21 Nisan 2021

Consultant Perks Ch. 02

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After our fantastic 9 o’clock meeting, we dressed and shared one more slow, delicious kiss, before exiting the conference room in a very professional manner. I looked to see if any of the employees sitting near the door of the conference room had any sly expressions on their faces, but everyone seemed quite intent on their own business. With a sigh of relief, I followed Rhonda back toward the part of the building where our desks were located. I admired Rhonda’s sweet ass swaying back and forth as she preceded me through the aisles. When she passed my desk, she turned slightly and gave me one of her bewitching crinkle-nosed smiles before continuing on to her own desk.

I sat down at my desk, exhausted but invigorated at the same time. I logged on to my electronic calendar and reviewed my schedule for the day. I had scheduled one boring meeting after another with several stodgy department heads throughout the course of the day. Oh well, I thought, that’s what they’re paying me for. I gathered all the concentration I could muster and tried my best to concentrate on preparing for the next interview.

Throughout every meeting, my mind kept straying to the sweet scent of Rhonda’s pussy, the glorious feel of her velvety wet pussy, and the vision of her head bobbing up and down on my rigid cock as it erupted my seed into her waiting mouth. Between meetings that afternoon, I was back at my desk when an email came in. It was from Rhonda.

“Dear Sam, I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting this morning. I hope I was able to help in you in your discovery efforts. I know that you will be scheduling some follow-up time together so we can continue where we left off. I’m looking forward to that. I was thinking that since you are visiting from out of town, you might prefer a home cooked meal to boring hotel restaurant food. How about tonight?”

I wrote back, “Dear Rhonda. I also enjoyed our meeting this morning tremendously. The hour we spent just wasn’t enough time to cover everything I had hoped to. I appreciate your offer of a home cooked meal and gladly accept. What time?”

She replied with her address and added, “Cocktails at 6:30, dinner at 7 and ‘dessert’ after that. See you at 6:30.”

“I’ll be there,” I shot back.

The remainder of the afternoon went by quickly. My thoughts were racing with images of what I would do with Rhonda that evening, and what she would do with me! I left the office at 5:30 and drove the short distance to my hotel. I took a nice, long shower and daydreamed about my sweet Rhonda as the warm water cascaded over me. I lathered my plump cock, which quickly grew to full size as I washed it gently, stoking its full length, envisioning Rhonda’s warm mouth wrapped around it. Between the feel of the warm water, slick soap, and visions of Rhonda, I quickly brought myself to release there in the shower. There’s plenty more where that came from, I thought.

Feeling very relaxed, I put on my favorite silk shirt and loose fitting jeans and left for Rhonda’s place. I pulled up in the driveway of her modest, but comfy-looking country house at 6:25. I rang the doorbell and heard her call from within, “I’m coming!”

You will be, I thought.

My angelic Rhonda opened the door, looking more beautiful than she had at work that day. She wore a low-cut sundress made of a light gauze material. Her skin seemed to glow in the warm radiance of her porch light.

“You’re early, Sam!” she smiled.

“Well, I guess I was anxious to get started,” I laughed.

“Yeah, just like me this morning,” she giggled. “What do you think of my place?”

“It’s charming,” I replied. “Very cozy.”

“Well come on in, lover boy.”

She took my hand and led me to the front room. She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck drawing me to her lips. We shared a long and slow kiss before she drew away and pushed me onto the soft leather couch.

“The nice thing about tonight,” she began, “is that we have all night to enjoy each other, not just an hour.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Let’s take our time and enjoy every second.”

“What would you like to drink,” she asked.

“Scotch on the rocks, please.”

“Sounds good to me, too.”

She filled a couple of tumblers with some Johnnie Walker Black Label and joined me on the couch. We clinked glasses and sipped, gazing at each other over the rims. Her golden hair gleamed in the low-lit lamps and cozy fire she had burning. The aroma of our dinner wafted through the house making me salivate.

“Are you hungry, Sam?” she asked.

“Famished, Rhonda,” I replied.

“Well I have prepared a special evening for us. By the time you leave I think you will be well-satisfied.”

