21 Nisan 2021

Cheating on My Husband

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I have been married for eight years. My husband Jake is a nice man but has a low sex drive. As he gets older, his sex drive is getting worse. Sadly, for me, as I get older my sex drive is going crazy. I just turned 30 and thought that my husband would fuck my brains out after a romantic dinner as my birthday present. Instead, he came home late from work and forgot my birthday altogether. Needless to say, I was pissed and I gave him the cold shoulder for close to a month. The little shit didn’t even notice for almost a week that I was mad at him.

I found myself going out for drinks with my girlfriends more and more. We would sit in our local watering hole and complain about our husbands for hours. One of the girls didn’t bitch with us and just sat and smiled as we told our stories about our useless husbands. Finally, I slapped Kate hard and asked her what she was smiling about. She giggled and said she fixed her husband issues and doesn’t have anything to complain about. One of my friends laughed and asked if she had killed him and buried him in the back yard. Kate said that she found a friend to play with that had no drama.

We probed her for details. Kate played coy for a few minutes and the spilled the beans. Kate had made a profile on a dating app for people who wanted to cheat on their spouse. She received a bunch of interest and had met some of the men for sex. She said she had not felt so satisfied sexually in years. We all howled, and acted like school girls. We couldn’t believe it, one of us was cheating on their husband. It seemed so taboo. Four or five drinks later, Kate said we should all make a profile and see what was out there. We giggled and said no, but we all secretly wanted to do it. Face it, my pussy needed some attention.

Before we left the bar that night, we had each given in and made a profile. I took an Uber home and slipped into bed and passed out next to my husband. The next morning, I felt like twenty miles of bad road as I got ready for work. Seven total drinks was way past my limit. Just before I left for work, I turned on my phone. The screen lit up and the phone began to wake up. As it awoke, it began to buzz repeatedly. I never get messages, so I was interested in what all the buzzing was about. I looked at the screen and there was an icon that I wasn’t familiar with. I pressed it and the cheaters app opened. My heart raced as I looked down and found that I had 27 messages.

I read the first message. It was a dick pic from some guy saying he was going to stick it in my ass. I laughed and swiped it away. The next couple were not much better. I was running late to work and didn’t have time to get through them all. Just before I shut the app off, I read one more. The message was different from the others. It read, “Boys treat women like girls, but real men treat women like Queens. I will be your King.” My heart skipped a beat. I pressed the profile button to see who he was. To my surprise, the screen filled with a very handsome Black man, with a beautiful smile and muscles like a Greek god. Shit, he was hot. I felt my body get very warm. Damn it, I needed to get to work. I shut the app and drove to work.

I don’t even remember the drive. All I could think of was that picture and his smooth words. I got to work and immediately we to the ladies’ room. I locked myself into a stall and turned my app back on. I went to his page and surfed through his profile. At the bottom, there was a button to press to respond. My heart raced, I got sweaty and hesitated three or four times before I finally hit the button. A blank page opened and stared at me. I didn’t know what to say. I was flustered. Should I even respond? Then finally, I responded with, “your Queen awaits.” I then pressed send and closed the app.

The rest of the day, I day-dreamed and literally got nothing done at work. About 4 pm, I opened the app again to look at the rest of the people who responded. To my surprise, the Black god had responded. He said that he was available for drinks at seven and that if I was interested, I could meet him at the fancy hotel bar in downtown. Once again, my heart raced. I didn’t know what to do. After what seemed like hours, I responded with, “I will be there at 7.” I called my husband and said I need to work very late and not to wait up. He said it was ok and to take my time.

I ran home before my husband got there and I slipped into different clothes. I put on a tight black skirt, tight white cotton top and my favorite patent leather 5-inch platform pumps. I let my long brunette hair down and put on just enough make up to look good without looking slutty. As soon as I was finished, I slipped out the backdoor in case my husband arrived home early. I was very nervous. I drove around for a while to try to calm myself down. Time flew and 7 pm arrived quickly. I arrived at the hotel just as the clock hit 7 pm. I parked the car in the parking garage and made my way to the bar.

