22 Nisan 2021

Date Night

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Finally, a date night. It seems like it’s been forever since it was just the two of us. No worries, no responsibilities.

After the kids are away, I take a shower, shave, get dressed. I put on that cologne you like so much and a button-up shirt. I can hear your shower stop, so I know you’re getting ready.

Once I’m ready I head to the bedroom and pick out your clothes. Nothing crazy, just your white button-up shirt and a flowy, short skirt. I lay them on the bed for you. When I look up, I can see you getting your hair ready, and I know it’s going to be a good night. It’s not too often you get ready in front of me, especially wearing just a tight white cami and thong.

We finally head out to grab dinner; again, nothing fancy. But it is a little nicer, with some privacy between tables. Although, the restaurant is packed…

After drinks are started, and dinner is ordered, I decide to start the game. I lean across the table to kiss you, and you lean in. I can tell your excited for tonight, too, as your tongue enters my mouth, swirling with mine. You taste like wine…

I lean in, to whisper in your ear, “I want you to go into the bathroom, right now. When you go, you’re going to take your panties off, come back, and give them to me.”

My breath on your ear makes you shudder. Or maybe it’s a shudder of excitement. I’m thinking the latter, as I know how much you like this game.

You kiss me again, briefly, and stand up from the table. A couple minutes later you return to the table, face a little red, with wine, excitement, or slight embarrassment. It isn’t until you sit down that I realize it’s all three.

We lean in again. “I did it,” you say in whisper.

“Did what?” I ask. “And you know what you forgot to say.”

“I did it, sir. I took my panties off.”

“Give them to me.” Your hand reaches under the table and bumps my knee. “No. Hands on the table. Show me.”

I recognize the look in your eyes as one of apprehension. But also of excitement. Ever the good girl, you do as your told. Your hand pulls from under the table as you glance around the crowded restaurant. Then finally, with a breath of courage, you reach across the table, thong panties in hand.

I smirk a little and slowly reach across to take them from you. They feel a little damp to me, as I slide them into my pocket. I pat your hand, approving of how well my plaything has done. Yes, this is going to be a fun night…

Dinner finally arrives, and we chat casually as we eat. A couple more drinks throughout dinner has you feeling good. Your cheeks are a little blushed, as well as your chest. I know how your inhibitions drop. And that’s when inspiration strikes again.

I lean over the table again to you, and you to me. “I want you to get up again. This time, you will remove your bra, which you can put in your purse. Also, you will undo a couple of buttons on your shirt. Then you can come back to the table.”

Again, you look a little skeptical.

“Now,” I command. “I don’t recall asking.”

“Yes, sir,” is all you can say. You get up and head to the bathroom.

This time an extra minute or two have elapsed before you come back to the table. I know that you’ve probably been thinking about this. I also know that you enjoy this game, and will continue to play. And I know how wet it makes you.

You make it back to the table and sit down. I notice that your buttons are open lower. I also notice that your nipples are very hard, peaking your shirt at your tits. That’s why I picked this shirt, knowing it is a tight top.

I order us one more drink each before we pay the bill. When the waiter comes over, I notice what you’re doing. And he does, too. I see how you rest your arms on the table, with your breasts resting on them. They are obscenely close to popping out. He looks at me and blushes as I smile. Damn, I love it when you’re the right amount of slutty…

After I sign the check, and before he take it, you grab the pen and “mistakenly” drop it. He reaches down to pick it up, and I see you turn in your seat, adjusting just a little. Hmm, maybe a little extra slutty tonight…

He bumps his head as he stands up. Face beylikdüzü escort red, he looks at a us to say goodnight, but neither in the face; he’s too embarrassed.

When we get out to the car I move around to open your door. As I do a slight breeze kicks up, lifting your loose skirt. Briefly your bare ass is visible to anyone looking. Yes, I think, that will be mine tonight.

The drive home will take us some time, so I can keep playing.

“One more button,” I command. And you obey. Your tits appear almost immediately, nipples hard against the cool air. “Pinch them. Squeeze them. I want to hear you moan.” And you oblige; squeezing your big, beautiful tits and pinching your nipples, pulling roughly on them. You begin to moan, and I know the moans aren’t fake.

While you’re hands are busy, I decide to help a little. Reaching over I slide your skirt up your smooth, luscious thighs. You lift your hips so that the skirt moves behind your back, exposing your shaved pussy. You lean the seat back just a little. My hand massages your leg, first on top, and then towards the inside, sliding ever closer. Your hands are still occupied.

“How do you feel?” I ask.

“Good, sir,” you manage to say between sighing breaths. “Very good.”

“You look very sexy. And you’re such a good girl and do what your told.”

“Anything to please you, sir”.

I smile at that. “Good. But you’re also a bit of a bad girl, too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Very bad.”

“How did it feel, exposing your pussy to someone? Showing of your tits, like a little slut?”

