21 Nisan 2021

Dream Girl

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It was nearing sunset and the workday was drawing to a close. He was just in the process of closing the bar up when he looked out towards the beach. A single girl was walking slowly along the shore, slowly, even languidly. From this distance, it was hard to see with any detail what she looked like. She was walking in the sand barefooted, sandals in her hand. A white bikini with a transparent cover up that flowed in the gentle breeze covered her body and glowed in the diminishing sunlight. Her dark hair was long and slightly curly; wafting about her face in the gentle breeze, her hand rose every now and then to draw it away from her face. He was fascinated watching her move gracefully towards him.

There was something familiar about her; but he just couldn’t place her in his mind no matter how hard he tried. His gaze never wavered from her flowing form as if he were drawn to her like a moth is drawn to the candle flame. Someone put some romantic Latin music on the jukebox and it drifted towards the beach, adding to the surreal image forming in his mind. He kept watching the girl until she stopped and started to slowly sway to the music. It was like she was dancing just for him,and his heart beat faster as he watched her.

She moved her hips in time to the music, her arms lifting up, fingertips running up one arm, and then the other, along her shoulders, across her throat and back behind her head, lifting her hair up. Then she would do it all again, very slowly to the rhythm of the song. The breeze moved the light material of the cover up and her hair, kağıthane escort making it a graceful dance, swirling, so lovely to see. He was moved to walk towards her now, but he didn’t want to break the spell. Waiting, watching, finally the song came to an end, and he looked on with desire and love in his eyes as she slowly sank to her knees.

He slowly walked up to her and halted in front of her kneeling form. Her head raised and she looked up at him with expectant eyes and he knew her, yet he still could not remember her name. Brushing tendrils of hair from her face he took her hands and pulled her up against him, feeling her warmth flowing into his body from their contact. Gazing into her eyes he bent his head and lightly brushed her lips with his. She sighed and waited for more, putting her hands on his chest and clutching at him with a desire so strong that it was palpable. He kissed her, gently taking his time, and her lips parted against his own. One hand came up and stroked her throat, the other one went to the small of her back to bring her in closer.

The faint swell of music started again, and their bodies moved almost involuntarily in time with it. His lips moved back over hers and worked their magic, until she opened her mouth for his tongue to slip inside. Her breath quickened, as well as her pounding heart beat. His hand slowly moved its way down her throat and his fingers played lightly on her skin. Brushing over the fabric of the bikini top, and he could feel the nipples rise through the thin material. kartal escort She moaned and shivered as his finger tips moved to the edge of the bra and traced along it down where it joined in the center. He pushed the material aside and moved his hand to the nipple, rubbing it between his finger and thumb. With his other hand, he brought her hips up against his groin, always moving to the music.

They went on kissing, fondling, moving together for many long minutes that felt wonderfully like forever. He was very hard for her, and she could feel it pressed into her groin making her wetter by the moment. When he could wait no longer, he picked her up and walked towards the water until they were up to his waist in the gentle surf. The water was warm and caressed their limbs as he set her down in the surf, keeping a arm around her waist so she would not float away. Continuing with his kisses, he moved to caress her mouth and then her exposed smooth throat with his lips. She opened his shirt and ran her hands over his toned and muscular chest reveling in the sensations coursing through her body from the simple touch of him. The wind picked up and small waves washed over them, making them sway back and forth to the beat of the ocean. Even though the music still drifted over to them, when he looked back at the beach, they were remarkably alone.

He looked back at her body, sensual and soft in the fading sunset. Her white bikini was practically transparent and he could see her tight erect dark nipples and the luxuriant triangle küçükçekmece escort of dark hair lower down. He groaned out loud and kissed her passionately. Moving her deeper into the water he removed her top and flung it to the shore. His hands massaged her breasts and worked her nipples; she moaned and arched her back into his hands, before pulling at and removing his shirt. As he slipped her bottoms down her legs, she did the same for him.

Their hands moved over each other’s bodies, exploring, touching, caressing and building up the heat. When he put his hand between her legs, he could feel how wet and ready she was for him , even in the water. He gently caressed her with his fingers and then she put her lips to his ear and whispered “I want you inside of me now.” He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his hips as he entered her. He slid in so easily as she was so wet for him by now. She had her arms around his neck, and the water made it easy to move slowly in and out of her. They kissed and made love slowly for a long time as they were alone and in no rush. Slowly he thrust into her, and she hung on to him tightly, moving with him in a perfect rhythm. As the tension built up they moved faster and faster, until they exploded together with simultaneous cries of pleasure. It seemed like it went on and on, a never ending climax. As they came down from their bliss they clung to each other, catching their breath.

He smiled and looked into her eyes, then she started to fade in his arms, and he looked around wildly, but she had vanished. He was back in his bar looking out towards the ocean, and sadly realized it had been a dream, only a dream. Shaking his head, he slowly finished closing the bar for the day; his head filled with confusion and remorse at love and passion lost. It had felt so real, he knew he would never forget his dream girl.

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