21 Nisan 2021

Cuban Strip Poker

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I am now married to a beautiful Cuban lady that is 44 years old. I had asked her about her sexual past and if she had ever been with another woman or maybe with 2 men at the same time.

She told me she has never been with another woman but has been approached a few times. As far as been with 2 men, NO but it is a fantasy of hers.

Well, being a horny old guy, my mind went into overdrive. I only get to the island we live on about 4 times a year, so before my last visit back to the island I had done some planning in my mind.

At our wedding reception I met more of her extended family and met another couple named Oriol (male) and his wife Martian. Oriol is 45 and Martian is 20 and a beautiful black girl. In Cuba the mixture is Latina and black. I am very much the odd ball as I am white and very much stand out.

Over the winter now I spend 3 months. From the 1st of Jan. to the end of March. My last visit was for 3 weeks and had a hopeful plan in mind! There is only 1 resort on our island and it is not busy at all. The cost is great! For a cabana and the 3 meals it is $55 U.S. per night.

I talked to Odalys (my new wife) and said

“let’s go to the resort for 2 nights and invite Oriol and Martian.”

She said sure and we invited them and set up a couple of days to go on. To be honest $220 for an all-inclusive for the 4 of is a deal as far as I am concerned and a wonderful experience for them as the average Cuban makes between $20 and $30 a month.

We left our town at about 10am on a Tuesday morning as I wanted to spend as much time lazing in the ocean as possible. When we arrived our 2 cabanas were ready and we put our things in the rooms and met in front of ours and they all had a beer. I don’t drink a lot so I just had a bottle of water. Now there’s a language barrier as I speak very little Spanish and my wife and Matian speak very little English. Oriol speaks English as he had worked at other resorts around the island.

I suggested to Odalys that we head over to the secluded beach area and we could go swimming and do some tanning. She questioned about Oriol and Martian and I was very much at ease and said we could invite them and if they wanted to then they were welcome to come with us. I told Oriol that I had introduced Odalys to nude swimming and tanning and that she loved to do it now and that if they liked to come with us. He spoke to Martian and she thought it was a great idea. I guess been 20 she is more open to new things.

Now, Odalys is 44 and in great shape. She’s a 36C with areolas damn near 2 inches round and nipples that are about ½ an inch normally. She shaves her pussy area completely whenever I am there and god their beautiful. As for myself I am 5’6″ 138 lbs physically fit and approx. 6 ½” with a regular size girth. I shave a semi-circle above my cock and as well as my balls as I love the smooth feeling. Oriol is also about 5’6″ and quite muscular as far as I have seen and Martian is about 5’8″ with what appears to be a lovely set of boobs maybe a C or D and definitely a great looking ass.

We proceeded to the secluded area of the

beach and we all kind of stood there a little nervous I guess as we have never been naked together. I stood in front of Odalys and smiled and gave her a wink and slowly removed my swimming trunks. I reached behind her neck and undid the tied string holding her bikini top. I looked her in the eyes and slowly drew down her top and as her beautiful breast became exposed we both just smiled at each other. I stepped back a little and she undid the back tie and she just stood there smiling at me. She then crouched a little and slowly removed her bikini bottom. We just looked into each other’s eyes, smiled and gave a small kiss. We had not even glanced at our 2 friends yet and as we both turned Oriol and Martian were both just staring at us. Oriol was looking Odalys slowly up and down and said

“Hermosa”, Beautiful in English.

Martian was looking at my crotch area and I must admit I was half hard after seeing Odalys nude. I was about 3 feet from Martian and saw that I was shaved smooth. She smiled and said something to Odalys in Spanish and Odalys simply said “Ci, Mucho.” Yes very, and softly rubbed the smooth area just above my cock. I knew then that she liked the look of it and that is what she said to Odalys.

So we had broken the ice and as we stood there Oriol said in English that I was a very lucky man. I agreed and placed my hand on Odalys’s left butt cheek and gave her a kiss. As Odalys and I moved to the water’s edge Oriol also removed his swimming trunks. Both Odalys I looked his way and he is definitely muscular and although he does not shave you could see that his cock was at half-mast and larger in girth than myself. I believe he like seeing Odalys nude. Martian stood and removed her top and I just looked in amazement. Yes she is black but her breasts were so firm and large and absolutely beautiful. They had no sag to them whatever and I believe they were between a size C or D. She had nipples that could poke your eye esenyurt otele gelen escort out and perfectly formed. She lowered he bikini bottom and although she did not shave her triangle was nicely trimmed. Her legs were beautiful. I looked at Odalys and slyly said. “Oriol… Grrrrrr.” She smiled and gave me a light slap on the arm.

