21 Nisan 2021


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You called me not long after the party but I knew if you had not called soon I would have contacted you. Too long your needs had been ignored. The energy from our first contact had awoken a desire to fulfil and realise the erotic fantasies burning within us. A need to make fantasy into reality. The knock at the door signified your arrival, on time as I had requested.

Opening the door I am reminded again of your beauty. Blonde hair frames your face, a broad smile beaming up at me. Your body is pure erotic beauty with curves in all the right places. A rush of blood causes a stirring in my loins as I continue to take in the picture of sexual heat in front of me. I find myself smiling, asking you to come in, to enter my life.

Sitting you in the chair in front of me I ask, “Chloe this is your final opportunity to leave today. As I explained on the phone, once this day begins you will not be able to leave for 24 hours at which time I will ask you the same question. Are you ready to begin your experience?” My heart pounds as I wait for your answer for I want this as much as I feel you do.


Listening to your deep voice I feel the intensity in your words, I know you want me and would take me now but you have put your needs aside to ensure that this is what I really want.

My answer is simple “Yes”.


Leaning forward I kiss your lips as my hand snakes through your hair. Increasingly passionate I guide you to your feet pressing our bodies together. Rubbing my hand across your thigh I confirm that you have not worn any panties as I had instructed. Breaking our embrace I give my first order for the day “Remove your dress. Slowly.” Returning to my seat I watch as you push first one shoulder of your black dress off then the other. The smooth skin of your neck and shoulders are flawless, I want to massage and nibble at it but resist the urge. Time will come to touch this exquisite creature but for now I enjoy the vision as it is unwrapped.

Crossing your arms across your chest you grasp at the edge of the dress now clinging to your chest. Pulling slowly inch-by-inch the pale skin of your breasts is exposed before halting briefly at the nipple line. As the material is dragged over the nipples they spring forward hard and erect. A soft moan escapes from you at the sensation. Slipping your hands inside the top of the dress you continue its downward progress.

As your hips flare you again slow, the fabric is spread across your thighs. Turning away from me you begin to swing your hips from side to side in a slow easy rhythm. Easing the fabric further down your firm round butt is displayed, I smile to myself as I think of the pleasure it will bring us both. Bending forward at the hips you finish the removal of the dress. Still facing away from me you stand looking over your shoulder. From your expression I sense you are looking for approval.

CHLOE mmm…..slipping out of my dress in front of you, slowly running my hands over my body, teasing you, my freshly shaven pussy is so wet. You look so good sitting there, I want to please you so badly I’m trembling. I’m standing naked in front of you, it’s exciting to me that your still dressed, I feel so vulnerable. My eyes never leave yours, as I wait for your next instructions or your next move.


“Beautiful” is all I say and it is the truth. Standing now I take you by the hand leading onwards to my bedroom.

With you reclining against the pillows on the bed I begin to undress. As you had done I take my time until finally I stand naked in front of you. Taking my place on the oversized chair I speak “Your first step today will be to masturbate for me. As you do so you will tell me what you are doing, what you would like to be doing or what you would like me to be doing. This is in order for me to understand what brings you pleasure. There is only one rule that you cannot break. You must not allow yourself to achieve orgasm, you will get as close as you can but you will not cum. Do you understand?”


I nod my confirmation. Stepping toward you I turn and sit on the chair. In front of us a mirror shows our reflection as your arms wrap around me. Together we can watch my actions and together we can watch each other. Your cock is hot against my back and I can feel it harden as I lift my legs wide placing them over the arms of the chair. Leaning back in to your body I start.

God this is just what I need, I’m lying back in the chair rubbing my swollen clit with one hand and working the fingers of my other deep in and out till I am ready to cum. On the verge you pull my hands away placing them in yours wrapping our arms around me. Slowly you kiss and suck at my neck and shoulders while telling me what you will do to me, my body is on fire, my nipples are so hard, my freshly shaven pussy is so slick my fingers will slide in so easy, I’ll use 2 or 3 just so I can imagine they are yours. I always cum better when my pussy is full and stretched, mmm….I can’t wait to cum.

