21 Nisan 2021

Days in the Sun Ch. 01

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The weather was perfect. It was eighty degrees during the day and sixty-five at night.

He had flown out a two days ahead of her. He was there alone on some business and ostensibly to play some golf.

He had a small place there. It was very, very private. It had really the only things they would need or want a bed and time alone.

It was a small piece of paradise in the sun, a back yard filled with tropical plants and a small heated spa/whirlpool with, hidden speakers, and a small, secluded patio. Surrounding the entire backyard were seven to eight foot high concrete walls that would ensure their complete seclusion and happiness. This little desert paradise offered sunshine all day long and moonlight and stars at night.

He put out two lounge chairs and an outdoor heater next to the spa/whirlpool. He also put out a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine and two glasses on a small table. He had turned on the spa heater earlier to ensure that when he returned with her later this evening the water would be a luxurious ninety-five degrees.

This temperature was perfect, just below body temperature to be refreshing, yet warm and silky on a cool evening. Their naked bodies would feel warm and welcome in the water just hours from now. It was just after 6PM. Time to head to the airport to pick her up. He was nervous and excited. He had thought of little else but her and what was to come with her.

She had arranged to fly out for a few days to help train a new hire. This would take no time at all really. What she was really coming for was to be with him, totally alone together for the first time for two nights and three whole days! She couldn’t imagine it. They had only had a stolen few hours here or there.

As she passed the time on the flight she could only imagine what was to come. The closer she got to the end of the flight the more excited she got. She felt that all to familiar tingle all over and dull ache begin to start between her legs. It happened every time she thought of them together. But now alone and all this time…

It was approaching nighttime as the plane touched down. The sun was setting and the lights of the city were beautiful as she looked out the window. As the plane pulled into the gate she gathered up her things and headed towards the baggage claim, and to him.

She was dressed in black slacks, a red sport jacket, and a white sheer lace blouse. She had had a lacy white camisole on underneath when she left home but had made a quick trip to the bathroom on the plane to remove it so as to see the look on his face when they met and she opened her jacket. Her nipples were already hardening in anticipation. Her lower lips were also beginning to quiver and she could feel them becoming wet. They were always that way now when she was around him.

It was a long walk from the gate to the baggage claim. She barley noticed though, as she could not wait to see him. She knew he would be there waiting for her. There he was at the bottom of the escalator. He looked so good. He was tan already from his few days there. He wore tan slacks and a light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the cuff. He smiled broadly when he saw her.

When she got to the bottom of the escalator she actually ran the three steps into his waiting arms. They kissed deeply and held each other close. He felt wonderful to her. His kiss and his touch combined to melt her completely into a quivering mass.

He stood at the bottom of the escalator near the baggage claim where he was sure he would not miss her. In his excitement, he had actually gotten there to early. He didn’t mind the wait though. He had just looked away for a moment and then looked back up and there she was. She looked more beautiful than ever. She had on black pants and a red blazer with a white top. He held his arms open as she exited the escalator and she almost leapt into his embrace.

She was as excited to see him, as he was to see her. Just before they embraced she unbuttoned her blazer. He didn’t really notice this as much as he appreciated it after they kissed and hugged. When they broke their embrace she stepped back and smiled. He looked down now at her beauty. Her jacket had parted and he could see now why she had unbuttoned it. It was for his personal benefit. She had on a beautiful sheer white lace blouse with nothing on underneath. He could see her beautiful full breasts and now very hard and pointy nipples.

He exhaled long and low at the same time his smile grew even wider. He said simply, “Wow!”

She smiled back at him and closed he jacket slightly and said, I thought you would like that.”

To which he answered, “You know me to well. But I can see from the points in your blouse you liked it as much as I did.”

He took her hand and they headed for the baggage claim to get her bag. They both found it humorous that they were waiting for her bag with her clothes in it when they both knew she would have little need for them over the next few days. It was just one of many innovia escort good laughs they would have during their time together.

When they had collected her bags they headed to the car in the attached parking garage. He put her bags in the back and then opened her door for her.

She turned and looked quickly over his shoulder and then reached down as she kissed him and unzipped his pants and reached in and grabbed his cock.

He was hard and grew harder as she squeezed and stroked him standing there.

She said to him, “ I missed you. And it appears that you have missed me.” She bent down and quickly sucked his cock into to her warm and wet mouth. She ran her tongue the shaft and the head making sure to do just enough to tease him and not to make him cum.

He moaned “oh nooo” as she did this.

She stopped as quickly as she started and giggled with pleasure at his discomfort as she put him back in his pants and zipped him up as she kissed him and got into the car.

He stood there for a second and shook his head as he turned trying to adjust his pants for more comfort with little success.

He got in and started the car and backed out of the parking space. As he did he turned to her and said, “ That was mean.”

She smiled and said, “ Oh, I’m sure you will more than get even before very long.”

They headed first to her hotel so she could check in. As they drove, the warmth of the desert evening air intoxicated her. She rolled down her window and breathed deep and sighed. This was incredible she thought. She leaned forward and removed her jacket and put on the back of the seat. As she did the top button to her sheer blouse came undone revealing the tops of her beautiful breasts.

