29 Ocak 2022

Fantasies of a Beautiful Day

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I was aware of the sexual tingling in my body and in my subconscious mind, but I was not awake. It was the recurring dream that tends to visit me only when I am feeling alone and needing someone to hold me.

Slowing I regained consciousness as my body caused me to awaken. It was early, I could tell by the dim early light of the morning sun popping up over the horizon. My bedroom has floor to ceiling windows looking out on our center courtyard. I’ve never bothered to put up curtains as the courtyard wall provided my husband and I totally privacy as we slept.

At first, I didn’t realize where I was. I could feel that my face was flush and my pulse was pounding. Then I realized that my hand was fondling my clitoris and finally realized that I was now awake and that I had experienced “my” dream that never fails to get pumped up and ready for sex. My juices were flowing and I could feel them running down in the crack of my ass, I needed to have an orgasm immediately.

I turned my head to see if my husband was sleeping thinking that as usual, I could snuggle up to him and we could make love while I was so ready. He was always ready and when I had the dream, I could always count on him to finish me off with lots of orgasms.

Today however when I looked over, his spot on the bed was empty and I remembered that he went out of town yesterday and wouldn’t be back until later that night. This was not good! In the state that I found myself, I needed to orgasm now, not later that night.

I lay there feeling sorry for myself as my fingers continued to explore and stimulate my clitoris and occasionally I would I would sink a couple fingers into my sopping wet pussy. God, I love that feeling and there was no way to stop what had to happen to satisfy my needs.

Feeling lonely and ignored, I rolled back over the other way and I knew that the 8″ rubber cock that my lover Ted had sent me along with my Hitachi vibrator were hidden in the bottom drawer next to my bed.

I got both of them out to play with and I got hotter just thinking about fucking myself to multiple orgasms. The rubber cock was one of those lifelike soft molded dildos made from a mold of a real life porn star and when I needed it, it was always there for me. No business trips, no getting tired and no going soft on me. It was always ready and I needed it now.

Even though I was already very juicy, I wanted to lubricate my cock friend as it was significantly larger than my husband both in length and girth so I needed it to be nice and slick. I lay back on my pillow and took my cock friend into my mouth. With my eyes closed, I was imagining that it was Ted’s cock I was fondling. I touched the tip with my tongue and then swirled my tongue around so it was stimulating the underside of the head.

I had to conjure up excess saliva as I slowly took the cock into my mouth. It was so big around that it stretched my lips and when it hit the back of my throat, tuzla escort I could feel my gag reflex instantly. With my eyes closed, I had a very vivid picture of that beautiful day in Baltimore when Ted and I had spent and entire afternoon in bed together giving each other amazing sexual bliss.

When I masturbate, I always think of that day. We always called it A Beautiful and Magical Day. As lovers, we only had that one experience together. One beautiful and magical experience and I have carried the memories of everything that we did that day with me since then.

My dream that I spoke of at the beginning of this story is a Technicolor dream of Ted and me on that day in Baltimore. I dream often actually, but never have sexy dreams except about Ted and our time together.

Last night, I remember polishing off an entire bottle of red wine by myself and feeling quite horny when I went to bed. If my husband had been there, I would have achieved satisfaction last night, but going to bed with a bottle of wine and a hungry pussy is exactly the right formula for my sub-conscious to conjure up The Dream.

What’s a girl to do when she finds herself in the situation?

Holding the cock in one hand while my other hand continued to fondle my clitoris, my imagination went into full recall mode. I remember how Ted slowly moved up behind as I looked out the windows overlooking the Baltimore Harbor. His breath on the back of my neck was hot and I felt his kisses along my neck. We had been together in person a couple times before but always in a social setting with others around.

Our romance had been strictly internet and phone conversations to this point. Flirting and sexy emails for over two years had finally gotten us to the point where we both were craving this moment. Now I could feel his body close and shivers when up and down my spine.

As he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, I could feel his manhood pressing against my ass. It was hard and it felt huge. He slowly moved his hands upward so that he covered my breasts over the soft red sweater I was wearing. My knees felt week and I leaned back against him for support.

I felt a strange excitement course through my body knowing that I wanted to make love to Ted and he would be the first man in over 30 years that I would have sex with other than my husband. In the beginning I rejected that based on how I was brought up in a small mid-western city with small mid-western values and morals. But, after over 2 years of Ted writing seductive emails to me, I had fallen for this guy in a big way. Now it was finally becoming reality and my body was trembling with excitement and anticipation.

Ted then moved his hands up under my sweater and cupped both breasts. I could feel my nipples jutting out and when he pinched them, I let out a low moan of pleasure. He turned me around so that we were now facing each other and as I tilted my head back, pendik escort our lips met for the first real kiss we had shared. I thought my knees were already weak, but God that first kiss was amazing. My mouth opened and our tongues intertwined as he squeezed me tightly against his body.