Looking in the mirror I see the look of passion and pleasure on your face. Deeper I see your need izmir escort bayan for me merged with your desire to ensure my own fantasies are realized. It is the face of a lover and a friend. I watch as your eyes turn from my face where you have seen the same desires reflected in me. Slowly they turn downward. I can see that in your eyes you are enjoying the view of my body. You see none of the imperfections I think are there instead finding beauty in all of me. At this thought another bolt of arousal surges through my body causing my nipples to harden still further, my pussy to become even wetter.

Lying back further in your arms as you recline back in this chair, you release my hands. You continue kissing my neck and shoulders, my fingers again working my drenched hole, as you whisper to me, telling me not to cum too soon, your fingers pulling my nipples and gently kneading my full aching breasts, I’m sooo close and I beg you to please let me cum, you slide your hand down my tummy and replace my hand with yours. Working your fingers deeper inside me than I ever thought possible you start twisting them and using your thumb on my clit, I can’t move my orgasm has all encompassed me and keeps going, your fingers never let up and my pussy keeps convulsing till you show me a little mercy and remove the thumb from my clit and I slowly finish the ride. You remove your fingers and move them to my lips. I lick them clean, mmm


No longer do I need to instruct or lead this encounter for we are both in tune. Standing in front of me you turn and face me. Looking up at you I again am amazed at this beautiful woman. Full breasts with erect nipples, the erotic curves of your body, the shaved pussy glistening in front of me. I so want to taste that sweet pussy but now is not the time. For now a burning desire in both of us can be satisfied by only one thing. You step towards me.


I turn toward you and place a knee on each side of you. Sliding my body down yours, wrapping my arms around you, sliding your hard cock deep inside my still twitching pussy. You pick me up holding my ass in your hands as I wrap my legs around you, kissing your neck, licking and sucking your earlobes, you carry me to our bed, where the night has just begun


Feeling your body pressed against me causes my cock to harden further. The heat from your pussy as it wraps around my cock is incredible. Moving us to the bed I lay myself against you, our hips pressing together. In no rush I slip myself backwards and forwards within you. I can feel your hands across my back and butt as they hold me against you. Gazing deep in to your eyes I continue our motion feeling your hips rise in unison with my own. This rhythm could be continued forever which would be fine with me for their is no better place than being with you or within you.

Listening to your body with mine I continue to maintain a rhythm that brings you to the edge of orgasm before slowing. This is sweet agony for both of us but I want to be sure that each orgasm you have tonight will be an experience you will remember.

You have reached the point of orgasm many times now and the stress of being unable to release has begun to show in your eyes. The desire like fire flares within you. I too can take it no longer, my cock has been aching for release since the moment you arrived. The pace this time is slow and tender. I can feel every ripple in your pussy walls as I push my cock in to you from tip to base. So slow are the strokes that my cock feels as though it has grown longer. This time as your orgasm continues to grow I do not slow my pace. Feeling your orgasm start I begin my final stroke, again maintaining the slow entry. Your pussy walls are clenching harder at my cock trying to push me out but I continue my penetration of your body. Your screams of ecstasy are driving me wild. I want so much to just slam the rest of my cock home but I continue the slow pace to ensure your release continues.

Your hips rise and thrust from the bed as I continue my actions. Your moans fill the room and my senses as your orgasm rolls on. I can feel your pussy clenching at my cock, drowning it as I hold myself tightly against your orgasming body. I whisper in your ear “Cum!” as my own orgasm hits. Holding myself within you I feel my cum filling you as with each contraction I pump more in to you.

As you come down from your release I lay behind you wrapping you in my arms, keeping you safe. The beauty of your release has been the most erotic moment of my life so far but I am certain that there will be more. Turning in my arms to face me you kiss me. For a while that is all we do, our arms wrapped around each other, bodies pressed together, lips exploring lips. Our hands begin to roam again exploring each other. I feel you take my cock in your hand pulling it gently. I can feel the skin sliding up and down the shaft as you jerk me slowly.

I feel you push me back against the bed turning me on to my back. Watching you as you climb on top of me. With one leg up you take my cock in your hand and rub at those puffy wet pussy lips. Unable to take escort izmir our eyes away we both watch as you sink down on my cock, the head then the shaft disappearing slowly in to your body until there are only our hips joined together.