She looked over to him and saw him looking at her. She put her hand to the buttons and slowly undid the remaining buttons down to where the blouse tucked in her pants. She turned slightly revealing all of her right breast to him now.

He inhaled deeply and sighed.

She smiled and said to him, “ You need to keep your eyes on the road, should I button up?”

He said, “NO, no oh no. You’re just fine the way you are.” He strained to return his attention to the road.

Again she giggled quietly. She leaned back in the seat and stretched out. She asked how far to the hotel.

He said only about fifteen minutes. He looked over at her constantly. She was gorgeous. She was driving him crazy and she knew it. But she was correct he would get more than even. He enjoyed their little game as much as she did.

Soon they were pulling into the hotel check in parking lot. She quickly buttoned up her blouse as they parked and then put her jacket on as they got out. He got her bags and helped her into the lobby.

As she went to check in he gave the bellman a tip and asked him to help her with her bags up to her room when she was checked in.

He leaned in and whispered to her that he would wait for her in the lobby bar while she checked in and went to her room to phone home and freshen up.

She smiled and said, “Okay, see you there in just a little while.”

He watched the gentle sway of her hips as she walked away and again felt his pants becoming uncomfortably tight.

She checked in at the desk and with the assistance of the bellman was in her room in no time. She checked in at home and all was the same as usual. She decided a quick shower after the long flight would be just the thing. She decided to put the same pants, blouse and jacket back on. She touched up her make up and hair and then put a few things in her carry on bag, grabbed her purse and was off to meet him in the lobby bar.

He took a seat at the end of the deserted lobby bar and ordered a drink. He needed one. After their brief encounter in the parking lot and the ride over, he felt he needed to pace himself a little. He had just finished his drink when she was standing next to him.

She smiled as he asked her if she wanted something but did not speak. He added, “to drink…”

She said, “ Oh, no thanks, Let’s go.”

He picked up his change leaving a tip and a nod to the bartender.

They walked out a side door together so as not to draw attention. He opened her door and she got in, this time without and extra circular activity. He got in and they drove off.

He asked if she was hungry and she said she was. He clarified by asking, “for food”.

She smiled again and said, “Yes, for food!” taking his hand in hers.

He took her to a small café with out door seating. At first she thought it might be too cold but then as they sat she felt the warm glow from the heater above their table. There was no one else out on the patio except them. They ordered their drinks and food quickly.

She looked over to him and said, “ This is so nice out here. This heater feels wonderful.”

As she did she unbuttoned her jacket and again undid the top two buttons on her blouse for his benefit istanbul escort and to be truthful for hers too as she loved the way he looked at her. He licked his lips as he saw her unbutton her jacket and then to his great pleasure the top of her blouse as she leaned in.

He said, “ I thought you might like this place and I knew we would be alone as the locals don’t much like sitting outside until it gets warmer. I’m also glad you like the heater. I have one at home on the patio that will definitely be getting some use.”

They sat in silence looking into each other’s eyes holding hands and occasionally kissing briefly. She was totally and completely relaxed. She hadn’t felt like is in years. She was also soaking wet between her legs. She was beginning to become used to this when she was near him. She loved the feeling. It made her feel alive and very sexy.

They finished their meal paid their bill and left arm in arm. She felt warm and safe with his arm around her. He loved the feeling of her close to him. They embraced as they got to the car and kissed softly.

She broke their kiss off and said to him, “ Please, take me home with you.”

He smiled and said simply, “Sure.”

It was a short drive back to his place. As they turned into his neighborhood she looked around and was impressed. It was upscale but not too. There was a security gate and the complex was small but very neat. The houses were small and each had a small front yard and as he had told her a tall concrete wall surrounded the whole complex and each house had tall concrete walls encircling each back yard.

The streets were well lighted but oddly deserted even though it was beautiful out still and only just after 9PM.

She asked him about this.

He said in reply, “ It ‘s the way things are here. People keep to themselves and value their privacy. They like to know that they have a safe and private place to be. They live mostly in their houses or outside in their private backyards.”

He had told her of this in their conversations and planning but she had not realized to what extent he meant this. She was instantly more comfortable and a little more turned on.

As he turned down his street he touched the garage door opener and then pulled into the garage and touched it again to close it behind them. He came around and opened her door and helped her with her bag. She looked at him and now realized she was totally in his hands. She smiled nervously.

He took her by the hand and said, “ Come on, follow me.” And led her into the house.

They entered into the house through the kitchen. Even in the low lights she could see it was beautiful. The kitchen opened into a small family room with an oversized chair and couch.

As they walked in she said, “ Oh baby, this is so incredible. It’s beautiful.”

He smiled and simply said, “Thank, You.” As he led her through the kitchen and past the family room she caught a glimpse of the patio out the sliding glass doors. It too was as he had said private and secluded.

He continued to lead her through the living room, which also contained a big overstuffed sofa, down a short hallway to a bedroom. It was perfect. It had a big, four-poster bed. He led her into the room and around a corner into the bathroom. It was very big. It had a full wall of mirror above the sink and mirrored closet doors. It had a huge walk in shower and a small door to the toilet.

