22 Nisan 2021

Family Weekend Adventure

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It was family weekend at my college and my boyfriend, Xander, came to stay with me and my family. Saturday, I was going to take him to my college because my parents were going to my little brother’s soccer game. My dad woke me up around 8:30 and when I got up, I woke Xander up. I jumped in the shower before my parents left and just as I turned the water off, Xander knocked on the bathroom door, asking if he could join me. I got out of the shower and, still naked, opened the door.

“Are my parents gone?” I asked, smiling as he looked over my wet body.

“They just left, now can I come in and shower with you?” he asked.

“OK, let me turn the water back on,” and I turned around with him still standing in the doorway and climbed back in the shower.

Xander stripped down and got in with me. Since I had already washed my hair and body, I just stood in the shower while he washed himself and after he rinsed off, we started making out a little bit. We weren’t planning on having sex in the shower, but he pushed me back against the wall and started kissing down my neck to my breasts. He took one of my hard nipples into his mouth and sucked on it. He then switched to the other one and did the same thing to make sure they both got some attention. Then he kissed his way down my stomach to my hip and then ran a tongue along my pussy lips. He licked his way up to my clit and started making circles on it with his tongue. This drives me crazy and I wanted him so bad. Xander stopped licking and sucking on my clit and moved his tongue down to my entrance. He gently licked at my pussy and then stuck his tongue in as far as he could and proceeded to fuck me with his tongue. I wanted to cum so bad, but he stopped before I got close.

He stood up and kissed me passionately and smiled his dorky smile. He turned around and shut the water off and got out of the shower. I gave him a look of “I need you to fuck me.” But we were both a little worried that my parents or little brother might have forgotten something and may come back any minute. So, I got out of the shower and went to get dressed in my little brother’s room, where I was sleeping for the weekend. Raymond went and got dressed in the living room since no one else was home. After I pulled on my tight jeans and put my bra on, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair. Xander came in wearing his jeans and no shirt and did the same thing. After I finished, I went back to my little brother’s room to put on a shirt. I came back out and Xander was sitting on the couch in the family room, watching TV.

“Make me some breakfast woman,” he said. He always tries to boss me around.

“Excuse me?” I said as I walked over and bent down to kiss him.

“You heard me. I’m hungry, so make me some breakfast.”

I walked into the kitchen because I was hungry too, not to mention sexually frustrated, and opened the fridge to see what my parents had. I fixed breakfast for both of us and we ate breakfast in the family room while watching TV. After we finished eating, I leaned across Xander and put both of our plates on the floor next to the couch. As I moved back to how I was sitting, I rested my hand on Xander’s leg and proceeded to watch TV. When I felt that he was captivated by the show, I started to move my hand up his thigh and he gave me his “I know what you’re doing” look.

“What?” I asked him.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I smiled at him and moved etiler bdsm escort my hand over his cock and then back to his thigh. I removed my hand from his leg and went back to watching TV. Every so often, I would glance over at him and then he all of a sudden unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and crossed his arms over his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him.

“I’m initiating because you’re not gonna do it yourself.”

“I would have done it myself, but you jumped the gun. And anyways, I think you’re assuming an awful lot. Maybe I just wanted to feel your cock through your jeans. Did you ever think about that?” I asked, giving him a wry smile.

“Babe, I know you too well to even count that as an option.”

At that, I straddled him and kissed him deeply, intertwining our tongues.

“Stand up,” he said.

“What for?” I asked as he made me stand up between his legs. He proceeded to push me down in front of him, more importantly, he pushed me down on my knees in front of his cock. I gave him another smile and pulled his boxers down over his hard 7″ cock. I put my hand around it and stroked it a few times before he told me to spit on my hand and give him a hand job. I did this for a few minutes and then,

“Would you ever give me a boob job?”

Of course this question caught me off guard and I raised my head up with a “What?”

“Do you think you could give me a boob job?” repeated Xander.

“I don’t know. I think it’s kind of weird.”

“Weird how?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before. It just seems weird.” I told him.

“Do you want to try it?”

“I guess we can.”

“Well then, lube up my cock again.”

I did this and wrapped my DD tits around his hard dick. I moved my upper body up and down, jerking him off with my tits. Being new to this, I couldn’t really get the rhythm right, so we abandoned the idea and I decided to suck him off. I licked from the base of his shaft to the tip and did the same on either side of it. I put my mouth around his throbbing cock and sucked hard as I moved my head up and down. While I was sucking on his dick, I swirled my tongue around the tip. Within minutes, He was coming, but before he came, he said, “Don’t swallow it right away; hold it in your mouth.”

“Mhmm,” was all I could say as he exploded in my mouth and I kept sucking until he stopped shooting his load. I pulled my mouth off of his dick and didn’t spill a single drop of his cum. When I sat up, I pulled it all to the back of my mouth, opened my mouth and let it fall down my tongue to the front of my mouth. Xander watched this and was amazed that I even took the initiative to do that. Afterward, I swallowed it all down. I smiled up at him and then went to get a drink because that load of cum was more strong than usual and it made me gag twice. After I got my drink, I told Xander that we needed to get going before my parents came back. We got in my car and went to my college for a little bit. We had to run a few errands for my dad and when we were done, we headed back home so we would be on time for dinner.

We got back to the house and mom, dad, and my little brother were already home. Dinner was cooking and I helped out. We had a nice family dinner and then we all sat down to watch TV. Afterwards, everyone but me and Xander went to bed. We both stayed up to watch a new horror movie that I bought the etiler elit escort day before. After that movie was over, we flipped through the movie channels on satellite and found a soft-core porn movie. We decided to leave that on and we both started to get a little horny.

