22 Nisan 2021

English for Sinners Ch. 07

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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


They left me alone most of the day, at least, prior to the tutoring session I had been sentenced to lead. Oh sure, they wore provocative clothing. Corsets, torn t-shirts, skirts and tight pants. A bra strap peeking out, the hem of panties barely shown but highly visible; the bright pink contrasting with the pitch black pants. Still, there was no unnecessary bending over, facing me or otherwise. No suggestively nibbling and sucking on fingers and pens. Certainly no being pulled into a janitor’s closet for a quick release. In fact, other than answering for roll call, they seemed to ignore me completely. If I was lucky, they didn’t even know about the tutoring session (maybe Daley assumed I would inform them) and, if I was really lucky, they will have gotten bored of me and the anxiety nightmare I had been living would be over.

I am not lucky. At least not in the way I was hoping.

With the school nearly empty, I waited in my room for the girls to show up to the tutoring session. I was committed to leave if they were even a minute late. Wear some guise that I was teaching them a lesson in punctuality. A perk of being a teacher is doing something out of the ordinary under the pretense of teaching a valuable lesson. The moment the red second hand slapped itself onto the 12, and the hour was five, they showed up. I hadn’t a chance to grab my bag and leave.

One by one they filed in. Their eyes catching mine and never let go as the girls took their seats at the front of the class. They had changed their outfits from earlier, which had been plenty revealing already but it looks like they wanted to do a little more. Vanessa’s t-shirt was a size or two too small, allowing her generous chest to stand prominently. Her light blue bra stood out against the darker shade of her shirt, and showed through the various rips and tears (no doubt intentionally) that peeled her shirt to near ribbons. Her matching thong panties rode up along her wide hips, rising from the low hem of her otherwise modest blue jeans – though they too had their own share of holes in the fabric, showing off her skin.

While Vanessa was showcasing her best attributes, so was Van with her outfit. Her perky and athletic body was poured into those black leather pants. Green flames embroidered into the legs reached up toward her ass, which struggled to not pop the tight stitching keeping her clothes together. The hem was so low that her pelvic area was almost shown, and just the hint of the crack of her ass was. A short cropped top that hung a couple of inches past her pierced and obviously braless tits. The whole outfit added so little modesty that I had to wonder if there was any point to just not showing up naked.

Vivika, as always, dressed more modestly, but in her modesty she carried an allure that added more to her sexuality. Skirt and corset, both mixes of deep reds and black. Her clothing accentuating her rounded curves. Fitted so they would give a glimpse of her more intimate areas but hide them away the instant your eyes lingered too long. Since I had seen her naked, I had hoped some of the mystery would wear off and her enchantment over me would fade. The way her dark stockings on her legs and arms drew my eyes to her breasts and thighs convinced me I was more entranced than ever.

I stood immediately after they sat. I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of becoming erect and being forced to lecture them from my seat. “Look, you know you’re being here is unnecessary,” I started in a firm tone. “There’s no reason to pretend you’re here to learn so let’s just wait out the clock and go out separate ways.” I punctuated the statement by setting the egg timer for 60 minutes – exactly how long I was meant to tutor them.

“You’re right, Mr. Harper,” Vivika spoke up with more confidence than I myself was able to muster. “We’re not here to learn. We’re here to fuck.” I did my best to stare her down, keep my eyes locked to her emerald glare, but I could feel my resolve faltering. She was approaching me, now, but I kept my eyes on her. I knew if I moved them away from her for a moment I would get lost in her beautiful body.

Before I realized what was happening, Viv was standing right in front of me. My determination to keep my eyes on hers had only allowed her to put another spell on me. Just as I thought of a retort, something to send her back to her seat and reestablish some dominance, her lips were upon me. My god her lips were divine. Heaven sent. Or hell. I guess I would know by the end of all this to whom credit was due. It’s odd that I got to see her naked, got to see her masturbate, before I kissed her but then what about my situation has been normal so far?

I’d like to say I fought back, that I at least resisted, but I didn’t. After the first few sarıyer escort sparks from her lips, I was all over her. My hands grabbed at her curves and pulled her to me. I grabbed her leg and raised it up against my hip, fingers sliding under her stocking. I heard giggling, amused by my weakness, but I didn’t care. The moment my hand touched the first slight curve to her ass, I fell back onto my chair, without Vivika. My hands braced my fall by grabbing the arm rests, and then they were cuffed there. To my right, Vanessa had cuffed one wrist with a fuzzy blue pair of cuffs. To my left, Val took care of the other wrist with a bare metal set.