He put her bag on the counter and slid open the closet door to show her where she could hang her clothes. He then showed her the door, which she had not noticed when they first came in, that led out to the patio.

He told her he had a few things to take care of and that he would meet her outside when she was ready. He then took her in his arms and held her close and kissed her long and hard.

He whispered to her, “ Don’t be long, and you won’t need anything but that beautiful body of yours. I know how you hate clothes. You won’t need any as long as we are here.”

And then he left her standing there, speechless and breathless.

After he left her, his heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement. His cock was rock hard and again straining the fabric of his pants, but not for long. As he left her he went to the door from the bedroom to the outside and made sure it was unlocked. Then he went back through the house and as he did stripped off his clothes. He plied them on the couch and then went and grabbed a pile of towels to take outside. He then went quickly through the house.

As he got back to the family room he turned on the stereo and switched to the outside speakers. The music was soft and sexy. He then went out the sliding glass door into the cool night air. He walked through the patio and out to the spa edge. He placed the towels down so they would be in easy reach.

He then lit the heater that was between the two lounge chairs. He opened the bottle of wine and then went over to check the temperature kadıköy escort of the pool water on the heater and turn on the waterfall and massage jets. He then quickly went back to the pool and slipped in.

The water was perfect. Warm and welcoming, yet refreshing at the same time. He sat on the underwater seat on the far side of the spa so he could have a full view of the door where she would be coming out, soon he hoped. He looked at the outside wall clock and it was just after 9:30PM and the air temperature read a pleasant 75 degrees.

She stood there for a few seconds and then caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. It was then she realized she was really here, alone with him. She quickly took off her clothes and hung them in the closet. She was nervous again. Here she was standing naked in his bathroom with him waiting for her outside. She shook her head.

She again checked her lipstick and hair and decided she was ready. She turned out the light and walked past that big bed to the door that led outside. She opened the door and looked out into the darkened back yard her eyes adjusting slowly to the darkness. She stepped out and heard the waterfall and music, which drew her eye to the spa. It was gorgeous. It looked just like and oasis.

The water looked like a black pool surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. There were to lounge chairs and a heater just like the one at the restaurant. As she walked tentatively towards the pool she called out, “Hello…”

He called back, “Over here.”

It was then that she saw him. He was already in the pool. He was watching her, staring at her as he walked across the pool to meet her.

She walked over and met him at the edge.

He stepped up to take her hand and as she did she looked down and saw that his cock was fully erect and standing straight up. She gasped and then smiled at this. She took his hand and stepped in.

The water was wonderful. She stepped down the two steps and he took her into his arms and swirled her around in the warm water as he kissed her deeply and moaned his desire into her open and waiting mouth.

As he swirled her around she felt his strength. It melted her more. She wrapped her legs around him and he rose to meet her. His cock slid straight into her waiting pussy, which was very wet, but a different kind of wet, silky and smooth, hot.

She moaned into his mouth as she felt him deep inside her. A feeling she had waited for, for so long. They kissed and caressed each other with him deep inside her not really pumping her but moving inside her from the movements of carrying her around in the water. He floated with her over to the waterfall so the warm water could run over her shoulders and down over her breasts. Her nipples, already aroused, came even more alive.

The sensation of the warm water and the cooling air made them feel like they were connected to electrical current. He noticed her widening eyes and her deep breaths, and went to her nipples with his mouth. Leaning her back into the water and sucking and squeezing her tits. By leaving go of his grip on her ass she was now being held up in the water only by his rigid cock. He was now able to let his hands roam all over her body. As he sucked and squeezed her tits she felt her pussy clenching his cock.

She had her first orgasm, gasping and breathing quickly. She purred as it subsided. She put her arms around his neck as he carried her to the other side of the pool where she could rest on the underwater seat and lean her head against the side of the pool where he had put the towels so she could rest her head. He laid her back and lifted her legs up gently over his arms.

The water swirled around them from the massage jets. He began long and slow strokes in and out of her with his cock. She looked into his eyes and smiled. He reached up and stroked her sides from her hips to her tits and back.

She said, “ This is soooo good, mmmmmm.”

He said to her again, “You are beautiful. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, mmmm, yeah.” He stopped pumping her after a few more deep fast thrusts which took her breath away. He then let her down slowly and turned her around so that she was facing away from him and had her hold herself up by placing her hands on the side of the pool.

He then stood back and positioned his cock again at the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed it around to regain that soft silky wetness and then slowly pushed into her.

She was moaning with pleasure loudly now. Then she suddenly stopped which caused him to stop pumping into her.

He asked her, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “ I heard myself and thought of the noise.”

He laughed quietly and leaned in and said to her, “ Baby, were all alone here. The music’s on, there’s the noise of the waterfall, and there are high concrete walls all around us. Nobody’s going to hear you or bother us. So, let it out, I want to hear you.”

As he said this he took hold of her hips and started to really pound her, to fuck her like a man possessed.

He was rewarded when she cried out, “ Oh yeah, fuck meeeeee.”

With the water being just below body temperature and him being relaxed by their private surroundings he was able to maintain a larger and harder than usual erection.

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