16 Ocak 2021

Elaine’s Dirty Knickers Ch. 03

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With as much courage as it took, I’m eternally glad I followed up my night of mortification at Elaine’s with a phone call of apology.

In plucking up the nerve to ring her and make good, I decided just to be honest from the start and as much as I felt contrite, I secretly might have wanted to know how she really felt about the whole thing.

(I want to also make clear that this wasn’t my first dirty pantie experience, but certainly the first time I had been caught).

In my favor, as I saw it, was the overall feeling that Elaine was quite a sexual woman to begin with and as things worked out, it was a good assessment.

Immediately on making the phone call, I knew it was the right thing to do.

Elaine was not angry with me at all once we actually got to talking about it.

I was glad.

“No, I’ve thought about it and I figure it’s maybe not so unusual. I just probably never expected for something like it to happen to me, that’s all. Not even my ex-husband was that way inclined.So have you enjoyed them after all that??” Elaine asked.

“Of course!” was my careful reply.

“Oh really??? She feigned surprise. “Well I guess if that’s what turns you on….”

A 15-minute conversation took place, after which I had offered (and been accepted) to cook Elaine dinner to make up for my previous wrongdoing.

The night was a Friday and my sincerest hope was that she had had a busy day at the office and the inside of her underwear may be reflecting this.

Firstly though, as an honorable gesture, I had decided to wash the previous “gift” and return the 3 pairs of her white knickers from my last visit.

As much as I would love to have kept them forever, the strength of smell (particularly the “fishy” part of the odor) had begun to fade after a week, even though they were still quite well stained.

This generally brown staining was from what I could only imagine as a combination of sweat, pee and natural daily discharge. Its location on the gusset suggested it definitely was not poo.

Anyway, the gesture of returning all 3 pairs clean and washed was certainly one of goodwill as I saw it.

Elaine chuckled as I returned her knickers, all neat, clean and folded.

“Nice!!” she chortled.

“They’re all clean, I can guarantee it,” I responded with humility.

“It’s OK, I trust you!” Elaine was satisfied.

With that, a very pleasant evening followed.

Dinner was great and of course, I held out quietly confident hopes of what may be for dessert.

At a certain point of the evening, Elaine excused herself to use the bathroom, probably for about the 3rd time during the evening.

I heard the toilet flush and Elaine reappeared shortly after.

Even though she had only been gone a couple of minutes, I had enjoyed some wickedly dirty thoughts in her absence.

The thought of her slipping down her undies, sitting on the toilet and relieving herself conjured some wonderful images in my mind.

It occurred to me at that point to jump in and use the toilet directly after Elaine had just sat on it could be something very pleasant.

So this is what I did.

“I think I need to go as well….” I decided.

Once in the bathroom I did a quick scan for anything inviting that may have been left “lying about”.

Nothing obvious, but as I stood there and peed I imagined what had gone on just a few minutes before.

Elaine sitting there on the toilet, bare-bottomed, pubic hair exposed and canlı bahis releasing a bladder full of urine from between her legs and into the bowl below.

I had a hard time urinating myself as I felt my appendage begin to swell in my hand at the thought.

It was going to be difficult to act then and there with Elaine out in the next room, but I least made sure I slowly rubbed my hand over her white toilet seat before leaving.

Re-joining Elaine, the conversation continued but not after something of a knowing pause.

I was sure Elaine knew why I had I decided to use the bathroom straight after her and I probably did not mind her thinking that.

“You know,” she continued, “you did not have to do what you did.”

“What do you mean?” I asked with genuine bemusement.

“Well, I mean if you’d maybe um…asked the right questions….” she offered.

I then got an inkling of where she might have been leading to.

“Questions??” I was intrigued.

“Well, I mean…,” she continued, “What I mean is I guess if you’d asked properly, there’s kind of no reason you would not have got what you wanted..!!”

As unexpected as this was, it was as close to a come-on as I could have possibly ever wished for – I could not have written a script for this if it was leading to where I hoped it was leading.