“I’m sure I will,” I agreed. “I just hope you are, too.”

“I avcılar elit escort have no doubt,” she replied demurely.

We continued our casual conversation punctuated by sexual innuendos and moments of silence where we would just gaze into each other’s eyes. We shared another round of drinks and more than a few soft kisses there on the couch. The urgency of the morning’s sexual fury was replaced with a slow savoring of each minute together.

Rhonda would go to the kitchen now and then to check on dinner while I admired her lithe silhouette illuminated by the kitchen light. Was it the scotch, or was she glowing? Then she would return to me and cuddle up next to me for another toast, a smile and a kiss. After a little while, she announced, “Dinner is ready. Come into the dining room.” She took me by the hand and led me into an adjoining room where a large antique table and chairs stood majestically. Two place settings adorned the ends of the table. The center was decorated with a lovely centerpiece and lit candles.

“This is lovely, Rhonda,” I remarked. “Just like you.”

She blushed and directed me to sit. She disappeared around the corner and quickly returned carrying a pair of bowls containing Caesar salad. Thin slices of anchovies covered the tops.

“How did you know I like anchovies on my Caesar’s?” I asked.

She poured the wine and replied, “I didn’t, but I do know that they are concentrated with vitamins, and you’re going to need all the stamina you can get tonight!”

A delicious casserole followed the salad. During the meal, I praised her cooking skills and thought to myself, this woman is absolutely perfect – beautiful, independent, and a great cook to boot.

“Rhonda,” I began as we were finishing up dinner and sipping the last of our wine, “I know we just met yesterday, but I have never known a woman who was as beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and talented a chef all at the same time. Are you for real or am I dreaming?”

“Well thank you, Sam. I find you very attractive, intelligent and sexy as well. And this morning, you were a fabulous lover.”

“You inspire me, Rhonda. Tell me, why is a woman like you not married, or are you?”

“No,” she laughed. Then she looked off into the distance wistfully and added, “I was married, but my husband passed away.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I had to tell you sometime. It was three years ago. He was on maneuvers with the National Guard and was killed in a training accident.”

“How tragic.”

She continued to stare into the distance. “Yeah, for three years I’ve been on my own. Guys from town have asked me out, but we all grew up together in this small town and the guys around here always bring back painful memories of Tom. Then you came along and for the first time in those three years, I forgot about Tom. Something in your eyes stirred the womanly desires I had almost forgotten about. I had to have you, had to taste you. And now that I have, I can’t get enough.”

I sat in a blissful trance as she stood up and slowly walked toward my end of the table. Our eyes were locked on each other. As she approached she began to slowly unbutton her sundress. When she was a few feet away, she let it slip from her shoulders revealing her glorious naked body beneath. She took my hand and drew me to my feet.

“Take me to my bedroom, lover,” she said softly.

I lifted her into my arms and carried her to the foot of the stairs. She nuzzled my chest as I held her protectively in my arms. I carried her up the stairs and paused at the top step. Her eyes motioned to the left and we entered a beautifully decorated bedroom.

“No man has set foot in here since Tom,” she confided. “That’s how special I find you, Sam.”

“I’m honored, Rhonda. I hope I can make this night extra special for you.”

“I know you will.”

I laid her gently on the soft covers and slowly undressed myself before her eyes. Her hands absently strayed to her own nether region as she watched my clothes slip away. When my boxers dropped to my ankles, she gasped slightly, “Oh Sam, your cock is so beautiful. Come here and let me suck it.”

I moved to the bed and lay down next to her. We kissed long and forcefully and then she moved to my neck. She trailed kisses down my chest, pausing to nibble on my sensitive nipples.

“Oh, Rhonda. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Me, too,” she murmured.

She kissed her way down my stomach and began to lick my growing cock like a mother lioness cleaning her cubs. She cooed at it and fondled my balls lovingly. Then she wrapped her lips around the head and slowly sucked. Her lips fit perfectly around the avcılar escort ridge at the base of the head while her tongue lolled all over the swelling tip.

She let it slip from her mouth for a moment and said, “Talk dirty to me while I suck on your cock, Sam.”

