28 Ocak 2021

Banana Girl

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I was a considered a famous photographer. I was set to do a photo shoot for this girly magazine, with this model I had never met. Being a model I knew she had to be beautiful, but I didn’t expect EXCEPTIONALLY GORGEOUS! She was moderately tall, long brown curly hair, obviously due to having a perm. Her skin slightly dark, she was German. Well when I got the news that I’d be the one doing the shoot, they told me her name, which was Adelita Von Gustav.

This woman had huge brown eyes that just stared right into your soul, and a body that just wouldn’t quit. I knew why she was a model, she had such a commanding presents. You know the type, when a woman who’s this gorgeous walks into a room, the room gets quiet and all eyes are on her. Well, this was that woman. She was wearing a bikini bottom and a crop cut Miami Dolphins jersey. There was just enough of a slit in the jersey between her breasts, so you could see that her breasts were kind of what they call banana shaped. It didn’t matter to me, she was GORGEOUS!

As I walked up towards her to say Hello! I thought, what if she doesn’t speak English, what if she only speaks her native tongue? So I thought of the only German phrase I knew.. I said to her, ‘Guten Tag!’ Which means ‘Good day,’ in German.

She smiled as our eyes met, and she heartedly said, “Hello!, nice to meet you!,” and put out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand, and realized she had a firm grip, and she spoke English. Right then I knew we were off to a good start.

I said to her, “Adelita.. what a pretty name,” and smiled at her.

She said, “thank you! It means “sweet” in German, as she smiled at me.

Well sweet she was. Very pleasing to the eye. She asked me where I wanted her to do the shoot on the property, so I suggested by the pool. She was definitely game, as she started walking, she then stopped and turned around and asked me to walk with her. I had my equipment sent ahead, so I was DEFINITELY game for walking with this beautiful woman!

I had her doing various poses. A few where she was holding a couple of huge sea shells, the kind that you put up to your ear, and can hear the ocean. She had one in each hand, slightly below her beautiful banana breast. I had her do some of the shots with her shirt on, with the seashells, and some without the shirt and the seashells in the same position.

The camera loved her, and she just loved the camera. She was gorgeous!!

I also had her sitting by the pool in a orange bathing suit on backwards of course, to show off her beautiful breasts. There was one where she had a orange visor on her head, that her right hand was holding it off to one side. And another pose in the same suit, where she’s sitting by the pool with her left arm propping her up and her right hand upon her left knee. There was a few more with her in a red bathing suit, on backwards, with a gray belt buckled across the middle. Adelita was on the steps of the in-ground pool, leaning forward on her arms, where it was obvious you could see the valley between her breasts. Another where she was on the steps, standing, left leg slightly in front of the right, and her hands out stretched in front of her on the cement around the pool.

I had her doing a pose where her legs and feet are slightly apart, in a black lace up just covering her lower half of her body, and she’s holding onto the strings, her breasts are definitely bare. Then there was a shot of Adelita standing in a bikini, with the top tied around her back on the bottom, but the top of the bikini was draped over her crossed arms underneath her bare breasts. I couldn’t help it, this woman was ALL woman! And she was DEFINITELY turning me on! I could feel it, in every sense of the word “ON!” Let’s just say that if I were a man, I would want to put a book in front of me. But I’m not a man, so I won’t! But the girls were straining against the bra I was wearing.

I asked her to do a few more shots, in a few more poses, in a few more outfits. Then I suggested we break for lunch, and then do some more shooting, then end for the day.

So after a few more shots, I finally said, “cut! Let’s break for lunch!”

Adelita slouched her pose then grabbed her crop cut Miami Dolphins jersey and put it on, then walked up to me, and put her arm around my shoulders and said, “come on, I’ll show you where we’re eating lunch.” Seeing as Adelita had her arm around my shoulders as she motioned for us to walk, I placed my arm around her mid section and unequivocally, I went.

We arrived at the table. Adelita picked up two paper plates and handed me one, then she handed me some plastic silverware. I said, “thank you.” She said “you’re welcome.”

They had all sorts of things to eat. Adelita asked me what I wanted. Of course, I wanted to say, “you!,” but I didn’t. I said, “have any tuna fish?” Soon there was a tuna fish sandwich on my plate, and a couple of spoonfuls of German Potato Salad. Adelita said, “you must try this, it is to die for!” Who was I to protest anything this beautiful woman said. Then she asked me if I wanted anything else, canlı bahis I said, “got any yogurt?”