Xander was laying behind me on the couch in the family room and he started to caress my breasts while we watched the movie. He slowly moved his hand down to my pussy and put his hand under my pajama pants and inside my underwear. To make it easier for him, I pulled my pants down around my thighs, that way if my parents woke up, I’d be able to quickly pull them back up and act like nothing was happening. You have to remember that Xander and I are fooling around merely three open rooms away from my parents’ closed bedroom door. If they woke up and opened their door, they’d instantly see both of us being naughty and then we’d both be in big trouble.

Anyway, he was fingering me; first with one finger, then two, then three. He gets four fingers inside of me and is fingering me fast and hard and I loved it. He decides to add his thumb and pushes his hand in just past his knuckles. He is literally fingering my cervix now and it feels amazing! He starts to push his hand in even more and it didn’t hurt too bad, but before he got much further, it started to hurt, so we stopped there.

“Babe, sit up and look at this,” Xander said to me. I sit up and look at his hand and his fingers have vanished inside of me past the knuckle. I look at him and say “Oh my god.” Neither one of us can believe that nearly his whole hand is inside of me and I’ve only had sex with two people, including him. I tell him that it feels good and he fingers me like that for a few more minutes and then goes back to fingering me with two fingers and rubbing my clit. Within minutes, I was coming and it took all I had not to moan so loud that my parents would hear it. After I came back from ecstasy, his hand was gone from my pussy, leaving me feeling a little empty, but satisfied. He got on top of me and my feet were level with his chest. He slowly pushed his pulsating cock into me and pumped my sensitive pussy a few times before he picked up speed. He was fucking my so hard, I could hardly contain my moans. It wasn’t very long before I was coming again.

I told him I didn’t want him to come inside me because I didn’t want to worry about making a mess on the furniture. So he sat back and I sucked his cock, bobbing my head up and down and twirling my tongue around his shaft and finally focusing on the tip. This time when he came, I swallowed it all right away and then licked him clean. After that, we watched the movie a little more and out of nowhere, he starts tickling me. We roll onto the floor, surprisingly making no noise. To get away from him, I rolled closer to the TV, away from him and he stayed by the couch. I go back to watching the movie and I start feeling horny, again.

I start rubbing my hand over my stomach and pull my shirt up to just under my boobs, so that I can feel skin on skin with my hand and stomach. I’m caressing my stomach with my fingertips and nails, moving up to rub my breasts every few minutes and then I’d go back to my stomach. Xander is trying to ignore me by watching the film, but I could tell that he was kind of turned on. I turn to him and ask him to touch me. He refuses because his arm is still tired from fingering me a few etiler escort minutes earlier. Eventually, I start to rub my clit through my underwear and pajama pants and then move back and forth between that, my stomach, and my breasts. The whole time, Xander is trying to ignore me. I decide to make him pay attention by rolling on top of him, straddling him, and continuing to touch myself while grinding my pussy against his hard cock through our clothes.

I start getting frustrated with him because he’s still trying to ignore me. So, I grab his hand and use it to touch myself. I hear him mutter something along the lines of “Oh my god” and he laughs softly as I continue move his hand over my body. I roll off of him, almost ready to give up, when I decide to take his hand again and, this time, put it down my pants and use his finger to stimulate my clit. I move his hand down a little further and put one of his fingers inside of me. The whole time I’m using his hand, while on top of him and after rolling off, I’m begging him to help me cum. After a few more times of me moving his finger in and out of my pussy, he rams his finger into me.

He continues to finger me and then adds another finger. He now has two fingers inside my pussy and I’m close to coming again. He puts me over the edge and as I’m coming down from my erotic high, he puts a finger in my ass. We had talked about trying anal a couple times and until the day before, I had told him that I never wanted to try it. The fact that he kept insisting and that I knew he wanted to try it, made me agree to try anal if he really wanted to. But, back to the story. He now has two fingers in my soaking pussy and one finger in my ass.

“How does that feel, babe?” he asked me.

“I don’t know, it feels different,” I reply, still out of breath from the hard orgasm I had had just before.

“Different good or different bad?”

“It feels kind of good,” I tell him.

He moves his hand slowly, stimulating my ass and my pussy at the same time and then he adds another finger to my ass. Now he has two fingers in my pussy and my ass and he’s moving his hand.

“How does that feel?” he asked me again after adding the second finger.

“It feels really good, babe.”

“That’s two fingers! Babe, get up on the couch, we’re gonna try anal.”

I moved up on the couch and Xander lay behind me on his side. We pulled my pants down around my thighs again and he lubes up his cock with his spit and positions the head at my asshole. He slowly starts to push it in and I knew that I had to relax or it would hurt, so I’m as relaxed as possible and when he gets the head in, he stops to check if I’m okay.

“I’m fine. It actually feels kind of good,” I told him.

“Really?” he asks as he moves his cock in a little more and pauses again. I respond by pushing back against him a little bit and he takes the hint. He pushes his entire cock into my ass and allows my body to adjust. Then he starts to fuck me slowly, every so often asking if I’m okay.

“Hold on a second. Roll onto your back, I want to try it this way,” Xander said to me after a few minutes. I rolled onto my back and he put my feet on his shoulders. He spit on his cock again to lube it up and pushed it into my ass again. This felt even better and made my whole body tingle. He wanted to come in my ass, but I didn’t want to worry about cleaning up the mess, inside me and on the couch. So we stopped after a while, in a sort of shock that we had actually tried anal, and that I liked it after saying that I would never try it.

My parents and little brother never woke up during our little sessions and we’re definitely going to try to get his whole hand inside me and we’re going to try anal again when we see each other!

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