“Okay baby. Mmmm, you’re sucking it so good. So soft and gently. You’re making my cock so big and hard.”

She murmured her satisfaction and responded by taking more into her mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby. I can feel it against the back of your mouth. Your tongue is so warm. Swing your hot little ass up here by me so I can eat your delicious pussy while you suck me off.”

She murmured again and swung her ass around to face me. She lifted a leg and straddled my chest. Her sweet pussy was now inches from my face. While she sucked and licked my shaft I began to lick her dampening twat. I blew on the hot lips and whispered to her, “Oh baby, your pussy is so beautiful. I can’t decide if I want to just look at it or lick it. Oh yeah, Rhonda, you’re sucking my cock so good.”

I raised my face to her snatch and gripped her ass cheeks firmly as I pressed my face against her mound. I probed her hole with my tongue and was answered by her moans of ecstasy. “Mmmm, you like that, don’t you?”

She murmured and sucked harder. I answered with deeper licks and suckled on her engorged clit. Positioned the way she was, she was able to take more of my cock into her throat. She began to swallow voraciously and deep throat my curved rod.

“Oh Rhonda, you are so talented. That’s right, baby. Suck it deep. Suck it all the way in.”

She complied. Somehow she had opened her throat passage and began a rhythm of sliding the full length of my hard curving manhood deep down her throat, then back to the tip, where she would circle the head with her warm tongue. She popped it out and said, “Mmmm, I love your big, hard cock, Sam, and the way you eat my pussy, too. Tell me, lover, does my pussy taste as good to you as your cock does to me?”

“Your pussy juice is heavenly. This is best dessert I could ever imagine.”

“I really liked the way you fingered my pussy and my ass while you ate me out, this morning, baby. Do that again for me and I’ll make your hard cock come all over my face and tits.”

I went to work on her in earnest. I inserted two fingers into her slick twat while I pulled her cunt a little closer toward my face. Then I stretch my neck and licked my way to her ass hole. I tongued it ferociously depositing plenty of my saliva mixed with her juices onto her rosebud. I tried to probe the opening with my tongue but it was too tight. She liked it though, because she got into a rhythm of long stokes in and out of her throat, moaning with pleasure all the while. I kissed her rosebud one last time and returned to her cunt. With my free hand I pushed gently but firmly past the opening of her ass hole with my finger and began to fuck her ass with it. I set up my own rhythm alternating penetration of her cunt and her ass, and then inserting both at the same time to feel them meet on either side of her soft inner tissue. My licking and nibbling increased in fervor as I heard her cries increase in pitch. Higher and higher notes escaped her mouth around my thick meat.

Then I began to buck uncontrollably as I got closer to the edge. My spasms drove my cock down her throat to the hilt. These thrusts were met with grunts and squeals of satisfaction from my sweet lover. Then, as one, we drove each other past the point of no return. She trembled violently and her juices cascaded over my face as the first blast of my hot sperm shot down her throat. She quickly pulled my pulsating cock from her mouth and gripped it like a fire hose as she directed each successive blast to a different part of her body.

She pumped the base as she cried, “Oh yes Sam! Shoot your big load all over my face! In my hair! On my tits!” She continued to pump it and stroke it. “Oh, your cum is so hot. Soak me in it. Mmmm, it tastes so good. So good.”

“I love your pussy so much, Rhonda,” I cried. “That’s it, soak me in your juices. Mmmm, just for me. Yeah!”

She flopped onto her back and sighed, “Oh Sam, that was great.”

I raised myself up on one elbow to watch her as she lay next to me. With eyes closed and a smile on her lips, she rubbed my warm cum into her tits and face. She licked her fingers and sighed with contentment. Her hands pressed firmly against her tits, rubbing in my juices deeply.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “My tits love your cum, Sam, and I’m beginning to think that I love you.”

I moved close to her side and held her in my arms. I covered her sticky face with little kisses before zeroing in on her mouth. The taste avcılar eve gelen escort of my own cum was strong, but with her it felt perfectly natural.

I pulled her close and said, “And I love you too, Rhonda.”

