21 Nisan 2021

Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate

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Of all the times in my life when I needed to be wanted, this was one of them. I had been thinking of leaving my wife for some time now as she was not measuring up to what she had promised with her vow’s and declarations of undying love. The love and lovemaking had died shortly after the wedding, proving that wedding cake was indeed the one food guaranteed to destroy a woman’s sex drive. It was this decision that lead up to the following story.

I finally decided that I needed a change, of scenery, and companionship, so when a long time friend of mine suggested I consider relocating to the southern part of our state and work for him, I began immediately to move in that direction. The first step was to find suitable housing. I had been talking with friends about the move, and they told me that their daughter was in real estate in that area, and would be happy to show me some property. I had met their daughter once and it was with fond anticipation that I thought of the chance to be in this lovely creature’s presence. She had been a model and owned an agency for a time prior to her current, very successful, career in real estate. She had a captivating smile, and hazel eyes. Her figure was the curvy voluptuous kind that I was particularly fond of, topped off with spectacular breasts. As you can see, I was looking forward to seeing her again. I might add that she and I are close in age, with me being just under a year older than her. My friends, her parents, are quite a bit older than I.

The drive placed me there at around 11:00 in the morning, and when I had arrived at her office, Kristen greeted me warmly with a hand shake that seemed to linger a bit longer than necessary. Or was it my imagination, fueled by desire? At any rate, she showed me sheets, and photo’s of several listings that she was prepared to show me.

We decided to take her car and left the office, with me trailing a bit behind her on the walk in order to admire her figure from behind. Attired in form fitting Levis, high heeled boots, and an equally form fitting gold colored top that glittered with tiny sparkles at every movement. She had my attention, more than any woman had in any of my memories, recent or otherwise. At that point, I had decided that she was indeed the most beautiful woman I had ever met in my life.

Off we went, in search of the perfect house for me to begin my new life in, house after house, we entered, she showed me from room to room, I watched her lips as she spoke and determined that they were indeed very sensual indeed. She was an absolute lady, the consummate vision of all business. It did little to dissuade my desires for her to be so involved in the task at hand, however, the placement of a couple of mirrors in one house did allow me to take note of her checking me out when she thought she was safely behind me. Since I had seen that, I did my best to maneuver myself into close proximity with her in several rooms of the next houses. I afforded myself every opportunity to touch her back as we walked out to the car and I opened her door for her. There was so much I longed to do, and yet she had not openly shown any desire for me until the last house we were to see. “This is my favorite house of all the houses for sale in the area.” She said as she opened the door to a spacious furnished living room, with a large over stuffed couch. “This house is just the way I would want one if I were istanbul escort having one built!” She said becoming a bit less reserved as she lead me through the home. The master suite had a large wrought-iron bed sitting diagonally in a corner of the room, and off the master suite the master bath with the large Jacuzzi tub. “Built just right for fun and relaxation, wouldn’t you say?” I asked, trying to see what she thought was so perfect about the house. “It does have limitless possibilities, doesn’t it.” She replied, looking up into my eyes with a bit of a mischievous grin. “Several do come to mind at the moment.” I said smiling back at her. She seemed to realize where she was and her business face came back on as she squeezed past me out into the Master Suite, the scent wafting from her as she passed was hypnotic. I watched as she exited the room and headed back into the living room, the gently swinging walk and the confidence of not looking back to see if I was following. Dutifully I followed her into the living room and then sat down on the couch. She turned to face me and said, “Well, what are your thoughts?” “I do believe you are the most captivating woman I have ever met.” Was my answer. Her face seemed to flush as she tried to maintain her composure and formulate a reply. She crossed to the couch and sat down closer to me than was necessary and softly she spoke. “Thank you, but I was referring to the houses.” Smiling I said, “You didn’t specify, so I suppose I should suggest not asking a question if you don’t want the answer.” “Oh,” she replied, “I loved the answer, it was just not what I expected, I have been trying to keep my mind on Real Estate all day, and you are not making it any easier.” At last, I thought, a glimmer of hope, I reached out to touch her hand and clasped it in mine, I smiled and leaned toward her, she looked up at me and sighed a sigh of resignation as our lips met. A gentle kiss, then we parted just millimeters, then another kiss more forceful this time, parting again she looked into my eyes, “yes,” she breathed in answer to an unspoken question, I brought my left hand up to caress her neck as I kissed her again, this time her supple lips opened to allow my tongue entry.

There was no experimentation in the kiss this time, our lips were melding together as if they had always been together. Deep, soul kissing, thrilling me to the core, I could feel her breath on my neck as we moved from the kiss into a gentle hug. Holding me tight she kissed my neck and ran her hands up and down my back, I bent to kiss her neck at the gentle curve between her neck and shoulder, this time running my hand up under the top she was wearing letting my fingers trail across her bare skin, she arched her back against me and began to tremble….another kiss and I felt her relax into my arms. I explored further under her top and encountered her bra, I touched it’s strap, pulling it from her skin and I leaned back to look in her eyes, her unspoken permission lead to a quick unhooking process followed by my lifting both her top and bra up and over her head. I was right, the view was spectacular and as I bent to kiss them she again trembled and then shuddered….kissing first one and then the other, letting my lips trace circles around each one and then kneeling in front of her I took first the left nipple in my mouth and gently sucked on it, then moved to the right. kabataş escort They both began to stiffen as her breathing increased, her hands tangled in my hair, leading my lips from one to the other and back again. “I have never felt like this, or done anything like this before in my life.” She whispered, “But I want to do it so much, why is this happening to me?” I just continued to kiss her breasts and stomach but I did look up and say, “I don’t know why it is happening but I am very pleased that it is.”

