29 Ocak 2022

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 40

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see below). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Synopsis of Story to This Point.Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. They date, but when the truth is discovered Elsa breaks up with him in anger over his lack of trust in her. In love, he grovels his way back into her good graces only she sets a condition of reestablishing the relationship as the equal involvement of her sister Cindy. The trio fall deeper in love. There are some awkward moments where Elsa and Cindy work out how they’ll date their new boyfriend and whether to be exclusive. To test their relationship, they meet and enjoy a sexual evening with Tom on a weekend vacation. Later, Mark’s cute new secretary Melanie gets added to the relationship. After holding off to assert their independence, Elsa and Cindy move in with Mark; Melanie soon joins them in living in Mark’s posh condo. They all learn more about the ever-present bodyguards and security guards around Mark managed by stoic Lucas.

Mark’s long time aide Sheila eventually joins the sisterhood. He established an office dress code for Melanie and Sheila – no undies. Several parties are held that devolve into happy sexual events among friends. There’s a kidnap attempt on Mark that gets foiled. Mark meets Brita, a Danish woman he strongly resonates with. The four girls pick-up Ryan, Deke, Mike, and James at a club, and establish group-to-group fuck buddy relationships with them. Ryan introduces ‘The Experience’ – an intense A-spot orgasm – to the women; Mark learns and applies the technique on Brita and later to others. Cindy and Elsa get deeper into martial arts and handgun training motivated by the kidnap attempt on Mark. They get a chance to use their martial arts in a club one evening when dealing with some drunken men.

Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. One of the men Deke is their firearms instructor. Mark happily joins in the party. The girls hold a swing party and one of the guests brings KC – a talented artist, who Mark and the girls fall in love with, and who loves the group and its sexy lifestyle. Tom joins in, especially now that he has agreed to work for Worthington Industries. A vacation to a Mexican villa is planne; Brita, KC, and others join in the fun and sex at the villa. KC and Brita receive love rings like the others have. Elsa and Cindy seduce Lucas – Mark’s bodyguard. Marcia, the other key bodyguard, prepared to seduce Mark. The girls keep up their instruction in urban survival and weapons training.

Returning from Mexico, the rest of the circle of friends join the Mile High Club in Mark’s large custom 737 aircraft. Back at work, Elsa and co-worker Sean are sent to Las Vegas to iron out problems getting a condominium project approved by the city. While there Elsa does a fabulous strip tease. She also counsels Sean about breaking out of his life’s unsatisfactory rut, and bringing his wife Pam along on the new journey. Pam comes to Vegas and the fun starts as she gets in the spirit of change. Sean and Pam eventually come and enjoy one of the sex parties Mark, Elsa, and the others conduct. At work, Mark has Melanie present some improvement ideas to one of his businesses with great success. Mark and KC take a romantic trip to Europe. Eventually, Sean and Elsa’s boss at the architectural company leans of their new sexual relationship; Greg asks that he and his wife Kim be included.

A pipe bomb is discovered attached to Mark’s limousine, but turns out to be a hoax. Several other incidents happen including a drone watching at a sex party and a gross package of a dead rat and five mice delivered at a restaurant. Mark and the girls are being stalked and threatened. Cindy and Elsa continue to take martial arts and weapons training, expanding to include defensive driving and awareness about bombs.

Chapter 40 – Mark and KC in Europe. Revelations at Work


The girls were constantly on the verge of tears when I got home the next day. Elsa had called and told me about the ‘present’ from our supposed stalker. The police and our security team agreed that the box delivered at the club was a message: we believed ankara bayan escortlar I was the dead rat, and the five dead white mice were Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, and KC. Beyond that, everything else was speculation.

The police thoroughly interrogated the waiter who had brought me the box. He was innocent, and just earning a twenty-buck tip for the simple delivery. He did give an accurate description of the man we thought was stalking us. We still didn’t have a name and we knew nothing else about him. Fingerprints on the box were indistinct.