I pull you down close so I can kiss you. I can feel your breasts pressing against my chest, your body so warm inside my arms. Holding you there I let you set the pace of our movements letting you drive the timing of our orgasm.


I love the feel of you inside me. So warm and full, I feel so complete. I can’t ever remember feeling like this. I slowly start to grind my hips into yours, driving you deeper still. Sitting up and leaning back, placing my hands behind me, I rest them on your thighs. Slowly I work you in and out of my body. Watching your face (I love to watch your face) your eyes closed in pure pleasure trying to hold back your orgasm.

I can feel your cock growing harder still, filling me up even more. I can’t take much more, I want to feel you cum inside me. I begin moving faster and harder, rolling my hips to take you all the way in and back out again. My pussy is sucking at your cock like it’s desperate to keep it deep inside.

Throwing my head back I totally let go and give in to my body, I want your hot cream overflowing my tight little box, splashing against my womb, coating my insides throwing me into a powerful orgasm. Its coming I can feel it. I look down at you and your watching me. I whisper, “Fuck me Justin, please fuck me.” You take hold of my hips, starting me on a wonderful ride….


I can feel the pace increasing as you drive down harder against me. Hearing your plea I am unable to hold back. I start to push my hips up against yours wedging myself deeper in to you on each stroke. Placing my hands on your hips I feel the swell of your cheeks. Your pace continues to increase until it takes all my willpower to stop from cumming. Such sweet bliss as your pussy begins to squeeze at me, I know now your own orgasm is only moments away.


The rapid movements of your hips feel so good pushing your cock in and out of my tight little body, stretching me, filling me over and over till my juicy little pussy starts cumming and milks your cock till you shoot your hot load deep inside my spasming love canal, contracting around you till I’m sure I’ve drained you of every last precious drop….


As we lay again on the bed, arm in arm, bodies together, I wonder how I could have been so lucky to meet you. You are my fantasy woman and my fantasy had just become a reality.

Feeling you relaxing in my arms I know you have fallen asleep. Whispering in your ear I tell you to sleep well for tomorrow you will need all your energy as we explore further our passion for each other. Closing my eyes I too drift off to sleep. My last thought the scent of your hair.

Waking early I slide from behind you allowing you to roll you on to your back. Gently spreading your legs I move between them. In the faint morning light I look more closely at your body as I work my lips over it heading towards your feet before returning back up to your breasts. You are still sleeping deeply as I place my mouth over your erect nipple. From deep within you I hear a soft moan. Working my way across I take your other nipple in to my mouth with a similar response.

Brushing my lips across you stomach I move down to your pussy, which has begun to open. Looking closely again I see that the lips have begun to swell. Placing my wet tongue flat against the bottom of your pussy I drag it upwards to your clit, slipping between the folds of your lips as I do so. Repeating my action I slip slightly further in each time until my tongue is deep within you searching for the delicate tissues of your g-spot. Gentle moans continue to escape from you but your eyes remain closed.

The juices from your pussy have begun to flow faster, their taste sweet on my lips. Some of the juice runs past my tongue and down the channel across the pink ring of your butt. Starting my strokes lower I run my tongue from your tight ring up across your pussy until I am just touching your clit. My tongue rests just lightly on your clit as I begin to slide a finger in to your pussy. At first I pump just one finger in to you but then add another. Hooking them I work them along the top of your slick channel feeling for that magic spot. Your moans have turned louder but remain unformed as this pleasant dream continues.

Taking my other hand I slip one finger in to your sopping wet pussy then place it against the ring of your butt. Massaging it I press gently until I find the angle that allows its entry. A deeper moan comes from your throat as I work my finger inside your butt all the while maintaining the thrusting of my other fingers in your pussy, my mouth never leaving your clit.

Pushing a second finger in to your tight ring I feel your orgasm start to flood over my hand. The contractions around my fingers in both your pussy and your ass are squeezing tightly at them. Pumping both hands faster now I take your clit in to my mouth and izmir escort begin to suck. Your hands on the back of my head push me harder in to you as your hips rise from the bed. Glancing up I see the red flush across your chest, those nipples hard and wrinkled with excitement. Past that I see your eyes now awake from the peaceful sleep, your face contorting as your orgasm now hits full force. I continue to work on your pussy as your orgasm rolls onwards until your clit is too sensitive to take any more.

