21 Nisan 2021

Bigger Is Better

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It seemed like it took forever for her to reach the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Brandon for the first time. As usual, the traffic into the city was heavy. Melissa was very excited about their meeting. They had met on the internet some time ago, and she enjoyed chatting with him. Since she was married and a couple of years older than Brandon, she was also a little nervous about tonight.

Before leaving for the city, Melissa took a long, hot shower and made sure to wear something sexy for Brandon. She chose a straight black skirt, slit up the back; a low cut, button-down, purple silk blouse; black silk stockings; a lacy black bra with matching thong; a purple and black satin garter belt; and black stiletto heels. After putting the finishing touches on her make up, she admired her image in the mirror. “This should get him going,” she thought.

When Melissa entered the restaurant, it took her awhile to pick Brandon out of the bar crowd. There he was… even sexier than she had imagined… 6’1″ tall, 215 pounds, and well built with short brown hair and dark, sexy eyes. Brandon spotted her right away and was immediately taken with Melissa’s beauty. His first thoughts were “there is no way this woman is 36 years old,” she was about 5’6″ tall, with dark brown hair, green eyes, and a great smile. She had an awesome set of knockers, at least a 36d, just like she told him, and an even better ass. Brandon made his way over to Melissa and took her into his strong arms, kissing her passionately as he hugged her.

Melissa was totally taken back by his steamy kiss, which aroused her beyond belief. She hadn’t been kissed like that in years. Brandon then told her that their table should be ready soon. Melissa couldn’t even think about the meal, all she could think of was how hot this young man had made her so many times online, and now, in person, he was turning her on even more. In the meantime Brandon could not take his eyes off of Melissa’s breasts, as they waited for their table he kept staring at her chest. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her tits, and she knew it.

After being seated at their table, Melissa slipped off her shoes and put her feet in Brandon’s lap, massaging his cock with her toes while they sipped their wine. She could feel his manhood straining against the material as she rubbed it. His dick seemed huge, nine inches he had told her. “I guess he wasn’t lying,” she thought. She tried to curl her toes around the shaft, but couldn’t cover his girth. Her stocking-clad foot didn’t come close to spanning his length either, pendik escort she was truly amazed. Melissa smiled to herself as she thought about the fun they would have later on. After all, she had never been with a well endowed man, and couldn’t wait to satisfy her curiosity.

They talked and laughed over their salads and appetizers, then Melissa slid next to Brandon in the booth. She placed her hand on his muscular thigh and started massaging it. Once again, he became immediately aroused by her actions. Brandon looked into her eyes before pressing his lips to hers, and kissing Melissa hungrily. His tongue invaded her mouth, turning her on like never before. He slid his hand beneath the table and up under her skirt, tickling her sensitive inner thighs with his fingertips. She pressed her legs together, capturing his hand between her thighs. His fingers slithered up to her lacy stocking tops, then to the moistness radiating from her sex. Brandon moaned as he breathed in her womanly scent.

“My God,” he thought, “I have never wanted anyone this bad in my life.” After pulling her thong to the side, he slid his finger up and down her wet slit, forcing her to let out a muffled groan. He cupped Melissa’s pussy in his hand and was both surprised and even more excited by the fact that it was shaved clean. Her body jerked as he quickly inserted two fingers into her hot cunt and slowly worked them in and out, while massaging her clit with his thumb. It was difficult to keep herself from climaxing on the spot. All she wanted to do was go back to Brandon’s house and let him ravage her body for hours on end. It had been so long since anyone had touched her this way.

The waiter returned with their dinners and Melissa scooted back to her spot across the table. Both of them picked at their food as they stared into each others’ eyes, each lost in their own lustful thoughts. Finally, it was time to leave the restaurant. After paying the check, they walked to the parking lot arm in arm. Brandon whisked Melissa to his vintage red corvette, helped her get in, then jumped in the driver’s seat before pulling her close for a long, deep kiss. His probing tongue entered her mouth and went to work. They groped at each other as their passion built. Brandon pressed her breasts together, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs through the material of her blouse, getting them hard before he blew on them. She moaned when she felt his hot breath through her clothing, and reached down to stroke his pulsating member.