I let my security team know that there was a bounty of a hundred grand to catch the guy and bring him in. I wanted to say dead or alive, but it was a little early for that.

The following week, I had to fly back to Paris for two days of meetings. After talking to the girls, KC decided to come with me. Elsa and Sean were still working on the condo project at her architectural firm. Cindy was busy during the week at her investment company because a lot of companies announced their quarterly earnings including Worthington Industries. Melanie and Sheila both gave me that ‘Our boss is an ogre’ look and pleaded for the time to catch up on all the things I’d been unloading onto their desks. KC just smiled at me and said, “I love Paris in the springtime.”

KC had never been to Paris before, as it turned out. She’d been quoting the name of an old Count Basie song, and in doing so triggered a discussion about music, where I learned she loved some of the old Big Band sounds. She had me listen to some Stan Kenton music at the start of the Monday night red-eye flight we made to Orly Field, the same airport that Lindbergh had landed at in 1927. These days it was full of corporate jets.

KC and I took a limousine surrounded by appropriate security to the George V hotel, where we checked in. We both took one-hour naps, and then officially got up late for the day, even by Paris standards.

KC got an escort to the Louvre to spend the rest of the day touring their galleries, and I went off to a large office for meetings with Groupe PSA. The company was a leader in automotive products in France, but sold worldwide, holding the Citroen, Peugeot, and several other brands in their portfolio. I owned an automotive aftermarket parts business in Spain and wanted to see if I could find a buyer. Through the grapevine, Sheila had found out they were looking for a greater presence in Spain and a foothold in the OEM business for other makes of vehicles. A plus I offered was a strong market share in European truck markets.

I met with my new friends for four hours that Wednesday afternoon. We went through what I’d learned were the ‘normal’ steps in negotiations with many French companies. First, we enjoyed a late lunch, talking about anything but business and enjoying some fine wine from the Loire Valley. I made note of the Sancerre wine that set well with my palate. On the spot I ordered several cases shipped to me in the U.S. Second, we moved to a conference room and discussed the overall markets in the businesses we were in. Third, we agreed without mentioning price or costs what an improved arrangement of the assets in the market would represent. In this case, we agreed uniformly that their ownership of my Spanish subsidiary would do wonders for their business and bottomline.

Fourth, we started to toss around various money figures. I put an outrageous price on the table that made them all cluck and tsk tsk around the table about how silly the American was to even suggest such an outrageous asking price. They then set an outrageously low price on the table, and I reacted in a similar way that they could even contemplate I would be so stupid as to accept any offer near that price point. We each countered several times, and settled about in the middle of where we started, right where I’d hoped to sell.

Finally, we agreed that some contractual terms were needed. They offered to draft up the terms, and I allowed as how if they could have that to me before seven p.m., I could send them over email to my legal department and hopefully have an answer back the next morning. In this case, the six-hour time difference worked in our favor.

The contract was mostly boilerplate. I scanned over things, asked one or two questions, and then used my cellphone to scan the contract and email it to Channing Lewis, Esq., the head of my legal department. I’d already alerted him to its arrival.

After that I bid my new friends goodnight and left for the hotel. I found KC had just finished getting dressed for dinner. I’d accepted a recommendation during the afternoon to dine at Lasserre’s. The restaurant was beautiful, and my date was the belle of the entire place. She was full of her big eyes because everything was so wonderful. We had a romantic meal by candlelight, and I teased KC about the crispness of the tablecloth because symbolically it represented skin that was so nice to ankara seksi escortlar touch.

After dining, we walked north slightly and through the grounds of the Grand Palais, and then to the Des Champs-Elysées. We then strolled arm in arm back to the hotel, looking time and again at the many exclusive shops but not going in.

At the hotel, we made love and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. I basked in the romantic feelings I had for KC, and for her sisters at home. Before sleeping I managed to send each of them a little love note.

