22 Nisan 2021

Compulsion Ch. 02

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It’s like sitting in the back of the class with the “bad boys”. They wiggle, shift, talk, text, play games on their phones and seem not to pay attention. I know they are, partially. I have one at home who moves non-stop and hears everything. I put my finger to my lips once or twice because they are talking too much! These boys from law enforcement with their rugged good looks and adrenalin on high. We are here for work and the information is quite good. I have refrained from touching him all day. His magnetism has drawn me to him but I have not been in a position to reach out without suspicion and I am dying to feel him.

We get back to the house and decide to grill out with some other folks from the conference. We have drinks and laugh and enjoy some loud and raucous team building. Rocking on the porch, telling wild stories, dispelling the pressure that comes from seeing terrible things day in and day out. Suddenly at 9pm my driver announces HEY! You never gave me a massage, I’ve been waiting for one! I told him he never asked. So then everyone hanging out on the porch wanted neck and shoulder rubs, you know I don’t mind!

We talked about past experiences and different types of massage. Most had never had one before and didn’t know what to expect. HE had and didn’t like it, he thought she just randomly rubbed and wasn’t into it. I agreed that it was important to establish some type of connection with your client. That your feelings conveyed through your touch and you should be careful with your thoughts. I didn’t go straight to him. It would have been too obvious and I don’t know that the attraction wouldn’t have shown on my face and in my movements. So I began with my driver, he was very sensitive and didn’t like deeper touch, he reacted like my husband does, recoiling, ouching, I didn’t spend much time there.It made me think that he was probably the same in bed as dh. Rare, ataköy escort quick, not much imagination and no passion. I moved on and worked the tension out of necks and shoulders, talking to them about their problem areas, remembering why I liked giving massages so much.

He had invited her, I think he invited a few other women, he does like to have a selection I noticed. I touched her shoulders, she was sweet and curvy. Enjoying the feel of a woman’s body and allowing my thoughts to wander. Thinking that perhaps her nipples would be worth caressing and seeing. Looking down her cleavage underneath her ruffled blouse and then wondering about the state of affairs in her valley given the wild conversations from earlier. The debates over shaving vs waxing. She sighed as she relaxed and he watched me. I knew he was craving her too, I wondered what else was going through his mind. A pang of jealousy shot through me, unfounded, he’s not mine to crave.

Once again I find I am contemplating the possibility of a woman… wondering if I will ever get the opportunity to explore that. I allowed my mind to wander and imagine the scenario with him thrown into the mix. I think I like cock too much for it to occur without a man involved! (Although a warm mouth and a dildo, plying me with that exquisite fullness, would be a lovely exception;)) It would have been yummy, I would have enjoyed the sense of playful adventure and the various combinations of nipples and clits and hard cock and mouths and hands. My face buried in her warm fragrant pussy. Licking the juices she exuded, taking her pert bud of a nipple in my mouth. Knowing he was responsible for her wetness and I was allowed to experiment because of that. Raising myself on my knees and spreading open before him, for him, allowing him to plunge deeply into me, holding my hips in his strong hands as he watched ataköy eve gelen escort me bring pleasure to her face. Watched as his thrusts moved me into her, created a wave of pleasure rippling through our bodies. A fantasy to be filled at some later date.

Achingly, painfully slow, I move to him. I have to touch his gorgeous, huge, chiseled arm, I cannot resist. The “accidental” bumps and leans have sustained me until this moment. I squeeze and knead and scratch (he likes the scratching!)moving from his arm up to his shoulder and back underneath of his perfectly fitted t-shirt. My heart rate speeds up, I am afraid my breath will give away my lust. I cannot believe I finally have my hands on this body, he is so strong and his skin is so warm. I can feel the blood pulsing beneath his skin as his heart rate increases. I stand up for better leverage and place my hands on top of his broad shoulders. My god, the power in his body is palpable, I tell him so and in an instant my panties are soaked. Oh god, I need this touch so badly. I take my time, feeling some of the stress and tension in his back easing slowly away. I can only imagine the things he sees all week, the terrible parts of society most of us can hide from.

I could spend all day pleasuring this man. Slowly and deliberately. Working my way from his feet all the way up his muscular legs, spread so beautifully in front of me. Finding his cock sticking straight up in the air from my attention, needing to taste him, to lick him and feel it’s texture in my mouth. Instead I squeeze his neck and run circles with my fingers in the tightest spots. I rub and massage and feel who he is at his core. I close my eyes and melt into him. He leans forward and hangs his head as I press firmly into his body. I hear a sigh and know that he is letting go, allowing me to touch him deeply.

I ataköy grup yapan escort visualize the night before. I remember how badly I wanted to stay. I recall looking at his large hands and wanting to reach for them, to show him the effect he was having on me. Wanting to grab his hand and slip his strong fingers into my slippery, warm kitty to get me off in a way my smaller fingers cannot. Wanting him to lick his fingers and kiss me so I could taste the flavor two of us intermingled. Wanting to feel the rough, texture of his hands inside me and on my skin. Knowing he would be able to read my body and put his thumb just THERE and make me squirt. How badly I wanted to taste him, to reach down and put his recently spent cock into my mouth.

But not knowing him, not knowing his response after cumming…he may not want to be touched, or he may become hard in my mouth again instantly, almost gagging me with the quickness. The fear of being discovered, team members sleeping and talking all around us, the creaky floor telling of someone in the hall. I wanted to explore his body, to feel those arms wrapped around my curves. I wanted to start at the beginning with a touch, a kiss, a lick. I wanted to tease and play and luxuriate in the feel of his strong body pressing against me, pinning me to the bed. I wanted to see his delight as my 36F, beautifully round tits hung down in front of his mouth as I bounced. I wanted to feel his mouth devouring me, his hands grasping and pulling me into him as my fingernails pressed urgently into his back. I wanted to feel him behind me with a hand on my hip and one pulling my hair, firm and forceful. I wanted to squeeze my tight kitty around his big, hard cock and milk him as he roared with his explosion.

Not knowing where he was in his head, not knowing if he was even remotely attracted to me or if it was simply a situational moment, no way to let him know that I am not a typical woman and don’t need an affair with feelings and lots of time, no time to explain that for me the urge is strictly primal and physical- a release. Wishing I had just a little bit longer before my reality came pressing in. Wondering if the chance to play, just once, might present itself someday.

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