Standing I pulled her up to me and we embraced, she tore open my shirt and pressed her bare breasts against me, my erection hard against her abdomen and her nipples stiff against my chest. Kissing her again, I looked at her, “The owners of this house are out of the country right now.” She said, and I replied, “Good, then they won’t mind us borrowing their bed will they?” With that she scooped up her clothing from where it had fallen and headed back into the bedroom, as she was turning down the bed, I moved up behind her and putting my hands down in front of her unzipped and unbuttoned her levis pushing them down over her hips and down to the floor, then turning her around I lowered her to the bed and began anew kissing my way down her stomach to the lovely patch of hair that hid what I was most hoping to taste. Lying across the bed, with her feet dangling the sight of her took my breath away. I moved to the floor and removed her boots and Levis completely, revealing her entire body in all it’s beauty.

To say I was attracted to her would have been a gross understatement, I wanted her with a consuming desire that was greater than I could imagine, I knelt between her legs and kissing inside her knees began trailing kisses up to her womanhood, the heady scent of her desire permeated my senses as my lips closed on her mount of Venus. Her sharp intake of breath showed that I had encountered her most erogenous zone as I slipped my tongue up between her lips and began encircling her clit with it. The little nub stood up proudly as I inserted the tip of my tongue under the hood to lightly tickle it and lick it, then using my teeth to push the hood back out of the way, I closed my lips around the tip and ever so gently sent her into orbit. “Oh, yessss, mmmmm, yessss.” She alternated between little moans and cries of delight, and I brought her to another orgasm, her thighs on either side of my head squeezing as her hands tangled in my hair, I could feel her reaching for a grand mall orgasm and as she did, I slowed the action of my tongue down the building of it was intense, she pulled me against her, grinding up against my face as I continued to suck on her clit, then I stuck my tongue as far into her soaking pussy as it would go and then dragged it up across her clit again, this time flattening out my tongue over her clit and moving it back and forth as she began to gasp out the sounds of her final climax, then in order to send her over the top, I closed my lips around her clit and, as if it were a cock I began sucking it into my mouth and pushing it out, in and out, my lips closed around it. Her legs open as far as they would she rocked against my face until her climax hit, when it did I slipped a wet finger into her bottom and she surged over the top into a gut wrench orgasm……”nnnnngggggggg, I’m there, I’m there, oh, stop, I can’t take any more……ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, more…..ohhhhhhh, kadıköy escort yesssssssss!!!!!!” Then she collapsed, I could feel her release of all tension as I moved up onto the bed next to her, wrapping my arms around her, I held her, gently kissing her forehead as her breathing began to return to normal.

The first sign of her stirring was her hand on my stomach, lightly running through the hair there, and then down inside my slacks where she encountered my erection, stroking it gently she began kissing my nipples and circling them with her tongue, then removing her hand from erection she unzipped and unbuttoned my slacks and opened them to reveal my blood engorged member waiting, not too patiently, for more attention. “One good turn deserves another.” She said as she moved her lips down my torso and engulfed my hard cock with her hot mouth, I was so hot, it was next to impossible to keep from filling her mouth with my hot cum instantly, but somehow I withheld, her lips traveling up and down, gently, then more firmly as her left hand caressed my balls. I am not huge by most standards, a little over 7 inches in length but almost 6 inches in circumference, her mouth was stretching as it worked me in and out I could feel my self running into the back of her throat and she would then take her mouth off of me and lick the entire length of the underside before engulfing me again. Suddenly, she stopped, stood up and with a look of pure lust bent down and stripped me the rest of the way and then climbed on top of me. Positioning my cock at her entrance, she impaled herself on it with one quick downward motion.

The woman on top has always been one of my favorite positions, but it became my all time favorite, that afternoon, with that woman. It is so sensual to watch the female body move and writhe over you as she struggles to get you ever deeper into her, but to watch the lovely creation close her eyes, and slowly grind her pelvis in circles with my cock buried deep within her was indeed a sight to behold. My hands were resting on the slight flare of her hips, my cock deep within her, she opened her eyes and looked down at me, her nostrils flared as she increased her pace, circling, around and around, then up, sliding up my length until I almost came out and then down again with a force strong enough to expel the breath from both our lungs, her pace increased again, leaning down on her hands one on either side of me, her full breasts swaying with her movement as her body used me and I began thrusting up against her, breathing fierce, hammering me, our lips met, hers crushing mine, our breathing labored and ragged, then a keening cry from her lips as she began to shudder, her pussy convulsing around me as she poured herself onto me and I could hold back no longer, flooding her insides with my hot sperm, she ground down on me and held me tight, as I emptied my insides into her, she showered my face with kisses, my lips, biting me, kissing me, shuddering through the aftermath of another climax, we held each other, coupled together, we slept, when we awoke it was dark, the afternoon had melted into evening, and she began to move on me again, my semi-erect cock still buried deep within her began to stiffen as she raised up on her elbows, she smiled and said. “What are your thoughts?” I said, “I think you are the most captivating woman I have ever met, and, I think I am going to like it here.”

This story like many of my stories has it’s basis in fact in my life, as to which parts are true, I will leave that to your imagination, the better your imagination, the better. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I do appreciate all the feedback, thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

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