22 Ocak 2021

Bath Night Revisited Ch. 06

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“You’re really going to love this, Donna!”

“So you’ve been saying for the past ten minutes,” the older woman replied, beginning to get impatient. “When are you going to come out of there and let me see?”

“Just one more minute!”

Beautiful young college girl Brooke Thorne had arrived at the home of her older lover, Donna Travers, shortly after four o’clock on this Friday afternoon, breathlessly announcing that she had something ‘very important’ to show her, after which she had escaped into the 30-year-old woman’s bathroom and not been seen since.

“Aren’t you going to at least give me some kind of hint as to what this is all about?”

“You’ll see in a minute,” the girl giggled. “You’re really going to love this, Donna!”

“I’d better love it,” the older woman groused aloud. “Or else some cute little 18-year old hottie is going to find herself over my knee for a good old fashioned spanking… after getting my hopes up like this!”

“Yeah, right… as if you’ve ever needed a serious reason to spank me,” the pretty girl laughed. “You slap my butt just because it’s cloudy outside and you want it sunny!”

“Hey, I enjoy sunny days,” Donna said. “And yes, I also enjoy slapping that beautiful butt of yours… just because it’s there! So sue me!”

Brooke giggled again from behind the closed bathroom door. “You like kissing my behind, caressing my behind, spanking my behind…”

“Guilty as charged… on all counts!”

“OK… are you ready? Are you sitting down? Because here I come!”

“Yes… I’m sitting down.”

The girl then opened the bathroom door and stepped out into Donna’s living room. “Ta-dah,” she announced triumphantly. The older woman’s eyes widened as she involuntarily gasped for breath.

“You… look… awesome!”

“I’m a sheep,” Brooke said, with a twirl. “Do you like it?”

Yes, Donna definitely liked it! Her beautiful young 18-year old former-neighbor-turned-college-freshman had on an incredibly sexy costume… yes, she was a sheep, but no sheep ever looked anywhere near this hot!

On Brooke’s head was a white wool covering with two cute little white wool ears sticking up… the girl had painted her nose black & lips red, while her eyes were heavily dolled-up… very attractive eyes, by the way… her shoulders and arms were completely bare, although she wore white wooly cuffs on each of her wrists, with her fingernails painted black, to match her her nose… meanwhile, around her torso was what appeared to be a tight one-piece swimsuit, again made entirely of white wool, very revealing in the back and low cut in the front to show-off the top part of the pretty girl’s lovely breasts… and with a large hole cut in the navel region to reveal the girl’s trim tummy from the bottom of her breasts all the way down to just above her groin area… while the lower back of this skimpy outfit was extremely high-cut, revealing nearly all of the girl’s luscious butt… while at the same time emphasizing her gorgeous long legs… all the way down to the white wooly cuffs secured around each of her ankles… ending with black high-heeled shoes on her pretty feet! And to complete this breathtaking picture, she also had what appeared to be a fluffy white ‘bunny tail’ affixed just above her curvy butt – obviously supposed to be the tail of a sheep!

“Well… what do you think?” the girl inquired, with a sexy little wiggle of that same yummy derriere.

“I… I must say… I love it,” Donna gasped, recovering her breath. She then licked her lips. “Where-ever did you get it?”

“Sharon Angelis made it. She’s a senior at my school… in my sorority… majoring in clothing-design with an emphasis on lingerie & intimate apparel,” she thus informed the older woman, looking coquettishly at her over her shoulder. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Cute? Make that incredibly hot,” Donna added, motioning for the girl to approach her. “Let me get a feel for that fabric.”

“I knew you’d love it,” the pretty 18-year-old observed as she happily pranced within reach of the older woman’s hands, which then immediately began caressing & exploring Brooke’s lovely body. “I take it you approve?”

“Yes, I do,” Donna murmured, her hands gliding up the pretty girl’s legs and over her butt. “Turn around for me.”

Brooke obediently complied, bending over slightly in hopes of calling attention to her gorgeous derriere. She was soon rewarded for her efforts by the feel of Donna’s lips on that same smooth, silky butt.

“I only want to please you, Donna,” the girl purred softly. “I want to make you happy!”

“And you do, Brooke,” the older woman answered, somewhat huskily. “You really do please me.” Her hands pulled the girl’s hips closer as her lips continued to travel over the pretty blonde’s gorgeous butt cheeks, kissing, nibbling, & biting the girl’s firm ass.

Brooke moaned aloud her at being handled in this fashion, involuntarily wiggling her butt in Donna’s face.

