14 Nisan 2021

Falling Water

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We’ve been neighbors for twelve years, our kids play together and I, along with my wife and her husband, have spent many nights on her back patio eating barbecue and discussing politics, sports and the inherent flaws in the American education system and what it means for the future of my son and her daughter.

How then, did we end up here? In her upstairs bathroom—me with my pants around my ankles, she on her knees with my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her luscious mouth. Her World’s Greatest Mom t-shirt is pulled up around her neck and her bra, still clipped in the back, is down around her waist.

I had always been curious about those big, beautiful tits and, my god, here they are. For me to fondle, pinch and suck.

She would often barbecue wearing a bikini top, cut offs and flip-flops and must have seen me watching her all those times. My wife had certainly noticed.

“Do you wish I had breasts like Kathleen?”

I told her no, of course, that she had beautiful breasts (that was true) and size didn’t really matter to me (that wasn’t).

“Well, in case you think I don’t notice you watching her, I do.”

“Noted. And in case you think I don’t notice you watching Eddie Connors mowing his lawn shirtless, I do.”


And there it would end.

“Nice cock,” my neighbor mutters breathlessly as she takes it out of her mouth and works it with her dishpan hand. “I always knew you must have a nice cock.”

I’m about to speak but she opens her mouth again and takes my nice cock deep into her throat, gagging a bit as she does so but not seeming to mind. The “gagging thing”, as my wife calls it, has kept her from performing fellatio for over a decade. I’ve missed it, missed it terribly and more than once have masturbated to the fantasy that I am living out at this moment.

Kathleen stands and faces me, her hands still working my dick. We kiss again—this is how it started, with a deep kiss that surprised us both.

There I was, installing the new shower head that her husband kept promising to install and she kissed me. Just kissed me, like we’d been kissing for years and, of course, I kissed her back, introducing the tongue into the mix.

Guess you could say we seized the opportunity. Her husband had taken their daughter to see an ailing grandmother three states away. My wife had taken our son to a Renaissance Fair more than an hour away.

I was supposed to go but dreaded the proposition—a fucking Renaissance Fair, are you fucking kidding me?!—and got out of it only by promising to finish a few chores—at home and elsewhere.

“Bill is never going to install that shower head. What a flake. Just do it for Kathleen so I don’t have to listen to her complain about it again.”

I groaned in response like a teenage boy who’d just been asked to spend his Saturday cleaning out the attic.

“Don’t be such a baby. Just do Kathleen this favor. OK?”

So here I was, doing Kathleen this favor.

“Let’s give the shower head a try. Whaddya think?” says Kathleen with a mischievous smile. She lifts my sweaty t-shirt over my head and flicks her tongue across my nipple a few times. I kick off my shoes and pants as she unfastens her bra and tucks her thumb into her gym shorts. She pulls them off revealing a deliciously taut ass and a thick, almost overgrown blond bush.

Beautiful and natural, thankfully unlike the shaved and polished pussies that populate the men’s magazines these days. Luscious and inviting, I can’t resist touching it and as I do she thrusts her pelvis forward into my hand. My finger probes her clit for a few seconds but I have to get inside, to feel her wetness and I know she wants me in there. elmadağ escort

I jam two fingers into her moist cunt and she moans, wraps her legs around my waist and hikes herself up so I can go deeper. I do and she counters by shoving her tongue into my mouth, sucking mine into hers. She bobs furiously up and down on my hand and in less than a minute is shrieking with orgasmic delight.

“Shhh,” I caution, remembering the particularly catty and gossipy neighbor whose bedroom window is within spitting distance outside this second floor bathroom. To silence herself, she buries her face in my neck, clutching me so tight that I can feel her quiver.

I am tempted to jam my cock in and split that sweet blond bush right then and there but I want to see those amazing tits wet and sudsy, I want to see my cum dripping down them and I want it to last as long as possible. So I set her down on the sink and reach in to start the shower. She hugs me from behind, one hand stroking my stomach, the other stroking my cock.

“Such a nice cock. So thick. I knew it. I just knew it.”

I grab her hand away from my cock and pull her to me forcefully. She gasps excitedly, her eyes flashing with desire.

“Here’s what I want, Kathleen.”

