29 Ocak 2022

Date With A Centerfold

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She’s standing in a room with the golden sunlight of the late afternoon streaming in through the window, one knee up on the leopard print cover of her sofa. Her honey-colored hair is cut just a little longer than shoulder length; her black, ankle length negligee is absolutely see-thru, open in front to reveal the rounded tops of her generous breasts spilling over the scalloped edges of her black lace demi-bra. Your eyes travel downward to take in her deliciously curved belly. Wandering further south your eyes cannot help but notice her cleft, clearly visible through her panties; they are but the briefest triangle of sheer black fabric that barely covers her mound, held in place by thin black strings that seem to serve merely to accentuate the roundness of her hips. Of course she’s wearing lace-top thigh high stockings, and black patent leather stiletto-heeled pumps. The simple strand of pearls about her neck offsets her attire, perfectly.

Her name is Miss November. She’s 23, likes suntanning, is a die-hard hockey fan, and is currently completing a Masters of Business Administration. Yeah, right.

“Oh, hi! I’m so glad to see you! Please make yourself comfortable – I am.” Her hands go to her breasts as she says this, and she feels herself through the filmy black lace of her brassiere. Her breasts are simply magnificent; they poke straight out. “I’m a 38D,” she says, “but I think this bra makes me look like a 40, or maybe even a 42.” She pulls the cups of her bra down to hold her tits out like they’re on a shelf. “See what I mean?” Her nipples stiffen tuzla ukraynalı escort as she pinches them to a delicious hardness.

She walks around to the front of the bed and slowly peels off her negligee. “I don’t believe in wearing clothes much,” she says. “I mean, most of the time there’s really no reason to, and I’m sure it’s much more healthier for the skin to go nude, don’t you think so?” When she removes her bra completely, the absence of any tanlines whatsoever confirms that she lives by this philosophy.

Her hands travel down her sides. “My measurements are 38-24-36. I suppose this makes me top heavy, but I don’t have any trouble on these four-inch heels.” Her thumbs go into the thin strings of her panties. “And I don’t know why I’m wearing these . . .” She slowly starts peeling her panties off her hips, then stops when they’re midway down her shapely, stocking-clad thighs.

Looking down, she investigates her golden triangle; the fingers of one hand play delicately about her Mon du Venus. “Do you like the way I shave my pussy?” she asks. “All the girls shave ‘down there’ nowadays. Most of them haven’t got anything down there but a tiny little Hitler moustache; myself, I go for a little more . . .” Her golden fur is narrowed down to a neat little landing strip, and trimmed quite close. Even standing, it’s quite obvious that she’s shaved completely bald from her clit on down.

Now she stands there, smiling so sweetly with her panties down about her stocking-clad thighs and her naked breasts taking tuzla rus escort in the fresh air. The fingers of one hand play about her lip in an almost-pout; her other hand hovers about her ass. “Personally, I think masturbation is normal, healthy even. I’m glad you’re not uptight about it.”

She moves to the bed, places her hands on the mattress and arches her back to display her round ass to its best advantage. Leaning over, her large breasts become even fuller still; her nipples look like two pink nose cones. When she climbs on the mattress she rolls over on her back. “In fact, I often enjoy pleasuring myself. I do it all the time. I mean, I like to fuck, of course, and I love to suck cock, but there isn’t always somebody there . . . . . . sometimes it’s just so much easier to . . . . . . you know . . .” A secret smile plays on her lips, as she begins to trace the length of her slit through her panties.

“Shall I take my panties all the way off for you?” she asks as she lies back on the mattress. She’s on her back now, head thrown back and eyes shut as she holds her breasts. Her delicate black panties go down, down to her ankles. “Shall I play with myself for awhile?”

Her panties are still around her ankles, holding them together as she parts her thighs wide open for you; being shaved completely bald between her legs, the pretty pink petals of her labia are completely visible. Of course, she’s very wet. “Look!” she cries out, “I’m touching my pussy for you! I’m touching my pussy!”

The four-inch heel escort bayan of one shoe is expertly hooked into the panties and they’re off! “I’ll just leave the stockings and heels on for you . . .” she says as she continues to stroke herself. “Mmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . that feels so good!”

She rolls over and gets on all fours, her head down in the pillows. “Maybe you’re an ‘ass-man,” she says, as her hands go to her buttcheeks and gently pulls them apart. “This little pink puckered rosebud . . .” she says with a little chuckle, “. . . is my asshole!”

Now Miss November is back laying flat on her back, holding her ankles with her legs wide apart; all her charms are on full display. Her long blond hair is spread out on the pillow like a golden carpet about her pretty face.

“Wow! You’re really big! And really hard! I mean, you’re really big and hard! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cock that big! Can I hold your cock while you jack off? Here, you better use some lube for that tool. Spit on your hand, or maybe use some of that lotion . . .”

A close up of her wet slit shows her clit, clearly visible. Now she’s looking right at you as she’s holding and squeezing her round breasts. “Do you want to come on my tits? Or would you prefer to come on my face?”

“I mean, either way,” she continues. “I like getting it on my tits, but I think it’s good for my face; I mean, I think it’s the best thing for my complexion.”

A finger dallies at her mouth, like she’s tasting herself, as the other hand reaches around behind herself to insert a finger into her pussy. “Oh! I think I’m going to come with you! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Oh, you came, too! WOW, that’s a LOT of spunk! You really blew a load! Well, I’ll be waiting for you here while you clean up with that sock, or something. Come back anytime! ’Bye now!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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