16 Ocak 2021

Andi’s Summer – Day 07 Pt. 02

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Outside Vera’s spa we stashed the bags in the trunk. When I ask about the garment bag lying flat across the flooring Candi explained that she sometimes had to change dresses between appointments or change from a modest street dress into her working clothes on the run. Pulling away from the curb she asked if I was hungry.

“Yes, I could eat a horse.”

She giggled and replied, “I hope you’re up to eating a whore this afternoon.” She looked at her watch. “It is ten-twenty; we did good time-wise. We have the rest of the day to play.”


“Yes, I picked up the toys Brad wanted for you at the adult book store next to Vera’s dress shop. I think she owns that jack-off den but she denies it.”

“What’s an adult book store like?”

“I’ll show you another day; today I want you all to myself. How do you like your working clothes?”

“I think I look innocent from a distance, but my nips are advertising my true nature up close. You can see the full side of my right breast from where you’re sitting can’t you?”

“You betcha! That’s what I was going for and if you’re turning tricks in a hallway, back alley, or public toilet stall you can do your business but recover quickly. Let me show you. Go ahead – top down, bottom up.”

I realized she was having me repeat my earlier naked exhibitionism. I made a sensuous show of performing both sets of her directions and smiled for her as the wind revisited my flesh.

“It appears I am showing you, not the other way around”, I jested.

She pulled up to the gas pumps at a convenience store just when I was gaining confidence in my public highway nudity.

“Stay as you are, Love Bug.”


She pumped ten dollars’ worth of gas before running inside. As I stewed over my predicament and prayed no one else would chose this time or place for gas I preplanned my recovery if it was necessary. I could cover my top and fold my hands over my naked lap in an instant. Was that a lesson Candi wanted me to learn?

Before there was a situation for me to panic about Candi came out of the store and a bespectacled teenage kid wearing the shop’s apron was right behind her. His attention was on the exaggerated swing of her hips until they reached my side of the car.

“I promised Eddie here a quick peek at Hollywood’s next big star all naked if he would throw in a special item for you,” was her guiltless explanation.

She placed the plastic bag of goodies on my lap giving me half of my modesty back as she scampered around the car and slid in letting her skirt spread and expose her thighs as she removed the bag from my lap and set it on the floor beside my feet.

“Come around here Eddie.” Startled, the nervous boy started to run to the front and then changed his mind when Candi started the engine up and instead he ran around the back of the car.

When Eddie reached her door Candi told him to show us his cock. As he stood there with his eyes darting all over each of our bodies Candi upped the ante by sliding her top open to each of her shoulders baring her own full breasts.

“I want you to shoot your cum all over my full soft tits, Eddie.”

Eddie had enough incentive. In a flash he lifted his apron, pulled his pride and joy out and palmed his cock. Within seconds it was being jacked a mile a minute. Candi reached over and fondled my thigh and pulled my legs apart. As she reached for my furnace a pick-up truck full of migrant workers in the rear bed pulled up on the opposite side of the pumps. Eddie’s back was to them and the roadway. It was obvious from the immediate hoots and hollers that some of passengers in the truck were seeing more of something we didn’t expect them to. Candi floored it, and sped away leaving Eddie in a precarious plight.

We both got the giggles.

“Wasn’t that a rush?”

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t answer, but nodded in agreement. I scooted over and rested my head in her lap as a sign of affection as we sped along, both of us in partial glorious nudity. My position wasn’t the best idea; my body was suspended awkwardly over the space between the seats and her scent was whiffing up from her lap stimulating my senses making me swoon and become delirious.

The car slowed down and I rose up to see where we were after Candi turned into a rough unpaved road. She had pulled off the highway into a weed covered driveway with a long abandoned homestead at the end. The roof of the barn had long ago collapsed and both buildings were darkly weathered. She stopped in a shady spot under an ancient tree only twenty feet off the main road.

“I think we better eat here; if we wait until we reach the motel I’m sure the food will go to waste.”

She was right, once in an enclosed room with or without a bed I would have only one thing to eat on my mind. I was glad she had enough foresight and control to be sensible.

