my shoulder to steady herself against my teasing.

I slid the head down the length of her pussy to where her vagina lay invitingly for her glistening love toy. I slid almost all of the vibrator into her this time, rubbing my thumb on her engorged clitoris when just the butt of the toy was visible.

Wendy was quickly coming to climax. I could sense in the quickness of her breath and the wild abandon with which kadıköy escort she was wailing and tossing her head about. I began to smoothly pump the vibrator in and out of her, feeling her inner walls put up more resistance.

Suddenly she took over proceedings herself. She began to rapidly push the vibrator in and out of her, still with her hand on my shoulder for support. She let out one final long, lingering moan before she collapsed onto her knees. She looked up at me and smiled wickedly before whispering a faint “Thank you.”

Positioned as she was, between my legs, it did not take her long to consider the next course of action. Still staring and smiling at me she began to rub the front of my jeans where a large bump had certainly made itself noticeable. She beckoned me to stand up, and when I did she undid my top button, pulled down my zip and slipped her warm hand down my shorts to where my cock was standing to attention.

She stroked it for a few moments under the cover of my shorts before pulling it clear to behold in all its eight inches of glory. Because she herself had not stood up while unveiling my manhood, she now knelt facing it. She snaked her tongue out initially, tasting my cock and wetting it too. She then took just the head of it into her mouth.

I cast my head back for a few moments, savouring the sensation of her tongue and lips with my eyes closed. When I chose to look down I could see a most sluttish picture of this blonde head bobbing up and down on my engorged dick.

She was a long way from a deep throat expert, but she done the basics right, taking as much of my thick shaft into her mouth and allowing her tongue to slide over my purple helmet with gentle force. She removed my cock from her mouth and began gently stroking it, peeling back the foreskin and rubbing the underside with her thumb.

“Do you want to come now or will you save it?” she asked me. “Go for it ” I said, I’ve got plenty more where that came from.” With that she began to vigourously pump my cock with her hand, while clamping her mouth over my swollen helmet once again.

The joint forces of her hand and tongue proved too much for me to handle for long. The first ripple of orgasm had barely passed through me before my hot juices were served up to her greedy palate

She never once flinched as my load hit her tongue and she could taste its rich saltiness. When she had squeezed the final drops from my partially erect cock she licked her lips in genuine satisfaction. She continued to stroke my cock as she proclaimed “You don’t look ready just yet, but I’ve got more toys if you’re interested. And unlike boys, us girls can keep going All Night Long.”

I was most definitely interested and even though my cock was quickly loosing its rigidity I knew there was more fuel in the tank. I let her escort me, cock first, into the bedroom. “That vibrator you used isn’t bad, but I need some extra filling in my bread. Try the top drawer over there.”

I looked in the top drawer as instructed and uncovered a black babe botherer which was a foot long if it was an inch. Now I had read about women who were loose enough to take these kind of monsters, but judging kartal escort by how much force Wendy exerted against her smaller mechanical friend, I didn’t think she was one of them. How wrong I was.

Wendy instructed me to position the black helmet at the entrance of her pussy and push it in gently. Still slick with her own honey lubricant, the head of the vibro slowly slid into her pussy, and sure enough the inches went in unopposed until at least ten inches were inside her. With her own hands firmly pinching her engorged nipples she asked me to do the honours and switch on the beast.

There was only two steps involved in this machine, off and jackhammer. I switched it on from the base and watched in awe as Wendy writhed in pleasure on the bed, arching her back and letting out a slow, loud, erotic, moan. She asked me in a breathless voice to pump the shaft in and out, and being the humble slave, I succumbed.

At first I only began drawing an inch or two of this massive shaft out if her cunt and then pushing it back in again, at a fairly slow rate. However, with her shouting encouragement i began to pull almost eight inches of the shaft out of her gaping hole before ramming it’s full length back up again.

I kept having to switch arms to keep up. I realised pretty quickly that she wasn’t going to come as quick as she had done in the sitting room. Eventually I heard those telltale yelps emanating from her mouth. I pushed the vibro in and out even more frantically before a foundation shaking yell fell from her lips. I gradually began to wind down the ferocity of the pumping before eventually leaving the entire length inside her and collapsing back on the bed myself, truly in awe of the experience I had just had.

Unbelievably Wendy had enough energy left to withdraw the shaft from her swollen pussy and turn her attention to me. She took my rapidly rising prick in her mouth again, working the helmet with her tongue as she rubbed up and down the shaft with both hands.

In a matter of minutes I was standing to attention again. Having succeeded in waking my dozing giant Wendy then took over proceedings. She rolled over onto my lap and guided my cock into her ever willing pussy with her hands. When the tip was in she sank onto its full length with a sigh and a smile.

Everything up to this had been frantic and exhausting, but now Wendy was more gentle. She rocked up and down on my tool with ease. Both of our wanton lusts and desires for immediate pleasure had been satisfied. Now it was time to sit back in our orgasmic retirement and take it slowly.

After a time on top I rolled Wendy off my stomach and spread her legs wide so I could get all of my shaft into her. We must have fucked for a half an hour at least, nothing frenetic, just gentle and sensual. Eventually the pace increased when i felt my orgasm building. And then it was over. We came together, bonded by our sex organs, our body heat and our unmistakable love of sex. We only spent one night together, neither of us wanted any more than the sex, and when the first night was as good as that surely the future would have a hard act to follow.

Mind you I still see Wendy around in clubs and pubs. She eventually did find herself a regular boyfriend. It was no surprise when I learned that he was a tall black basketball player from America who coached a local team. She had reveled in the delight of her ebony monster that night, and no doubt she’d doing something similar with her guy, maybe even at this moment in time. He is a Very lucky man.

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