I spent most of the next morning at Groupe PSA and we completed our deal. KC went souvenir shopping for everyone, and then went up in the Eiffel Tower. I got hourly updates from her security detail so I was sure she was safe.

When I realized I would finish earlier than expected I texted KC: ‘You interested in going to Copenhagen for dinner? Brita?’

She was back to me in an instant, ‘Oh, yes. Please. Another great city to see, if only for a little while, and you know I love Brita. YES!’

Next, I called Brita to ask about dinner and staying at her place.

She responded, “Of course, you can come – dinner, sleep over, bring KC too. I had a dinner date with Nils, one of my men friends I’ve told you about. I’ll push him off.”

I replied, “No, don’t do that. KC might like him if I’m recalling your description of him correctly. He’s that very cosmopolitan friend who used to live in London?”

Brita laughed, “That’s the man. KC will love him. He can be very romantic and he understands a woman’s body just the way you do. The four of us can play together after dinner.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We left the hotel and city about four o’clock, and took my large plane to Copenhagen, where we were having dinner with Brita.

KC was so happy that this was working out, she bubbled over as Brita met our large plane at the General Aviation terminal at Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup. I paid special attention to Brita, and she reciprocated with me, grinding her nether region into my leg as we kissed. She whispered to me that she been wet all afternoon since I called, and couldn’t wait to fuck my lights out. I loved this woman.

Brita’s limousine and security detail whisked us into the city, and right to a somewhat rough and tumble fish restaurant down by one of the many waterfronts. During the ride, I was on the phone with Tom Power in Silicon Valley while KC and Brita chatted. Occasionally, Brita would point out some landmark, but sometimes I heard the two of them whispering, no doubt plotting the rest of the evening.

KC looked at me as though to ask whether I’d known about one of Brita’s men friends joining us for the evening. I winked at her, and she gave me a little poke in my side to tell me I should have let her know. I think she would have primped on the whole flight from Paris to Copenhagen, and gone through some major indecision about what to wear. As it was, she was stylishly beautiful, and the small amount of makeup she used added to her beauty and anything further would have been a waste of time.

As we went into the restaurant, an older well-dressed man in a white Nehru jacket over a black t-shirt and dark slacks rose from a chair in the bar, and came out to greet us. KC looked pleased when Brita introduced Nils to us. Both women got a kiss from him on both cheeks in European fashion.

We ate, and then the four of us got a quick driving tour of the city in Brita’s limousine, mainly for KC’s benefit, and then we went back to Brita’s condominium. During the drive I learned that Nils lived only two blocks away from Brita.

During dinner and the limousine ride, I found myself fascinated with how KC turned on her flirt. I’d never seen this side of her in a close-up situation, but she was working overtime to be attractive to Nils: touching his arm or body at a witty comment, whispering little asides to him in a sexy voice, laughing comfortably at some of his remarks, focusing her conversation with him, twisting of her hair and gestures to her beautiful face, body language that invited him to come closer, and showing keen interest in his hobby – general aviation flying.

For his part, Nils spent about ninety percent of his time focused on KC, and the remainder occasionally rejoining the conversation that Brita and I were having about a completely different set of topics than he and KC.

I didn’t get much of a say in how the night would unfold. Brita and KC quickly determined that my official ‘date’ for the night was Brita and that Nils was KC’s escort. Nils did know his way around Brita’s condo and got us all drinks while the ladies freshened up. I wondered about what they talked about when they left the room.

He put on some mood music, and as KC flowed into the room, she swooned right into Nils arms for both a kiss and some romantic dancing. I didn’t mind, because Brita was also in my arms for bayan ankara escort similar activities.

Our kisses gave way to deeper passionate embraces and wandering hands by everyone. Brita quickly shed her top, setting the tone for the rest of the evening – nudity and sex. KC followed allowing her beautiful full breasts to come into view for all of us.

