22 Nisan 2021

Close the Deal

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“Well, I think if we offer them two and a quarter million they will insist on three and we can come back with a firm two and a half,” Joe said, walking to the large window overlooking the pool area.

“Yeah, that’s been our target all along,” Scott added. “What if they balk at two and a half?”

“We walk. There’s other property in Florida,” Joe replied.

The two investors had spent forty eight hours in Orlando scoping out a piece of land they had heard about the month before. From the suite of a luxury hotel, they attempted to finalize their approach to the seller. They were fairly new to the business and their small company needed this—plus a couple other opportunities—to make a splash and bring in new patrons.

Joe was thirty eight; Scott thirty five. They were single, rich, and well known for their love of good parties. Joe was taller, more athletic and a risk taker. Scott was the thinker and planner. The plan was to retire at fifty. This trip to Florida was key to those plans.

Joe stared down at the young mothers at the pool, but his mind was working on money.

“That Wilson dude seemed like an easy target,” he said. “I don’t think he’ll turn down two and a half million dollars.”

“What was the history of the sales of the land around it again?” Scott asked.

“Oh, I had that in the binder,” Joe said, turning back into the room and gazing around. “Where’d we put that?”

Scott rummaged through a stack of things on a table nearest the couch. Joe did the same to a pile on a chair.

“Shit,” Joe exclaimed.

“We couldn’t have left that in Atlanta, could we?” Scott said with a hint of disgust.

“Damn it. We must have. We HAVE to have that binder, Scott.”

“I know. I know,” Scott said. “We’ll have it shipped, I guess.”

Joe was back at the window, pacing. A moment of silence passed, and then he looked at Scott with a wry grin.

“We need it tomorrow,” Joe said calmly. “But what time tomorrow is not a big deal. We can have it driven down from Atlanta I suppose. That’s maybe six and a half hours plus rest stops and food.”

“Driven? By who?” Scott asked.

Joe’s grin returned. He said, “I think that’s a task for Alex.”

Scott looked puzzled. “Why Alex? She hasn’t been in on this project.”

“So what?” Joe blurted. ” What difference does that make driving a fucking binder from one city to another? She’s not tied up on anything else and it won’t kill her to spend a few days in sunny Orlando.”

“She’s been with us less than a month, Joe. I think her training with Cheryl is more important than a few days in Florida,” Scott argued.

Joe rolled his eyes. “God damn it, Scott. Be creative for once in your life. Is there anybody else in the office you’d rather see at the pool or at one of the clubs around here than Alex? She’s what…twenty three? Single? Gorgeous?”

Scott paced the floor accepting the verbal lashings from his partner.

“Alright. Send her down,” Scott said grudgingly. “God knows she’s better looking than you.”

Joe was already sending the e-mail with instructions for Alex to get the binder, pack for three days, and arrive by five the next afternoon.


Alex was hired by Joe and Scott with the future in mind. She was a recent Georgia Tech graduate, with honors, earning a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. The men were going to need a company spokesperson when they expanded and, dealing primarily with older men in their transactions, it seemed logical to hire a young, beautiful woman.

Her long, brown hair framed a faultless face. Her body and legs were perfectly proportioned. Alex was shy by nature, but not averse to taking risks when necessary. They interviewed nobody else after Joe saw her.

“What should I pack, Cheryl?” Alex asked her closest friend at work when the e-mail arrived.

“Do you want to work here for a while or not?” the middle-aged Cheryl asked her.

“Well, yeah.”

“Then I’d suggest the smallest bikini you own…if you don’t own one, buy one tonight…and shorts, t-shirts…tank tops especially, oh…and a short dress,” Cheryl directed her. “Joe loves short dresses.”

“Am I going to Orlando or Vegas?” Alex said with a perplexed stare.

“Kind of both. This trip may be more important than you think,” Cheryl said.

“Whatever. But I don’t get it,” Alex admitted.

“You will,” was Cheryl’s reply.

Alex had all day the following day to ‘get it.’ By the time she was checked into her room at four o’clock, she had made up her mind exactly how she was going to handle the unexpected predicament she found herself in. She would be professional first, playful when appropriate, and cautious always.

They were lofty ambitions and utterly contrary to Joe’s intentions, as Alex would quickly find out.

With the precious binder in hand, she made her way to Joe’s suite. Before knocking she glanced down at her sleeveless blouse and shorts to make any final adjustments. She took a deep breath and tapped lightly on the door.

