14 Nisan 2021

College Poolside Party

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The following contains: college girls, summer, and lots of bud smoking, boozing, and good, solid sex. Enjoy.


I’m 5’8 with most of the inches due to my long legs; I’m a blonde with big blue eyes. Guys really like my ass, but if I were guy I’d defiantly be all about the titties.

That’s the thing- I like to check out other girls racks. I’m satisfied with my C-cup, but I just can’t help but stare at big titties. I think about what they’d feel like across my fingertips, between my lips, in my mouth, bouncing while they’re getting fucked…

With that being said, I’ll get to my story.

It all started when one Friday when I got home from class. I was so happy to be done with classes for the week, so I decided to celebrate and smoked a J. It was Maymester, so about 2/3 of the university was home. All my roommates had left, so I was left to my lonesome in the apartment. I liked the freedom of being alone. I could blare my music, leave dirty dishes around, smoke Js in the middle of the living room, walk around naked… whatever.

After I was nice and toasted, I put on my shades to cover my red eyes and walked to my apartment complex’s pool to get a good tan and cool off. I made sure to put on my lotion there just so I could rub myself down in front of the boys. Hey- girl’s got to show off what she’s got.

After a few minutes of tanning I got really hot, so I dove in to cool off. When I came up for air, *wham!* volleyball smashed into the back of my head.

“Oh shit! My bad- you okay?”

I looked to my left and if I had been in any pain before it was gone now. Ho. Lee. Shit. He was fine. A tall order of 6’6, tan, strong but lean muscles, the cutest dimples, buzzed head, and a tattoo. And he was swimming over my way.

“Yeah,” I laughed, “I’ll live.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention when Greg served it, and I let it get right by me.” I looked over and noticed that all of his friends were gorgeous too. Hot guys travel in packs. “My name’s Jimmy by the way. And you are…?”

“Sarah.” I stuck out my hand for a shake. “Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you too, Sarah.” Firm handshake. Wonder what those hands would feel like on my….

“Hey, again, sorry about the ball to the head thing. But if you’d like, you can come play with us. I’ll even let it slide if you hit me with it in the head ‘by accident’.” He said with a wink.

“You got it, dude.” Dude? I sounded like Michelle Tanner from Full House. I’m such a dork.

I swam over and met all of his friends. Greg, Eric, Aaron, Mikey, Jack, Tommy, and Pete. They were more than happy to have a girl join in. Of course as I met each one of them I noticed that they were each sizing up my rack. They seem satisfied, especially as I started to play ball and my titties were bouncing around. Even though I had pick of eight guys, I still thought Jimmy was the finest of them all. I made sure to be on the opposite team from him. *A bit of competition and trash talking is always a good strategy to flirting.

After my team successfully whooped the other team’s asses, Jimmy asked me if I wanted to grill out with them.

“Sure thing. Y’all need me to bring anything over?”

“Ketchup, if you could please.”

“And fine girls!”

“You got it. I’ll call a few and come on over. What apartment do you live in?”

“1250 B. We’ll be outside around back, so y’all just feel free to come on in. We’ll probably head back to the pool later if you wanna just keep your bikinis on you’re more than welcome to.” He said with a smile. “Believe me, we would not mind that at all.”

“Haha okay sounds good.” I flashed him a big smile right back at him.

“What’s your phone number by the way?” He interjected, “Just in case.”


“Got it; see you in a bit.”

I got home and called up my girlfriends who lived in another apartment complex and who had stuck around for summer classes like me.

Carrie was first on my call list.

Carrie: the definition of an athlete. The girl could do a triathlon in her sleep. Runner legs, tight abs, toned arms, and a butt of steel.

“Hey canlı bahis Car. What’s goin’ on girl?”

“Nothing, just got back from the grocery store with Brittany, Maria, Sam, Makenzie, Kaylee and Leslie.”

“Who’s Kaylee?”
“My friend from 291 class.”

“Sweet. Well, hey, I met this hot guy at the pool today after I got knocked in the head with a volleyball. Basically, he’s hot, as are his seven other friends, and they want me and some ‘fine’ girls to come and grill out with him and his boys at his apartment down the row from me. Up for it?”

She paused and asked the girls. I heard a lot of ‘hell yeses’ in the background.

“Hell yea, we were just talking about how the guys we’ve been hanging out with are getting old. Plus, Kaylee just dumped her cheating boyfriend and needs to get out and get over.”

Mummer in the background…

“Plus Leslie told me that she’s horny as a jackrabbit and is tired of having to get off on her own. Haha”

Leslie: Short, cute little brunette. We joke and tell her that she’s got a DD ass because that thing is a bubble butt if I ever saw one. By the looks of her you wouldn’t guess it, but that girl loves to fuck. She may come off as sweet and innocent, but freshman year she lived one room over from me. I could hear that girl moan and say some of the most hardcore shit to guys. Lots of time it got me so turned on I just got off myself.

“I’m sure one of these boys would be down for that. Bring your suits because we’ll probably head back to the pool. See ya in a bit.”

