18 Nisan 2021

Emerald Green Silk

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A night out at perhaps the most important fundraising dinner of the year. The most successful health professionals in the Pacific will be there and you are feeling more than a little nervous as you stare at your reflection in the mirror and re-adjust your perfectly tied tie for the millionth time.

Walking out of our bedroom you wonder not for the first time that evening why I am so late. We are due at the Fundraiser in an hour and still there is no sign of me. You try my mobile once again. I pick up on the third ring and say “Hello My Darling” just as my arm wraps around you and my warm lips find their way to your neck, before planting a soft loving kiss. Immediately you spin around and the words of annoyance you had planned for me instantly evaporate when you see that I am already set to go. My long brown hair is pinned up in a French roll with soft tendrils of curls framing my face. My make up is under stated though elegant. My softly scented perfume floats up to you as a smile finds its way to your lips.

Dressed in a tight full length dress of emerald green silk I draw you into my embrace and kiss the last of your oh so serious frown away. As you take in the tight bodice of my dress with its’ Chinese collars and the gentle swell of my silk encased hips there is an unmistakable look of pure lust in your eyes quickly disguised but not quickly enough. My eyes appraise you very very slowly. You look gorgeous in your tuxedo. I reach into my purse and retrieve the green silk tie I want you to wear, matching perfectly the colour of my dress. You do not object as I replace your black one.

In answer to your questioning look I take your hand in mine and walk you into the kitchen. There on the fridge is a note written in my familiar hand writing. As my arms wrap around your middle you remove the magnet holding the note to the fridge.

“I haven’t forgotten about tonight Honey” it reads “ I know how important it is for you. I have made an appointment at the hairdresser’s after work and will change there before I come home. See you at 7 Gorgeous!!”

I bring your wristwatch to your attention, it says 6:55. You let your head fall back against mine and squeeze my hands gently before bringing them up to your lips and kissing them. I feel the sheepish grin I know to be playing your lips right now and decide to tease you a little.

“Surely you didn’t doubt me Honey?” I ask playfully “You’re just a tight ball of nervous energy tonight aren’t you? I just might have to do something about that.” I say before slapping you playfully on your buttocks. Your silence does not deny my words.

I turn away from you then and fulya escort go to walk out of the kitchen. Your eyes are instantly drawn to my legs, encased in black. The split in the back of my dress allows your eyes to follow the black seams of my stockings almost to mid thigh. Your eyes continue their upward journey until you reach the soft curves of my buttocks. Something is very wrong, you identify it almost immediately. My buttocks look too smooth and before the question of whether I am wearing panties or not makes it from your mind to your lips I turn around smiling my wicked smile and whisper “No” before spinning back on my heel and leaving the room. With your growing erection making its uncomfortable presence known you pick up the car keys from the bench and follow me out to the car. Shaking your head at my ill timed playfulness, torn between wanting me and maintaining a professional appearance for your colleagues tonight, you walk to your fate.

When you get to the car you find me already seated in the front seat. It is a warm evening with no wind. The stars like diamonds on a black velvet sky. My hand affectionately finds its way to your thigh and strokes it lovingly as you drive. Part of you wants to believe I am over my playfulness and you will be able to compose yourself well in time for our arrival but the knowing part of you is not so ready to adopt such a blatantly false hope. As if to reitify your own conclusion my hand snakes its way further up your thigh, cupping your fast growing erection I squeeze it firmly, with your own hands gripping the steering wheel you all but resign yourself to my will. With my right hand still stroking you through your trousers I lift my legs up until my black stiletto heels are resting on the dashboard. The lump in your throat will not budge no matter how many times you try to swallow it down. I smile at you mischievously briefly tracing the sensuous outline of your lips with my fingers before returning them to your lap. You look at me beseechingly your eyes begging me to stop this while we are still able to compose ourselves. I ignore you – as you knew I would.