You moan and pinch your nipples harder. “I felt very sexy, and very naughty.” I see your hand leave your tits and disappear between your legs. I can hear your wetness as you rub yourself.

I unbutton then unzip my pants, exposing my hard cock. It seems to be extra hard this evening, seeing you play the toy.

You first glance over at me, eyes half-lidded. Then your hand leaves your tits and grasps my cock. You start to stroke me slowly as your hand rubs between your legs faster.

“That’s a good start,” I say. “Now, come over here and open your mouth.” Your hand stays between your legs as you lean over in the seat. Your warm, wet mouth engulfs me in one gulp. I takes everything in me to concentrate on driving, you’re sucking me so hard. I’m deep in your mouth and into your throat, my cock getting covered as you gag a little, your head bobbing deep and slow.

All too soon we’re home. I can only imagine how many people driving by us noticed your head in my lap. It really only serves to make me harder.

“Don’t move,” I say as I get out of the car. Walking around to your side I open your door. You turn to look at me, obedient girl waiting for her next command…

“Turn to me. Edge of the seat, feet on the floor.” My cock is still free, and I grab the back of your head as you open your mouth. My cock slides back into your mouth, all the way in deep. I start fucking your mouth causing you to gag a little, spit coating me down to my balls.

It would be so tempting to cum right now. Instead I stop you. “Now, lick me clean. Slowly.” And, as always, you obey.

After licking me clean again, I zip my pants back up and help you out of the car. I haven’t allowed you to adjust yourself, so your tits are exposed to the night air, as are your beautiful ass and succulent, bare cunt. I can’t help but stare at you as you walk into the house.

As soon as you put your purse down in the kitchen I’m standing behind you. My hard cock pressing against my pants, waiting to be freed. You grind up against me, pushing your ass into my crotch. I reach out and give a quick smack, making you jump a little, and moan.

I reach down and unzip my pants, my cock springing free. I grab your hair and force you down so your face and upper body are laying on the cool granite. Grabbing my cock, I slide myself into you. Fucking you slowly, you moan.

“Yes! Fuck my pussy!” I land a hand across your ass, hard enough to leave a red mark. You scream in surprise, and a little pain. I know you liked it though; your pussy clenched…

“I give the orders, beylikdüzü eve gelen escort not you. You’re mine to do with as I please.”

You pant out, “Sorry, sir. Please, sir? Please fuck my pussy?” How I can I resist your begging?

I keep fucking you, slow, deep and hard, for several minutes. Every time I bury my cock into you I can hear your whimper. You are so wet I can feel your juices on your legs and mine. But, I’m still not done with you yet. I slide out of you, and you let out a quiet, low moan of frustration. I just grab your hand and lead you to the bedroom, and our luxurious king bed. Once we’re in the room, the game continues.

“Get undressed, slut. And then get on the bed. On all fours.” Still obedient, you obey. I walk up behind you and take your ass in my hands, spreading you open. Your pussy and tight little hole are exposed. Licking my lips, I dive right in. My tongue licks over the outside of your lips, up to your asshole. You shudder and moan. As my tongues slides into you, you bury your face into the covers. Licking you inside and out, up and down, I can feel your legs tremble. Your hand reaches back and strokes your clit, my tongue buried in your slit. A couple more strokes of tongue and fingers and you stop, and collapse on the bed. I can tell you still haven’t cum yet.

I get myself undressed and start one of the last dirty movies we watched. “I’ll be right there,” I tell you, as I step into the closet, looking for our toy box. I finally find the couple things I’m looking for, and head back into the bedroom. I’m a bit stunned to see you fingering yourself slowly with one hand, and pinching your nipples. They’re so hard, which will make this next part easier…

As I walk over to the bed, toys in hand, I glance at the movie. I’m even more stunned now: there are two girls playing with each other, a group of guys watching. Your chest is red and you’re breathing heavy.

“Well, this is a surprise.” You just smile at me.

“This is my favorite scene. The girls are so sexy. And having them being watched adds to it.”

“Good, then keep watching. And move your hand. Time for a little punishment for being such a naughty slut.”

As you move the hand from pinching your nipples, you keep watching the girls on screen. Your face is flush and your breathing ragged. You don’t even flinch when the chain clinks, and the cold metal brushes across your tits and rock hard nipples. As the clamps attach though, you do shudder a little and bite your lip, trying not to make a noise, even though it must hurt a little.

I give the chain a little tug, making sure the clips are secured. “Tighter, please, sir. I need to be punished.”

I smile. “You do need to be punished. But not too much; while you’ve been naughty, I love it. It makes me hard.” I tighten the screws on the clamps, pinching your nipples harder. Your breath catches at first, then you start breathe a little harder. I give the chain a tug, pulling your nipples so much your breasts begin to stretch. You let out a little yelp, and then moan.