After the girls got there I grabbed the ketchup, two pies I had in the fridge, and we headed on down the way to Jimmy’s place. As we walked, I realized that I had forgotten my manners and didn’t introduce myself to Kaylee!

“Kaylee, right? Hi I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you.”

“Hey Sarah, thanks for letting me come along with y’all.”

“Oh defiantly. The more the merrier. It’s Friday, and we all need to chill. Plus, girl, you’ve gotta get over that cheating boyfriend of yours.”

She laughed and agreed.

Kaylee: Oh my God, She. Is. Fine. Curves for days, and I swear she could easily be Susan Ward’s twin. When she walked, her ass swayed just enough.

Kaylee, Kaylee, Kaylee, I want to see you naked…

When we got to the Jimmy’s place we headed around back. “Hey boys!”

“Eyyyy! You came!” said Pete, “And you brought some serious artillery with you, too.” He added a quietly to me. “Hey there, I’m Pete. What’s your name?…”

As we all got to know each other, I noticed that Jimmy wasn’t around.

“Yea, he went to the store to get a keg.” Jack said “We’re gonna have ourselves a shindig if you girls care to stick around.”

“Game on!” Makenzie chimed in.

Makenzie: Makenzie was my roommate freshman year. She and I were like peas and carrots. My best friend all through college and never once had we ever fought. She and I joke around and say that the roommates that make out together stay together. She’s the only white girl I know whose lips are just as soft and full as mine. 5’10, but she loves the fact that she’s tall. Makes her feel like she’s in control,

The night had a very good outlook, especially when Jimmy got back to the apartment and I remembered how fuckin fine that boy looked.

“Sarah! glad to see you came. Hope you’re hungry and thirsty because I bought lots of meat and beer.”
“Sure am. I brought two key lime pies, too. Thought we could use a little something-somethin after dinner.”

“Aww, how thoughtful of you Betty Crocker.” He laughed and gave me a little nudge.

Oh, it’s on. Unless this boy says or does something that really turns me off, he is sooo going to get fucked tonight.

After a few games of beer pong, grilling, and just hanging out, we decided to head back to the pool. The guys and my girls were all scoping each other out. You could tell just by watching us who was going to try and get with whom. That’s the beauty of things. Eight of them. Eight of us. We all look fine. They all look fine. It’s good to be young, in college, good looking, and sexually inclined.

So, bahis siteleri we rolled a fat blunt, Tommy and Eric grabbed the keg, and headed to the pool.

“Ah shit, I gotta go back I forgot to turn the damn grill off!” said Jimmy.

Perfect 😉 “I’ll come with you.”

Earlier in the night I made sure to focus my attention more towards getting to know him, and he reciprocated. I could tell that this boy was feeling me. I caught him once or twice checking out Kaylee, but shit, I caught myself checking out Kaylee too.

That girl is hot. Susan Ward’s spitting image? Need I say more?

“Hey thanks for walking back with me. Mind helping me put a few things away before we get to fucked up to care about it later?”

“Yea, defiantly.”

We talked some more as I helped him put away food. We decided mid way through that we’d take a GB. After all, it was just chilling by the sink just asking to be raised. So we got a little toasty then continued to clean up.

I was rearranging things in the fridge when I noticed him out of the corner of my eye checking out my ass.

“Damn girl. I dunno if I should say this incase it’s too soon, but you’ve got a nice ass. Mmmhhmmm!”

“Haha, no I don’t mind. You’ve got a pretty cute butt, too, if I do say so myself.”

I continued to rearrange all the crap in their fridge when he caught me by surprise. He came up behind me and grabbed my ass.

That firm handshake earlier did him justice.

“Ah, sorry. But seriously, I could not resist.”

I stopped, slowly turned around, stood up, and just stared at him face to face. He didn’t know if I was mad or what I was going to do. Finally, I broke the silence and giggled. “Thanks.” I leaned in, and kissed him, lingering on his lips and making sure he could get a good feel for my full bottom lip.

“Damn Sarah. You better watch it or we might just not make it back to that pool.” I agreed, turned around to leave, and got one last cheek grab as we headed out the door.

When we got to the pool, we could tell that the party had not waited for us to continue. Aaron and Brittany’s stoner ass were already lighting up the blunt.

Britt: Or as we like to call her, Tit. If you’re a boob man, she’s you’re woman. Her parents are both from Italy and own three restaurants back home. Her dad’s straight up mafia and very protective of his little girl. She’s pretty mellow, but that’s just because she’s pretty much always high.

Sam and Eric were chillin’ in the hot tub. I knew she was digging him because I saw her make her classic move of putting her hand on his thy and casually move it across his dick “by accident.”

Sam: Strawberry blonde with freckles. A real all, American type girl. People ask us if we’re sisters a lot of the time because we look and act so much alike. She’s an awesome friend to have on your side. She used to be flat as a board in high school, but when college hit that her tits got nice and round. She and I make out sometimes and I’ve tasted those titties more than once.

