26 Şubat 2021

College Blues

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I left school in Surrey, England in July 1964, when I was a month short of my 18th birthday…..a child by all intents, because I had no idea what I wanted to become. I seemed to have done alright in my exams and my career had been ‘planned’ for me by the school careers master and my dad, but no-one seemed to have considered me! Because the last thing I really wanted to do was to follow my dad into accountancy or to do as my careers advisor suggested and try to become a lawyer — heaven forbid, all those dusty tomes and lines of numbers; not to mention all those years and years of study!

And so I passed my 18th birthday while on extended summer holiday, with no more school, or a job, to look forward to — not that I was particularly worried. Why wasn’t I worried? Because I’d just found myself a real live girlfriend — not just someone from school to take to the cinema or to the café……no, this was real love, and she was gorgeous! Very quickly we passed from virgins to practiced lovers and our romantic future was looking rosy as it always is with your first love.

However, I’m not going to let that get in the way of my story — because basically, my mum saw better things for me than becoming a full time Romeo and she packed me off to college for a two year Business Studies course.

So, in the September after my 18th birthday, my parents set me up with some ‘digs’ — a small bed-sit near the college, which was some 30 miles from home and with a bit of financial help from them and then a small inheritance from a great-uncle, I was sitting pretty! All I had to do was to attend lectures and try to behave……

I think that my mother was more canny than I believed though, because no sooner had I settled in, than they moved some 150 miles away (actually my father got a promotion and had to go to Head Office to work) and I was left to make my own way in life.

Truthfully, my parents were only on the other end of a phone line if I wanted a chat or a bit of loving, or even cash, but I certainly felt alone and I also realised that, without my own transport, I couldn’t easily get to see my love-of-my-life and my crusty old landlady certainly wasn’t going to let her come and stay with me! Now what to do?

I soon realised that if I was to pacify that damn thing that kept rearing its head in my trousers, I’d have to find other outlets for my sexual needs and I became a real expert at wanking. I could make myself cum in a matter of a few minutes or I could edge myself along for perhaps an hour or more before I just had to let it out. Usually I’d lay on my back on my bed to wank, allowing my spunk to spurt onto my abdomen and chest and I’d long ago found out about the taste, which I now rather enjoyed. Sometimes I’d lie on my side and then I could catch my cum in my hand and lick it all up, but I tended to vary my activities, so I always had an old towel handy.

Since I started wanking, I’d always wanted to be able to suck my own cock but I was short of some three or four inches of flexibility. The idea of perhaps arranging myself with my arse up against a wall was a bit of a worry because at home, mum or dad might have walked in and once I was in ‘digs’ I was always concerned that my landlady, who had a key to every room, might come in and find me in that strange position….so I’d yet to try sperm direct from the source.

But wanking, while good to release the pressure, isn’t the same as having sex with someone else — it’s a “solitary vice” to quote the old 18th Century view — a lonely way of having sex and I needed more than that.

My walk to and from college took me either through or past a local recreation ground, past the kids playground, the bowls clubhouse and past the public toilets and I was fortunate therefore — because it was there that I found something better than just masturbation.

I think I ducked into the toilet entrance one afternoon mainly because it started raining heavily and then I realised that I might as well have a pee while I was there, so I moved from the doorway into the men’s toilet proper.

There was a wall of urinals — perhaps six of them I’d guess and at the far one a well-built man, perhaps in his forties, stood, looking down at the urinal in front of him. I moved to one further down the line away from him, shuffled close to the wall and pulled my zip down. I fished out my penis, pulling back my foreskin as I did so and waited for the wee to start, not that my bladder was under any great pressure.

For a while nothing happened and as I waited I glanced down the row of urinals and realised that the man was looking in my direction. My glance also told me that he was holding his remarkably large penis in his left hand so that my view was unobstructed and as I looked, my eyes now captivated by the sight of his cock, I watched him run his hand up and down it, slowly and smoothly.

I had to look away because suddenly my own penis was starting to get stiff…..and since I was holding it in my right hand, its enlargement from a limp casino siteleri object to around seven inches of tumescent flesh must have been at least partially visible to the man.

I couldn’t help but take another sideways look — and now the man had half turned towards me! More than that, he was holding his cock which was already massively erect!

‘Oh my God,’ I thought, ‘I can’t believe this is happening! This is so sick! What do I do? What the fuck do I do?’