As I re-lived that very special moment, my breathing was coming in gasps and my heart rate was as if my husband was making love to me right now. My cock friend was now warm and wet from my oral ministrations and I moved it downward and rubbed the head around my outer labia. The head of the cock slightly penetrated my pussy and I imagined it was Ted’s cock knocking at my door wanting in.

I pushed on the cock and it slid smoothly into me causing me to exhale powerfully as that feeling of first penetration was so intense. In my mind, I was imagining that beautiful day in Baltimore after Ted had given me at least 10 orgasms with his fingers and then his wonderful tongue; I was begging him to fuck me.

He placed a pillow from the bed under my hips and then pushed my legs up so that my thighs were pressing against my chest. My pelvic was rolled upward and I was totally exposed to him. I’m sure that my juices were flowing out and down the crack of my ass just like now and ready to receive Ted’s cock for the first time.

God, I was so hot then and I wanted Ted to fuck me so badly, I was saying over and over to Ted, “Put your cock in me, I want you to fuck me; I need you to fuck me. Pease Ted, fuck me!”

I remember reaching down and grabbing his beautiful cock and directing it towards my pussy. I felt the purple head begin to push into me and all the sudden; he thrust hard and deep into me. I will never forget that first penetration and how wonderful it felt.

I tend to close my eyes when I am having sex, but that wonderful first penetration caused my eyes to pop wide open and I looked my lover in the eye and luxuriated at the feeling of his cock so deep inside me.

At that moment, I began move my cock friend in and out just like Ted did that day. God, imagining it was Ted fucking me caused me to immediately have a very strong orgasm. The first orgasm of the day is always the best and this one went on for a couple of minutes as I pumped my cock friend hard and fast in and out of my pussy.

As the orgasm waned, I needed more; I was never satisfied with only one orgasm. Now was the time to add my Hitachi vibrator to the game. As I flipped the switch, I heard the sound of the head vibrating and knowing from lots of experience how wonderful that feels, my sexual bliss went up a couple of notches higher.

With my eyes closed and my dream running through my head I remembered how Ted was pounding into me with such force that I came and came as he continued to deliver his wonderful cock into me with hard and fast thrusts.

My orgasms were coming in quick sequence now too, with my cock friend buried deep inside aydınlı escort me and stimulating my G-Spot and my vibrator working on my clitoris. I am one lucky lady in that through the years, my husband has become quite adept at bringing me to multiple orgasms. I can’t every remember having sex where I had fewer than 6 orgasms and generally more like 10 or so.

With my vibrator and my cock friend, I could go on for an hour or more with orgasms coming every minute or two until I was so wrung out that I would finally collapse and would have to quit.

Today, like many before, those dream images continued to roll across my memory as I thought back to how Ted and I had spent an entire afternoon pleasuring each other. He was totally committed to giving me everything I asked for and needed. In return, I was willing to do anything to please him.

With my husband, we have great sex but after he cums once, we virtually never stay in bed long enough to recover and have another go round.

With Ted, after he finally came in me while fucking me that first time, we snuggled together in the after sex moment. We had this one day to make the best of things and once was not going to be enough for either of us.

We lay quietly for 15 minutes or so and finally I could tell that Ted had nodded off. Wrapped in his arms the way I was, I was hesitant to move so as to not disturb him. I could feel our combined juices running out of my pussy and across my leg and then down my ass to fall on the bed.

When I make love with my husband he always has something soft to put between my legs to sop up the run off. I found this leaking quit sexy and stimulating. So stimulating that in fact, I swiped my hand across my let and gathered us our combined juices and then licked it off my fingers. Funny, I had never done that before, but I wanted to do it this time and I have to say, it tasted sexy.

I liked it so much that I was getting aroused again and looking down as Ted lay on his back I could see his flaccid cock flopped across his leg. I couldn’t help myself, I had to have that again so my hand took covered his cock and I began to fondle it in hopes that it would grow to its magnificence again.

Now as I lay in bet with my vibrator and my cock friend providing all the pleasure I was remembering how Ted’s cock tasted with my juices all over it so I pulled my cock friend out of my pussy and brought it back to my lips and careful to not miss anything, I totally licked it clean. It only had my juices on it this time but nonetheless, the thought that I was sucking on Ted’s cock was running through my mind.

By this time, I had had about 20 orgasms with my vibrator and my cock friend and I was pretty much satisfied finally. With my eyes closed, I turned the vibrator off and rolled over on my side with my cock friend snuggled close and the head pressed against my lips and just basked in the after glow of another glorious session of masturbation and fantasizing about my one and only Lover and my one and only love session.

Too bad my husband missed out on this session; he loves to watch me as I cum over and over. Maybe next time I’ll take a video for him.

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