“You made it! Come on illegal bahis in, Alex,” Joe said with a wide smile when the door opened.

“Hi, Scott,” Alex said when she saw him on the couch.

“Hi, Alex. Good drive down?” he asked.

Alex shrugged. “Long, but no problems.”

Joe stood next to her. “Sorry about you having to do this, but we absolutely had to have that file and when it came down to having some UPS dude bring it or you, we thought you might like a short working vacation.”

“Thanks,” she said. “Whatever you need me to do, let me know.”

“Oh, we will. Have a seat,” Joe told her.

They chatted for half an hour before Joe suggested they meet for dinner at six in the hotel restaurant.

“Then we’ll see what’s open in the area,” he said. “You’ll have to tell us what music you will and will not tolerate, Alex.”

She laughed nervously and said, “Whatever you choose is fine, I’m sure.”

Her first attempt at being professional brought a smile to Joe and Scott’s faces.

Back in her room, Alex looked into the closet and considered Cheryl’s advice. She reached for her newest dress, a black form-fitting halter top with a flared bottom. It almost reached her knees and may not have met Cheryl’s requirement of being ultra-short, but it was the first night. She had shorter ones if the need to be playful arose.

The choice was met with approval by the men when they reassembled outside the restaurant. Dinner was served and eaten leisurely while the threesome talked. Alex began to recognize the dominance of Joe over the more sedate Scott, but she herself was more from Scott’s mold and was somewhat attracted to, or at least intrigued by, the quieter man. This feeling was enforced during the couple of hours they spent at a nearby club. Because of Joe’s habit of staying on the floor even after Alex quit, she ended up sitting alone with Scott quite a bit.

Close to midnight, they returned to the hotel. Scott was quick to head for his own room. But Joe turned to Alex and said, “Do you mind if we talk for ten minutes? I want to explain what we’ll need tomorrow, and maybe beyond.”

“Sure. Not too long, though,” Alex requested. “It was a long day.”

“Of course,” Joe assured her as they entered his suite.

To reinforce her appeal, Alex remained standing when Joe began to explain.

“Tomorrow we are meeting in here with the guy who owns the property we want to buy,” he said. “He has other properties we’d also be interested in, depending on how much he’ll deal with us. This guy is really important to us, and to our future.”

Alex nodded.

“If you are willing, Alex, you can play a major role in this transaction. One that will benefit all of us a great deal,” Joe said, standing close by Alex’s side.

“Oh? I thought I was on vacation?”

“I believe I said working vacation,” Joe said quickly. “It’s always your choice. You can head back to Atlanta at any time.”

His tone made it clear to Alex which he would prefer.

“What are my choices?”

Joe said, “I’d like you to be in here when we meet with Wilson. He may need incentive to consider our offer, or he may want to celebrate afterwards. I think you showed tonight that you can entertain very nicely.”

Alex nervously played with her necklace. “Define entertain,” she finally said.

Joe smiled and stepped closer to Alex, facing her. He put his hands on her sides.

“You are much better looking than Scott and me, Alex. I’m sure Wilson would enjoy having you around. You could pay him special attention if the occasion came up,” Joe said in his most charming voice.

Alex may have preferred Scott’s personality, but she could never deny Joe’s good looks and appeal. She nearly forgot what he was asking her to do as she looked into his eyes.

“Came up?” she almost whispered. “The occasion or Wilson?”

Joe’s hands slid in front of her dress, tracing the bottom of her breasts with his fingers.

“Wilson,” Joe said. “Just like you’re doing to me now.”

His fingers explored the front of Alex’s dress and stopped when he felt her nipples under the thin material. Her eyes never left his. Alex let one hand travel to the front of his pants.

“And then what would you want me to do?” Alex asked, her hand finding the outline of his erection.

“Whatever you think is appropriate to help close the deal,” he replied.

Joe’s right hand slipped inside the deep neckline of Alex’s dress and touched the soft flesh of her breast. Her fingers applied more pressure to his cock. Joe squeezed her nipple and rolled it between his fingers, resulting in a sudden gasp escaping Alex’s mouth.

Both of Alex’s hands were on his pants, pulling down the zipper and frantically reaching for his cock. As she drew it out, Joe lifted the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders and let them fall down her arms, exposing the bulk of her tits. Alex hastily withdrew her arms from the dress and let her breasts become fully exposed. Then she dropped to her knees.