My somewhat panic-stricken mind wanted me to run away but my stiff cock had other ideas, as did the man. Moving slowly, he edged towards me until he was standing at the next urinal to me. He looked down at my erection and then back at his own, which he was gently stropping. My cock too was now a rigid length in my hand and I was trembling with, well, not fear but anticipation, I think.

“Nice one you’ve got there,” the man said quietly, still rubbing his own organ, “Can I hold it?”

‘Oh God’ I thought again, ‘Do I let him?’

I was panicking really — I’d never in my life let anyone anywhere, or for any reason, touch or hold my cock apart from me. I’d never even had to let a doctor touch me — nor even my mum…..not since I was a baby.

“Come on. Feel mine then,” the man suggested, reaching out for my hand.

And like a zombie, I let him pull my hand across the small space between us and rest it on his penis.

“Get hold of it then,” he said as his hand closed my fingers over his shaft, “Beauty, aint it? I got seven inches, how about you?”

“Errrr, dunno,” I said, flustered, speaking for the first time.

“Looks about the same,” he said, “Let me feel it and I’ll tell you.”

Taking my other hand from my penis I let him grasp me and his firm grip made my cock jump with what must have been delight, because it stiffened further with the touch. The man ran his hand over my cock, smoothing his palm over and around my knob and spreading the little dribble of lubrication that had oozed from the tip.

“Feels good mate,” he said, “You might be a bit longer than me, you lucky bugger! Come on, give mine a rub, will yer.”

I could hardly stop my hand from moving, partially because he was now moving his hips so that his cock was pushed through my fist and partially because I now really wanted to feel that cock, so similar and yet so different to my own.

Somehow his flesh felt hotter than mine but the loose skin felt just like mine as I moved it up and down his shaft.

“Do it harder,” said the man, now moving his hand on my cock more quickly, “Grab hold tighter and do it a bit faster.”

For a little while we just rubbed each other, not talking, but both breathing quite heavily.

“Getting good, mate. Have a play with my knob,” he asked, because I’d been concentrating on and enjoying feeling his hot smooth shaft, “Rub my knob for me.”

I moved my hand towards the end of his penis and admired the large plum-coloured end to his cock that now throbbed in my hand. As I looked at it, so a long stream of lubricating syrup dribbled from his penis and stretched to the ground.

“Oooooh,” said the man, now breathing faster, “What you made me do! I always make a lot of precum when I get excited. Touch it, please.”

Ten minutes ago I wouldn’t have dared to get my hand anywhere near such a thing, but now I not only wanted to feel all of his cock but I actually wanted to feel his slippery precum as well.

I slid my hand up and over onto his knob, loving the stiff flesh of the ridge of his knob, before moving my hand to cup and gently squeeze his slippery, shiny knob end.

‘Oh fuck,’ I thought, ‘I can feel him oozing into my hand! I’m actually holding someone else’s cock and its making my hand wet!’

I just had to squeeze his knob a bit more and another slow spurt of precum ran into my hand as I did. I smoothed the viscous fluid all over his knob — it felt so slippery and sexy as I turned my hand over and around his penis. I wanted to just keep on doing that for ever, but the man brought me back to earth.

“Don’t forget the rest of my cock now mate, spread that stuff all over me,” he said, then “Ooooh — fuck — here comes some more!”

I was committed now — I was really into this despite the newness and the way it made me feel scared — but I now wanted to keep playing with him. I was hooked!

Quickly I slipped my hand back to his knob and was in position as another stream of precum drooled from his cock. I caught it all and brought it back to his shaft, where I spread it over him and started to rub him again.

In the meanwhile, his hand wasn’t idle as he played with my cock too. He’d managed to get both my balls out of my fly as well and he kept touching them and rolling them in his hand, before returning to my cock to continue masturbating me.

I too was leaking precum, but not as copiously as he was and his hand on my cock felt absolutely out of this world! I hardly knew what sensation to feel — there was panic, shock, delight canlı casino and above all a feeling of great excitement. My legs had turned to jelly because my cock was being wanked and not by me….and I was going to cum before too long, if this kept up!

The man must have realised from my breathing or possibly because of my hip thrusting my cock through his busy fist, that I was getting close.

“Gonna cum soon?” he asked and I nodded my head.