I got a good look at Kaylee in her bikini, too. Again, I can’t reiterate this enough, fucking gorgeous. Her almost see-through white bikini contrasting against her tan chest made me wish her top would fall off. By the looks of it, Mikey was wishing the same thing, too.

“Sarah, so what’s the deal with your girl Kaylee. She single?” Mikey asked.

“I just met her today, but she’s cool to me. And she’s single. She just dumped her boyfriend because he was cheating.”

“What fuckin dumb ass would cheat on a girl like that?” My thought exactly, Mikey.

Kaylee & Mikey. Brittany and Aaron. Carrie and Pete. Leslie and Greg. Eric and Sam. Jack & Makenzie. Tommy and Maria. Matches made. By this point, though, we were all feeling damn good, so I think it was a pick and choose type deal.

We headed back to the guys place and things got interesting. Beer pong and bongs, chugs and cards, good times and good music. Mikey got his shot with Kaylee and they started making out. Lucky bastard.

Forget the two of them. Jimmy was on my mind.

“This bahis şirketleri your room?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’m just grabbin my iPod so we can get some chance in music from Aaron’s crap rap.”

He walked by me standing in the door way, stopped, and put his hand on my hip, leaned in, and just started making out with me. Both his hands then reached and felt their way up my torso. “You still feel nice and warm from the sun today.” He smiled with his big dimples and turned away, giving me the I-would-hump-you-right-here-in-this-doorway-if-it-was-up-to-me look.

By midnight we were all having a damn good time. Maria started a dance party, so I grabbed Jimmy to join in.

Maria: The Latina Diva. With five brothers and she being the only girl, her sassy attitude was impeccable. She pretty short, but she’s got that Latin ass that giggles nicely.

Mikey killed the lights and we all got down in the living room dancing. Jimmy got up behind me and grabbed my stomach to pull me in closer to him. I pressed my ass up against him and grinded on his dick. “MMMmmmm,” I heard him moan in my ear. “God Damn girl, the things I would do to you…Ahhh you don’t even know.”

I turned around, “O yes I do.” I smiled. He smiled. He gave me the look. I gave him the look. And we headed to his bedroom.

Not 3 seconds after closing the door did he hesitate to grab me a little forcefully and push me up against the door.

Kissing my lips, my neck, nibbling on my ear. “What?” I said innocently, “Was I turning you on earlier on the dance floor haha?”

“Oh. My.” Kiss kiss nibble nibble “Yes.”

“Good because I want you to fuck me right.”

I pushed him off me, and untied me top real slowly. His eyes were fixed on my chest. “You know you aren’t the most casual when it comes to checking out my boobs. I caught you a couple of times.” “Yea, just think of all the other times you didn’t catch me.”

I started rubbing my titties with my hands, circling my nipples with traces of my fingernails. “You know what really gets me turned on? When a guy sucks on my titties. I love to watch him do it. Wanna try?”

Jimmy grabbed one with his hand and the other with his lips. My pussy was starting to get really fuckin wet when he flicked his tongue around my titty in his mouth. “Watching you’re titties bounce today during volley ball makes them even more tasty right now. Now let me see if…” He reached down real quick and slid his fingers over my suit into my pussy. “You’re wet. Check.” He untied the sides of my bottoms and let them fall to the floor. “Ooo and smooth.”

With his fingers rubbing my pussy and his tongue flicking across my titties I was getting so fucking horny. “Mmm…Jimmy you’re gonna make me cum early if you don’t watch it.” I said in between moans of pleasure. With that he got on his knees, told me to put my back to the door, lifted up my leg, and started licking my pussy.

“O FUCK! Ahhh that feels so fucking good. Yea… MMmmm… Yea lick my clit. Gosh I cannot wait till you give me that big cock.”

“Ah damn I love it when a girl likes dirty talk in bed.”

He was really eating my pussy at this point. His tongue fucking my hole felt so damn good. His thick fingers pumped in and out of me as he licked my clit. Moans made my pussy vibrate. I grabbed his head with one hand and my titties with the other. I pushed his face in my cunt, and he worked my pussy so good that only a girl had give me that good of a dive.

“You like that don’t you? Me fucking you with my tongue, my fingers in your snatch, licking your clit?”

“Uh huh. Uh…Huh…O…Fuck… O..Fuck.. O fuck. Ofuck. Ofuck! OfuckOfuckOfuckOshitOfuck! Ahhh! Yes! O my gosh I’m gonna fucking cum! Eat my pussy. Yea fuck me with you’re tongue. I’m cumin! AAaahhh!”

BAM- I came so fucking hard. My hips bucking and sending me over the edge. I shuddered all over. The alcohol and pot made it feel ever better. My cum was all wet down my legs. “Oh my. That was incredible. I’ve only been eaten out like that by a girl before.”

“You’ve gotten with a girl before?” It was dark in his room but just light enough to see the look of pure happiness on his face when I told him that. “Yeah, I’ve hooked up with some of my friends and such. Never been with a girl and guy at the same time before, though. Anyhow, enough about me. I believe I owe you a favor.”

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