18 Nisan 2021

Co-Ed Fantasies

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It’s a warm, September evening, and I’m sitting in my dorm room all alone. I’ve been sitting at my computer, reading the erotic stories that I enjoy so much. As the minutes pass, I can’t help but think of you and how badly I want to be with in your arms right now. My thoughts start out innocently enough. I imagine myself lying in your arms, resting my head on your chest. Just thinking about it is enough to make me smile.

The more I’m thinking of you, the less innocent my thoughts become. I’m starting to think about all of the things that I want to do to you and your naked body, and I slowly slip into a fantasy of my own. I close my eyes and I’m swept away into another place and time.

We’re sitting in your room, reading our books. Every now and then, I glance up and give you a quick, shy smile. Even after this long, looking at you still makes me blush. When you’re not looking, I’m studying every feature of your face… the cute little freckles that are dotted everywhere, your strong, perfect nose. I’m trying to look into your gorgeous blue-gray eyes without you noticing, but I always fail. The more I stare at you, the more turned on I become.

When I’m around you, there’s an electricity that pulses through my body. Tonight’s the night when I’m going to make you feel it too. I slowly get off of the mattress I’m lying on, and walk over to the couch where you sit. I gently take the book out of your hands and lay it on the floor beside us. I then start my sweet torture.

As you sit there staring up at me, I start to remove my clothing. First, I slip my shirt over my head so you’re staring up at my naked chest. As you start to reach your hands up to caress my breasts, I softly slap them away and tell you that I’m in charge tonight. You look disappointed yet enticed at the same time. I can tell this is going to be a wonderful experience.

I slowly unbutton my jeans and kick them across the room. You’re surprised to see that I’m not wearing any underwear, and that I’ve trimmed my bush illegal bahis into a perfect little triangle. It seems that I’ve been planning this for quite some time now.

I walk over to your computer and try to find some music that will go perfectly with our erotic encounter. As I’m bending over the desk, you come up behind me and start rotating your now hardened cock against my soft, tender ass. You know how much I enjoy having my ass played with, and that’s exactly why you’re doing it.

As soon as I find a song, I turn around and embrace you. Our mouths come together in one of the most passionate kisses that we’ve ever shared. Our tongues are in a battle inside of our mouths, trying to overpower one another. I can already feel my pussy beginning to get wet.

While we continue to kiss, I start to remove your t-shirt. I’m trying to get it off of you as quickly as I can so that I can feel your soft warm chest against mine. As soon as it’s off, I begin to rub my nipples against you until they’re hard enough that they could cut glass.

I slowly commence removing your pants. I fumble with the button a little, and you reach down to assist me. As you take care of that, I reach my hand inside of your boxers and slowly caress your enlarged cock. I love having my fingers wrapped around your thick shaft.

I gradually lower myself until I’m resting on my knees in front of you. I pull your boxers all the way down and let you step out of them before I begin my tantalizing tongue movements. I grab a hold of your rock-hard member and bring my lips to the base. I start kissing my way up, barely touching it with my lips. When I reach the tip, I open my mouth wide and engulf the entire length of your shaft inside of my mouth. As I start to suck, I can feel you begin to push it deeper inside. Soon I’m going back and forth, sucking it in as far as it will go, until the tip is touching my tonsils.

I quickly pull you out and commence licking the head, flicking my tongue back and forth with feathery illegal bahis siteleri movements. I start to increase the pressure, concentrating on the underside. When I feel that you’re sufficiently aroused, I pull you over to the bed and lie you down.

As soon as you’re on your back, I straddle you and start licking my way up and down your body. Your thick cock is pushing at my cunt, trying to find its way inside, but I won’t allow it. As I’m savoring the taste of your delicious body, I gradually begin rubbing my pussy all over you. You can feel my juices starting to flow out of me as I’m imagining the feel of you thrusting your rod deep inside of my tight, wet pussy.

By this time, my clit has become a swollen, throbbing mass of flesh. It’s begging me to let you inside of me, and I can’t take it any longer. I grab your rod and guide you to my waiting hole. You thrust into me with a force that I’ve never felt before.

Just having you so deep inside of me makes me want to cum right then and there. However, I want this to last so I control myself and start rotating my hips. The tip of your cock is reaching places it’s never been, and the pleasure is excruciating.

I lean forward and spread my pussy lips so that my clit can rub against your body while you’re thrusting in and out. I quickly find the perfect position and try to hold myself there for as long as possible.

As I tighten and release the walls of my cunt, I feel the sensations of an oncoming orgasm. I begin to ride you faster, pushing my clit as hard against your body as I can while concentrating on the feeling of your engorged rod pumping in and out of my now soaking wet pussy. The faster I go, the more intense the feelings become until they’re finally released in one of the most powerful orgasms that I’ve ever experienced.

I begin to scream from the sensations throbbing through my extremely sensitive cunt. You reach up and pull me down to kiss you so that it quiets the noise I’m making. I’ve forgotten that canlı bahis siteleri we’re in a dorm room and that your next door neighbor is the Resident Director for the dorm.

As my orgasm subsides, I climb off of you and onto my knees. I bend over so that you can enter my pussy from behind. You get up and are kneeling behind me when I grab your cock and push you deep inside of me. As you start pumping faster, I ram back on your rod hard and fast, until it feels as though we’re becoming one. Unable to handle the pleasure anymore, I pull away from you and lie on my back. I pull you between my legs and you guide yourself deep inside of me.

As I lift my legs higher so that my feet are resting on your shoulders, it feels as if though you’re reaching up into my rib cage with your cock. The feelings are incredible as I begin the crescendo towards another amazing orgasm.

I lower my legs so that they’re wrapped around your waist and urge you to move faster. As you do so, I erupt in another mind shattering orgasm and have to bite your shoulder to keep myself from screaming again.

You can feel my pussy walls contracting around you, and that pushes you over the edge. You start moaning and making the cute little scrunched up face that you make when you’re starting to cum. My legs are pulling you in faster and faster, and you explode inside of me.

I can feel your come shooting deep within my pussy, and that only turns me on more. The feeling of your juices mixing with mine are almost enough to send me over the edge a third time, but it’s ever so elusive. You begin to wind down.

As soon as your climax is over, you roll off and collapse beside me. I wrap my arms around you and tell you just how much I truly love you. You tell me that you love me, too, and we drift off into a wonderful world of sleep and dreams.

All of a sudden, I hear a knock on my door and I’m jostled out of my fantasies. I answer it and find you standing there, waiting for me. I jump into your arms, and give you a long, passionate kiss. It’s almost as though we’ve been apart for weeks, though it’s only been a couple of hours. I then think of my fantasies, and locking the door behind me, I follow you to your dorm room for a night of fun.

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