Joe’s cock was long and illegal bahis siteleri thick and throbbing. Alex no longer thought about her future with Joe’s company, or Wilson and his land. All she cared about was the incredible cock in front of her that waited for her touch and kisses and tongue.

She ran her fingers up the underside of the cock before loosely wrapping her hand around it. Alex felt the warmth of Joe’s blood pulsing through the blue veins. She kissed the hard, pink tip.

Alex tilted her head and allowed her tongue to glide over the bottom and side of the cock. She felt it twitch. She spread her lips and placed them around the head of Joe’s shaft. She pushed forward as slowly as she could, despite her excitement, and let the cock slide inside her mouth inch by inch.

Just before she felt her lips touch his balls, the cock struck the back of her throat. She’d never had anybody this large and wondered what it would feel like in her pussy. Then she began to let him fuck her mouth, with his hand gently on the top of her head.

Alex considered herself pretty good at oral sex and enjoyed it very much, but she put extra effort into pleasing Joe, realizing once again the importance of her short stay in Orlando. As a result, her normally active tongue and delicate fingers worked overtime. She sucked him and stroked him until the first drops of precum delivered their salty treat to her tongue. Alex heard Joe’s first groan of delight since she started the blowjob and it only made her more anxious to please him.

She put her hands on his ass and let him use her mouth as hard and fast as he wanted to. Alex fought the urge to rub her clit, but she knew that she could cum within seconds if given the chance. Not this time, however. This was all about Joe and auditioning, perhaps, for Wilson.

“God, Alex. That feels so good.”

Joe’s voice surprised her amid the relative quiet of their short session so far.

“Just like that,” he continued. “I’m almost there.”

‘Oh shit,’ Alex thought to herself. ‘I better figure out what I’m going to do.’

The decision was normally simple: she would swallow everything he offered. Then Joe made the choice for her.

“I want to cum on your tits,” Joe said in a more desperate tone. “Now, Alex. I’m almost…oh God!”

She quickly took the cock in her hand and held it directly over her tits. Alex gripped it tightly and pumped as fast as her arm would move. She looked up and met Joe’s eyes gazing down. He grimaced, arched his back, and groaned loudly.

“Yes! Yes!” he cried out.

The first shot of cum splattered against Alex’s chest. The next couple she directed onto her tits. Stream after stream poured from Joe’s cock. It got on Alex’s hand and acted as a lubricant as she masturbated him harder. His moans filled the suite even as the last drops of cum fell between her tits.

Alex waited before putting him back in her mouth and cleaning the cock the best she could. Joe shuddered one last time and relaxed. Alex let him pull out, still semi-erect.

“That was awesome,” he told her. He looked down at Alex and grinned. “I’ll get a towel.”


Mr. Wilson sat at the desk in Joe’s suite, studying one sheet of many sheets of paper stacked in front of him. He adjusted his reading glasses and continued reading. Joe and Scott were in chairs on the opposite side of the desk when they weren’t pacing the floor. Alex sat quietly on a couch, nervously playing with the hem of her newest, shortest dress.

She scrutinized Wilson from her vantage point beside, and a little behind, him. He was probably fifty years old, maybe less, with thinning hair, a deep, dark tan, and just the hint of a belly. His attitude in the one hour she had known him was one of wealth and big business. But he wasn’t bad looking by any means and he had been professional with her when they spoke. Now he was conducting business and any other personality he might have was put aside.

Occasionally he asked questions of Joe and Scott that Alex didn’t fully understand. She could barely balance her measly bank account. The terms of a multi-million dollar real estate transaction were beyond her.

But she recognized a stalemate when she heard one and the men were clearly at odds over the final price. Wilson was not having anything to do with Joe and Scott’s offer of two and half million. Voices were not raised, but the tension in the room rose with each passing minute.

Alex saw Wilson push his chair back from the desk. She saw the trepidation on Joe’s face.

“Let’s take a break,” Joe said calmly. “We can come back to it. How about a drink?”

Without ever changing the expression on his face, Wilson said, “Yeah. I need to think about it. I’ll take a beer if you have one.”

“Absolutely,” Joe answered quickly. “Alex, a round for everyone, please.”

Alex rose from the couch and headed for the kitchen, well aware of the three sets of eyes following her all the way. If Cheryl’s advice was correct, it was about to pay off. Alex’s summery, floral sundress canlı bahis siteleri showed ample leg and cleavage. She met the eye candy test for Wilson, but Alex was still uncertain of Joe’s plans for her in the meeting besides being a waitress. Perhaps she would have to make that call herself.

