21 Nisan 2021

Conventional Lust

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The evening had been spent at the bar talking to some of the other convention delegates including a big beautiful woman. Immediately we started chatting it was obvious we were attracted to each other but were constantly being interrupted by others. While chatting to another delegate she passed by, looked at me, smiled, moved to the stairs and disappeared. I wistfully finished my drink before I also went upstairs.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my bedroom door and saw the same beautiful woman kneeling on all fours on my bed, her blouse partially unbuttoned, her wonderful large breasts hanging down and displaying her cavernous cleavage, an inviting look on her face. She was obviously proud of her tits and knew that I was longing to get my hands on them.

After the initial surprise I feasted upon the sight of a pair of tits fully exposed down to the hidden nipple. I could only wonder at the miracle which stopped them from falling out of the blouse and into full view. I’m sure she read my mind for she gave a little shake, her tits fell out of the blouse to hang loose in all their glory.

She looked down at her still swaying tits, looked back at me, smiled, and ran her tongue around her lips as if inviting me to do the same to her erect nipples.

Nothing was said nor needed to be said. We both knew that the next couple of hours would be devoted to satisfying our own and each others desires. A matter of pure lust.

My cock was standing to attention and forming a large bulge in my trousers. Her eyes ran down my body to the bulge, her glance lingered for a few seconds, an approving smile crossed her face.

I longed to have those gorgeous tits wrapped round my cock. I moved to the bed and began to caress her glorious breasts, one in each hand. She began to purr with pleasure like a cat, the purring grew louder as her nipples were tweaked.

My gaze moved down her body until it rested on her skirt pulled tightly over beautifully rounded arse cheeks. Still caressing her left tit and nipple with one hand I moved to her side and, with my other hand, caressed those plump rounded orbs through her skirt.

She avcılar üniversiteli escort looked over her shoulder, smiled, and nodded. Nothing was said but we both knew what was meant. I gently lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist and exposed her two beautiful plump white arse cheeks. The thong she was wearing had disappeared into the deep crack between them. They deserved to be caressed and were. The smell of female arousal began to fill the air.

Suddenly the silence was broken.

“So you like my arse as well as my tits.”

With that she started to move so I stepped back, mesmerised by the motion of her tits and arse as she repositioned herself with her knees on the edge of the bed, legs apart, head and chest resting on the bed. She was no longer on all fours. The view she now gave me was mind blowing, her tits were spread to either side of her chest, her arse presented in all its glory. With her legs apart she was inviting me to touch her body with mine.

Before accepting the invite my gaze feasted upon the glorious sight in front of me. Not only was her thong between her arse cheeks but it was also pulled between her shaven cunt lips. My imagination ran riot for I was being shown everything but could see nothing.

Instinctively she knew I wanted to see more, placing a hand on each arse cheek she pulled them apart, her thong barely covering her arsehole.

Stepping between her legs I began to massage the bottom of her arse cheeks and the top of her legs, my fingers brushing over her cunt lips. I could hear her purring in time to my massage. My cock felt quite uncomfortable as it strained against my trousers.

Again the silence was broken.

“My thong is so uncomfortable. Please take it off.”

Such a request was music to my ears but posed a problem, did I rip it off or pull it down over her legs and feet? Neither seemed appropriate to the mood. The problem was solved when I placed my hands on the waistband for I felt a hook and loop on each side. As the thong slipped from between her legs exposing her cunt to the air the smell avrupa yakası escort of her love juices hit my senses with full force. The thong was very damp so I held it to my nose and breathed in, a smell as seductive as any perfume.

“Your cock must be uncomfortable, release it.”

Was this a command or an invitation, not that it really mattered as I stepped away from the bed, undoing my trousers. She again pulled her arse cheeks apart to expose her arsehole, a pink rosebud, a perfect companion to her moist pink slit. My gaze finally rested upon her large aroused clit peeking out from under its hood.

My trousers and shorts were off by now, my cock standing to attention. I was surprised at its size, much larger than a normal erection. The head was wet with precum. It was obvious we were both ready, willing and able for whatever would now happen.

Kneeling between her legs, nose pressed to her slit, I breathed deeply to again savour her sex perfume. Intoxicated by the smell I just had to taste her juices. Delicately the very tip of my tongue ran along each cunt lip in turn then along her slit, repeated several times. Each time more of my tongue was used until my lips were against her cunt lips, my tongue opening her slit and licking the juices from the very entrance to her cunt. Now was the time to fuck her hole with my tongue. I drew back to open her cunt lips with my thumbs, pushed my face into the wet, juicy canyon and poked my tongue up that inviting pink hole. Her purrs got louder, she was enjoying the pleasures of a good licking.

Having gorged myself on her cunt juices I came up for air and again admired the beauty of her sex. What next? Should I now fuck her, my cock was aching with anticipation, or should I prolong the pleasure which my tongue was obviously giving her (and me). The tongue won but where next to lick?

Her arsehole and her clit were both beckoning but which to choose first. For some unknown reason her arsehole drew me towards it like steel to a magnet. As I pulled her arse cheeks wide apart, the arsehole opened like a flower bud coming into bloom. bağdat caddesi escort The tip of my tongue delicately teased the rim of her arsehole before playing with the very hole itself. Instead of gradually increasing the pressure of my tongue as I had with her cunt I placed the tip at the very centre, stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her arsehole. It opened without any resistence. In and out went my tongue as she gently pushed her arse back into my face. She was enjoying it as much as I was.

Now it was time to lick her clit. Short licks from arsehole to cunt, cunt to peehole, peehole to clit. A sudden thought struck me, she had enjoyed her arsehole being licked, would she enjoy her peehole being played with? My tongue tip played around her peehole but there was no sign of pleasure. I moved to her clit. As I have mentioned it was quite large and, judging by her sounds of pleasure getting ever louder, very sensitive as the tip of my tongue played with it. I wanted to give her even more pleasure before fucking but how?

I had heard of the G spot and the pleasure it could give a woman but could I find it.

My finger slid into her very wet cunt and massaged the front of the inside of her love tube. At one point her moans got even louder so I concentrated on massaging that spot. It was obviously to her liking for her moans became louder still. She moved her hand to her clit and pulled the hood back to fully expose it for my attention, an invitation not to be missed. Gently placing my lips around it I sucked, then blew, then licked, repeating this several times. She would soon climax so I placed her clit between my teeth and gently bit. She pushed backwards, thighs squeezing together. Was this pain or pleasure? Continue or stop? I released the pressure on her clit.

“Don’t stop.”

I gently nipped her clit with my teeth.


I did as I was told at which point she had an explosive climax. When she had calmed down I let go of her clit and pulled my finger from her cunt.

Now it was my turn for pleasure.

I stood, my cock dripping with precum, ready to penetrate her to its full depth but this was not to be, at least not immediately for now she took control.

“My turn to play with you.”

With that she started to change position on the bed. What should I do, stop her moving and force my cock into her or let her take charge? Her tone, both commanding and suggesting, hinted that surrendering to her would be very pleasant.

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