The older woman’s tongue licked that same beautiful butt.

Suddenly, without warning, Donna stood up and said: canlı bahis “I need to get this thing off of you.” She then unzipped the back of the sexy little outfit.

“But why?”

“Why do you think?”

“Oh… I get it now,” the girl giggled, as Donna then helped her out of the tight-fitting costume. “Do you want me to take off everything… including the hat and the cuffs?”

“No… they can stay on,” the older woman announced. “What I need right now is for you to be kneeling on that sofa… with your head facing the wall and your pretty ass sticking out.”

“Like this?”

“Exactly like that,” Donna smiled, as she then went into the bedroom and retrieved her strap-on from the dresser drawer.

“You’re so predictable sometimes, Donna,” the pretty girl pouted, as she positioned herself with her head bent down over the couch and her gorgeous butt sticking out for her older lover’s viewing pleasure.


“And did you predict that, as well, gorgeous girl?”

Brooke giggled, wiggling her cute butt some more. “I love you, Donna!”

“And I love you, too, my pretty plaything,” Donna said, her eyes gazing down upon Brooke’s beautiful, mostly nude young body as the older woman finished adjusting the strap-on to fit firmly around her lower waist. She then proceeded to gently mount the pretty 18-year old from behind, her strap-on-dildo slowly easing its way into Brooke’s already moistened pussy, her hands possessively gripping the sides of the girl’s curvy hips as she then began rhythmically pumping her from behind.

“Oh, yes… fuck me, Donna… take me… take me… take me… I’m here for you!”

“Yes… yes, you most certainly are,” the older woman responded, laughing. “Let me hear you bleat, my pretty little sheep-girl,” she ordered, sharply slapping her shapely ass while continuing to fuck her doggy-style.

Brooke immediately obeyed her older lover’s command.


A half an hour later, both women were soaking together in Donna’s bathtub, Brooke leaning back into her older lover’s protective arms.

“So tell me again about this sexy little sheep costume you brought home?”

“The freshman-girls… the pledges… that’s me and four others… we all get to wear one of these at the sorority Halloween party next week… you see, one of the upperclassmen has been chosen to dress up as ‘Little Bo Peep’ while the freshmen sorority girls all get to dress up as her sheep!”

“Are any guys going to be there?”

“Absolutely not! It’s a private sorority party!”

“Well, that’s an awfully sexy little outfit to put a bunch of pretty girls in just for women,” Donna pointed out. “Unless some of your older sorority sisters are…”

“Oh, no,” Brooke interrupted, reading her mind. “It’s all just for fun… you know, like hazing!”


“Yeah, you know… the older girls make us do embarrassing stuff to teach us obedience and loyalty.”

“Well, YOU looked incredibly hot,” Donna observed, gently kissing her younger lover’s beautiful face. “That gorgeous body of yours could turn on even perfectly straight girls!”

Brooke giggled.

“I’m serious… you look incredibly yummy as a sheep!”

“Thank you, Donna… you know that I’m all yours, don’t you? I belong to you!”

They kissed again, long and passionately.


It was three days later, as Donna returned home from work, only to discover Brooke and four other pretty young college girls sitting in her living room. Looking at their faces the older woman could immediately tell that something was amiss.

Brooke spoke up first. “Hi Donna… these are a few of my sorority sisters… I hope you don’t mind my inviting them over.”

“Not at all,” the older woman responded with a smile. “What’s up, ladies?”

“Terrible news,” one of the girls said. “Our party’s been cancelled.”

“What party?”

“You know,” Brooke interrupted. “The sorority Halloween party I told you about… it’s been suspended!”


“Because some frat on campus got into trouble hazing a kid… and today the school president suspended all ‘Greek’ activities!”

“Including our party,” moaned another girl.

“So you four are the other freshmen-pledges Brooke told me about… the other ‘sheep’ girls… is that it?”

“Yeah, Donna… I’m sorry, let me introduce you.”

All four girls were exceptionally pretty, the older woman observed. Katelyn Carter was tall, tanned, & blonde like Brooke… Alexis Martin was cute with curly red hair and a very fair complexion… long-dark-haired Giselle Lorenzo appeared to be of Italian origin… nice legs on that girl… while Kim Gimhae was a very pretty little Asian-looking girl with short black hair, cut very stylishly.

“And all of you now have ‘sheep’ costumes that you won’t be wearing? Is that it?”

“They’re really cute,” Alexis said. “And this was, like, our one chance to show them off!”