Remembering well the fact that I am wearing no panties you know that access to my swollen lips will be very easy for my naughty questing fingers. I close my eyes and let my head fall back against my head rest just as my middle finger makes contact with my slick clitoris. An involuntary moan escapes me. Not a feigned one but one that leaves you in no doubt of my passion for you and the burning hunger I feel as my clever finger starts weaving its magical spell. As my hips begin to gyrate I hear a similar gebze escort moan escape from your lips just as my clitoris reveals itself from behind green silk to the oncoming glare of passing traffic. With my knees splayed wide I continue my play while you steal covert glances my way clenching the steering wheel in the vice like grip of your hands knowing our game is all but over if you stray. My moaning becomes more intense as the sensations raking my sensitive body increase in strength. I lift my clitoris high in the air, one finger rubbing it desperately. Taking my hand away from your crotch I thrust two of its fingers deep into my vagina. When I remove them they are well coated in my juices. I wave them under your nose. You quickly suck them into your mouth, licking every last drop of my nectar as my climax ravages its way through my body. No nerve ending is spared as I thrust my pelvis high off my seat and explode into a million pieces, gladly surrendering my soul to my blissful tormentor. The glare of oncoming traffic bares witness to my delicious crises. The taste of my juices on your tongue is the final straw for you. Your throbbing painfully hard cock has paid the price for my orgasm. It will not be denied now. You pull off the road into a deserted playground at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.

You apply the brake and immediately lend your fingers to my play, sampling my nectar and growing harder as you watch me lick your fingers clean. As the last of my orgasm leaves my weary body it is my turn to beseech you with a look that begs you no more. But as I did earlier so you do now. You ignore me – as I knew you would. Desperate to feel my body against yours you quickly open your door and walk around to my side of the car. You reach in and pull me up by the hand leading me to the hood of the car. In the glow of the headlights you feast your eyes on me, so wanton in my desire for you, my legs splayed wide, my finger deep within my vagina. You lower your head until you can smell the aroma of my juices. The musky clean scent of me arouses you beyond your control. You begin to lick me in long sure strokes.

With my dress bunched around my hips and the heels of my stilettos rubbing unseen circles on your back I open myself to you. The hot metal of the car on my bare buttocks adds to my growing tension. Your tongue flicks so fast over my aching clitoris still so tender from my last orgasm and having no time to recover before you bring me to another with the tongue and lips that know every inch of my body, every curve. My soft white thighs encased in the black lace edging of my stockings close around gültepe escort your face, forming a prison you starve for. My orgasm is relentless, so much stronger, more powerful than my earlier one. Your hands reach around to cup my metal warmed buttocks. I lift myself up to your tongue giving you the depths you seek. The sweet torture of your tongue inside me leaves me weak. I release you from your prison at the exact moment a deep seated moan makes itself known to the clear black sky above us. As much as my ecstatic cries inflame your own passions your fear of our moonlight play being discovered is stronger. To quieten me you immediately plant your lips on mine….my own juices flow onto my tongue just as I reach my peak. I kiss you hungrily. My fingers claw at your belt desperate for you to be inside me.

With your hot cock in my hand we both look down at the result of our shared passion. By the glow of the headlights and under the light of a million stars you enter me in one smooth stroke. We stare transfixed at our joining both of us so mesmerised by what your body is doing to mine. My juices have made you so slick inside me My Darling. There is no friction between us only the fast and smooth thrusting that will bring us both to a shared orgasm. Faster and faster you go. My tongue flicks out to taste the salty sweat building on your upper lip. Your teeth catch my lower lip just as your cock explodes inside me. Your thumb on my clitoris sends me into flight once again, though this time we do it together in the sweetest most beautiful way. Long minutes pass, still with you inside me. I draw you into my embrace just as your arms enclose around me. Together we come down from the heights we reached. Our breathing calms and there is now only whispered words of affection as our lips and fingers caress each other in thanks….in love.

Mindful of your Fundraiser and the importance of it to you I reach into your jacket pocket for your handkerchief and sliding off the hood of the car I use the handkerchief to remove our shared juices from your softening cock before dousing my thighs and still swollen lips with it. I kneel down and plant a soft kiss on the head of your cock and tuck it back inside your trousers before zipping them up carefully and buckling your belt. Returning my dress to its full length and ensuring my hair is still in place I reach for you again and re-tie your tie, dusting your jacket as I go.

You look as gorgeous as you did when we left home Honey though now the tension of earlier has left us both. Seated back in the car you wait a few minutes while I fix my make up. When done I lean across to you and kiss you affectionately on the cheek. The discarded handkerchief on the back seat is the only outward reminder of our play. My hand on your thigh as you back us out of the playground assures you that all will be well tonight, despite the fact we will be arriving twenty minutes late.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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