22 Nisan 2021

Coming Like Thunder

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In the heat of the summer water vapor swells into the atmosphere. It pushes in between and wraps itself around the nitrogen and oxygen molecules filling every breath with sticky warmth. The air becomes heavy in the lungs which labor to pull the precious oxygen from the water. The vapors brush over the skin leaving a steamy residue that coaxes sweat from the pores, each tiny orifice oozing in response to the wet heat.

If you go outside to work under the sweltering sun you are soon dripping with a salty response to summer’s insistent embrace. You skin begins to cling to your shirt, pants, and even to itself. Before long streams and rivers of sweat will coat your entire body, wrapping you in dripping sticky warmth. A trickle from your brow will move slowly down your nose, hang there as if summoning courage before it falls helplessly to the ground.

The only respite from this sticky grasp is even more moisture. Sometimes it takes weeks of slow accumulation. Sometimes it builds exponentially and with astonishing speed. But sooner or later the water builds into such furious and aksaray escort savage intensity that it can no longer hold itself aloft. It billows into monstrous clouds standing miles high, broad and bulbous – blackened from the strain of their weight and clenching the rains back. These clouds roll across the heavens, inside them vibrating water releases such quantities of electrical force that great bolts of lighting reach out and licking amongst the clouds. The lighting stretches great forked tongues scorching the earth with peals of thunder can only be designed to knock your very heart from its cage of ribs.

Once the thunder has begun there is not long before the waves of fat cooling rain. The water overhead continues to collide randomly within the darkening cloud. The molecules amalgamate into larger and larger droplets until they swell to the point of no return and they slowly begin to drop to the earth. They accelerate to a terminal velocity striking lustfully into the earth, onto the open sex of flowers, onto pavement and stone, oceans and deserts. anal yapan escort The thunder cloud does not release rain as much as it looses control climaxing itself out of existence. It gives wholly and unconditionally, without any want or hope of closing off its flow. The cloud shudders with thunder expelling millions of drops every second, wantonly giving over its seeds of life giving fluid.

It is out in this frenetic deluge with palpitatingly close thunder that I would take you. Clothes piled on a rock, we strip naked in the first drops letting their flights end on our outstretched arms. In just a few seconds we are soaked through with hair sticking coolly against our skin, rivulets running down our legs. We lie in the open grass, soft on your back the dirt underneath loosening into rich black mud. Pulling your legs toward your shoulders and resting your back on my thighs I put my fingers inside you pulling you open to the fury of the storm, allowing rain drops fall directly and coldly inside making you gasp. I hold you there with your atakent escort cunt pointed toward the sky letting the rain slowly fill it. I let your pussy close just as the water reaches the brim, it splashes out and runs down your stomach toward your breasts and face. It forms a little pool near your neck and and put my fingers there to taste this lightly brined rain. I let you down, you back stretched on the warm ground, the mud spreading languidly to hold you.

You cry out at a terrifyingly close lighting strike and a tree at the edge of the field bursts into flames. I enter you as the tree burns against the torrent crashing against it, against us, against everything. The fire is mesmerizing, so defiant against the rain. With that style of passion I plunge inside you delivering strokes inspired by fire, rain, sweat, lighting, and mud all mingling in this field and inside you. Again and again as the thunder screams and the lighting flings its desperate shards we collide, my arms holding you firmly against the ground. I fuck you quickly and firmly pulling all the way out between strokes, feeling the full length my cock enter and slide further inside with each craven thrust. I press deeply over and over until my own fluids rush into you, throbbing inside you. I come like the thunderstorm, pouring every drop of me out and it crashes into your open sex like so many rain drops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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