Candi opened the bag from the store withdrawing pre-packaged salads, sandwiches, two bottles of seltzer water, canlı bahis a quart of beer and oddly, one thick stubby cigar. She held her hand inside the bag and looked at me.

“This is the gift for you that Eddie provided.” She slowly raised her hand and showed me a pair of sunglasses similar to hers although the lens weren’t as dark as hers as they were a cheap imitation of swashbuckling pilots’ sunglasses.

“These will have to do until we can get you a real pair.”

I put on her thoughtful gift knowing Eddie wouldn’t have known I wanted a pair and that she had gotten them with a promise that the two of us had half-way fulfilled. I put the glasses on.

She studied me, “I can see your eyes; at times I don’t want to see your eyes.”

We ate casually as if we were taking a break from a long road trip. There was little conversation as it seemed we both were occupied with our own thoughts. I wolfed down my still warm roast beef and cheddar chess, while she nibbled at half of her fish sandwich. We both enjoyed our salads which were surprisingly cold and crisp.

I was curious, “Who is the beer and cigar for?”

“I like the taste of beer and the smell of cigars on my favorite fist fucking wow-man. At least, I think I will.”

With that confession she set the eminent first scene for when we reached our destination. I took a deep breath and hoped I wouldn’t disappoint her.

We guzzled our seltzers and both agreed that we needed to relieve ourselves so we christened the far side of the tree out of sight of the road before moving on. I was proud of her when she didn’t discard our trash, but rather replaced it in the bag and tucked it under her seat. Before we took off I placed the cold sweating quart between her legs justifying my prank by explaining that it was to keep her cooled off.

When we reached the outskirts of town Candi pulled into our township’s only motel and stopped in front of the office of the hourly rate hostel. I knew of its jaded reputation. Did Candi?

She adjusted her clothing and got out of the car after handing me the beer and suggesting that I light up the cigar. It was apparent that she was in a hurry to be fucked over.

“Stay here; I’ll only be a minute.”

As she exited the office I assumed the clerk was male since her breasts were on full naked display as a blatant signal that she had accomplished something naughty once again. Without a word she pulled the car in front of bungalow seven. There were two other cars, three trucks and a van in front of other cabins making the motel nearly half full and it wasn’t even noon yet.

As we extracted my bags from the trunk I asked her how long were we able to stay.

“As long as you want, Love Bug.”

Inside the room Candi said we should get naked and inspect my new toys before we started in on each other since there were several things in my bags that I might want to use on her. Like a gleeful child at Christmas she first picked out those items first. There was a black blindfold, a black heart-shaped ping pong paddle with a furry side and a prickly side and a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. She explained that all of them were for Brad’s use and he expected them to look like they had been used on me and that he expected some bruises on me to prove it. The last two items she showed me were large tubes of wintergreen ointment like she had used on me at the pool.

“This one is just for me, as you know I like to have it rubbed onto all my sensitive parts while I’m spanked because it not only drives me insane but it also distracts from the beating I’m taking on my butt.” Candi put her tube in her purse so it wouldn’t get repacked with my toys.

“Does that make me sound crazy?”

Knowing how irritating the crème had felt on my anus yesterday, and how much I had been grateful that she never applied it to my nipples and cunny as she had threatened, I gulped and steeled myself because I understood that my lover wanted – needed me to really abuse her.

She opened the beer and handed it to me. As I took a good swig of the fizz and foam as she unwrapped the cigar and after placing it in my mouth lit it. I puffed on it, licked the tip and knew better than to try and inhale it.

There were still more gift packages to inspect when there was a thumping on our door.

“I have a surprise gift for you Andi! I promised the clerk that you would give him a blow and I would lick his ass at the same time.” When she saw my confused hesitation she explained, “It’s a trade-out; free room for a fifteen minute double blowjob and rimming!”

She rushed to the door and a reasonably clean-shaven and healthy looking bright-eyed man near Mr. Jacoby’s age stepped into our room wearing a bathrobe and slippers. I was surprised; somehow I expected a grubby old pervert.

“Welcome Walter, I see you kept your promise and scrubbed up for us! Such a good boy!”