As I arrived, the bar was virtually empty. There were a couple of business men sitting at the bar. As I walked in, their eyes bostancı escort were glued on me. I could feel their stares as if they had their hands all over me. I went to a booth and sat down. The businessmen stared at me and whispered until one decided to get up enough nerve to make his way over to me. He was a middle-aged man that reminded me of my father. He slinked over and introduced himself. I was gracious but didn’t encourage him. This evening was becoming a disaster. Suddenly, a very tall figure appeared behind the businessman, and in a booming voice, asked if he was bothering me. I said no, and that he was just leaving. The businessman turned around and stared into the chest of a very muscular Black man. The businessman sputtered a bit and slipped away quickly.

My knight in shining armor put his hand out to mine. I placed my hand in his and he pulled me to my feet. He introduced himself as James and said that he had a private booth on the fifth floor in the executive club. I followed him like a puppy without even saying a word. We took the elevator to the fifth floor and walked to a door that said “Private Club, Members Only”. We entered the club. It was beautiful. There was a lot of dark wood on the walls and very plush carpet. There were booths along the wall that were somewhat private. Some of the booths had people in them talking and drinking. James directed me to a booth and asked what I wanted to drink. I told him to surprise me and he smiled broadly, showing his snow-white teeth. My goodness, he was so handsome.

It didn’t take long before James returned with two drinks. He had what looked like bourbon and he handed me something that looked like a chocolate smoothie in a martini glass. I took a sip. It was fantastic. It seemed like it was alcohol free, but I knew it wasn’t. James and I talked easily for what seemed like hours. He was smooth. Real smooth. It didn’t take long before I was in his arms, snuggled up to him, with his strong, muscular arm around me. I was on my third drink when I realized I was toasted and very horny. I had lost all inhibition and wanted desperately to be with him.

I reached up and placed my finger on his lips and softly moved it across, then whispered, I want these lips right now. James leaned over and kissed me deeply. His left hand had been on my thigh and it made its way between my legs. His large fingers brushed up against my panties. His eyes opened wide, then he rubbed my panty a bit harder and told me that I needed to get my wet panties off as soon as possible. Without saying another word, James scooped me up from our booth and whisked me out of the club. He walked us to the end of the hallway and typed a code into the hotel room keypad. The door opened and we entered an executive suite. It was large and very nice, with a view to die for.

I walked to the window and looked out over the city. James walked up to me from behind and put his arms around me. He bent down and kissed my neck. I let my head fall to the side and allowed him full access to my neck. His lips were firm and warm. His kisses were amazing. I turned my head to meet his lips. Our lips met and he began to passionately kiss me from behind. His hands deftly made their way under my blouse, and in one motion it was off my body. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it down over my hips till it fell to the floor. Within seconds, I was standing, facing the city, in my bra and panties and my heels.

James pulled me close. I could feel his cock growing through his pants, as he wedged it between my ass cheeks. His cock felt warm and very large. James unclipped my bra like an expert and then placed his fingers in the waist of my panties and pushed them past my hips and to the floor with my skirt. He grabbed my wrists and placed my hand above my head against the glass. He then lifted my left leg and flicked my shirt and panties aside, then he did the same to my right leg. There I was, totally naked, facing the city I grew up in, spread eagle with my hands above my head. It was so erotic. I found myself trembling a bit.

James stepped back for a moment and within seconds was naked behind me. The first thing I felt was his large warm hands on my bubble butt. He said he liked what he saw. I tried to turn to look at him but he pushed me against the glass and told me not to turn around. His hands then explored my body. They traveled from my butt, up my torso until they cupped my perky tits. Again, his lips traced the length of my neck till it reached my ear. As he did, one hand dropped to my pussy. As his index finger touched my swollen clit, he whispered into my ear. He softly said that he was going to make my pussy cry tears of pleasure. He said that he would take me to a place of shear ecstasy. He then asked if I was ready you go to heaven. My legs buckled as I gasped yes.

James pulled my hips towards him. My body bent forward. He anchored my hands back on the window, then, I felt him place the tip of his cock against my pussy. The head of his cock was firm and very warm. It seemed to be büyükçekmece escort huge. He moved it up and down on my pussy lips which produced more wetness than I have ever experienced. James then gripped my hips hard and began to impale me with his manhood. As the tip began to enter me, it felt like he was placing his whole arm inside me. My eyes opened wide and I popped up on the tips of my toes. I let out a yelp. James told me to relax, there was more to come. He slowly continued to push his cock into my tight hole. It seemed like it would never stop.

