19 Nisan 2021

Fantasy First Date with Mr. Rick

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I was sitting in my room and I do this all the time, alone and somewhat bored. And as I was typing on my laptop I see a figure peeking through my bedroom window and the blinds were open. I saw a shadow and I looked and he tapped on my window and I asked, “Who are You?” And I find out it is my friend. He knew where I lived and now I want to talk to him. I open the front door a crack and say, “Can you wait because I need to get dressed.” Then I close my bedroom blinds and change into a more revealing outfit.

I went to Barnes and Noble with Rick, my newest married obsession, and we met for our first date as friends. We met at Barnes and Noble because he felt it was a “safe” place. I freshly shaved myself just for this occasion because I never know what will happen at these meetings. And I chose not to wear sunscreen in case he wanted to lick me later.

He never touched another woman for over 20 years but I was determined to change that. No, not to have sex; But to be intimate. Although I want to get married to a divorced Scott and have sex with Scott, I was still apprehensive when it came to anyone else having sex with me. But I wanted Rick to crave for me like I was obsessed with him now. We met off of Literotica when he commented on my “I Love You Scott” story. And we started emailing halkalı escort each other and found out we lived in the same state and then an hour and half away from each other. I love older married men. What can I say? I cant resist!

So we meet at B&N and I am in a black skirt and black blouse with my red and black lace bra. My blouse sometimes slipped off of my shoulders. I am hoping that he likes me and he does. We start talking and I laugh a lot and smile the whole time. I have a great time and he is a great conversationalist! He is so handsome as well. We flirted with each other and I wanted to touch him and caress him for we are both lonely we confessed. But I was afraid to because he isn’t the kind of man who would cheat which was comforting for me because I was a virgin. Rick told me about how when he had sex with his wife who was a virgin at the time, it slipped in quite easily without much pain. And I heard that it won’t hurt if you’re really aroused. So although I was scared, I knew I wouldn’t let just anyone touch, pet, and fondle me. That would take time.

For our first conversation I get an iced tea for him and I bought a mocha cappuccino for me. We end it without much action. I didn’t get to touch him except for a hug. While hugging him I tried harbiye escort to caress his body and put my hand up his neck to his hair and my hand on his butt. It was the closest to sex that we got but it wasn’t enough. “Where can we go to cuddle?” I asked.

By this time he is not worried about being safe so we go to a park where I also want to go to with Chris: my other Literotica lover. The children park is one of my favorite places because it reminds me of happiness, laughter, and just pure play. And our dates ought to be that way too. We sit on the swings and talk all night. When it gets dark and cold I lie first next to him in his car. Then I lie on top of him afterward. I brush my crotch against his dick and try to arouse it, but I can’t resist doing a better job, so I rub the bulge with my hand. I start unloosening his belt when he says, “Please, you need to stop because we are going too far.”

And I said, “Can i just get a peek at your underwear then?”

And so he unzips his pants and I spread my hand upon it and touch it, feeling it, REALLY getting a feel for it. Then I tease him by making like I am going to pull down his underwear, but I stop. I wish I didn’t. I want to see his dick and stroke it with my hand and see that whiteness leak ikitelli escort out as I move my hand around. I want it hard! Give it to me!

I slip his belt out of his belt loops and he asks, “What are doing? No! Please don’t take it off!” But I smile and do it anyway.

Then I say, “Give me your hands.”

And he does and I wrap the belt around his wrists and put it above his head and behind him. I put my face against his and rub my cheek against his ear and neck and try to get as much of a feel for him as I can without taking off our clothes for I actually don’t like nakedness.

Suddenly my inspiration wanders and I don’t know what to do! I ask him, “What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever done with your wife?” And he tells me that would involve sex.

I told him I don’t want him to grab my breasts or fondle my vagina unless his hand is over my clothes. In fact, I don’t like being handled unless I truly trust the other person and want to give myself to him like i do for Scott. But Scott said, “I’ll never play a romantic role in your life story.” So I needed to find some other outlet.

Rick and Chris are older men who I am attracted to. I am also attracted to Ron who is a cute 21 yr old. Although I like being the older woman, I will not let him touch me and i will not touch him. He is too much of a kid for me to have sexuality with. I just hope that these older men won’t feel that way about me because although I don’t want sex, i still want to cuddle and play! I want sexuality but not sex. The in-between state of being close friends and being married.

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