21 Nisan 2021

Cupid Makes a House Call

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Valentines Day was never a day that Stella took any notice of. Her lover was not romantic and never gave her anything for Valentines Day, nor wanted anything in return. He did not have a romantic bone in his body. Sex with Dave was nice, comfortable and predictable. In fact, normally she would not have thought about it, except that tomorrow was Valentines Day and just once she wanted to be swept off her feet by a male who could make her weak at the knees. Her friends all seemed to be getting all the romance they wanted. Stella realized at this moment that she was missing out. She wanted to reignite and experience the passion she once had with Dave. Was it possible? Was it too late for her and Dave? She wished that things would change for Valentines Day.

Sex with Dave was predictable and she always had to take control. She was tired of it. If Dave would just look into her eyes and demand that she service him, force her to her knees and order her to suck his cock, she’d promise never to complain about her sex life again.

Night was approaching and Stella decided she was tired and wanted to go to bed early. There was no point in thinking about her boring sex life anymore. It is what it is. She pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. She normally slept naked and this night was no exception. It was a hot night and she got out of bed to make sure the window was wide open to let in the cool night air. As she approached the window, she noticed that the moon was exceptionally bright, in fact it had a bluish tinge to it.

“That’s weird.” Stella thought. “If I was a superstitious person, I’d think that something was definitely out of whack.”

She decided that perhaps the blue moon was a sign and maybe if she made a wish it just might come true. Giving in to the whim, Stella made her Valentines Day wish.

Within minutes, she was asleep. It was not long before Stella had a dream or at least she thought it was a dream. It seemed so real. He seemed so real. She could see a handsome face, blonde curls, strong nose, beautiful blue-green eyes and lips so full and sensuous that kissing them would definitely make her knees melt. The only problem she had with the face was that it seemed to be hovering above her. She felt a slight pressure on her wrists, as though esenyurt ucuz escort she was being held down and then she felt a delicious sensation at the entrance to her pussy. Perhaps she was having a wet dream. She had those before and in the past, had enjoyed them immensely. This time, however, it seemed different. Her legs were being forced open and she could definitely feel something hard and very big gaining entrance to her pussy. She tried to move, tried to wake up, but nothing happened. Struggling did not seem to help.

“What the hell?” Stella exclaimed. “What was going on? Was she going crazy?”

She struggled again and tried move, but nothing happened. She was beginning to think that maybe she would just enjoy the sensations and let the dream progress naturally and stop worrying so much about how strange it all was. Was she really dreaming? It seemed so real.

“Stella, wake up.” whispered the blonde Adonis. “I want you awake for this, I want you to feel my rock hard cock inside your cunt and I want your lips around my thick cock.”

Stella tried opening her eyes once more and then realized that the curly haired blonde Adonis was in fact real. She opened her mouth to scream, but he placed his hand over her mouth to silence her and calmly told her not to worry. Her wish was about to come true. All she had to do was obey him and she would experience the passion and the pleasure that she so desperately desired.

She could not believe what was happening. She was being taken by a stranger, who somehow managed to get into her house and was fucking her. Strangely, Stella did not feel frightened, in fact, she felt elated and definitely horny. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt her body move upwards to meet his every thrust. As she nodded in agreement he released her mouth and he bent his head down to kiss her lips, while his hand cupped her soft naked breast. Her nipples were hard and she moaned with pleasure and responded to his passionate kiss.

With his cock still imbedded in her hot pussy, he demanded that she get up against the wall and spread her legs open wide. He was going to fuck her hard and fast. Afterall, that is what she wished for!

Nervously Stella looked at him and decided esenyurt üniversiteli escort that it was best to go along with his wishes, after all, she was enjoying this and he did promise that nothing bad would happen as long as she did as he said. Besides he was gorgeous and so far, this was the best fuck she’d had in months. She decided to go for it.

Stella leaned up against the bedroom wall and waited for him to join her. She could see that his cock was huge, a good 8 inches and thick. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation and she wiggled her bare ass to entice him over. He gently fingered her pussy to make sure she was hot and ready for him. He loved the way her ass looked bent over like that and gave it a quick slap while at the same time thrusting his 8 inches into her waiting pussy. The initial thrust made her gasp with pleasure as his big cock forced it’s way into her cunt. She grunted once and then pushed back onto his hot, hard cock. He continued to thrust into her wet pussy, back and forth, grabbing her big round tits with one hand and her hips with the other. His hand then slid down to her pussy and he rubbed her clit. She was close to an orgasm and begged him to fuck her harder and faster.

“Please, please fuck me harder, I want your big cock” begged Stella.

He replied “Stella, slow down, we are going to have a lot more fun. There is no rush. I want you to get on your knees, now!”

She looked back at him and finally understood her wish. She had wanted to be taken. She wanted a man to take her fully and completely with no questions asked. She wanted to be possessed by a man, to be made fully aware of her needs and passions. It was happening now with this handsome stranger.

On her knees now, she slowly she wrapped her lips around his hard cock. She could feel the silky softness of his thick shaft and the salty sweet taste of his pre-cum was delicious. She savored the taste and the texture of his hard throbbing cock in her mouth and on her tongue. She knew it would make her wet and he would find out soon enough. Slowly her tongue licked back and forth across the tip and back down his shaft. He was hard, so very hard. He began to thrust deeper into her soft and warm mouth, and she etiler escort was licked vigorously with each thrust. Her tongue slipped across the head and back down, and he moaned with pleasure as her tongue continued to lap and lick his cock and then she released his cock and moved down to engulf his balls into her mouth. Gently she sucked and licked, then released them to once again take his hard throbbing cock into her mouth. Slowly up and down she moved and he continued to thrust upwards into her wet mouth.

Stella pulled away for a moment and looked up into his eyes and said “do you like it?”

He replied “Stella, I love how you suck my cock, you are doing a very good job and I will definitely show you my appreciation. It’s not often that I get to do house calls.”

He then laughed and continued to fuck her wet mouth. Sliding his cock in and out, pushing back almost down her throat and she took it gladly and willingly. He could tell she loved it and was almost considering coming into her mouth, but changed his mind. She wanted to be fucked and fucked hard.

He was almost ready to come and decided that Stella was ready for him and that she deserved a really good fuck after sucking his cock so vigorously. Besides, this was not about him, he was only here for her and he was going to make sure she got exactly what she had wished for.

He reluctantly pulled his cock out of her mouth and helped her up.

“Get back up against the wall and spread those legs again,” he demanded.

Stella did as she was told and spread her legs. She knew she was wet and he would know soon enough. She braced herself for his initial thrust. He slowly pushed his cock a few inches into her cunt and then forced it all the way in. She gasped as her pussy took all 8 inches and then began to push back onto his cock.

Stella moaned and begged “fuck me harder, please fuck me hard!”

“Your wish is my command” he replied.

He slid his hand around and fingered her clit a few more times and that was all it took to push her over the edge.

Stella screamed “I’m cumming” and suddenly gushed all over his cock and fingers.

He continued thrusting into her until the moment he knew he would cum and then pulled his cock out and squirted hot cum all over her beautiful round ass.

Exhausted, Stella fell onto the bed and immediately fell asleep. She awoke in the morning to find her bed empty of the handsome blonde Adonis, but noticed a card on her dresser.

It was a Valentine’s Day card and in it he had written, be careful what you wish for, Happy Valentine’s Day. It was signed by Cupid!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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