“What?” I stalled. “What, so I just kind of ask to see your dirty underwear and you say yes??!”

“NO! Not like that, but if you asked the RIGHT questions, there’s often no reason a lot of women won’t say yes,” Elaine proffered.

“Oh really?? I can’t really say that has been my experience, but if you say so…” I replied somewhat dismissively.

“Well OK. Is there anything you would like to ask me now??” she queried.

I paused, with what I can only imagine was a ridiculously immature grin suddenly growing onto my face.

“Well now you mention it….!!!” I jumped in.

“No seriously! Come on! Ask away….see what I say!”

“Hmmm. OK. Is there any chance of getting to see you naked before I leave tonight?” I asked daringly.

“Maybe,” she responded.

“OK. Well I guess that’s a start.” I was relieved.

“Ask me something else,” she insisted.

“OK. What do really think about what I did?” was the best I could come up with.

“That’s a better question.” Elaine definitely gathered a thought or two before continuing.

“Well….. tell me…,” she persisted. “I mean, I guess I don’t really mind at the end of the day. You did what you did and you must have had your reasons and I guess I should probably take it as a compliment if anything even though I still think it’s a bit weird. You must be pretty curious to do what you did, I guess. Why did you do it?”

“Hmmm…” Now it was my turn to pause. “That’s kind of unfair but I think you probably know. I think it’s kind of obvious.” I was resigned.

“Yes and no. Anyway, what I guess I’m getting at is that we’re both here together right now and if there’s anything you want to ask me, then I guess you should go ahead and ask.” She almost dared me.

Pausing yet again, I could only decide to play the ball at this point either one way or the other.

“Weeeelllll…,” I took a large faux breath and decided to at least try and humor the situation if I was going to crash and burn.

“I’d actually reeeeaalllly like to know what colored undies you’re wearing!!” This was as direct as I could have possibly been.

At this I figured she was either going bahis siteleri to laugh it off or simply call it a night.

“You really are hopeless aren’t you!!!” she blurted, quite predictably mocking me.”But if you really must know……you’re just gonna have to get off your chair and find out!!”

I stood up like the complete fool I now felt like and did not really know what to do next.

“Well come on, come this way!” she said, grabbing me by the arm and leading me down the hall.

To my somewhat disbelieving delight, she was clearly now leading me towards the bedroom. Just as we were about to go in, I paused yet again and asked her if she minded if we went in the bathroom instead.

‘Kinky eh?? Why not??”, she conceded.

Of course, I was hoping most strongly at this stage that Elaine had observed the disgusting interior condition of her knickers at the most recent toilet stop and was all set to share it with me.

We entered the bathroom and almost immediately, Elaine sat on the edge of the bath and opened her legs. She hiked her skirt with her little white knickers shaping over her pubic triangle, and as I moved down between her thighs, I could clearly see some brown pubic hairs springing out the side.

I just pulled down the top of her knickers to reveal the full curly triangle of pubic hair poking out the top.

I just wanted now to sniff her – smell her aroma – the aroma of a busy day.

“Sorry, I haven’t washed at all. I hope it’s not too smelly down there…!” Elaine confessed.

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for!!” I almost thought aloud.

I just wanted to begin my examination of this woman’s hairy, smelly genitals.

I put my nose to her pussy, sniffing through the thin white cotton and inhaling her aroma. Rubbing my nose against her smooth triangle and starting to lick the outer gusset.

All I could smell was the strong body odor sweaty smell as I licked the thin white gusset and both sides of her hairy groin, sliding my tongue down into the deep crack and making some pressure where the knickers covered what I assumed was her anus.

The smell was strong, the pubic hair curly and the panties tight and smooth.

Daringly, I pulled the tiny gusset of the panties aside, having a good close inspection of the inner side of the tiny crotch panel. The extra padding of cotton had a deeper, heavier color to it, like a deeply ingrained stain, like a long term period/discharge/ pee stain. It was devine!

