21 Nisan 2021

Eye Candy Ch. 01

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I set out on a Saturday afternoon to the grocery store. Seems since the last time I was in, they had added a counter for cell phones. I didn’t pay much attention, then I looked up at the dude behind the counter. Dark brown hair and eyes, sexy smile, and seemed very friendly. I smiled and as I did I felt my face go red, very red. I felt the tumble deep in my stomach, hormones started going wild, juices began to flow. I thought to myself, I go to the store to get bread and end up my pussy getting wet over some guy.

I poked through the store, hoping to get another look at him but no such luck. But, that didn’t stop my mind from spinning. My nipples got very hard as they rubbed against the inside of my shirt. I wish it was his hands rubbing them, maybe pinching them a little bit. Since there was no further sign of him I tried to focus on what I actually came into the store for and then forced my horny self to leave.

Once in my car I placed a hand down on my pussy. I could feel the heat and I already knew I was very wet. Now, what was I going to do! I felt I had no choice but to drive home and get out my trusty wabbit. As I drove I softly rubbed over my pussy lips, not paying any attention to see if any of the drivers on the road had noticed, but at this point it didn’t matter.

At home, I put the groceries on the counter and headed for my bedroom. Stripping off every şişli grup yapan escort stitch of clothing I had on, I lay on the bed. My hands began to roam over my body, first my titties. Rubbing my nipples, pinching them even giving them alittle tug now and then. They were very hard and erect, they wanted to be played with, just not by me.

My hands went to my kitty, gliding over my lips, feeling the moisture. Slowly I parted them, dipping my fingers into my own juices. Closing my eyes I thought of the man from the store.

I wanted him against a wall. I’d start at his full sensual lips, where I’d nibble and kiss. Feeling his lips on mine, our tongues teasing each other. Sparks shot through my body, feeling senses come alive. I gasp for air when I thought about licking and sucking on his neck.

I closed my eyes as my wet fingers rubbed slowly across my clit. The more I thought about this guy and rubbed on my clit the more swollen it became. I know what my body desired, it just couldn’t have it. So here I was playing with my pussy and fantasizing about some guy that turned me on. My pussy became very wet, wanting to be satisfied.

I rubbed the length, from wet hole to swollen clit, my hips slowly rocked. I couldn’t take any more. I reached for my wabbit, my vibrating dildo. the length of the dil had metal balls on şişli masöz escort rods that rotated around, only they didn’t work any longer, one ride to many. But, on the length of the dil was rabbit ears that vibrated against my clit when the dil was fucking my pussy.

Slowly I rubbed the head of the dil over my pussy getting it wet. I placed the head between my fat pussy lips applying a little pressure. Forcing the head to part my lips. The head went inside of me and my pussy tightened. Pulling the dildo out, waiting then forcing it back inside of me. This time taking alittle more of the length. I worked it in and out of me each time taking alittle more of the fake cock inside.

I rocked my hips so to feel the dildo go deeper. When it was very nicely coated with my pussy juice I reached down to turn on the vibrating ears. I kept it on low at first, so to let my mind wonder for a while. I wanted to feel this man inside of me, inside my pussy, my warm mouth etc. I wanted to lick the length of his hard cock as I looked up into his eyes. To lick off the tip when his dick leaked for me, to rub the head across my lips.

I want to feel his cock enter me in many different positions. To ride him and feel him thrust his cock up in me as I come down on him. To have him bend me over my bed and take me, forcing his cock to enter me. And feel şişli otele gelen escort him finger my pussy and bow his head to lick me until I scream out in pleasure. I wanted all those things, I just couldn’t have them.

So I played with my pussy so that I came over and over while wanting to do all those things to this man.

On my next trip to the store the same thing happened again. I seen the man behind the counter and my pussy tightened, getting wet. I smiled to myself thinking here we go again. He looked up smiling, our eyes met. Those were the eyes I wanted to look up into while I had his cock in my mouth, savoring every inch.

So this was the pattern every time I went into that store. I’d see him, get horny then my pussy would get wet. I wanted him in my bed, between my thighs showing what his tongue could do. I wanted him to taste me, to see my juices on his lips glistening, knowing he was tasting my pussy. I wanted him after making me cum to force his cock inside my pussy. To feel every inch enter me, being forced past my walls. My mind went faster then my hands thinking all kinds of things I wanted to do with this man.

My next trip to the grocery store I noticed he wore a wedding ring. I was ashamed to admit to myself that seeing the wedding ring didn’t stop my hormones one bit. I could still see myself between his thighs looking up at him as I licked on his hard cock etc. I tried to control my thoughts but it did no good. So here I was at least once a week after shopping, going home to play with myself while thinking of this man. This wasn’t the first time this had happened to me and I’m sure it wont be the last either. Just this time it would stay a fantasy and not become reality.

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