Walter’s eyes were making eternal mental snapshots of both of our naked bodies. His breathing was erratic bahis siteleri and when he withdrew his hands from the robe’s pockets his hard firm cock sprang out of the folds. Needing no further instruction or invitation I stubbed out the cigar, dropped to my knees, reached in and cupped his ball sack and swallowed his wet and shiny head. His cock was average size, whatever average was; I still needed to determine what exactly that was. He tasted of faint residual soap but it didn’t interfere with my purpose.

I was aware that Candi was removing his robe and moments later I felt an exploratory hand reach through his legs and tweak my right nipple as the sounds of her tongue rewashing his anus with noisy sloppy zeal made me conclude that unless he had masturbated in the shower he wouldn’t last the full fifteen minutes. I released his nuts and pawed at the soft full breasts behind him. Candi pinched the nipple she held captive in response before switching to my other one.

Walter began humping my mouth and clasped his hands behind my head. I didn’t mind at all. Mr. Jacoby’s end time habit had made me accept that it was just something men do when they are ready to ejaculate. Walter sprang up on his toes in response to one or more fingers from Candi ramming up his ass and that was the beginning of the end of our ménage à trois.

Walter’s spurts were powerful and copious; I relished his taffy flavored substance and swished and swirled the liquid gelatin with complete abandon. My eyes were closed and I was on another plane when I felt feminine hands reached around me from behind and softly cup my breasts. Too soon she was pulling me away from my pursuit. I didn’t resist as I accepted that I was being a glutton.

Walter having gotten what he wanted put on his robe and turning at the door asked, “Can I come back in about an hour?”

Candi had a quick response, “Not today, Walter – maybe next week.”

When he was gone I asked, “Why didn’t you warn me?”

“Why would I? I knew you were game but didn’t realize just what a sperm junky you are. You need to learn to pop them and usher them out.” She sounded pissed.

“Were you jealous? You set it up.” How could I ask such an impertinent question and make that accusation?

“Maybe… a little.” She appeared to be holding back genuine tears. She started to rush toward bathroom and I suspected she wanted time to gather herself.

“Stop right there, Bitch!” I had lowered my voice and growled the angry command.

With a shocked expression Candi turned around. “I just wanted to freshen up for you”, she pouted holding up her soiled fuck-you finger and displaying her tongue.

“Get your whoring ass over here. I’ve got a hard-on that needs attention now, not ten minutes from now. On your knees!”

I was sitting at the table again with my legs spread open for her. I couldn’t believe that I was entirely comfortable ordering my lover around or that she was so willing to acquiesce. After she crawled over and knelt up between my legs she looked down at her folded hands. I liked the way her arms pressed her breasts up and out.

“Look at me, Slut!” Her gleaming eyes and reserved smile told me all I needed to know. I took a long slug of beer and a suck on the now unlit cigar for effect. I reached over to her side of the table and lifted her glasses and put them on. My eyes were now concealed from her.

I recalled a pledge between two lesbian lovers that I had re-read last night and in my gruffest voice modified it to our current circumstance.

“Bitch, you need to understand and accept that you may surprise me anytime you care to; I am happy to be your Love Bug and slut. You need to also understand that I will fuck over you whenever I want to treat you like you need to be treated. However, most of the time, we will be best friends and lovers. Does that sound reasonable to you, Bitch?”

Candi had been nodding as I laid out my proposal for our future relationship before agreeing.

“Andi, I too want us to be best friends and lovers all the time. When I’m being bitchy or even when I’m not; I want you to do what you must do and I want to watch you sucking any man that strikes my fancy anytime, anywhere. I think we make the perfect couple.”

Although our mutual commitments were done casually I sensed we both took them very seriously.

“I agree – best friends and lovers forever.”

I reached out and got a good purchase on her golden locks and slammed her face onto my vulva. “Now get busy and take care of my raging hard-on and stir up your own juices so I can return the favor, Bitch.”

Her hands found my uppermost thighs and roughly pushed them aside to give her greater room to pleasure me. She was neither tender nor as loving as she had been yesterday; she attacked my clitoris like an animal, nipping and licking at it while avoiding my swelling lips and my expanding vestibule. Once occupied she dropped her right hand down between her legs and began to prime the pump to bring to the bahis şirketleri surface the nectar that I had ordered her to produce.