All three stood around me, looking down at me, with knowing smirks. Their collective perfumes mixed together around me, creating a cocktail of sensuous scents. “Now, Mr. Harper, we’re going to use our time wisely and you’re going to sit there and watch. Or don’t, if you can manage,” Vivika posed, her last statement causing her friends to laugh. “We’re very inclusive, though, Mr. Harper,” she started back up, now leaning forward with her hands on my bound wrists. “If you want to join us, all you need to do is ask,” she punctuated by licking her lips slowly, tempting me with what I had for only a fleeting moment. “But,” she said, standing back up as her tone changed, “If you make it the full hour without participating, well I guess that means you really don’t want us around. So I promise that we’ll all leave you alone, if you can do that.” With the terms set, she made a gesture of crossing her heart, and Van and Val mimicked immediately after.

“We don’t want you getting uncomfortable while you wait, Mr. Harper,” Vanessa offered from between my knees, while she rested on her own. As she had numerous times before, Van pulled down the fly of my pants and wrestled out my cock, letting it rest soft on my thigh. Seemingly by instinct she made a move to taste the freed part of my anatomy, but Val stopped her.

“Nuh uh, ‘nessa,” Val scolded, stopping her approach with a hand to the blonde’s chin. “If he wants to play, he has to ask,” she continued after turning Van’s face toward her. After seeing the busty girl pout, Val smiled and joined her between my legs. “If you have to put something in your mouth, how about this?” she offered, then sealed her green-painted lips onto Van’s plumper tiers. Inches from my cock they made out. Lips smacking, tongues sliding, teeth nibbling. My legs were pushed further apart by their writhing bodies so they had more room to caress one another. While the scene escalated, Van’s hands squeezing Val’s ass greedily and Val returning the groping to Van’s breasts, Viv worked on destroying what was left of my resolve.

“It’s impossible to look away, isn’t it?” she whispered hotly against my ear. Her voice was low, sexual and seductive. “They really are passionate for each other. You know it was Val who introduced Van to me,” she started to explain while massaging my chest with her left hand. “Before, I tried getting Vanessa to join me, be with me, but she wasn’t interested. Can you believe that? Then Val came along. She was an easy get, so desperate for a good lay. Someone who could keep up with her. All the boys in this school tap out so quickly, and I think some are even afraid of how aggressive she can be.” Her story was accompanied by a score of moans and the wet sounds of intense kissing, near my lap. “Val was able to convince Van to be with us, easily. I don’t know what she did, but I think Van just needed to be treated like a slut. Don’t you think so?” she rhetorically asked. “I went about it all wrong. Trying to seduce Van, take it slow, let her come to me. But Val, mmm, she just pounced on her right away. Funny thing is, she wasn’t a slut before she met Val. In fact, she was a virgin! Shocking, I know, but true. A body made for sin, locked behind an unsure heart. I had the pleasure of watching Val break every one of her cherries.” Now her sentences were framed by kisses and nibbles to my ear.

“Maybe it’s not fair to call her a slut. She doesn’t sleep around, after all. Just Val and I. And you, of course. Then again, her appetite is insatiable,” Viv moaned into my ear when Van’s shirt came off. “You don’t want to deprive this girl of your hard cock, do you? Poor thing is desperate for sex, and I don’t think Val and I can give her all she needs anymore. She definitely has an oral fixation, don’t you agree?” she asked, watching, with me, Val’s left nipple piercing disappear between Vanessa’s lips.

“But if Vanessa has an oral fixation, then Val is definitely stuck in the anal stage, wouldn’t you agree?” She asked, obviously referring to when I fucked her in the ass a few days ago. “Sometimes I think she works out so much and got into sports just to tone up that perfect ass of hers. Art like that should be appreciated, respected. Mmm, one of my favorite things to do is shove my face between her tan cheeks and eat out her asshole while Van sucks on her pretty pierced pussy,” Viv lewdly revealed, her breath becoming hotter and more rapid against my ear and neck.

“What silivri escort about you?” I spoke up. The sudden interaction caused her to stop, though Vanessa and Val were lost in their own world and didn’t react. “What’s your modus operandi?”