Brandon tuzla escort turned the key in the ignition and started driving home. Melissa unzipped his pants, and pulled his dick out of his briefs… astonished at how big it was. She could just about wrap her hand around his thick meat. Precum was forming on the head, and she leaned down into his lap to lick it clean. While she was lapping up the wetness, Brandon began thrusting his hips towards her mouth. Melissa needed no further prompting as she slid her lips over his rod and began sucking him off while he drove. He picked up speed, his moans filling the car as she devoured his entire length in her mouth. Brandon glanced at his crotch and all he could see was her head bobbing up and down, sucking his cock faster and harder. He wrapped her hair around his fingers and thrusted upwards… forcing his huge tool deeper and deeper into her throat. Brandon was astounded that she could actually fit his giant prick between her small lips. Melissa felt Brandon’s body tense up right before he shot a humongous load of cum into her mouth, and she drank it all down, loving the sweet taste of him.

They pulled into his driveway and practically ran into the house. Once inside, Brandon pulled Melissa to him and began kissing her passionately as he frantically unbuttoned her blouse. He pulled it out of her skirt, then slid it from her shoulders, so he could admire her breasts. Melissa wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his, as he captured her lips between his for another sweet kiss while guiding her over to the couch. They made out like teenagers, then Brandon took Melissa into his arms and carried her up to his bedroom.

With her standing in front of him, he sat down on the bed to unzip her skirt, then he pushed it down to the floor so she could step out of it while he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants. Melissa slipped off her panties just before Brandon looked up, enthralled to see her in such sexy lingerie. He placed his hands on either side of her waist and pulled her on top of him as he planted kisses all over her neck and chest. She threw her head back and felt the huge bulge in his shorts rubbing against her distended clit. Brandon cupped her asscheeks in his hands, forcing her pussy to slide up and down against his growing erection as he licked the flesh above her right nipple.

They grinded into each other as he unhooked her bra and took it off, pushing her back so he could get a good look at her naked breasts. He held her maltepe escort tits together and licked the areolaes. It felt so good to Melissa that she instinctively cradled his head as he began sucking one nipple, than the other, driving her crazy and making her moan in pleasure. She couldn’t wait another minute to feel him inside of her, so she pulled his magnificent cock out of his briefs. Brandon took them off, then slid his big dick into her hot, wet pussy. The mushroom-shaped head felt so big and hard as it entered her tight sheath. Brandon grabbed her hips and slowly worked his turgid member all the way into her cunt. She had never felt so full in all her life. Melissa was on the verge of an orgasm just from having him inside of her.

The feeling was incredible. If she moved, she knew she would cum. Brandon bucked his hips up against hers, and she exploded in one of the most intense climaxes of her life. With the palms of her hands pressed against Brandon’s shoulders, she began fucking him with wild abandon, moaning as she tried to get her fill of his huge cock. She clenched her muscles tighter around his dick as she rode him like a cowgirl. Bouncing up and down faster and harder, while Brandon sucked on her swollen nipples. Melissa was in ecstasy… she didn’t want to stop fucking him, ever! Brandon gyrated his hips while slamming his cock deeper into her pussy. His dick was forcing her to have one orgasm after another, each one longer and more intense than the last. She thought she died and went to heaven. Melissa had never felt anything like this in her life.

After letting Melissa catch her breath for a few minutes, Brandon lifted her off of him and told her to bend over the bed. She immediately complied with his wishes, spreading her legs wide so he could enter her from behind. All of a sudden she felt his mouth on her pussy lips, sucking on one, than the other. Instead of fucking her, he pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy and began sucking and tugging on her clit, making her climax over and over again as his free hand groped her pendulous breasts. Just when Melissa thought she could take no more, Brandon stood up and rammed his swollen cock deep inside her wet pussy.

She arched her back and wiggled against him, delighting in the way his giant member felt inside of her tight hole. Brandon grabbed her hips and pumped his cock inside of her fast and hard. Melissa was in ecstasy as he played with her tits and kept plowing into her harder. His cock was buried deep inside of her as she started to cum again, locking her muscles tighter around his shaft as she moaned in pleasure. The flexing of her muscles around his cock caused Brandon to grunt loudly as he shot his load deep inside of her. He collapsed on top of Melissa, kissing and nibbling on her neck, both of them truly satisfied at last! “Wow,” she thought “bigger is better!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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