“What? Tell me, please.”

“I want you to do what I say what to do from now on. And here’s what I want.”

Her pendulum breasts heave up and down as she awaits my instruction. I pause just long enough to make her beg me for it.

“What?” she says, barely audible. “What do you want?”

Another moment more before she says oh-so-sweetly, “Please.”

I lean in to her. She instinctively reaches to embrace me but I pin her arms at her side and put my mouth as close to her ear as I can without touching her.

“I want to fuck you, Kathleen. I want to fuck you deep and hard and rough. I want to fuck that sweet hairy cunt of yours until it aches. I want to fuck you until I come and I want to come all over those perfect tits of yours. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then get that beautiful ass in the fucking shower and do as I say.”

Holy shit! Who is this guy making these demands? I’d never spoken to a woman like this before, certainly not my wife who at the first hint of losing control of the situation would leave the room before I could say, “OK, then how about a hand-job!” But I am in control now and Kathleen clearly loves it.

She starts to pull her t-shirt off over her head but I tell to leave it on. “Pull it down over your tits and get in the shower.”


“Just do it.”

She pulls the shirt down as I request and for good measure she gives her melons a quick squeeze. I smile in approval; she giggles and steps into the shower.

“Joining me?” she asks.

“In a minute. Get under the water.”

She smiles that smile again and says, “You know in college I once took part in one of those contests. Wet T-shirt thing, you know? Spring break.”

She steps under the stream of water and I watch as the shirt clings to her form like saran wrap. Her nipples assert themselves proudly and to help them along she pinches each one between thumb and forefinger. I begin to stroke my cock.

“Did you win?” I ask her.

“Well, that’s an interesting story,” she tells me as she begins to massage her breasts. “Tammy Tidwell, this stuck up bitch in my sorority was also taking part and, stuck up bitch though she was, she had one spectacular set of ta-tas. And she was strutting and shaking and prancing and the boys were all goin’ wild and it was clear she was the favorite. So what I did, you see…”

She moves her hands to her neck and starts to pull esenyurt escort at the fabric. After a second it begins to tear.

“I did just like this.”

And she rips her t-shirt right down the front, slowly getting to the top of her breasts and exposing her cleavage.

“And everybody starts to look away from the bitch and straight at me.”

She rips the shirt a bit more.

“And the bitch starts shaking her hips but I do this…”

She squeezes her breasts together with her arms.

“And then I do this…”

With one quick yank, she rips her shirt all the way down so that only a few threads hold the garment together just below her navel. Standing with a hand on one hip as the water splashes off her cleavage, she says, “And finally…”

She shimmies her shoulders and the shirt falls to the floor. Water runs in rivulets down her plump and glistening tits. A waterfall forms at the bottom edge of her pubic hair, sending a steady stream of water down the inside of her silky thighs.

“And the boys went crazy.”

I try to speak but am breathless.

“So I went and found the two hottest boys in the crowd. Fucked them both at the same time in the back seat of a convertible. One in my ass, one in my pussy.”

She pinches her nipple, twisting it a bit.

“Never told anybody about that. Not Bill, not my college roommate, not my shrink. Wildest thing I ever did.”

“Until today.” She smiles, I smile and bark out another command. “Suds up.”

“Will you fuck me then?”

“If you do it right. Now suds up.”

She grabs a plastic bottle of body wash and squirts it onto her tits. With one hand she soaps up her breasts, with the other she runs her fingers through her pubic hair, one long red-nailed finger playing with her clit. It is an extraordinary sight, this magnificently built and beautiful woman pleasuring herself.

I fear that if I keep stroking my cock I’ll lose control before I get inside her. So at last I climb into the shower and help her with the suds. She moans, leans into me and coos, “Please fuck me.” She giggles, then adds, “Fuck my hairy cunt.”

And with that I grab her ass, pull her to me roughly and back her into the corner of the shower stall. She wraps a leg around my waist, pulls herself up and slides down onto my massive erection, moaning deeply as she does so.

The fucking is rough, violent. At least I think so.

“Harder,” she pleads. I place my foot on the edge of the tub for leverage and give it all I’ve got.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, just like that. Just like—AHHHH!”

She is responding to a particularly rough thrust, which I accompany with a smack on that tight ass.