“Me? Well, I get off on seeing others in extreme pleasure,” she answered, licking my neck from nape to just below my ear, “and pain,” she added with a sharp bite to my lobe. I tensed up, but wasn’t in enough pain to cry out. Then her right hand came up and dragged damp fingers along the right and left sides of my neck. With a snap of her fingers, the other two girls stopped and looked up at me. First at my cock, and then to my neck, where they latched their lips onto the wet spots Viv had put there with her fingers.

Vanessa pressed her bare breasts against my shoulder, and Val used her tongue and lip piercings to the full influence on my skin. And dead ahead was Vivika, slowly peeling off her clothes like she had days earlier on my computer screen. I was trapped. If I turned my gaze away to the left, there was Val grinding her covered crotch against my arm. If I went right, my face would be buried in warm, teenage, cleavage. Certainly I could have slammed my eyes closed, dropped my head low and did my best to ignore the sounds and touch of the surrounding sex. Yet I looked on, my gaze traveling with each piece of clothing Viv peeled off. When she was down to just her thong panties, her partners in crime slid off of me, and I could see the evidence in my lap that their plan was working.

Vivika, nearly nude, became all business when she instructed her girls to set up for the next phase, I guess you could call it. Val too pleasure in clearing off my desk, and Van simply pushed my chair up to the edge so I wouldn’t miss a beat. Meanwhile, Vivika was going through her bag, and when she came back into my field of view, she was holding a purple scarf in one hand, and a black dildo in the other. Vanessa and Val took their seats on my desk, their eager bodies fidgeting on the wood surface while they watched. Vivika stood between me and the desk, though was mindful not to obstruct my view of the girls.

“It’s time you see what we’re really capable of, Mr. Harper.” With that vague statement, almost a threat, she handed the toy to Van. Now the cloth was being dragged along my erect cock, the fabric tickling my sensitive flesh. It felt electric when the cloth covered my mast, and I squirmed at the foreign feeling. All the while, Vivika whispered to herself, though I think even if I could hear her I wouldn’t understand what the words she was saying. After a pause in her soft chanting, she took the cloth and ran it along the toy in the same manner she had with me. When she was done, I could detect a slight purple sheen to the toy. To finish, she tied the fabric around the base of my cock. I nearly came when her finger tips grazed me, but her movements were too deft to make any lasting effect on my flesh.

Now that I was bound, Vivika took back the toy and demonstrated just what they were capable of. A simple kiss to the head of the fake cock, and I swore I could feel her lips on my cock head. She passed it to Van, and she too kissed and licked, and again I felt the effects as if it was my dick they toyed with. Val was last, but most effective, dragging her piercings against the plastic toy and sending the sensation to my body.

“How…how are you doing this?” I begged.

“There’s more to us than just our bodies and sexual appetites, Mr. Harper,” Vivika answered. “Agree to our rules, and you’ll learn all about just how interesting we can make your life.”

Satisfied with my obvious confusion, Vivika hopped up onto the desk and sat with her classmates. In moments they were a tangle of legs and arms. Caressing and pulling on one another. Breasts lay on cheeks, legs wrapped around hips, and hands grabbed and squeezed at every available curve. And in the middle of it all was a seemingly innocuous toy. Wherever the toy went, I felt on my own anatomy. Between breasts and buttocks it, and by extension I, traveled. Licked and sucked. Gripped and rubbed. Many times I felt the need to release, and release never came. Vivika noticed this and laughed.

“Struggling, aren’t you, Mr. Harper?” she teased while Vanessa and Val looked on, giggling but attention focused primarily on each other. “You feel everything the toy does, but if the toy can’t cum, then neither can you,” she explained while running the head of the dildo across her curves, tracing the subtle muscles on her tummy and thighs. “But if you want to tag in, in its place, just ask.” My silence was my refusal, and so Vivika did what she had to, to win.

My dick was subject to pleasures that would have otherwise been impossible without this spell she had cast. The toy was shared between Van and Val, an end for each to be sucked into their mouths. They lay the toy on Val’s taught belly and Vivika lay atop her, pressing her flat tummy against the dildo so I was sandwiched between them. Val squeezed the object between her incredibly strong şirinevler escort thighs. Bent over the desk, and receiving spankings from both Van and Vivika. I felt the reverberations of the strikes through her body and into the toy. Then Van took the false dick between her tits and squeezed them together while Viv and Val sucked on her tender and sensitive nipples and flesh. Of course, it all paled in comparison to when they started to insert the toy between their nether lips.