“Good, good!” he said, “I aint far off, keep rubbing me and I’ll try to cum with you!”

Together we wanked, panting hard together, surrounded by the gentle slapping noise of lubricated flesh as our hands worked on each other’s cocks.

“Fuck it — I’m cumming!” he said, beating me to it, “Feel it cumming up — ooooh — faster, bit faster! Out the way! Ooooh yeahhhh, that’s it — cumming! Here it is! Uuuuugh! Uuuuugh!”

As he grunted and as I continued to rub his penis, I felt it swell slightly and his hips jerked suddenly as his first jet of ejaculate erupted from his penis.

Still rubbing him, I watched in awe as he punched the air with his cock and blasted one, two, three, four long streamers of white-streaked spunk at the wall.

“Uuuuh! Uuuuuh! Uuuuuh!” he groaned as the last spasms of his orgasm jerked the final blobs of cum from his cock over my fist and onto the ground.

Everything slowed down and he took his penis from my hand and wrang out the last of his cum, which he flicked from the tip onto the wall with his finger.

“Fuck me, that was good,” he said as he put his cock away and zipped up, “You’ve got a lovely hand — but hey, what about you? You haven’t cum yet, have you?”

I was still felt almost speechless so I shook my head as I looked at the sperm that now clung to my hand. Not knowing what else to do with it, I wiped it off on the wall.

“Bit of a waste, that. Still nice and stiff, aren’t you,” the man said, now starting to rub his hand up and down my shaft, “You’ve not cum, I can feel you’ve still got it.”

“No, I haven’t cum,” I agreed, “I was nearly there but then you came off and we sort of forgot about mine.”

“Soon remedy that mate,” said the man, “Turn round this way a bit more so I can get at you.”

I moved to stand facing him as his hand, well, both hands occasionally, began to work me up again. It wouldn’t take long for me to cum now — I was still so excited by seeing his cock erupt.

And then he shocked me again.

“Mind if I suck you?” he said and as he spoke he dropped to his knees before me.

Gobsmacked, I just couldn’t do or say anything — and anyway, his hand was still working on my cock and it was feeling so damn good that I’d let him do whatever he liked.

Taking my silence for approval, I watched as he opened his mouth and let my knob and then several inches of my shaft slide smoothly into his mouth.

Oh God — it felt simply out of this world — it was a thrill I’d never had before — a sensation like nothing else. It was simply superbly erotic and numbingly sexy as his lips started to move around my knob……although my knees were still trembling like anything.

The fact that it was a man sucking my cock didn’t matter — the sensation was too good for me to care about such niceties…..and he was rapidly bringing me to the boil.

The man began sliding his mouth up and down my cock, sliding my penis deeply into his mouth and then out again, until it was just his lips sucking at the tip of my cock. Then he’d repeat his actions and all the while my orgasm was building and building.

“Gonna cum soon, gonna cum,” I said at last, “Let me out — let me cum!”

“In my mouth mate, cum in my mouth,” he said, to my shock and perhaps horror!

It was a disgusting idea and yet at the same time I felt myself thinking back to his orgasm and wishing I’d had the guts to taste his cum, but I had no option or objection now, as my climax arrived.

“Waaah — I’m cumming!” I cried as I froze briefly before I erupted, “Ohhhhh! Oooooh God! Uuuuuugh!”

My own jets of spunk were now filling his mouth; overflowing down his chin and dribbling back to drool beneath the shaft of my jerking, thrusting, cumming penis.

“Ooooh fuckin’ hell!” I cried again, “Oh yeahhhh! Oh God — Oh God!”

I felt the mouth release its grasp on my cock and then the coolness of fresh air on my wet, slippery, sticky penis. Breathing deeply through his nose, the man stood up and ran his finger up his chin, collecting the blob of whitish sperm which he looked at briefly, before popping it into his mouth.

He opened his mouth to show me what I’d done — I’d filled his mouth with my sperm; his entire mouth was coated and puddled with strands and smears of my cum. Briefly I stared before he closed his mouth and I saw his throat work as he swallowed my offering.

“Yeah — that was tasty, mate,” he said, “Nice gob-full that was. You cum a lot too, don’t you mate, nice and hot. Not too salty like some of ’em.”

I stood there kaçak casino dumbfounded, wondering what to do next before he spoke again.