We all just lazed in the ocean and talked and just relaxed. When we would come out for a bit to dry off by the sun, I noticed we were all taking peeks at each other and exploring each other’s bodies. As dinner approached we headed off to the cabanas to get dressed for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to our cabana.

Now this is where I was hoping for an interesting evening!

I had cooled a bit of a surprise for them. I had brought a couple of large bottles of Green Apple Vodka. They have plenty of rum and beer on the island but they had never seen or tasted this vodka. It was well chilled and I brought each of us a small glass of the vodka. They each sipped it and loved the taste. The first one went down pretty quick and very smooth. I got up and got seconds. They might be use to their rum, but this was giving a kick and fairly quickly. After the second glasses, there was laughter and just kibitzing around.

Out came the third round of drinks for them. I was still sipping my second. Odalys and Martian were starting to get a little frisky and doing some slow Latina dancing for Oriol and myself. Yes it was damn sexy. As Odalys came close I used my finger to say come here. When she got close I reached up and tweaked both her nipples in my fingers as both of our friends looked on. She just gave a throaty groan and a smile. Odalys cane literally cum by just playing with her nipples. That’s how sensitive they are. As Martian came close to me, I ran my hand up the outside of her thigh and crossed he wonderful ass. I said

“cariente.” HOT in English. Oriol just said “oh yes!”

Odalys slowly danced in front of Oriol and he took his 2 hands and rubbed up her outer thighs to her awesome ass. We both chuckled and sat back and watched them do their little dances.

At this point I half-jokingly said, we should play a game of cards. Maybe like strip poker. Oriol said “I like that idea” and then had to explain to the girls what I had said. They both looked a little confused as they had never played this game in Cuba. Oriol explained in Spanish what the game was about. They both giggled and sexily said yes, that would be fun.

I walked to my suitcase and got the deck of cards that I was hoping might come into play. As we moved inside, I set up the 4 lounging chairs beside the bed and Odalys went and got more chilled vodka for everyone. They had never played poker so I wasn’t going to try and explain the game so I made up a quick version.

Oriol explained as I gave the instructions. One person deals at a time. If you get a 7 or jack you remove one article of clothing. If you get a 2, then you remove someone else’s article of clothing. If you get a Queen you take a drink and if you get a joker then you must give a kiss and lick on any exposed part of another person. The both girls laughed at that one.

So we got comfortable with a small table in front of everyone so we could discard the cards. We dealt to see who would deal out the cards first. High card would be the first dealer and we would go to the right from there. Odalys was on my left, Oriol to my right and Martian across from me. Oriol won the deal and started to flip the cars over in front of each person. Around we went an Oriol actually got the first card that counted. He flipped a 2 and we all laughed and he slyly looked around. Everyone took a drink in anticipation. He stood up and said

“Odalys, stand please and I will remove your top.”

Odaly’s looked at me and I smiled and said, “it’s ok” and we all want to see you. With that, she stood and Oriole came to her and very slowly started to remove her top over her head. We all gave a little, Ahhhhhh when her lacy red bra was revealed and she filled that bra very nicely. After removing her top he said to her in Spanish.

“Hermosa,” Beautiful.

She truly is! She blushed a little then reached up with both hands and cupped both her breasts. DAMN!!

She sat down and it was Martian’s turn to deal. We went around and she turned up a jack in front of me. I snickered and stood and removed my top. Before I sat down I rubbed little circles around my own nipples. Everyone just laughed. Odalys’s turn and she turned the cards over and she herself got a joker. She said Mike, stand up and she bent forward and kissed and licked my right nipple and then gave it a little bite. There were a few more chuckles and then she just reached down and grabbed my crotch and held her hand there and blew me a kiss. I was kind of surprised and when I looked across to Martian she had a big grin.