“What kind,” she said?

I said, “blueberry?”

She said, “that’s my fave too,” then smiled at me, as she placed a small container of blueberry yogurt on my plate as well as hers. We both grabbed a bottle of Tab for our drinks, then headed for our table.

When we arrived at our table to eat.. I made quite sure that I sat across from Adelita. That way I could see her pretty face if we had a conversation. Which by the way things were going, I knew we would.

It was actually me that started the conversation. I said, “if you don’t mind me asking, what made you get into modeling? Especially nude glamour modeling?”

Adelita politely wiped her mouth with her napkin that she had earlier placed in her lap, and was now into her hand. Then she told me, “I used to be a secretary. You know, typing and filing and that old boring stuff.” I smiled and laughed.

Then she continued, that, one day a client came into the office she was working at, and he took one look at her, and put his hands up in sort of a square, with her face in the middle. You know when someone is making a camera gesture. I blushed and asked him, “what are you doing?” And he said, “here’s my card, call me if you want a job that is way more interesting than this boring one you have right now, and one that pays well more also. Plus you get to travel. All expenses paid.”

“I took his card and examined it, then placed it onto my desk. Photography obviously was his second source of income. Then I said, I’ll think about it.” The guy said, “fair enough.” I knew his name, so I picked up the phone and buzzed Mr. Heinrich’s office. Mr. Heinrich was my boss. To let him know that his client was there.

Then one day I had just about had it with the company I was with, the typing and filing, and getting the bosses coffee and everything else that goes along with being a secretary. I had reached into my desk for something, and saw Mr. Ferdinand’s card. I laughed, ’cause I LOVE to read books and I was helping a friend of mine once that was having a baby. We were reading a ‘baby name’ book and I remembered my friend liked the name “Ferdinand.” And I remembered that, that is an Old German name, from ‘fardi’ meaning journey and ‘nanthi’ meaning venture.

So I put two and two together. I placed Mr. Ferdinand’s card into my handbag, and when I got home, I decided to give him a call.”

“I will say, even though I was fed up with my secretarial job, I did give two weeks notice to Mr. Heinrich. He said that he was sorry to see me go, that I was the best secretary he ever had. Blah, blah, blah,” as she rolled her pretty brown eyes. I laughed at her gestures. She smiled at me with the most beautiful crooked smile I have ever seen.

She then straightened up her back and folded her hands in her lap and asked me, “what made you want to become a photographer?”

Well, I said, “all my life my family and friends always commented on my photos. Whether it was just random shots or birthday parties for relatives and friends. Or just the holidays. Then one day I looked at one of my own photo’s and decided that it was good enough for publication. So I submitted the photo to a magazine and they LOVED it! From then I was hooked. If you are going to ask me what made me want to do this type of photo shoot, then I will admit that I am doing it as a favor for a friend. But, I can honestly say, it has been a pleasure so far, and DEFINITELY a pleasure working with you!” And gave her a wink.

She blushed and then smiled at me. There was an obvious attraction. I finally looked at her, and said, “let’s go get a few more shots in, before the sun goes down. Then we’ll wrap for the day, then finish tomorrow.”

Adelita shook her head and got up from the table, and grabbed her lunch plate and her drink, and wandered over to the bin and placed her rubbish in. I proceeded to do the same. Adelita and I both had our drinks in one hand, and our arms around each other as we approached the pool area. One of the guys on the photo shoot said, “you girls seem to hit it off right well!”

Adelita and I looked at each other, and at the same time, winked at each other, and said, “yes we have,” in unison.

The camera loved to drink in the sight of this pretty German girl, but it wasn’t just the camera, I LOVED to drink in the sight of this pretty German girl as well. I had Adelita do a few more poses for the camera. One where she was in a bikini bottom, and no top, laying on her right side with her right hand propping her head up, while she was laying on a beach towel on the side of the pool. Another shot of Adelita where she was in the same bikini bottom laying on the beach towel by the pool on her left side with her left arm propping her up while her right arm draped in front of her resting on the towel, showing off her gorgeous breasts.