“I wish we had brought pictures,” Katelyn bahis siteleri added, “so you could see what we mean!”

I wish you had, too, Donna thought, but what she said aloud was: “Look, I understand your disappointment, girls… but isn’t there some other activity you can save them for in the future?”

“No,” Brooke glumly noted. “Sharon Angelis, our sorority sister who designed them, needs them back on Monday. Apparently, they’re the property of the school of design.”

“So if we don’t wear them by Halloween night at the latest, we don’t wear them at all,” added pretty little Kim.

“That’s awful,” Donna commiserated, sincerely regretting the chance to ogle all of these cute young women in those skimpy outfits. “The only Halloween party I’m aware of is the one I’ll be working at Friday night at ‘Charli’s Place’ to help out my friend Nancy, who’s the manager…”

“That’s it,” Brooke announced triumphantly! “We can wear our costumes to ‘Charli’s Place!’ I’ve been there before… it’s a really cool bar!”

Donna rolled her eyes as all five of the college girls in her living room started excitedly speaking at once!


“I can’t believe that you actually suggested that, Brooke,” the older woman murmured, later that evening as they lay in bed together, her hand gently stroking the younger girl’s hair. “You young girls seriously want to show up at ‘Charli’s Place’ decked out in sexy little sheep costumes?”

“It’s ‘Charli’s Place’ or not-at-all, Donna!”

“You do realize that it’s a lezzie bar, right?”

“You’ll help us, won’t you, Donna?” the pretty girl begged. “You heard the other girls… they really want this!”

“I promised you all that I’d talk to Nancy, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you promised,” Brooke giggled, kissing her older lover on the lips. “You’ll get us in… I know you will!”

Getting them in would no doubt be easier than getting them out!

“I said I’d try… now lie back and be quiet… and let me concentrate on these beautiful lush breasts of yours…” Donna held the girl’s wrists against the pillow above her head while her lips then came to rest on the girl’s pert nipples… as she slowly began kissing and sucking on the beautiful blonde girl’s perfectly formed, upturned teats.


Of course, Nancy Bosley, the manager/owner of ‘Charli’s Place,’ had no objections whatsoever when Donna explained to her about the five pretty sorority girls wanting to flaunt their gorgeous bodies in their tiny little ‘sheep costumes’ as they were described to her for her club’s upcoming Halloween night festivities, which usually included maybe half-a-dozen customers bothering to dress-up as vampires and maybe an equal number of women in mannish suits… hardly any difference from the usual Friday night crowd.

“And since you’ve signed on as my ‘bouncer’ for the evening, you can help me keep a close eye on these pretty girls of yours,” Nancy observed with a chuckle. “After all, we can’t allow any cute little college hotties to be abducted by predatory lesbians… at least not at my bar!”

“Wait ’till you see those costumes they’ll be wearing,” Donna warned her. “You’ll see… that’s a very real possibility!”

“Sounds like a fun night to me!”

“Also, none of these girls is twenty-one… we’re talking about five 18-year old freshmen!”

“As I’ve already told you, that’s not a problem,” Nancy said. “I’ve already cleared it with Cassie Arnold, the area ATF agent who regularly polices this place for underage drinkers… and I’ve also alerted my bartenders not to to give your girls anything stronger than soft-drinks…”

“How is it that an ATF agent is OK about 18-year olds being at your bar?”

“Don’t worry, Donna,” Nancy laughed. “Cassie’s a dear friend of mine… she’s also a regular here, if you know what I’m saying… who enjoys pretty female eye-candy (wearing next-to-nothing) just as much as the rest of us!”

“Well, I suppose that’s good to know,” Donna said, giving her friend a hug. “Thanks for all your help!”

“See you Friday,” the other woman responded, with a wink!


It was a larger-then-usual Halloween night crowd for ‘Charli’s Place,’ as word had gotten out beforehand that something special would be included this year… and they weren’t disappointed when Brooke and her friends made their way inside and simultaneously removed their jackets.

The regular customers applauded loudly & wildly, and the girls responded by happily flaunting their ‘charms’… boldly joining the throng, all except Brooke, who chose to remain close to Donna, who in her bluejeans & ‘Charli’s Place’ sweatshirt, stood watching the door.

“Feel free to mingle,” she told the pretty girl. “And I promise I won’t get jealous if you want to dance with some of the ladies here… I can see that they certainly want to dance with you!”

“Well… maybe,” the pretty girl answered, hesitating. “I just wish… I wish that everybody bahis şirketleri here knew that… you know… that I belong to you!”