We lay together in afterglow and drifted off to sleep.I dreamed of working in a garden outside Rhonda’s country home.When I awoke, I was alone on the bed. I noticed the sound of a shower running and soft humming coming from the bathroom. I tiptoed from the bed to the bathroom and into a cloud of warm steam. My lover was a blurry figure through the shower glass. Her sweet voice lilted a pleasant tune.

Then she stopped her song and said, “Get in here you big stud.”

I moved into the shower and into her embrace. We kissed deeply as the water tumbled over our entwined bodies. Then she pointed the showerhead toward the wall and began to work up a lather of soap in her hands. She resumed humming softly as she covered every inch of my body, from my neck down, in rich soapy lather. She sunk to her knees and kissed the tip of my cock, causing it to jump, before covering it with soap. It quickly grew to full size as she gently stoked the length and underside with the slippery lather. She drew closer and reached between my legs, behind my balls, and up my crack to soap up every inch of my body. With both arms between my legs, she reached as far up my back as she could, drawing her face right up to my stiff pole.

Using her own face like a washcloth, she rubbed her face all over my soapy cock. She rubbed her cheeks along its length, then used her chin and neck to create a channel to draw it through. Soapy lather cascaded down her chest covering her upturned breasts. Then she lay on her back on the floor of the spacious shower, reached up and wrapped the fingers of both her hands around my rigid member. She gently drew me to a kneeling position, straddling her waist. She continued to stroke my cock, increasing the lather, and drew it toward her.

“Oooh, Sam, it’s so big again. Are you horny for me again, baby?”

“Always,” I replied.

“Mmmm, it’s so slippery and hard. I like it in here. It’s so warm and steamy. Come here and titty fuck me, baby.”

I moved my soaped up cock over her luscious cleavage. She pressed her tits together and enveloped my swollen member with her soft flesh. I rested it there feeling the underside against her breastbone. I traced my fingers lightly over her soft, slick mounds and gently twisted her erect nipples between my fingers. My eyes roved from the pubic hair at the base of my thick cock, past her soapy round breasts pressed together, to the swollen purple head poking out the tops of her tits. My gaze traveled up to her eyes to find that she was peering deeply into mine.

With eyes locked together and expressions of peace on our face, I began to slowly move my cock in and out of the channel between her luscious tits. She smiled and nodded silently in encouragement. Oh how good it felt to slip in and out between those tits. She released and then applied pressure causing different sensations to course through every part of me. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feelings there on the shower floor. I daydreamed I was lost in a tropical rain forest with my very own wood nymph. Her words, as if coming from a distance, penetrated my reverie.

“Mmmm, yes Sam. Slide it in and out, yeah, in and out sooo nice. Mmmm, it feels so good. Your cock is so hot and so big. Mmmm, it’s so slippery between my titties.”

“Keep squeezing your beautiful tits together just like that, baby. Ooh, I think you’re gonna make me come again.”

“Oooh, that’s what I want, Sam. You can come all over my face again.”

I picked up speed and she pressed her tits harder together. Her sexy words of encouragement pushed me over the edge.

“Yes, Sam! I can feel the head getting bigger. Mmmm, you’re going to blow your wad all over me aren’t you? Yeah baby, do it. Do it!”

And I did. I gripped it and pumped it a couple times, relishing the feel of my cum spreading from deep between my legs, up and out the tip of the hard shaft. I grunted in release as ropes of jiz covered her face. Her tongue darted out to catch what she could. When I stopped pumping out semen, she sighed and smiled at me as she rubbed it into her face and breasts again.

“It’s good for the skin,” she remarked.

Before we exited the shower, I washed her and gently rinsed every part of her luscious body. Then I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to her bed. She shivered from a chill on the short walk from the bathroom to her bed. Pulling the soft covers aside, I laid her onto the soft mattress and climbed in next to her. I pulled the covers over us and held her damp, naked body close to mine. I hugged her tightly, quickly warming her up beneath the soft covers.

We dozed together entwined in each other’s warmth. As I drifted off to sleep I thought, I haven’t even fucked this beautiful vixen yet tonight. We’ll just rest a bit and when we awake, I’ll make love to her like no man ever has before.

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