Even though Adelita was beaming beautifulness from head to toe, and I loved seeing every inch of her, loved staring at her breasts. They were just the right size and bahis siteleri banana shaped, and bananas were my most favorite fruit. It was her arms that were appealing to me. They looked so soft and inviting, and I wondered what it would be like if she were to hold me in those soft, inviting arms. You now, to be in the “nook.”

As the sun started to fade, I said, “cut, that’s a rap for today. We’ll continue tomorrow.”

Adelita relaxed her pose. Then someone reached down and took her hand to help her up off the towel. Her hand in another’s hand almost made me a bit jealous, and we weren’t even together yet. Well I wasn’t sure that would ever happen. But a woman can dream can’t she?

When Adelita was finally up off the towel, she put on her Dolphins jersey. Then came over to me and asked me if I had a place to stay. I told her I was staying at the local motel. Adelita heartedly said, “I will not hear of it, you’re staying with me in my flat!”

I was kind of taken aback by this boldness of her, but at the same time, I quite enjoyed it. Adelita put her arm around my shoulders and I placed my arm around her tiny waist, and we started to walk. We ended up at the changing tent that was set up for her to do the photo shoot. We entered the tent, and she took her arm off my shoulder and my arm fell from her waist, as she walked to her cloths and then started to undress herself from her photo shoot cloths.

I watched as she crossed her arms over her gorgeous chest, lifting her crop cut Miami Dolphins jersey over her pretty head and place it aside, then she bent down and took off her bikini bottom, and placed that aside as well, and noticed Adelita was “V” shaved.

She then grabbed a pair of sweat pants and put them on, then grabbed a t-shirt that had some writing on it, it said “I love Germany.” There was a heart shape in the middle of “I” and “Germany,” and the colors on the heart were black, red and yellow, Germany’s flag colors. When she was done she put on a pair of trainers, then came over to me as I was sitting on a chair and said, “I normally don’t mix business with pleasure, but you’re kinda cute!” Then she just boldly sat on my lap facing me, her legs holding me down.

Boy I thought, ‘I like this!’ She then leaned into me, her chest against mine. I could feel her breathing, her heartbeat, I could feel everything. And I liked it! Eventually, our breathing became as one, then after she stared into my eyes and me hers, she laid a kiss on me that sent shivers down my spine and then some. We broke the kiss and again, looked into each others eyes. I then said, “I see your need for spontaneity, and I like it!!”

She says, “It comes from modeling, you know, the need for this position, that position. You gotta be quick.”

“I know,” I said. “But I think you have your mind made up before hand, you know what you want, and you just go for it.”

She smiled, then says, “you are right!”

I said, “Go for it with gusto!” She laughed, and said, “like this?” Then steeled her posterior harder into me, and leaned in and kissed me again, and I her.

When we got to her flat, she asked me if I was hungry, and again, I wanted to say for you.. But this time my tummy was winning. So I said, “yes, I am!” So Adelita fixed us some leftovers from the day before, which was a German dish. German Meatballs and Spaetzle. Adelita grabbed two glasses and without hesitation grabbed two Tab’s out of her refrigerator, knowing that I already liked Tab, it was just a gut reaction. She placed some ice in the glasses and poured the Tab for us both.

We then both sat down to eat, it was a counter in the kitchen with an extended side to the living room, with two bar stools for seating. We both began eating, and I spoke up after my mouth was clear of food, and said “this is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much!”

Adelita says, “you are very welcome! This is an old German recipe. It’s one of my favorites, seeing as it’s late, I just heated it up. Otherwise I would have whipped something else up. I’m glad you like it!”

After we finished dinner, we placed our dishes in the sink. Then Adelita said, “I’m going to take a bath, come with?”

I sheepishly smiled at Adelita, and took her outstretched hand, and walked with her to her bathroom. Once we got there, I saw the most magnificent bathroom ever. Quite elegant, I might add, not bad for a flat.

Adelita let go of my hand, and started the bath water. She placed some bath soap in the water which smelled like gardenia’s and lilacs. It was heavenly. Adelita looked at me, and then came over to me, and kissed me. Then looked up at me and asked, “are you sure?”

I looked up at her, and smiled, then said, “I’m quite sure.” Adelita then started to undress me. She took my hands and held them up in the air, then took off my shirt, then reached around and unhooked my bra, which was a full 32 C. I smiled as she let the girls have their first break since I put on that bra this morning. “You know,” I said, “that’s the first time these girls have had a break all day.” Adelita smiled, and said, bahis şirketleri “we’ll have to do something about that,” She cradled my 32 C’s in her hands and started to massage them making my nipples harder than they already were, and it felt good!