In and out, passed between girls. I could be in one for a few pumps, then another for what seemed like an eternity. Each girl was different, and now more than ever that was evident as I was traded between them so quickly. First I was inside Vanessa, or at least the toy was, but it felt so real. While Val worked the dildo in and out of her slick embrace, Vivika used her lips on Van’s clit. Every so often I would feel her lips graze against the plastic surface of this magical device.

I had to wince when Val pulled it out. She pulled it out with her mouth, her teeth clenched tight at the base of the toy, her tongue flicking at the underside. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of having the base of my cock licked, in a spot that would be impossible under normal circumstances. However, it was certainly a positive feeling. Emancipated from the drooling pussy, Val dropped the toy into her lap, which felt quite strange on my end. Feeling my cock actually fall from a height and land on her thighs. Vivika grabbed it from her, and gave a gesture that told Val to stand on the floor and bend over the desk. Never one to do things right away, Vivika drew out the inevitable by dragging the toy along Val’s every tight curve and flexing muscle. Val kept herself busy by cleaning up the mess Vanessa made on my desk, but only caused more juices to spill when her mouth latched onto Van’s lower lips.

Vivika was slowly working Val’s pants, slowly in part to entice and because of how tight they were. It wasn’t enough to set the toy down while she used both hands. No, she had to hold it between her legs. A few times I could feel it slip, but she would just squeeze tighter to keep it from falling to the floor. I’m sure she held off on inserting it into herself so she could use that as some kind of finale; or simply the act was to drive me crazy and wish I could be inside her finally. It was working. One the pants were off, she ran the shaft up and down against her dripping lips to apply another coat of fluid. Slick and ready, the toy entered into Val’s ass, grazing against her pert cheeks and fighting against the tight inner muscles.

“Fuck, Vi!” Val exclaimed, partly muffled by Vanessa’s twitching lap. “Any deeper and I’m gonna cum.”

“Please do,” Vi smartly replied. “I’m thirsty.” Slowly she applied the dildo inside of her, and began to turn and twist it like a corkscrew, something I would be unable to do on my own. A wild sensation. Part of me wanted to actually be inside of her hot ass, but part of my wanted to see what else they could accomplish through this plastic proxy.

Now hanging half way out her ass, the toy hung unaided while Vivika sank to her knees and helped Val along to her promised orgasm, mouth at the source to drink in the soon to be released juices. Val and Van shared their orgasms, with the former screaming obscenities into the latter’s crotch, legs wrapped tightly around Val’s head to keep her there. I think, were one girl able to have half the fake cock in her while another had the other in her pussy, as well, I would have cracked sooner. But I did crack. When Viv had her mouth around the other end of the toy in Val’s ass, and was doing inhuman things with her tongue to it while Val squeezed the other end, pulling it deeper inside of her.

“Please…” I meekly uttered.

“What was that?” Vivika asked, the dick still in her mouth. She let it slip out and asked again. “Can you repeat that, Mr. Harper?”


“Please what?” she pressed.

“I want…”

“Want what?” she interrogated, picking up my head from looking down at my lap in humiliation.

“I want to fuck you,” I finally admitted.

“No,” she said, crushing my heart. “You need to fuck me,” she clarified, lifting me up from the despair I felt for only a moment. “But we’ll work on that later. For now…” she trailed off, letting my neck support the weight of my head again after she released my chin. I watched with bated breath as she pulled the dick out of Val and tossed it to Vanessa. I jerked when she caught it, just barely, but made up for it by letting it rest between her lovely breasts and squeezed them together around it. Val kissed the head tenderly.

Vivika untied the cloth from my cock, yet I could still feel the sensations being applied to the dildo. That spell ended when she tore the cloth down the middle. I swear I saw purple sparks leap across the rip, but my mind clearly could not be trusted. With the effect undone, I no longer had a link to the dildo. Seeing this, Van and Val grew tired of it and tossed it to the floor, focusing now just on each other’s bodies while Vivika focused on me. Slowly and simply, she placed a kiss on the head of my cock. I exploded immediately, though she clearly knew that was coming. Closing her eyes, she let her face take the first blow, but then aimed my head at her chest and let her ample bosom take the rest.

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