She returned with the drinks and found that Wilson had moved to the end of the same couch she was using. When her serving duties were complete, she sat a few feet from him.

“Your bosses are making my life difficult, Alex,” Wilson said. “I’m not sure I believe their story about being new at this.”

With his glasses off and sitting this much closer to her, Alex took another look at Wilson and concluded his tough persona may be a facade.

“Well, they’ve been nothing but fair and kind to me, Mr. Wilson. I can vouch for the fact this is a young company that they are trying to build,” she stated. “Don’t give up on us so soon.”

Wilson chuckled between drinks. “First of all, Alex, call me Charles. Secondly, I’m not giving up. This is all a game, you see. I’m trying to win. Joe and Scott are trying to win. In the end, perhaps we all win. We’ll see.”

Alex grinned back at him. “If it’s a game, I’m just a ball girl, I suppose.”

“No, no,” Wilson assured her. “You’re a full member of their team. Everybody plays their part and has a role, Alex.”

“And what’s mine?” she asked.

His eyes betrayed his thoughts as they quickly took in the entire length of Alex’s body. His hesitation to answer seemed like an eternity to her. Then he said, “Brains and beauty. They can be a valuable asset in this business.”

“Which do you prefer?”

He held back another laugh. “Brains will get your foot in the door,” he replied. “Beauty will close the deal.”

Alex knew her opportunity to act would be brief. This was it. She rose to her feet and walked closer to Wilson.

“Are we close to a deal favorable to both you and my bosses?” she asked him.

He nodded silently.

“Stand up, Charles.”

They stood face to face, inches apart.

Alex said, “I hope so. Now, let’s close the deal.”

Her hand moved to his crotch and she felt the start of his erection. Joe and Scott watched in silence, in awe of the resolve being shown by their new employee. Only Joe could relate to what Wilson was feeling between his legs at the moment.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Wilson. It was tentative and short.

“Touch me, Charles. Anywhere. All over,” she whispered.

His cock was now straining to grow within the confines of his pants. While Alex gripped it, Wilson’s hands slid up the back of her thighs and onto her ass. They pushed her panties aside and clutched at the fullness of her cheeks. Then he shifted and placed both hands where the neckline of her dress met the rise of her breasts. Soon, he had the material pushed aside and was cupping her tits in both hands.

They kissed again and Alex rubbed what had become his full-blown erection. He felt huge to her, but did not open his pants. She waited for directions, which came quickly.

“Perhaps the bedroom would be more appropriate,” Wilson said to her softly.

Alex took his hand in hers and made the first move towards the bedroom. Without a word or even a glance at Joe and Scott, she and Wilson walked into the room and closed the door.

Once alone, any reservations Alex and Wilson might have had were tossed aside, along with all of Wilson’s clothes. Alex stripped him rapidly while not allowing him to take off a single piece of her clothing. She would handle that her own way, she told him.

Alex spent only a few seconds gazing at Wilson’s stiff cock. Her primary purpose was to give him a show that would force him to accept whatever terms Joe and Scott offered. She was eager to get on with it.

“Get on the bed,” she said.

Wilson obeyed, sitting with his back against the headboard, never taking his eyes off Alex. She kicked off her shoes and played with the bottom of her dress, raising it nearly to her pussy and letting it fall gently back into place. She ran her hands up the front of the dress until reaching her breasts. Alex lingered there for a moment before reaching for the shoulder straps.

One at a time, she slipped them off her shoulders and onto her arms. The dress sank until all but the nipples of her tits showed. Using one hand on the front of her dress, she pulled it down nearly to her waist, exposing her breasts.

Wilson’s cock pointed at the ceiling in what appeared to Alex to be agonizing stiffness. His wry grin and squinty eyes could not betray his lust for her and Alex, herself, felt the wetness between her legs growing as she stared at his erection.

She let the dress fall to the floor.

Alex stepped forward to free her feet from the dress, but remained a short distance from the bed. Her fingers slid inside the sides of her panties and Wilson watched the outline of her hands move around to her pussy. He saw the panties stretch as both hands sought the clit that ached so much for attention.

After a few brief strokes, Alex pushed down and let the panties ride down her thighs. She bent over slightly and used one hand to remove the underwear from one leg, and then the other. She tossed the panties aside.

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