Brita couldn’t resist. She went to KC and the two women shared a deep sapphic kiss. As they did Nils and I stepped out of the rest of our clothing. As they parted, Brita went to Nils and allowed him to finish undressing her, as I did the same with KC. We both faced our partners to the other so they could get the full import of the women’s nudity as their bodies became unveiled.

When the women were completely nude, Brita came back to me and KC went to Nils. The women fellated us beside each other on the long living room sofa, and soon Nils and I had the women lying side-by-side on the same sofa as we ate some tasty pussy.

Nils announced in his wonderful Scandinavian accent, “It is time, I think for greater things to start.” He helped KC lie back on one of the sofa and pulled her legs up to his shoulders and then spread them apart so I could see her pink, and then slowly and inexorably sank his hard man meat into her pussy. She gave a welcoming groan of satisfaction as the many centimeters of his pleasure slipped inside her.

Brita and I moved to the other facing sofa, and started our own lovemaking. We were a little more impatient to celebrate orgasms with each other. Over a month had passed since we’d had physical contact like this.

I heard whispering and happy sounds in the room from all of us.

At one point, Brita went back to Nils and sent KC back to me for a few minutes. KC and I immediately coupled and enjoyed the familiarity that Nils and Brita seemed to share. I knew he was one of her regular lovers, and having met him for the first time I heartily approved of her taste in companions.

The women changed partners again, and this time I drove hard and fast into Brita, eventually filling her snug cavern with my man juice. She had crested and even squirted a little at my stimulation, so the room took on a distinctive aroma.

We watched Nils and KC enjoy a matched set of orgasms a few feet away. Just watching one of the loves in my life receive a load of cum from someone else made me harden.

Brita slipped out of my arms and went to KC and Nils. I heard her suggest that Nils move, and when he did, she went down on KC for a minute. KC complained and the result was the two women in a sexy sixty-nine cleaning each other.

We found time for two more rounds of satisfying and stimulating sex that evening.


I walked into my boss’s office after being summoned by his secretary for what was obviously a command performance. I was a little nervous. I worried that Las Vegas had turned down the condominium project permits yet again, and that we’d done something terribly wrong in the design that could be traced back to my work.

I stood in the doorway looking into Greg’s office. “You wanted me?” My voice cracked with my worry.

Greg swung around from his computer screen and looked at me across his drafting table/desk. He exclaimed in stentorian tones that I thought could be heard down the hall, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SEAN?” The elevated tone of his voice did not sound angry but it was full of curiosity.

“Errr, I don’t know what you mean,” I stammered out awkwardly. Inwardly, I relaxed; this had nothing to do with the Las Vegas project.

“Come in and shut the door. We need a little private chat.” Those words worried me, but a lot less than some professional error I might have made. I sat on the edge of the chair in front of Greg’s desk and l’m sure I looked ready to leap out the door at the least provocation.

Greg said, “Four weeks ago I joined you at the hip with Sean and sent you to Las Vegas for what turned out to be a week to square off with the city building commission. All this is fine, and I know we expect to hear any minute about their approval, BUT something else happened on that trip and the next trip and the subsequent interactions between the two of you and the work of this august architectural company.”


“Sean is suddenly on fire. It’s like you stuck a cattle prod up his butt on the high setting. He’s done more work in the past month that the prior two years with the firm, and it’s good work. No, I take that back, it’s not good; it’s GREAT.

“Now, I pride myself on being alert, aware, and observant. Sean watches you, and every time you interact he goes into orbit and does twenty hours of work in one. So, I have concluded a few things that I would like to talk about. I’m nosey and prying I know, but I need to know how to manage what’s going on here.”

I relaxed a little, “So, you’re happy with Sean … and me?”

“I’m elated. I’m almost speechless. Yes, I’m pleased to a fault. Now I’m worried that it’ll come to a stop and I don’t want it to. I plan to reward both of you financially, but I’m waiting until we get word on the Vegas condominium project to hang your raise on something more tangible.”

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