I sat down and it was my turn to deal. I flipped cards and flipped over a 7 in front of Martian. I smiled esenyurt rus escort as she looked up at me and she stood and started to remove the buttons on her blouse. She opened her top and reached back to take of the arms and she had a very nice light green low cut bra on that accentuated her breasts. Very nice I said. As she sat down Odalys once again got up to get more vodka. They all loved this drink and they were all feeling pretty damn good. They were starting their 5th and I was still nursing my 3rd. I didn’t want to be too blitzed and miss this opportunity

Oriol turned over the cards and damn if he didn’t get a joker. He looked at Odalys then me and asked both Martian and myself as he gestured to Odalys. Both Martian and myself said “Ci, Yes as it was the game.” He walked behind Odalys and bent over and kissed and then licked the tops of both of her exposed breasts. Odalys’s head dropped back and she let out a moan as he continued his kissing and licking. I was getting hard seeing this and said

“Mucho cariente,” Very Hot!

Even Martian was watching and you could see her squirm a bit as this was also exciting her. He stood up and thanked her and went to be seated. Odalys’s head was still tilted back and she said something in Spanish which roughly translates to “WOW”.

Martian grabbed the deck of cards and quickly started to flip them over. I had to assume that she was getting rather turned on and wanted things to move along. Finally she turned a jack over in front of Oriol and he stood and removed his shirt. As I say, he is quite muscular. Everyone was taking more drinks and laughing at things that were been said. I missed on many of it as I don’t speak Spanish very well. Odalys turned over a 2 at herself and just giggled lightly. She said

“Mike, stand up, I want to remove those shorts.”

I said “ME, What about someone else.”

She just said “NO, my love. You”

I stood up and she knelt on the floor and turned me towards her. I looked at Martian and she was smiling and her eyes were wide open watching. Odalys unhooked the snap and lowered the zipper and seductively lowered my shorts. I was standing sideways to Martian and she had actually moved to the front of the chair as Odalys lowered my shorts. I was supporting a good hard on and my cock was almost bent in two in my underwear. I don’t wear boxers. Odalys opened her mouth and placed the budge into her open mouth and gave a big suck. I just let out a low groan and I heard Martian give a loud sigh at the same time. Odalys got back up and sat down with a grin from ear to ear. As I turned, I had to fix my hard on and the head almost broke through the tops of my underwear. Martian was just gazing with anticipation.

I sat down and scooped up the deck of cards.

I said to Oriol, “would you mind getting some more drinks.”

He jumped up and went to get more. I started to flip over the cards and I turned up a 2. I cheered and got a few laughs. Oriol came in with the drinks and asked what had happened. Martian told him I got a 2 and he just chuckled.

I looked at Martian and smiled and said

“Odaly’s “please stand while I remove your bra.”

She looked at me and without saying a word stood up and I stood around behind her and undid the clasp. As I did that she reached behind and grabbed and stroked my hard cock. I gave a low growl and slowly moved my arms forward releasing her bra and dropping it to the floor. I took both of her nipples and pulled on them and she moaned out loudly. Her beautiful breasts were on display and Otiol was sitting at the front of his chair watching in amazement. Her areolas are large and dark and now seeing that she was turned on her nipples were rock hard and stood out almost an inch. I placed my head at the sides of hers and pulled them outwards and gave a small twist. Again she gave a loud low moan. I was looking directly at Martian and even her eyes were wide open and staring.

Odalys almost fell into her seat and Oriol was still marvelling at her gorgeous breasts. He snapped back out of it and quickly started to flip over the cards again. Odalys again got a jack turned up in front of her. We all cheered and she said “No, NO.” We all laughed and said “Yes, Yes.” She stood up and started to slowly lower her shorts. As they dropped she showed off her fancy laced panties and slowly turned completely around. I gave a wolf whistle and again a few chuckles. As she sat down her legs spread a little and you could clearly see a wet spot. Oh, ya, she was turned on.

Martian scooped up the cards and started to flip them over. It did not take long as she herself got a 7. She smiled and stood up. I was expecting to see those beautiful breasts but instead she undid the clasps of her shorts and they fell with ease to the floor. She stood there with a matching green G string. She turned around for all to see and Oh My God was she sexy. Her ass was so smooth and hard as a rock. I just gazed at her and said Wow! She smiled and when she sat she actually esenyurt türbanlı escort spread he legs somewhat. You could easily see a few dark pubic hairs sticking out from the crotch area and my eyes just stayed there. I looked up and she looked straight at me and smiled at fact that I was staring straight at her thinly covered pussy.