“Well… I can fix that easily enough,” Donna responded, grabbing a black magic marker off of the bar. “Turn around, Brooke… and bend your pretty ass over.”

The girl looked confused but obeyed, as the older woman then knelt down behind her and proceeded to draw on the girl’s beautiful-silky-smooth right butt-cheek the letters “DT” in block letters, two-inches high.

“There,” she said, laughing. “You’ve been branded… everybody here knows that my initials are D-T… for Donna Travers… isn’t that right, ladies?”

The women observing all of this nearby began applauding wildly.

“I… I can’t believe you just did that,” Brooke gasped, blushing deeply. She then hugged Donna tightly. “Thank you!” They kissed.

The older woman then gently pulled the beautiful blonde off of her and affectionately slapped the girl’s gorgeous rear end to send her on her way towards the dance floor. “Enjoy yourself, Brooke!”

The other four college girls had already found their way to the floor, where they were an instant sensation with the regulars who flocked around them… the girls had no trouble whatsoever attracting all-too-willing dance-partners… it was almost a tug-o-war as different women possessively claimed them.

Once each girl had a partner they found themselves slow-dancing to Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You, Baby’ followed immediately by ‘Kiss You All Over’ by Exile. The skimpy little sheep costumes were clearly a big hit, and seemingly went very well with the suggestive music.

Brooke found herself dancing three slow dances with three different women, her last partner was an older woman she’d become acquainted with at Amy Donovan’s birthday party… a woman named Linda Morris, who kept her hands glued to Brooke’s curvy ass while they sensually moved to another oldie, ‘Pillow Talk’ by Sylvia. All of her efforts to force Linda’s hands up around her waist were unsuccessful.

“You might as well give up, sweetie,” Linda said with a leer, “because your beautiful butt belongs to me until this song is over!” Her fingernails dug into Brooke’s firm tushie as if to emphasize her point.

Brooke gave in and rested her head on Linda’s shoulder for the remainder of their dance, submissively enduring the woman’s fondling of her curvy rump.

After the song finally ended, the pretty blonde escaped Linda’s embrace and retreated back to where Donna remained, watching the door.

“I’m staying here with you,” she pouted, caressing the older woman’s cheek. Donna responded by smiling and putting an arm around the younger’s girl’s waist, pulling her close. They softly kissed, as the older woman’s hand travelled down to cup the girl’s gorgeous ass, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Brooke’s butt was contentedly used to Donna’s hands being there.


When it was finally time to go, two-and-a-half hours later, Donna rounded up her collection of beautiful young sorority girls and loaded them up into her car for the ride back to her place.

Brooke had spent most of the evening close to Donna, attracting a lot of attention from the customers entering ‘Charli’s Place,’ but the pretty girl politely declined all further dance requests, of which there were many.

Several of the patrons who had clustered in-&-around the entrance area repeatedly asked the girl if they could see Donna’s ‘brand’ on her beautiful butt, which she obediently showed them. They apparently never got tired of checking out the hot little blonde’s gorgeous derriere, while Brooke was in no ways ashamed to show herself to be ‘branded’ as Donna’s property.

“She owns me,” the girl proudly admitted, her arms around Donna’s neck, with the older woman rewarding her with a kiss.


“That… was… amazing,” pretty Auburn-haired Alexis said, as they all rode home together. “I had so much fun!”

“Me, too,” blonde Katelyn echoed. “I loved it!”

“We were all really popular,” piped-up Korean girl Kim. “I swear, I had at least a dozen women inviting me to go home with them!”

“And I had at least twice that many of them slapping my ass,’ Giselle observed, “I mean, everytime I walked through that dance floor they were patting, squeezing, or spanking me on the butt!”

“Hey, so you’ve got a nice rear end,” Donna quipped. “Own it!”

“It was all just so much fun,” Katelyn gushed! “I don’t think I’ve ever been as petted and pawed at as much as I was tonight… I felt like I was the favorite slavegirl of the sultan’s wife!”

“And they were all so nice about it,” Kim added. “I’ve never been complimented so much… all of these older women telling me how pretty I am while they caressed my face and squeezed my behind!”

“I got pinched a lot,” Giselle complained. “I mean, seriously, what kind of a woman pinches another girl’s butt in this modern day and age?”

“Well now… I’m not making any excuses for bad behavior here,” Donna noted, “but those outfits you girls all have on are incredibly suggestive… and, let’s be honest here… you ALL have some really nice rear ends… and I’m talking INCREDIBLY nice!”

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