I did the male thing; I forced her face against me and crushed her chin, nose, and cheekbones against my pelvic bone dislodging her molestation briefly while I left no doubt in my cocksucker’s mind who was in charge. After sending that message I eased off, removed my hands from the back of her head and was considering laying a few swats on her squirming ass.

I was in the throes of my own building passion when I spied the tube of wintergreen on the table. I grabbed it and breaking the seal I squeezed a good sized portion on the tip of my index finger and bent over her and applied the refresher to her wrinkled oversized often invaded anal ring. The girl wanted her ass pleasured didn’t she? Was I beginning to think like a careless self-centered male?

She moaned as she became aware of the cooling pleasure as I rubbed the ointment all over the surface of her favorite fuck-hole. Her tongue, lips and teeth went into overdrive. I squeezed another dollop in the palm of my hand and rubbing both of my hands together briskly in order to speed up the conversion to heat I reached over and around her arms and cradled her jiggling breasts. I used my coated fingers to torture her nipples which remained soft and pliable. Didn’t they ever get hard?

I mentally reminded myself that I would have to be careful when I placed my hands on my own body until I had the opportunity to cleanse them. I also noted that I didn’t want my hands to touch her womanhood when the time came to claim my reward. Maybe afterwards?

The heat must have begun on her coated backside as her butt started making determined thrusts to escape or enhance the prickly heat radiating from her now very sensitive preferred entry. I gave both of her mushy nipples a fingernail pinch and they responded just as my own hard swollen nips would have. Her surprised pain inspired outcry made my clit throb. I abandoned her breasts and wrapped my fingers in the strands of her beautiful hair, using the leverage gained to push and pull her mouth away from and back to my nearly bursting clit.

Candi must have sensed my condition or her own orgasm was forthcoming because she sprang up and pulled me over to the nearby bed and reversed herself across the bed to lie below me. I dove for her treasure and she pulled my hips down until her open mouth enveloped my entire mons. The tenderness began as we rolled each other toward the headboard and back to the foot of the bed, taking turns being dominate and submissive. Our tongues, lips, teeth, noses and chins gave tit for tat. She came first, with me following close behind. We exchanged moans and declarations of satisfaction that were as genuine as our love.

Eventually, we righted ourselves on the bed rolled onto our backs with deep sighs before the giggles began. I rolled over and pressed my chest against her side and smiled down at her dimpled cheeks.

“Not bad, Bitch.”

“Actually, really good, Love Bug.”

“Actually, yes. I meant to fist-fuck you first thing but my hands were coated with the wintergreen.”

“I was looking forward to you punching my puss-puss but I enjoyed being first your bitch and then your lover. We still have all afternoon.”

We cuddled together reaching one of those times where nothing more needed to be said. We petted and fondled each other to signal how blissful we felt with each other. I curled up against her and we dozed for a few moments or minutes. Candi was first to speak.

“I need to show you your toys and show you how to use them. Remember that Brad will think Leo and Alicia did it at La Fem and that they finished off your four hour appointment with a sensuous massage that you should praise them for when Brad asks how your make-over went.”

“Would you have watched them do me?”

“Of course, I would have joined too, I suppose. Remember I got a full make-over too; at least Brad will be billed for it. That was my bonus for escorting you through your initiation.”

“I’m sorry you missed getting pampered. If we were there for only four hours what did we do for the rest of the day?”

“We had lunch, spent a lot of time trying on your new clothes and shoes, did some window shopping, and then I took you home. I tipped Vera’s clerk so if Brad or she checks we were there for hours.”

“We’ll have to do that sometime.”

“That we will. Get up off of me; we have work to do.”

We sat at the table and with less joy than her initial revelation of the goodies in the bags she dumped out the contents of one. The multiple packaged adult toys and accessories filled the surface of the table. I was frightened and excited at the same time.

“Are you really going to use all these things on me right now?”

“Yes, Leo and Alicia were supposed to initiate you after your makeover, but I knew I will be kinder and gentler with you. Sometimes those two get carried away, especially with the inflatables and the paddle. Brad will have a blast running you through your paces with them tomorrow and the next day and the next. He’ll be a lot rougher too.”

“Will you be there tomorrow?”

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