I sit on the bed next to you. While one of your hands plays with your pussy, you lick your other hand getting it nice and wet, and start stroking my cock. We watch the movie like this until this scene ends. Once it does, the game continues…

I turn the volume up on the TV, letting in little extra, sexy noises. I lay you so your head is slightly elevated. Half standing, half kneeling over you, I slide my hardness between your lips, fucking your face. You grab me from your mouth, rubbing me on your lips, cheeks and chin. Grabbing my ass, you pull me closer; your tongue licks all over my balls and then back to my ass. Flicking out over my hole, the feeling makes me want to cum so bad. But I stop you.

I stand to the side of the bed, and reaching out I grab the clamp chain, admiring your nipples sticking passed the ends of the clamps. Pulling ever so slightly, you’re very easy to command. I pull you to the edge of the bed, and you shudder.

“Open your mouth.” You oblige. I slide my cock into your mouth, all the way. You know better than to close your mouth, beylikdüzü masöz escort and I bury myself deep in your throat causing you to gag a little. “Now suck.” And you do. I’m pushed all the way into your mouth, and you just make swallowing motions, coating me with your saliva as you try to keep me in deep.

Another command. “Put your hands behind your back.” Of course, you listen. I reach under my pillow and grab the cuffs. As I snap them around your wrists, you moan in anticipation.

“You may stop sucking me now, slut.” But you don’t. Another quick smack across your ass gets you to obey. Another moan. I place my hand underneath your chin and lift you up so you’re level with me. We look into each other’s eyes, and they’re filled with nothing but lust. I kiss you hard on the mouth, tongues swirling together.

I break the kiss, and start kissing my way down your neck, to your chest. I lift one of your perfect tits to my mouth and kiss and lick; taking little bites, leaving little marks. I then get to your nipple, so hard in the clamp. I lightly lick the tip of it, and you gasp in pleasure/pain. I take little nips and quick licks before I move to your other tit and repeat the process. Only after several minutes do I stop.

“Turn around, pet.” Shuffling on the bed, you manage to face away from me, moving towards the center of the bed; enough room for me to join you.

I grab the cuffs at the middle, pull your arms up slightly, and push you over. You have no choice, or the pain would be too great. Your face lying on the bed, I slide behind you. Placing my legs between yours, I force you apart, opening your ass and pussy. Your cunt is practically dripping with anticipation.

“You were a naughty slut tonight.” *smack* “And I think you’ve been punished enough. Don’t you?” *smack*

“Whatever you think, sir.”

*smack* “So, do you deserve to be relieved, to enjoy yourself?” *smack*

“If you believe so, sir. Then, yes, please me. Use me.”

Grabbing my cock with one hand, and holding you down with the other, I guide myself into you. But just the head. I move in and out slowly, then a little faster. Then I finally slam into you, burying myself totally in your pussy.

“Fuck!!” you cry out. Indeed.

I release my grip on your wrists. Reaching under you I pull the clamps off. The quick rush of blood is one of those pleasure/pain sensations. I don’t know if you’ll ever stop moaning.

Leaning back, I grab your hips and start fucking you hard. With your hands bound you can’t really move, so your upper body rests on the bed. I can hear the smacking of your tits, and my hips on your ass as I fuck you deep and hard.

I grab the cuffs again, pulling you back so you’re somewhat upright. Holding them tight I reach around and massage your tits while I continue to fuck you. I can feel your legs starting to shake a little, so I push you back down. Spreading your ass, I can fuck you deep. Your head goes back and you let out a moan so loud, I can hear nothing else. I few more pumps and I can feel you clench around me. A new sensation hits me as you start to cum, releasing your juices. You’ve never done that before…

After a couple of minutes, you finally come down. I’m still hard and haven’t cum yet. I just slowly continue to fuck you.

“Thank you, sir. But please, can I taste you?” I smile at you, my obedient girl.

I slide out of you so you can turn around. When you do, I stand on the bed, hardness at mouth level. You look up at me with open mouth and pleading eyes. You’ve earned whatever I can give…

Taking me in your mouth, you start bobbing up and down, sucking me expertly. Playing with your tits and nipples, you begin to suck faster and faster. Very quickly you have me to the point of cumming.

Grabbing your hair to slow you, you stop yourself from moving. Using just your tongue I cum in your mouth. Stream after stream shoots out. Like the good slut you’ve been all night, you don’t move; you just take it. You look up at me the whole time.

Finally, when I feel like I can’t take anymore, my cock slips from between your lips. Looking me straight in the eye, you close your mouth, and in one big swallow you take me down.

I collapse on the bed next you. Reaching up I take the handcuffs off and toss them on the floor. You collapse next me. Both of us are panting and sweaty.

“I love you,” I say as I wrap my arms around you.

You rest your head on my chest. “I love you, too.”

Soon, we’re both drifting off to sleep.

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