Finally, I felt him hit my womb. As it did he lifted me off the floor a bit. Fuck, I thought. He just bottomed out inside me. He then leaned forward and whispered in my ear again. He told me to relax and enjoy the ride. I took a deep breath and James began slowly pumping his massive weapon in and out of me. The first few thrusts hurt, but then a strange feeling came over me. My vagina began to tingle, almost like an electric shock. My insides began to pulse gently as he continued to penetrate me in a way no man had ever done. My nipples were hard as rocks and looked like I had grown fingers on my chest. My breasts were firm and swollen. James right hand made its way to my chest where he pinched my nipples between his large fingers. This made me jump which made my pussy contract on his cock.

James chuckled. It was the reaction he was looking for. Then he pushed me flat against the window and began to pound me hard from behind. My face was plastered to the glass, looking straight out to the world. My breasts were pushed flat against the glass. James began to pound my pussy hard, so hard that my feet kept coming off the floor. A moment later he grabbed my waist and picked me up off the floor and began to pile drive me into submission. I was being fucked harder than any man had ever done before. I had no control of my body. My vagina was rhythmically spasming and producing what felt like lightning bolts through my body. My pussy gushed huge volumes of moisture. It flowed down my legs as if I was pissing myself. My insides felt like they were a sleeve that was made for the expressed purpose of accepting his huge Black cock and his thick warm seed. My legs were shaking uncontrollably like I was having a seizure. I was in an erotic, sexual trance. He fucked me into submission for about 15 minutes.

Then it hit me like a freight train. I let out an involuntary scream as though I was being murdered. My body went into a convulsion of some sort and then my pussy just exploded. For the first time in my life, I squirted all over a man’s cock. I mean really squirted. It was like I hadn’t peed in a month. I orgasmed for what seemed like a full minute. As I did, James grabbed me around the waist and put one hand on my throat and began to growl like an untamed animal. His body stiffened, then I felt an amazing feeling that I had never experienced before. I felt a growing warmth inside my belly. The warmth grew with every shot of potent seed that his cock buried inside me. It felt marvelous, no astonishing. I had never felt this way before. In fact, I hand never had an orgasm by someone just fucking me. This was no orgasm either, this was an out of body experience.

It took a while for the two of us to catch our breaths. James slowly lowered me back to the floor and stepped back slightly to release me from the glass. His thickness remained deep within my still tingling tunnel. He put his mouth back against my ear and told me to look down below us. I tipped my head and looked down to the street level. To my shock and surprise, there were three white guys in suits looking up at us. Once they knew I saw them, all three gave me the thumbs up sign, then turned and walked away. I was embarrassed but strangely turned on. James let out a chuckle and told me that now they have something to jerkoff to tonight.

James then grabbed my waist, lifted me up and walked me to the bed, while I remained impaled on his still hard pole. He placed me face down on the bed then slowly removed his cock from my still pulsing vagina. His cock exited with a small sound of suction being released. I reached down between my leg to discover that my pussy was gaping wide open and a huge flow of cum was gushing out onto the bed. Embarrassed, I rolled over quickly and propped my hips up to stanch the flow. As I did, I finally got my first look at James naked. Holy shit! James was truly a Black Greek god. His skin was so dark, it was almost Black as night. His chest was a mass of well-defined muscles that made their way down to a perfect six pack. Just below that, was a cock so impressive that it took my breath away. Even though he had deposited his warm gift inside me, his cock was still thick and very large. It hung low between his muscular legs. Behind his extraordinary manhood was a set of balls that looked almost unnaturally large.

I couldn’t stop staring at those balls. All I could think of was how much cum was stored in those testicles. Without thinking, I pulled him over to me and çatalca escort grabbed his cock. I pulled it to my lips and kissed it gently. His cock responded with a small twitch and a bead of cum forming at the opening. I sipped the little white bead of seed into my mouth. His cum was like no other cum I had tasted. It was masculine, strong and had a hint of salty sweetness. I looked up into his eyes and without a word I began to suck his cock. James moaned softly. His cock began to stiffen again. I took his balls into my right hand as I sucked his cock deeper down my throat. They were heavy, warm and firm.