“Oh sod, I left your cock all sticky! Can’t have that!” he said as he bent down — and before I knew it, he was sucking me again.

‘Ooooh shit, no, not again!’ I thought, ‘I don’t want to do it again!’

Well, I did really, but it wasn’t to be — he was merely sucking my cock clean — although as he stood up, my newly-sprung erection stood out before me.

“Fucking eager, aren’t you!” he said, giving my cock a quick tug, “Love to suck you off again, but I can’t stay much longer. But thanks mate, I enjoyed that.”

“So did I,” I managed to reply, “Thank you.”

“See you again?” he asked, “Same place.”

“Dunno,” I wavered as I tucked my penis back into my trousers, “Might do.”

“Ok — cheerio then mate,” he said and a moment later he’d gone, leaving me there, totally shattered from the new experience and yet totally satisfied — for now!

I never had that pee — and I never even found out his name!

I walked back to my digs in something of a daze……this was the first time I’d ever, EVER, had any kind of sex outside a bedroom — let alone with a MAN!

The sheer wonder of it struck me once I’d got home and could retire to lie on my bed, contemplating things. Because what was going through my mind was the fact that, once I’d got past the original butterflies, I’d really enjoyed what we’d done together. I began to think back — to the feeling of holding another man’s penis, feeling it stiffen, feeling it pumping its cream out. The slipperiness of his precum and the erotic smell of his sperm lingered in my mind.

I need hardly add that I was erect again by now and as I lay there on my back, I slid my trousers and pants down and started to wank. I re-ran the action in my mind, seemingly unable to put it into a seamless timescale. Somehow the best bits kept jumping up and leaping from the mental video and every time he spurted his cum in my mind, another pulse of pleasure shook my body — until suddenly, well before I was ready, I felt my orgasm enfold me.

My cock leapt into action — three quick but energetic pulses of cum shot up my body — splashing down across my face and hair; the second and third spurts landing on my chest while several lesser squirts fell on my abdomen and dribbled into my pubes. I don’t think I’d ever cum that hard before; certainly never as far as my face.

No stranger though to the taste of my own cum, I quickly gathered what I could from my face and licked it up, imagining that it belonged to that man. I did my best to clean off the cum from my hair with a tissue, but I didn’t know if I’d got it all — I’d check once I’d cleaned it all off my body too.

‘Jesus — that was quick!’ I mused, licking my lips, ‘Fastest cum ever I reckon and never cum so hard.’

Feeling far from satisfied tonight though, I mooched around my digs doing useless chores. I tried to read and study — but I couldn’t settle. I tried to cook something — and burnt it, so I gave up. I might get a takeaway later. I didn’t even want a drink although I had some beer in the fridge — I just wanted more of what I’d had. I couldn’t believe just how desperate I’d become to experience another man’s cock again. But I wasn’t about to go wandering off to the park after dark, not least because it would probably be closed, so I just had to be patient tonight.

Eventually somehow, I must have drifted off to sleep, but I awoke with a hard-on that returned even after I’d had a pee. I jerked myself off quickly which at least took the pressure off, long enough that I could get ready for college and finally, not entirely organised though, I managed to get out on time.

From choice I walked to college through the park again this morning but although I passed right by the toilets, I had no desire to go in to see if anyone was around — that would be way too scary! Instead I meandered on to our lecture room where I joined the other students. For a while I felt as if I was somehow marked now and I felt almost alone among my friends and colleagues, but gradually my mind returned to normal and I once more became just another young man aspiring to learn more of the Big Business world.

When the lunch break arrived, I was in two minds. Sometimes I went to the refectory and other times I’d grab a sandwich at the corner shop nearby and go and sit in the park, sometimes to feed the birds with the crumbs….but today I just couldn’t face that option and anyway, it looked as if it might rain, so the refectory it was.

I joined the queue and got myself a portion of something labelled cottage pie, which at least smelled good and found a place at a small table. Almost as soon as I arrived, two of the three at the table finished their meal and left, leaving just myself and another young man to eat in peace. For a while we didn’t even look at the other; and when I did take a very quick glance, I saw that he was looking at me too. I smiled somewhat self-consciously at him and he smiled back.

“Hiya. Crap, isn’t it?” I managed to ask, waving my fork over my meal and when he smiled at me I followed that with, “What course are you doing?”

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