Adelita whispered in my ear, “I love the way you feel. So soft, against my hands. Then she kissed my neck. I tilted my head so she could continue with this lovely process. Adelita then broke her kiss and turned around and turned the water off in the tub. She then giggled, and said, “I almost forgot.” I laughed. Then I took off my shorts and panties and set them with the rest of my things.

I wanted to undress Adelita myself.. But I loved looking at her, so I asked her if she would do it herself. I just loved the way she crossed her arms about her and lifted her shirt over her head. Exposing her beautiful girls. The ones I couldn’t wait to feel against me again, but this time against my lips.

So Adelita complied. And crossed her arms over her chest, and took off her ‘I Love Germany’ shirt, and exposed the top of her beautiful chest. My eyes just wandered there immediately. Her 34 C breasts then fell against her.

Adelita smiled, then said, “I so needed that,” she said, then continued, “these girls needed a break too.”

Adelita then looked up at me, and knew instantly what I wanted, and I could tell from the look in her eyes, that she wanted it too. So Adelita walked over to me, and leaned in and gave me a kiss. Her breath was so sweet, and that kiss lasted what seemed like an eternity. When we ended the kiss, I felt so out of breath. I enjoyed our kiss so much, I just had to kiss her again. This time, when I leaned in to kiss her and she me, my hands cupped her breast, as her hand pulled me closer.

We were obviously on the same page or rather, wanted the same thing.

We continued to kiss for a few more minutes, my hand exploring her breast. The touch, the feel, it was magic. I could feel her nipple start to harden. Our tongues intertwined, as we kissed. My hand playing about her breast, massaging her nipple. I broke the kiss, and just stared into her gorgeous brown eyes, then bent my head down and took her hardened nipple into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around its rosy bud, then placed it underneath with my mouth around the top and began sucking earnestly. My hand caressed her other breast, and massaged her nipple. It became hard almost instantly. Now I had another one to switch off with. When I let her nipple pop out of my mouth, I looked up at her. She was smiling. I bent down and kissed the nipple I just sucked. Then I placed my tongue underneath her other nipple and began to suck. Each time I sucked her nipple, my eyes gazed up at her pretty face, and even though I was sucking her nipple, my mouth curved up into a smile. Which she obviously liked, because she placed her hand upon the back of my head, pulling me closer to her breast.

We both finally realized that the water in the tub was about finished. So we ended our breast playing, and Adelita took me by the hand and led me to the tub and the still holding my hand she took one leg over the side, and then the other before settling down in the heavenly scented Gardenia and Lilac water, then motioned me to enter the tub. I put one leg over the side of the tub and then the other. Then I sat down with my back towards Adelita, and leaned against her.

Adelita began massaging me with the bath pouf, down my neck, to which I leaned the opposite way, so she could continue. Then she traveled the soap filled bath pouf down to my chest and across my breasts, then down my belly, and then further down. I parted my legs to let Adelita continue.

This felt heavenly, I was surely not in a protesting mood, so I let her continue. I then leaned forward so she could continue down my legs. I had already shaved the day before when I took my shower. So when she was done, I let her do my back with the bath pouf.

When Adelita was done, I turned around and did the same thing with Adelita.. I washed her. Down her neck and chest, belly, legs, between her legs, and back. Then when I was done, we just laid there in the soap-filled bath water, for what seemed like hours. My hands playing about her chest, nipples, and her hand massaging my neck. When the water started to get cold, Adelita leaned forward and pulled the plug on the bath water, we then both got up and she turned on the shower water to rinse us both off.

She shut the water off then opened the curtain and grabbed a towel off the rack for me, then one for herself. We took turns drying each other off. Which is quite fun, when you think about it. Then we both got out of the tub, Adelita first, then she held her hand out to me, and I placed my hand in hers and she led me to her master bedroom. She pulled back the comforter, and sat down in the edge of the bed, then unwrapped the towel I had around me, then moved herself back onto the bed. She was on her knees with the towel still wrapped around her. I got onto the bed with her, she started to kiss me, I complied, then took my hands and undid the towel that was wrapped around her. I then took my hands and went down her shoulder then to her breast and massaged her nipple into a peak, because of the air around us, it had a pretty good start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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