20 Ocak 2021

Bad Kitty

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Characters Descriptions:

Sarah (me)- 18 years old. 5’2. 108 lbs. 30F breasts. Brown, chest-length hair with white-blond streaks. Blue-grey eyes.

Francine: 20 years old- 4’11. 97 lbs. 32C breasts. Black, chin-length hair with side-bangs. Bright blue eyes.


One night, I went over to my friend Francine’s house for a sleepover. Now, Francine and I had been really good friends for about two years at this point, but this was the first time that I had slept over. I was excited, because usually when I hung out with Francine, we didn’t get to talk much, seeing as her two younger sisters were always following us around. This time, however, her sisters were also having a sleepover, so they weren’t home.

I got to Francine’s house at about 6:30 and the night started off as it usually did. Her father made dinner, and her mother stayed in her room, talking on her cell phone. Once dinner was ready, we all ate together. Her mother asked me if I would like any sweet wine. Under normal circumstances, I would have said no, but it was the evening of the Sabbath, their holy day out of the week. So, I decided to be polite and took some wine. I drank it with dinner, which was an amazing homemade traditional Jewish dish.

After dinner, Francine and I cleared the table, and went back to her room. When we got to her room, she opened her closet, and motioned for me to come and stand by her. I did, and I noticed that she had a stash of alcoholic drinks in her closet. There was marshmallow flavored Smirnoff, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Mike’s Classic Margarita. Francine asked me if I wanted any, and again I said yes (against my better judgement).

While we drank (and got drunk), we talked about a lot of things that we usually didn’t get the chance to talk about. I told her how I had always thought that she was beautiful, and how I wished that she was bisexual too, so then maybe I’d have a chance with her. She just laughed and told me that she’s not into girls, and never has been. At that point, in my drunken state, I decided that maybe, since Francine wasn’t currently into girls, that I could help her to change her mind. I decided that I would try and seduce her.

I told her that my bra felt weird, canlı bahis and that the underwire kind of hurt, so I was going to take it off.

“You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.

“No, go ahead,” Francine said while taking another drink of her Mike’s Classic Margarita.

So, I stood up from where I was sitting next to her on her bed. I began to take my shirt off, and after that, my bra. After my bra was off, I turned so that she could see just enough of my left breast to get an idea of what it looked like. I began to put my shirt back on, when she says my name.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Leave it off,” Francine instructs.

“Leave what off? My shirt?” I inquire, smiling on the inside. She liked what she saw.

“Yes, Sarah, your shirt,” Francine replies, sounding annoyed.

Francine then proceeds to stand up from where she is sitting on her bed, and walk over towards me. She walks around me so that she is facing me. Then, without warning, she grabs my left breast firmly in her hand. I stifle a gasp.

“Huh,” she says, “They’re really perky. I always thought that since they were so big that they’d sag a bit. But they don’t!” She laughs.

“Oh, umm, yeah…I guess,” I stutter. Her hand is warm on my breast, and it starting to make me aroused.

Francine releases my breast, and walks over to her closet.

“Earlier you told me you like pet play,” Francine states matter-of-factly.

She grabs something from a shelf in her closet, and turns towards me, holding whatever it is she’s holding behind her back.

“Come here,” Francine says.

I walk (well, more like stagger) over to Francine, and stand in front of her. She tells me to close my eyes, and I do. After a moment, I feel her putting a headband on me. She tells me to keep my eyes closed. I hear her walking around so that she’s standing behind me. Then, she reaches in front of my neck, and puts something soft around it. After a moment, I hear a click.

“Open your eyes,” she says.

I do as instructed, and I see that Francine is holding a mirror up in front of me. She has put a cat-ear headband on my head, and a collar with a bell on it around my neck. I look at her in the mirror, because she is still standing bahis siteleri behind me. Apparently, while I had my eyes closed, she had taken off her shirt and skirt. Now, all she was wearing was a black bra and thong, and black heels.

“Does kitty like what she sees?” Francine asks seductively.

I nod.

“Good. Now, take off your jeans and panties.”

I do as instructed, shaking slightly from my level of arousal plus the excitement.

After I have stripped completely, Francine walks around me, so that she is standing in front of me.

Oh God, I think, She’s gorgeous…

Francine then tells me to get on my hands and knees- I won’t be allowed to walk upright for the rest of the night.

“Alright,” I say, as I am lowering myself to the ground.

Francine looks at me, and then informs me that I will also not be allowed to speak, except to make cat noises.

I nod.

“Good kitty,” Francine coos, petting my hair.

At that point, I realized that I really had to use the restroom, so I began to crawl towards it. What resulted was a hard slap on my ass.

“Bad kitty!” Francine yelled, “You’re not a human, are you?”

I shake my head “no.”

“I didn’t think so. And only humans use the toilet to go potty, right?”

I nod.

Then, Francine gave me the option of either using one of her cats’ litter-boxes, or using the restroom outside, “like a stray.” No way was I using a litter-box, so I opted to use the restroom outside.

Francine then attaches a leash to my collar, so that “kitty won’t get lost outside.” Then, she opens the window to her side-yard, and tells me to go outside and “go potty.” I crawl out of the window, and once I get outside, I realize that I am in direct view of her 22-year-old male neighbor’s house across the street. I look back inside at Francine, who is still holding the end of my leash.

“Go potty, kitty,” she coos.

With an exasperated sigh, I do. While I am using the restroom in her yard, the front door of her neighbor’s house opens, and he walks outside. He waves to me, mocking my situation.

Once I am done relieving myself, I come back inside through the open window, thoroughly humiliated. Francine bahis şirketleri proceeds to guide my by my leash over to her bed, where she sits. She tells me that “kitties aren’t allowed on furniture,” and that I have to sit on the floor at her feet, facing her.

Francine then begins to play with my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples. All the while, I am getting more and more aroused.

After what seems like an eternity of having my breasts fondled, Francine asks me if I want to make my owner happy.

I nod.

What Francine does next startles me. She grabs my hair, and pulls my face towards her cunt. “Eat me,” she instructs. I try to pull away, but she holds on firmly to my hair. It hurts, and I have no choice. I begin to lick her pussy, which is dripping wet. After a few minutes, I insert two fingers into her, and she moans loudly. I increase the tempo of my fingers, and within a few minutes, she’s screaming that she’s cumming. She writhes in ecstasy for a few moments before relaxing.

At this point, I am also dripping wet. I look up at her, trying to convey through my eyes how hot for her I am. But, to my dismay, she says no.

“You were a bad kitty earlier. And do bad kitties get to have fun? No. So, I think its time that we go to bed. Sleep well, kitty. Oh, and no touching yourself.”

Francine then gets up off of the bed, and turns off the lights. She tells me that I may have a blanket, but that I am to sleep at her feet.

I wait a while, until I am certain that she is asleep. Then, I begin to touch my warm, wet, softness. I stifle my moans, so as not to wake Francine up. When I finally cum, it is the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. After its over, I feel a hand grabbing my wrist.

“BAD KITTY,” Francine says angrily, “I said not to touch yourself, and you disobeyed me.”

Then, she yanks on my arm, pulling me towards me. I fall on my stomach, draped over her legs. Before I even have time to catch my breath, I feel a stinging sensation on my ass. I yelp.

“BAD KITTY,” Francine says again.

At this point I am on the verge of tears, and Francine knows it. For the next three minutes (although it feels like an eternity) she spanks me hard. It hurts so much that by the time she is done, I am sobbing.

“Now, kitty, go to sleep,” Francine says softly.

I lie down and close my eyes. After only a few minutes, I fall into the most peaceful sleep I’ve ever had.

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