Sliding up beside your body I take you in my arms, a look of relaxing pleasure on your face. With a gentle kiss I tell you it is time to rise and shower, breakfast will not be long.

Entering the shower we both enjoy the heat of the water on our bodies. Together we wash each other enjoying the contact of skin on skin. With many hugs and kisses we are finally done. Waiting for you I hold out a nice soft robe. Together we head down for breakfast.

Over breakfast we talk of the many things that have made up our lives. Most of them have been good, some have been bad but the combination of those experiences has us who and where we are now.


Returning to your bedroom I find that my clothing from last night has been replaced with a light summer dress and a pair of shoes. Dressing you tell me that we are going shopping. In your car we head in directions I have never been until I am unsure of where we are. Stopping at last I look at the shops and realize they are specialist designer boutique types with an emphasis on the erotic.

Our first stop is a shoe shop where an older man greets us. His hands are rough and calloused from his work crafting the shoes but he is helpful. We look at many designs before selecting a couple. You take me to a seat to try them on. At first you kneel in front of me helping me with them. You move my dress slightly allowing you a view of my uncovered pussy. A sense of excitement rushes through my body as I feel your hands on my legs. Calling the cobbler over you ask his help in getting a pair of shoes or boots to fit right. My pussy floods as I realize your intentions.

With your hand on my knee you keep my leg in place. The cobbler’s gnarled hands move expertly over my feet as he uses his years of experience to work out the best fit. Only when he looks up does he realize the view he has. I can feel my pussy clench with excitement as he stares straight in to me. You ask the man about boots and he slides his hands up the inside of my calf. I can feel his hands tremble slightly as they work towards my knee. Then he is gone to find the correct shoes and boots.

Turning to you I see that wicked smile and knowingly I smile back at you. Leaning over you kiss me passionately your hand slipping under my dress to my now sopping pussy. Rubbing your finger over it you smear my juices over the outside lips. I can imagine it glistening, which causes me to become even wetter. Removing your hand you place it at your lips and suck the juice from your finger.

When the cobbler returns he again kneels in front of me. As he fits the shoe I feel the rough skin of his hands against the smooth skin of my legs. The leather of the shoe is delicate and erotic to the touch. Looking up as he ties the straps up my calf I feel him shake again as he looks directly at the glistening lips of my wet pussy. When he has finished I move to stand spreading my legs to get over the fitting stool. As I do so I can feel my pussy gape open raising a cough from the cobbler.

The shoes and the boots both fit beautifully but the cobbler assures you they need some final touches. He says they will be ready next weekend for final fitting. We promise to return then.

As we move down the street I can feel my pussy lips sliding against each other, slick with juice. I hope I have not left a damp spot on the back of my dress.

Guiding me we head in to a lingerie store. The items on display are delicately crafted with many revealing features. Taking a fine piece from the mannequin you hand it too me. “Try this on” you tell me. Standing in the changing room I hear you and the sales woman talking at the counter while I remove the sundress. I hear you tell her about me, referring to me as a beautiful erotic woman who is looking to express that in a piece of lingerie.

Pulling the one-piece body suit on I look at myself in the mirror. The lace fits firmly enhancing the swell of my breasts. Cut high on the side the crotch is held by tiny clasps. As I move I can feel the lace shifting against my nipples and clit causing sensations within me. From the counter you call me out. Stepping forward slowly I stand before you both in just this fine lace. The sales woman begins to fuss around me, full of compliments. Her hands slide down my body as she smoothes some of the lace. You continue to lean on the counter watching as the woman touches me. Again I feel an erotic surge pulse through my body, her touch causing my nipples to harden till they ache to be touched. Turning towards a mirror I see that the lace has begun to absorb the moisture from my pussy, the spot undeniable. Standing behind me now the woman places her hands on my shoulders before running them down the outside of my body. Reaching forward she slips a finger between the clasps sliding it inside me, pumping gently, before returning it to her mouth to taste it.

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