I glanced at Odalys and she was watching me and I figure she was mad but she smiled and ran her tongue across her upper then lower lips in a very seductive way. I smiled and gave a throaty growl. I though only she would here it and everyone laughed. We all knew we were all getting turned on.

Odalys scooped up the cards and began to flip. Heck it got to her and she turned over a 2. I said “Ooooooooo,” and she smiled and I thought I was done.

She said “Oriol, please stand and let me remove those shorts.”

She moved in front of him and got on her knees. I looked at Martian and gave her a wink and a smile, We both turned and watched as Odalys started to remove his shorts. Now he was wearing boxers and it wasn’t hard to he had a raging hard on. She was close enough that his cock even though still in his boxers hit her in the chin. As his shorts hit the floor she surprised me and opened her mouth and put about 3 to 4 inches of his clothed cock into her mouth and pressed down with her lips. She let go and stood up and we all clapped and said

“Mucho cariente,” Very Hot.

She sat back down and looked directly at me and said “was that ok.” “ci, no problemo.”

I was still a bit shocked but turned on at the same time. Perhaps a bit of her fantasy was coming true about being with 2 men. I took the cards and started to flip them over. I flipped a 7 over in front of Martian. She laughed and stood up and started to remove her bra. She extended her arms and her bra fell away exposing a beautiful set of firm hard breasts. The nipples looked swollen and actually engorged. I thought I could see a little liquid seeping from her nipples but just thought it was sweat. I leaned over and asked Odalys if she noticed what I saw.

She said

“Ci, letche.” Yes milk!

I knew she had, had a baby about 4 months prior but this was very non expecting. I turned and looked and Martian saw me looking and gave a big smile. Shit I was getting very excited.

We were getting to the final clothes and to be honest I had never planned what to occur after a game of strip poker. I started to flip and Hot damn if I didn’t turn over a joker for myself. I stared at it for a moment trying to think and Odalys said “Mike you get to kiss anyone.” Wow. My mind was spinning with thoughts. I leaned to Odalys and asked permission to kiss Martian’s breasts. “Ci mi amour.” Of course. I looked at Oriol and he laughed. “Yes, by all means.”

I stood up and walked over to Martian and she smiled and as I bent over to kiss her breasts she lightly placed a hand on the back of my head. I touched her nipple of her right breast with my tongue and slowly encircled it. I gave it a couple of quick flicks and then stretched over to her left breast. Her breasts were like rocks and the nipples were a little rough to the texture. It dawned on me that it was because they were full of milk. I moved back to her right breast and put my lips over the nipple and sucked her nipple into my mouth. As I sucked I applied pressure with my lips and suddenly there was a squirt of milk that hit the back of my throat. Wow, was this Hot. I gave more of a suckle this time and squeezed her breast at the same time. She literally shot lots of milk into my mouth and it was pooling on my tongue. As I sucked harder she let out a very loud moan and continued to spray her milk into my mouth. I swallowed and it was warm and almost sweet. I almost came myself as this was so hot. I sucked hard one more time and again squeezed. She sounded like she was having an orgasm as her moans were loud and throaty. I removed my lips and my mouth was full of her milk. I turned and walked to Odalys and started to give her a French kiss. Sharing Martian’s milk with her. She gave a low moan and grabbed and stroked my cock through my underwear. I stood back up and just said out loud

“WOW, Mucho Cariente.”

Oriol grabbed the cards and by the way he was flip with so much speed. I guess he was ready to blow! He got a 2 and just stood up and said Odaly’s, please stand up. She did and she actually swayed a bit and Oriol knelt before her and placed his fingers in each side of her panties. He was a man on a mission. No hesitation, he just start to yank them down. Odalys placed her hands on his shoulders for support as she raised her left leg. As he got the panties to her knees and she lifted her leg higher, her completely bald pussy came into clear view and with her leg in that position her lips actually parted a little. We could all see that she was very wet. Oriol had not got the panties to her ankles yet and he just bent forward and took his tongue and licked her entire yet slit. Odalys gasped and Oriol latched onto her clit and sucked and licked it with fury. As Odalys moaned out loud he lifted his arm and squeezed her right nipple. She let out a little scream and Oriol continued to suck. Odalys just held tight to his shoulders as he licked her flowing juices. She was giving little yelps and her eyes were closed but her mouth open. All of a sudden he stopped and said, “Sorry,” I got a 2 and not the joker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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