21 Nisan 2021

Comforting Jodi Ch. 05

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It was early in the morning, and the coupling that I had been dreaming about for 5 years was about to come true.

After yet another mind-boggling blowjob and titty fuck from my incredibly beautiful and sexy friend Jodi, I was laying on top of her, looking deep into her luminous baby blue eyes, my throbbing cock poised and ready at the entrance to her sweet, sopping wet pussy.

“Please, Kenny…” she whispered, her voice heavy with desire. “Please fuck me.”

Not wanting to make a huge mistake, I hesitated, caressing Jodi’s sweet face with my hand.

“Are you sure, Jodi?” I asked with genuine concern in my voice.

Jodi pulled my lips to hers and kissed me deeply and passionately. As she broke our kiss, she spoke softly and sensuously. “I need this, Kenny. I need YOU, Kenny…and I love you. Please fuck me.”

I didn’t need any more coaxing. Leaning in once again to kiss Jodi’s sweet lips, I eased my cock past the lips between her hips, pushing my cock ever so slowly into her warm, tight cunt.

“OHHHHHHHHH KENNY!” Jodi moaned rapturously as my cock filled her pussy. She felt even better than I imagined – so warm and wet and tight. I revelled at the intense erotic sensation she produced.

“OHHHHHHHHHH JODI!” I moaned in reply. “You feel SO GOOD!”

“I love you, Kenny…I love you!” Jodi cried out in ecstasy. Her words were music to my ears.

“I love you too, my sweet Jodi!”

And with that I began to fuck my beautiful new girlfriend, thrusting slowly and sensually deep inside her sweet pussy. In and out, in and out – my head began to swim with pleasure as I savored the feeling of her moist heat surrounding my throbbing cock.

My hips grinded sensually against Jodi’s as I fucked her with wild abandon. My lips pressed against hers with deep passion and fervor as I ataköy escort made love to this amazing woman.

“Oh, baby…” Jodi whispered breathlessly between kisses. “Oh baby…baby…baby…”

I felt Jodi’s hips move against mine as she met every passionate thrust I gave her.

“Oh, Jodi…” I moaned passionately. “You…feel…like…heaven!”

I felt Jodi’s tongue deep inside my mouth as we french kissed passionately. “So do you, baby. So big…so hard…”

Our fucking deepened and intensified with each blissful second. We were lost in a swirling vortex of pleasure.

Both of us knew that after this night of unbridled passion, nothing would ever be the same between us again.

Twenty blissful minutes later, Jodi said to me, “Let me get on top, Kenny – I wanna ride you.”

Jodi pulled me down on top of her and kissed me passionately as she gently rolled me over onto my back and straddled my thighs, my cock never leaving her pussy.

Once she was comfortably on top, Jodi began riding my cock sensually up and down, her sexy titties bouncing and jiggling about with every single thrust. Mezmerized by their sensual motion, I reached up and took them in my hands, squeezing and kneading them ever so gently. Hearing Jodi sigh with contentment, I flicked my thumbs gingerly over her nipples, smiling as I felt them grow hard and firm under my touch.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…that’s feels SO GOOD, Kenny,” Jodi purred softly, her eyes closed in blissful pleasure. “Do that as much as you want.”

And for the next ten minutes, I did just that, caressing and squeezing Jodi’s heavenly hooters, enjoying their softness and warmth while feeling her warm wet pussy surround my cock. All the whiIe I thought to myself, “This is SO WONDERFUL! Could it possibly get any better ataköy eve gelen escort than this?”

Then, as if to answer my question, it got MUCH better. Jodi leaned forward and smothered my face with her incredible titties!

“Go ahead, baby,” Jodi whispered, rubbing her tits all over my face. “Suck them, lick them, kiss them. They’re all yours.”

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Eagerly I took one of Jodi’s stiff nipples into my mouth and suckled her left titty like a hungry baby. She tasted so sweet! I buried my face in her ample bosom, sucking licking and kissing every inch of her sweet titties.

Meanwhile, my hands roamed down Jodi’s back and cupped her softly rounded ass, caressing it gently and grabbing it playfully.

“Grabby grabby grabby grabby sexy Jodi,” I said flirtatiously, squeezing her sexy ass as I savored her sweet titflesh.

“Ooooooooh Kenny!” Jodi squealed with delight. “You naughty naughty naughty boy!”

Time stood still as our passionate lovemaking continued for another thirty minutes. Jodi loved every minute of it, and so did I! As Jodi was rode my throbbing cock, I looked at her angelic face. Her baby blue eyes were luminous and filled with love for me. A sweet yet sensuous smile was on her full red lips. Her soft moans of pleasure joined with my own, creating a beautiful symphony of passion.

Suddenly, I felt Jodi slowly take control of our lovemaking. She began gyrating her full round hips, moving in a sensual figure eight. Her pussy muscles clinched tightly around my cock, holding it in a vise-like grip. The sensations that rippled through my body were indescribable.

Looking down and seeing the blissful expression on my face, Jodi smiled flirtatiously at me. “I’m gonna make you cum so hard…my ataköy grup yapan escort sweet Kenny.”

In response to my enraptured moans of pleasure, Jodi began to intensify her moves on my cock, shimmying her hips like a belly dancer.

“Shimmy shimmy shimmy baby,” Jodi cooed softly as she rode me faster and harder. “Shimmy shimmy shimmy.”

I cried out with intense pleasure as Jodi pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I began to feel an intensely pleasant ache deep inside my balls, traveling slowly up my throbbing shaft.

I was about to cum – and cum HARD.

“Jodi…Jodi…JODI!!” I cried out, caught up in the euphoria of my impending orgasm. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Jodi’s face lit up at my passionate declaration. “Cum inside me, Kenny! Cum in my pussy!”

Jodi gave her hips one last “shimmy shimmy shimmy”, and a split second later, my cock ERUPTED deep inside her warm wet pussy. “OHHHHHHHHHHH JODI!” I cried out as my cock jerked again and again, shooting thick white ropes of warm cum deep inside her cunt.

Jodi squealed with delight as a massive orgasm shook her whole body. I could feel her hot wetness as her pussy squirted again and again, drenching my cock and balls and soaking the satin sheets on her bed.

Caught up in orgasmic bliss, Jodi and I kissed and kissed and kissed as wave after wave of pleasure overtook us. It was definitely the best orgasm we ever had – bar none!

As our orgasm subsided, Jodi collapsed on top of me. Both of us were totally spent. As my eyes met hers, the look of total joy on her beautiful face said it all.

Jodi and I were no longer friends – we were lovers. And both of us were completely happy about it.

Cuddling together under the covers, Jodi and I held each other close and kissed endlessly. We didn’t speak – just kissed and kissed and kissed until we drifted off into a deep, blissful sleep.

Words were not necessary to describe how we felt about each other – our bodies did all the talking for us.

Jodi was my friend – my very special friend.

And now…Jodi was my very special lover.

Life was sweet.

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