The smells also changed as the inner side of her knickers was opened.

The fragrance was now drenched in more of a pussy smell – gluey and musky and a distinct hint of fish in the mix, combined with the strong sweaty smell of a full day of wear and tear.

I then peeled Elaine’s knickers off, revealing her full, curly pubic hair triangle. At the same time, she removed her top, allowing her ample breasts to dangle freely in front of me.

I reached down in amongst the brown, curly pubic hair and found a very feminine and well used vagina.

Fully flapped and thick lipped, brown and pink in color with a well sized, erect clitoris, glistening as it poked out from underneath her brownish, flappy hood.

I pulled the thick lips apart and revealed a smelly, lumpy and moist pink vaginal meatus.

I put the dirty panties to my nose and sniffed hard as Elaine pulled her thick fanny lips apart and I began sucking and pulling on them like a wad of dirty bubble gum.

I just put the soiled panties bahis şirketleri to my nose and buried the rest of my face into her bushy pubic hair, sucking, chewing and licking her pink pussy flaps and clitoris, extending my tongue and penetrating her gluey, fishy meatus and lapping some of the pee flavors from around her urethra.

Luckily, Elaine was holding her flaps well apart to allow my tongue to gain maximum access to her private female opening. This was purely sexual. A well- spread vagina, moist with Elaine’s inner gluey and fishy secretions mixed with the taste and smell of pee and sweat surrounded by a triangular frame of curly brown pubic hair.

I also began to smell the wares of her anus as I chewed away on her pink, erect clitoris and loose, wet flaps.


Elaine moaned as she held her hairy fanny wide apart, in amongst all her pubic hair and I worked her smelly genitals with my mouth and tongue.

Now realizing it was not the best position to access her most dirty and private of bodily openings, I requested a 69, to which Elaine immediately obliged.

We got into position on the bathroom floor, her dirty little white knickers lying limp and crumpled beside me on the floor. I picked them up and took a massively deep inhale of the soiled crotch area before Elaine moved into position above me.

I took one final lick of her dirty gusset before moving her back into position and spreading her wide apart.


I gasped as I spread her thick white buttocks wide apart, revealing a wrinkly, chocolate-colored and stained brown starfish anus, surrounded by brown hairs.

I stuck my nose deeply in her crack and inhaled.

I was scared that it might really stink of shit, especially since she admitted that she had not showered since her last toilet but instead was a lovely faecal aroma coming from her anal region, coupled with a strong sweaty stench from her entire pubic area combined with a wonderful fishy odor.

The more I spread and inhaled, the more I wanted to lick.

I spread and inspected the fine and intimate detail of her brown, wrinkled anus. The lumps of skin and the evidence of any poo that might not just been wiped away properly.

Her anus was now irresistible.

I spread the brown, wrinkled hairy open and inserted my tongue inside.

I surely had found heaven!!

If the odor of her anus was irresistible, the taste was even better!!

Not as foul as I could have ever imagined, I pushed my tongue in and out of her moistened brown opening ever so gently but firmly.

Elaine really started some serious moaning now, my tongue beginning to slide quite easily in and out of her most forbidden of bodily openings, extending well into her bright pink rectum when I pushed it right in.

As much as I knew it was not necessarily a great idea no move a finger (or tongue in this case) directly from an anus to a vagina, I just could not resist.

This amazingly sexual woman was providing incredible access to some very private areas of her body and I wanted to reward her.

It was also a case of relieving some of the flavors that were building up on my tongue and mouth, washing if you like with a creamy, fishy vaginal bath.

“Put your tongue back into my bum and I’ll come in about 2 minutes!!” Elaine pleaded.

I needed no encouragement, at which I once more grabbed Elaine’s heavily stained knickers and inhaled chronically as I spread her buttocks and reinserted my tongue deeply into her anus and rectum.

Needless to say, we both rollicked to simultaneous and incredible orgasms within the next 5 minutes.

Neither of us were in the least bit disappointed.

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