I smack a second time.


A third…and a fourth and a fifth, all the while plunging my cock as hard as I can into her sopping cunt. “Goddamn,” she squeaks, “I have wanted to fuck you for so…fucking…long”, her last three words keeping time with my thrusts. She wraps the other leg around me and I go deeper.

“Oh, yes. Fuck, yes. FUCK!” she cries.

I think again about the nosy neighbor outside the window but I don’t care now as I can feel her coming close to another orgasm.

She pushes back harder and faster, her breasts bunched up against my smooth and muscular chest, until she finally lets out one prolonged moan and I know she is there.

Rocking up and down furiously on my cock, she whispers breathlessly into my ear, “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fill my cunt, fill my…ohhhhh my god…fuck meeeeee.”

She pulls herself off of me and sits on the side of the tub. Looking at me hungrily, she makes a demand of her own.

“Come etiler anal yapan escort on me,” she says simply and quietly as if she was asking me for a cup of sugar. “All over me.”

With this last request she grabs my cock and strokes it roughly, her fist wrapped around the base, her tongue flicking the head.

“My face, my tits, my cunt. Come all over me.”

But I am still not ready for this to end so I hang on, even as she strokes my rod feverishly, even as she clamps my cock between her wet and soapy tits. Finally, she circles the tip of my cock with her sweet, soft tongue and I have no choice but to give in as my whole body radiates with pleasure.

The first stream of jizz hits her chin and drips onto her cleavage. Grasping my cock firmly, she repositions me so that I shoot a load across her tits with the propulsion of an eighteen year old boy. There is one more shot left in me and sensing this she wraps her mouth around the head and I shoot a load directly into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she purrs, swallowing. She pulls me out, kisses the tip and leans back against wall, her legs still open, her pussy lips peeking out from behind that beautiful thick patch of blond.

Spent, I lean back against the wall of the shower, the hot water feeling so good against my chest. Kathleen, as if all that still was not enough to sate her, takes a finger-ful of cum from her chin and scoops it into her mouth.

“Yummy,” she says as she rubs the remaining droplets into her heaving breasts.

We are both silent. I turn away—putting my face under the shower and, after a moment, I feel her strong arms encircling my waist. Her breasts bunch up against my back and I feel her soft, sweet kisses on the back of my neck.

I turn to face her and, again, we kiss long and deep. The fierce passionate energy that drove us earlier is gone, replaced now by the warmth and solace of a gentle kiss. She burrows her face into my chest and we stand there together, the water rushing over us.

I break the silence.

“We probably can’t do this again anytime soon, can we?”

Her immediate response is to hug me closer.

“No, probably not,” she finally concurs. I think I hear the slightest sob in her voice and I take her radiant face in my hands and look at her. A single tear rolls down her cheek. I am about to speak when a telephone ring shatters the silence and takes us both back to the real world.

“Bill,” she explains.

“Right. Bill.”

She kisses me simply once more before reaching behind me to shut off the water. Grabbing a towel off of a nearby rack, she wraps herself before handing me a clean folded towel from a rack above the sink.

She leaves the room and reaches the phone on the fifth ring.

“Hi, honey. How’s your mother?…Oh, what good news. I’m so glad.”

I pull on my ragged jeans and t-shirt, stick my bare feet into my slip-on sneakers and after quickly drying my shaggy mop, hang the towel neatly on the shower door.

As quietly as I can, I pick up the few tools I brought with me and head out the bathroom door. Kathleen, still wrapped in her towel is standing in the doorway of her bedroom speaking into the phone.

Our eyes meet and she smiles, a bit sadly it seems to me, as she says into the phone, “So you think you’re leaving a day early? Great!”

I am next to her now and she leans into me. Putting my free arm around her, I kiss the top of her head and give her one last squeeze before pulling away. I am halfway down the steps when I hear her say, “Wait.”

I stop and turn. Looking at me, she lets her towel drop to the floor. Her magnificent body is framed in the doorway and it occurs to me that I may never see a more beautiful sight. Still speaking into the phone she says, “I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Hurry back.”

After a moment, she turns away and disappears into the bedroom, her voice fading as she does so. I walk down the steps, out the front door and across the street. Home.

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