My tongue traced out the alphabet on the spot just behind his bulbous cock head. It was a trick I had learned in college. Move the tip of your tongue as if you are writing the alphabet as you suck a man’s cock and they will explode before you can get to Z. I was focused like a laser beam on James’s hard cock. I wanted the contents of those amazing balls in my mouth. I slipped my hand down between my legs and rubbed my fingers on my cum covered clit and hole. In seconds, my fingers were slippery with his cum. I then moved my hand up to his tight butt and put my cum-covered finger on his asshole. James jumped a bit, which forced his cock all the way to the back of my throat. Slowly, I made circles with my cum-soaked finger on his tight hole. James let out a soft moan and then looked down at me and called me a freaky bitch. This made me work harder, if he thought that was freaky, then I wanted him to see what freaky was.

My tongue went into overdrive at about the letter M. I started using two fingers to massage his asshole. His balls responded by getting very tight. The balls sack drew up close to his body as if to strangle his two massive testicles. I knew he was close. I began to hum softly as I sucked even harder. James began to squirm. I was now at T and I wanted cum and I wanted it now. I turned up the volume of my humming as if I was a vibrator. James got on his toes. His cock became rock hard. I was about to press the button I knew would send him over the edge. Just when I thought he couldn’t take it any longer, I slipped my middle finger deep into his asshole and pressed hard on his prostate.

I immediately felt the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm. His balls twitched twice, then I felt his prostate spasm against my finger. Quickly, his whole sexual system began to pulse in a rhythmic chorus of ecstasy. The first shot of cum flew out of his cock like a bullet and immediately filled my throat. I swallowed quickly. The next was almost equally as forceful and almost the same volume. Again, I swallowed as best I could. I began to choke a bit and pulled my head back. James’ hand grabbed my head and forced his cock as deep as he could get it down my throat. I choked, gagged but he did not release me. Instead, it encouraged his cock and balls to produce even more warm seed.

My heart was racing, I was choking and needed air. I began to see stars and feel dizzy. James was oblivious to my plight. I began to black out. Then just before I was about to pass out, he released me from his death grip. My head flew back as his cock bounced out of my mouth, covered in my spit and his cum. His cock was still exploding. Three more shots hit my face then dripped down onto my breasts. James was growling like a rabid dog. I grabbed his cock and put it back in my mouth and teased the head violently. He howled and try to squirm backwards but he was still impaled on my finger. I pressed hard on his prostate, then rubbed my finger back and forth as fast as I could to make it spasm more. James screamed as his legs buckled. He begged me to stop. His cock began to oozes a continuous stream of goo onto my tongue. I am a great little cock sucker and I knew it. I knew how to make a man come and I just proved it to my Black Greek god.

Finally, James begged and said, “Please, no more.” I slipped my finger out of his twitching asshole then pull my head back away from his now deflating penis. His cock was a mess. It was covered in spit, cum and pussy juices. I leaned towards him and kissed the head of his cock gently. He looked down at me and said thank you. I looked up into his jet-Black eyes and asked him if he would like to do that again sometime. His response was “Fuck Yes!” I giggled as I made my way to my feet. I then pulled his head down to mine and kissed him deeply. James let out a deep moan as I kissed him. He could taste his cum in my mouth. When our kiss ended, I asked him if he liked how his cum tasted and he responded that he liked how it tasted in me.

He crawled into the bed with me and we kissed and cuddled for another hour or so. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the clock by the bed. Fuck, I thought, it was almost midnight already. I popped out of bed and got dressed quickly. James asked me to stay but I told him I had to get home. Once I was dressed, James got up and slid open the nightstand drawer. He pulled out a gold necklace that had a small charm on it. The charm had a number on it, 52637. He hung it around my neck. I looked down and asked what the gift was for. He said it was the code number for his room. He wanted me to have it and that anytime I wanted to fuck, he would be available. My body actually shivered involuntarily at his invitation. I thanked him and gave him a deep kiss and told him I would be in touch.

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